Late night train ride

Its night time. Late evening. Around 9. We are sitting next to each
other on a train ridding back to our hotel. There are a few people
sitting near us, but none close enough to see. You have a short skirt
on and no panties. You took them off at dinner when we had fucked in
the bathroom. I came inside you and you are still a little wet. I look
around to see that no one can see us, then with out you noticing I
unbutton my paints and take out my hard cock. Then with out warning I
pull your head down and f***e you to start sucking me off. As you are
doing this I slide my hand up your skirt and play with your wet pussy.
You have to move slowly so people don't notice what is happening if
they walk by. This means you have to take my dick deep in your mouth
and hold it there with out choking or moving. You also cant react to
the 3 or 4 fingers in your pussy. You cum on my hand and I sick it in
your mouth so you can lick it off. After a while the last person gets
off our train car and we are alone. We have long past our stop but we
don't care. Now that we are by our self's I push you back down in the
seat and pull up your skirt. I get deep inside of you and fuck you
hard. I am going fast because I don't know if/when someone will come.
You start to scream but hold it back trying to be quite. I cum inside
off you just as we pull in to the station. I quickly Pull up my pants
and you pull down your skirt. The conductor is coming telling people
to get off. We get up and walk past him. You can feel the worm cum
running down your leg. On our way out we pass a seat at the other end
of the car where a man was sitting. He had his hand in is pants and we
knew we had been jerking off and lessening to us having sex. You lean
down to his ear and wispier, "Next time come over and I will suck your
dick." We have to call a cab to get back to our hotel. But we are so
turned on by the guy jerking off to us you start giving me a hand job
in the taxi. And I cum inside my pants all over your hand. You take
your hand out and start slowly licking the cum off it. And when we get
back to the hotel you get in the shower to clean your self off. When
you get out you come and sit on my face so that I can check to make
sure you are clean with my tongue. You start getting wet and you cum
in my face. I like it but pretend to be mad so I through you on the
bed and face fuck you so I can pay you back by cumming all over your
90% (5/1)
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