Swimming with My Cousin

Swimming with My Cousin

It was a hot summer day. I was about 18 at the time. My younger cousin had just turned 19. He was the spending the day with me, just hanging out at my house, while his mom was at work. Being a hot day, we were both sweaty from being outside most of the day. I asked him if he wanted to go swimming in the creek behind my house. He said sure, but that his swim trunks were at his house. He and his mom only lived three doors away, so we walked to his house. He had a key, and opened the front door to let us in. We went to his room to fetch his shorts. I sat on his bed and waited for him to change. I thought he would go into the bathroom, but he stripped right there in front of me. I only really saw his ass, but it was marvelous. My cock started to stir in my own shorts. I tried to look as if I hadn't been looking at his ass the whole time. I noticed his cock hanging in front of him, and his soft hairless ball sack, just itching to be played with. He pulled his swim shorts out of his dresser, giving me a great view of his cock and balls between his legs and below his ass. What a glorious sight.

He pulled on his shorts, turned around, and tied them in the front. He grabbed a towel, and said he was ready. In already had my swim shorts on, so we started the short walk to the creek. It wasn't any special kind of creek, just a great spot for haning out on hot summer days. I don't even thing that there were any fish in it. Anyway, we put our towels and stuff down, both not wearing a shirt, and proceeded to enter the water. It was cold at first, inevitable shrinkage coming on quick. But after a while, the water started to feel pretty good. We splashed around for a while, seeing who could hold their breath the longest, or find the biggest rock on the bottom. We had a great time.

Then, it happened. We were wading further away from our things, into a more shallow part of the creek. His waist came out of the water just far enough, for me to see his swim shorts tenting out in the front. He had gotten a boner. By the look of him, he looked to have a pretty good size penis for a 13 year old. My own started to get hard under the water. I adjusted it in my shorts, so that it was sticking straight forward, tenting my shorts under the water. It felt so good, having a hard cock with the cold water moving past.

As I sat there admiring his boner through his shorts, I called out to him. "Hey." He looked my way. "That's a nice looking package you have there." As I eyeballed his shorts. He looked down, and immediately dropped into the water. I told him not to worry about. "Look, I am hard too", as I stood up out of the water, showing him my equally hard erection. He kind of giggled and looked away. He stood back up, still hard, and asked if he could see it. I told him he should go first, since he was hard first. He looked around, as if to see if anyone was looking. We were the only two for miles. He grabbed the bottom of one of the legs of his shorts, and raised it up his leg, to his groin, and slowly reached in and pulled out his rock hard cock. It was magnificent. About 4 inches long and had a slight upward curve. His mushroom head was a slight pinkish color. It was amazing.

He said it was my turn. I did the same as him, and pulled my cock out through the leg of my shorts. I was so hard. My cock was about 5 inches, and stuck straight out. I had a slight patch of hair around my cock. We both stood there, admiring each others dicks for a moment, I was slowly rubbing my shaft. He asked my why I did that. I told him because it felt good. I aske him if he wanted me to show hm how to make himself feel good. He said yes. So I swam my way over to him, and stood up in front of him, making sure I was close enough that out cocks touched as I did. He shuddered a bit when I did that. I went around behind him, and stuck my cock into his asscrack through his shorts. He kind of pushed back against me when I did. I reached around him with both hands, and found the drawstrings that held his shorts up. I slowly started to untie them. As I got them untied, I pulled the velcro open, and reached in and grabbed his cock. It was as hard as a nail in my hand. I slowly started to stroke his cock back and forth. As I did, I also dry humped his ass through his shorts with my cock. He really seemed to enjoy that, because he started to grind back on me, and started to lowly moan. I started to stroke his hard cock a little bit faster. He said that his dick was starting to feel tingly in the head. So I stopped stroking him. He asked why I stopped. In told him that we should go someplace more comfortable. Leaving our cocks hanging out the top of our shorts, we waded back toward shore, where there was a small beach. As we waded, I quickly lunged after him, grabbing his shorts, killing them off the rest of the way. He turned with a smile on his face, and proceeded to pull mine off too. I pulled him close to me, and stuck my cock back into his now naked ass crack. It was so hot. I reached around and grabbed his cock again. As I did, I slowly started to kiss his neck. As I continued sucking on his neck, I started pounding his cock with my fist. I ground my cock into his ass, furiously jerking at his dick. His breathing became ragged and his moans louder. I felt his ass cheeks clench tightly onto my own cock, still humping his ass, and his cock got even harder, as he moaned loudly and started to shudder. I felt his cum shooting up though his shaft, and out his cockhead into the water. He cane so much, one stream, two streams, followed by five more. When he finally stopped cumming, and his orgasm subsided, I licked the leftover cum off of my hand, and kissed his neck again, as I slowly started to guide him to shore again.

