My Anal Adventure with Jack

It had been a few days since I heard from my new sex partners, Jack & Molly – a sex loving couple - Our initial sexcapades had been so intense that I was getting my pussy wet just thinking about them. My roommate had to go out of town to the village to see her parents, so it left me alone. The pool was nice and warm, nude swimming was all ways a favourite past time for me.

The phone woke me out of my daydreaming. "Hello." I said. "Hey! What's up?" Jack said on the other end. "Not much, just hanging." "Linda gone?" He asked. "Yea, for a few days." "Well, Molly and I were thinking of stopping by and having some fun in your pool. Do you mind?"

"Sure... Sounds good to me," I said before I thought about it. "Great, we'll be over in an hour." Jack said hanging up the phone. My mind was running. The thought of seeing Molly and Jack again had my nipples rising quickly.

They arrived and Jack already had his bathing suit on and he told Molly to get here’s on. She went to my bedroom to change while Jack and I broke into the beer and made idle chat. A few minutes later, Molly appeared in a conservative two-piece suit.

"Molly, take your top off." Jack said. He was kind of d***k and not really sure what he was saying. Molly looked at him and wanted to piss him off. "Sure, honey." In one quick motion, her top was off. Wow, her boobs are beautiful I thought to myself. Every time I have set my eyes on them, they just look better and better.

He jumped into the pool with Molly right behind him. I jumped in to join them. We started to horse around with each other, tackling, dunking under water and just playing with each other. I made sure to get my feel of Jack’s popping dick whenever possible. Molly made her way out of the pool as Jack grabbed onto me. Molly was heading for the bathroom. It seems to me that she was not in the right mood today. Wasting no chance I turned my ass to him and said, "Fuck me now. And do it quick. I'm so fucking hot and I want you inside my pussy right now!! Do it to me now."

He also was so turned on, took his hard-on out and mounted on me from behind. We were fairly deep in the pool, so it took him few seconds to line-up his dick with my pussy. It went in real easy. All the way in. "Fuck me", “Fuck me” I moaned. The ‘Pluck’, ‘Pluck’ sound of splashing water when his hard cock moving in and out of my hungry pussy made me even more horny.

He was fucking fast. In and out; in and out and had my hips in his hands and I was rocking so hard with wild pleasure and orgasm. Finally he came with a thunder, a big load of hot cum between my ass cheeks. ‘Haa,.. Hoo.., he sighed with relief, as I took his still erect cock in my mouth and sucked it dry.

We took a break from the pool since it was getting late. We had some dinner and chatted while watching TV. Molly got up and found herself heading to the spare bedroom to sl**p. That left me and Jack alone..

He jumped in. I started to take off the panties I had on and asked, "Won't Molly wake up?" "No, she is so out of it." he smiled, "Even if she did, we'll be in the pool and she won't notice."

Grabbing his dick I was stroking it slowly as our lips met. He had his fingers in my wet pussy and I could feel the wet slippery cum inside me.

"Oh my! That felt wild... You got to do that again." I turned to him, kissed him and begged for more. He spread my ass cheeks open and let his tongue touch my sexy pucker hole. I gasped. He then started licking my ass slowly. I loved it and pushed my ass further into his face. He licked and licked for close to twenty minutes and my pucker hole was soaked. I had cum at least twice. He then pulled out his fingers from my pussy and slides them into my ass-hole.He started to finger fuck my ass for a few seconds and I was already cumming and cumming hard. Knowing I was rocking, He decided to put something else in my ass. He quickly found a bottle of oil and oiled his throbbing dick. I knew what is in store for me and just smiled and laid there still.

He positioned his oiled dick in my already wet pucker hole and slowly pushed it in. The shaft of his cock took a second before my ass-hole started to swallow it. Finally, the head was in. and he waited a second for me to relax. I didn't want to wait and started to push back slowly.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh, oh this is good..." Fuck me harder... I moaned.........

He slide back in a faster than the first time. I wanted more and encouraged him to fuck faster and faster. He then started fucking my ass with hard long thrusts.

"Ooowweeeee, wwwooooowww... Give it to me. Harder!!!" I was now screaming. "Yes... Yes... Oh, fuckin yes..." I screamed as his hot load of cum blasted in my ass.

About five minutes later as we relaxed on the bed, he got up, kissed me and told me that he was going to bed before she(Molly) came looking for him. He headed to the door, naked and very well satisfied. I was still thinking how sexy he looked that moment.

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4 years ago
wow that made so horny it was fantastic thanks
4 years ago
that was so hot you made me cum twice and alomst a third time thanks