The son

Lisa was sitting in her chair when her twelve year old son came in and Lisa took her top off and he grabbed a tit and began to nurse. She had never stopped nursing him for two reasons. She liked keeping him close and she loved the feel of his mouth sucking on her tits. As he sucked one nipple his small hand would rub the other nipple. As he sucked hard on the nipple and played with the other Lisa unzipped her jeans and shoved her fingers to her pussy. She rubbed her clit then shoved two fingers deep into her cunt and fingered fucked herself as her innocent son sucked her hard nipples. As she began to climax her full tits leaked the warm milk. Her son sucked on the big round globes for over an hour switching back and forth between each nipple. Lisa planned to nurse him till he no longer wanted her milk. He still nursed his mom at least three times a day. She never wore her bra and either let him lift her shirt for a tit or she just took her top off. She had nursed his older b*****r till he was f******n and he still sometimes liked to suck a tit. He was older now and getting very sexy.

When he was sixteen he (Kyle) came into her room and got in bed with her and began to nurse her naked tit. Lisa slept naked and Kyle was also naked as he sucked on the big round nipple he began to rub the other one and massage her big tit. Then he let his hand go down to her stomach and as he rubbed her belly he then lowered his hand and let it drift to her pussy. Lisa was not sure of this was a good idea but it did feel very erotic with her son wanting to feel her pussy as he nursed tonight. She would let him finger her and she would not have to do it herself. As his hand went lower and lower she spread her legs inviting his touch. He ran his hand over her wet pussy and then he found her clit and touched it. As he played with the clit he sucked on the nipples harder sucking more milk from her and making her need a finger fuck.

He ran a finger to her fuck hole and circled it before he pushed it inside her. As he fucked her she moaned and then put her hand over his and held it tight to her cunt. She whispered to him "Fuck me hard. Put more fingers in my wet hole. Fuck that hole hard baby." Kyle then put three fingers in her and began fucking her hole hard and deep with his fingers buried in her. He then pushed his body tight to her and she felt his hard cock. She reached down and grabbed his cock and began to stroke him letting her fingers run across the tip which was leaking precum. He had a nice size cock and she kept stroking him as he sucked her huge tits and fingered her cunt.

Lisa was so turned on she was ready to scream. She then turned to him and said "Put your cock in my cunt. Would you like to fuck me? I want to feel your cock fill my hole with your sweet cum. Let me teach you to fuck me hard and deep. Your cock is so hard and feels so good in my hand." Kyle then pulled his fingers from her cunt and rolled on top of her and she helped him push his cock deep into her cunt. He did not have an exceptionally long cock but it was quite thick and she loved how it felt in her cunt. She began to yell "Yes, fuck me hard. Ram that cock all the way in my nasty cunt. I need to feel you deep and hard. Fuck me. Make me your fucking slut. I need to be your dirty whore. Fill my cunt with your cum. Fuck me harder." Kyle pushed his cock all the way in and was fucking hard as Lisa screamed and begged for a hard fuck. It did not take him long to fill her with cum and she told him "Leave your cock in me and keep pumping my hole. You will get harder and can fuck me more. I really need a good hard fuck. I am so horny and you feel so good to me. I am going to be your dirty whore and you will fuck me often. Now hump me hard and make my nasty snatch cover your cock with cum."

They fucked for over two hours. Kyle was a good student and a fast earner. He loved sticking his cock in a warm wet pussy. Lisa needed a good fucking and he was going to be the best. She loved his thick cock. He had a lot of stamina and could fuck several times in a row making her scream. When he didn't have his cock in her he would finger her cunt and suck on her huge tits. He would play and finger her clit till she would cum so much that she would be ready to pass out. He would get so turned on sucking her tits as she fingered her that he would start biting her tits and Lisa liked the feeling of the pain and the climax.

Kyle began sl**ping in Lisa's bed and they would fuck every night. Some nights they would fuck all night long. He had a large craving for pussy and she loved his thick cock. He loved to spread her legs and pull her pussy lips apart and finger her cunt as he watched. He would push his fingers deep as he watched her cum and cover them with her juice. One night he had three fingers in her hole and was rolling her clit between two fingers as she moaned and groaned and cum ran out her cunt. He told her "you did good teaching me to be your stud. I like that you are my dirty whore. I like to play with your nasty cunt as you beg for my thick cock. Tonight you are a naughty bitch and I have to teach you to be an obedient slut. I am going to put my mark on you and make you my sex slave. Soon I will breed you and make you bear my baby. I want to see it grow in your belly and come out your nasty cunt. When Billy is older he will also fuck you like the the whore you are. Then we will take turns fucking that dirty cunt all night long." He then pulled her up over his lap and began to spank her ass till it was red and sore. She loved the pain and it made her cum hard.

He saw the wetness around her hole and laughed "I knew you would like that sexy ass spanked .From now on your are my sex slave and I will use you like I want and how I need." He pulled her to him and shoved three fingers in her cunt as he sucked on her full tits. As he nursed her a long time his cock got rock hard and he began to bite her large full jugs before he would fuck her. "Lay on your back." He then pulled her head over the side of the bed and pushed his cock to her mouth and told her "Lick my cock. Lick every inch then you can suck me and swallow every drop of my cum. A good cum slut keeps her man's cock dry and clean. Now lick and suck me." As she licked and sucked his thick cock he leaked precum and she licked it off. Then he grabbed her head and told her "Open that fucking mouth wide. I am going to fuck your mouth and throat and I know you are a good cock sucker." As she opened wide he shoved his cock down her throat and fucked her fast and hard. "Oh yes, I like that. You are doing good. You can take it down your throat and suck hard. Now suck and swallow. Suck me dry." He watched her swallow his cum as he filled her mouth.

He then pushed her to her back and told her "Now we will rest before we fuck most of the night. Now finger fuck my ass as I nurse on those big tits. You are so full of milk. Your tits get bigger all the time. I can't wait to knock you up. I love those big huge jugs." That night they fucked all night and most of the next day. Lisa could not get enough of his cock and he craved her wet cunt and huge tits. He loved to fuck her every where. When they went in the car they would keep their pants off and he would finger fuck her or she would suck his cock. Sometimes he would pull the car over and nurse her or fuck her. They fucked like two teen agers. She was completely under his control.
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1 year ago
Nice Story thanks for the work.
1 year ago
Thanks, that was a great story. You are so naughty.
1 year ago
Oh, wow. What a start!