As we got to shore, I asked him if he enjoyed that. He said that he did. I asked if he wanted to do something else, that was just as pleasurable. His cock was still as hard as rock, and I knew he was as horny as I was, so I didn't wait for an answer. I told him to lay on his back, and close his eyes. He layed down on the sand, and looked at me and smiled as he closed his eyes. I knelt down beside him, and started kissing his hips and waist. He squirmed a little bit, but I held him still. I wrapped my hand around his still hard cock. He gasped a little bit. I then proceeded to lick his soft hairless balls. He went crazy when I did that. He asked why I did that. I replies by asking him if it felt good. He said not did. Son I continued to lick his balls and he moaned. After few minutes, I stuck his cock into my mouth, and started to blow him for the first time. His eyes shot open again, and put his hand on the back of my head, as I sucked his rock hard penis. His breathing picked up in pace, as did his moans, so I knew he was close. I stopped sucking him, and proceeded to jerk him off to orgasm. He groaned loudly as his second cum of the afternoon washed over him. His cock was like a fountain of white semen. Each spurt from his cockhead flew high into the air, then landed on his smooth belly. After 7 strong spurts, I continued to jack his cock, paying close attention to the sensitive underside of his head. He tried to pull away, but I wouldn't let him. Still covered in his cum, I got up and straddled his hips, sticking his semi hard dick into my asscrack. He asked what I was doing. I said wait and see. I then proceeded to jerk my own hard cock, while riding my younger cousins. It wasn't long before I felt my cum boiling in my balls, wanting to explode all over my younger cousin's chest. I started riding his dick, and threw my head back as my hot load shot out the end of my dick onto his chest and stomach. 8 strong spurts of white rope shot out of my cock. After I caught my breath, I looked down at him, covered in our cum. I asked if he had fun. He said yes and asked if we could do that again. I told him absolutely, but first we had to wash the cum off of us, and head back to the house, as it was getting late. So we went back into the water, and swam naked back to were we had left our towels a couple hours earlier. When we got there, we put our shorts back on, wrapped the towels around our waists, in case one of us got an errant boner on the way back, and headed to his house for a quick shower before dinner.

His mom was not home from work yet, so we both decided to shower together. It only made sense. Quicker...and more fun. We didn't really shower. More like a rinse while we played with each others dicks. I asked him if he wanted to stay the night at my house that night. He said he would ask his mom, and that I would ask mine. We got out of the shower, and I gave him a quick blowjob before we went to my house.

Both of our moms said it was alright if he spent the night with me. Little did he know that I had plans for tonight. We ate dinner and went back outside for a while. After we came in, we got ready for bed. I was wearing my shorts and underwear, he was wearing just his boxers. We played videogames, until it was time for bed. We got in bed, and turned out the light. We waited a few minutes, until I was sure my parents had gone to bed as well. When I said it was okay, I felt a hand on my dick. I pulled off my shorts and underwear so I was naked. He took his boxers off. I immediately took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him again. He started to moan, but I told him to be quiet. I asked him if he wanted to suck my dick. He said that he did. So I sat on the edge of the bed, while he got between my knees and took my dick in his hand. My cock was so hard. He licked my shaft and made me shudder. Before I knew it, he was sucking my dick like a champ. He rolled my balls around in his hand as he did. I felt my cum starting to bubble up in my balls, so I told him to stop. He did and asked why. I told him I wanted to try something else. He said okay.

I told him to lie on his back on the bed, and to raise his legs in the air, son I could see his ass. I spit on my dick to lube it up a little bit, and also on his asshole. I rubbed my dick on his ass, and pushed a little bit. He squirmed and tried to get away. I told him to hold still, and that what followed would be better than what we did earlier that day. He nodded and got back into position. I pushed my cock a little harder this time, as his asshole opened up to allow my dickhead entry. It popped right in. He gasped. I asked if he was all right. He said yeah, but to go slow. I slowly started to push my shaft into his ass. After a few minutes, my balls made contact with his ass. I leaned forward, and kissed his lips, he kissed me back. We stayed like that, as I started to go back and forth in his ass. I slowly picked up speed, until he started to moan, and then I stood up, spread his legs apart, took him by the ankles, and started to fuck his ass. It was lucky that my bedframe didn't squeak, as I was going to town on his ass. He was moaning loudly, but I didn't worry about it, my parents room was on the other side of the house. As I fucked him, he started jerking his cock. I felt his ass muscles flexing around my cock. I knew he was going to cum again very soon. My balls were slapping against his ass. His moans got louder and then he came again. One powerful shot after another flew out of his prick, as he came for the third time that day. I felt my own cum coming on. I told him I was going to cum in his ass. He said okay. So I grabbed his hips, raising his ass off the bed and made my cock go deeper into his ass. I fucked him harder than ever. As I did, he came again, without either of us touching his dick. I continued to plow his ass, my dick harder than ever, through his second intense cum of our fuck session. I felt my cum start shooting out of my dick, deep into his asshole. I buried my cock into his ass as far as it would go, and sprayed my hot semen all over his insides. I came so much, cum started to leak out of his asshole around my cock. We were both in heaven at that moment.

I leaned forward, keeping my cock in his ass. I put my lips to his, and we shared a deep passionate kiss. I had wanted to fuck my younger cousin for a long time, now I had. I asked him if he enjoyed that. He said he did. I felt my dick starting to shrink, as we pulled apart. We both got up, and went into the bathroom for a quick shower before bed. But just like earlier that day, it was more of a quick rinse. We spent the whole time in there kissing and making out, rubbing our once-again hard dicks against each other.

We got out of the shower, dried off, and went to get ready for bed. He asked me what we were going to do tomorrow. I just smiled, and winked at him. He smiled back, knowing what I had in mind.

But that is, as they say, a story for another time
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