In my college I felt like the only virgin around while all my friends were enjoying sex, and while I went out with guys all the time, I never met anyone who I really wanted to fuck. I wanted my initiation to be very special, and all the guys I dated were not too good.

I was horny as hell. I masturbated all the time, in the morning, at night, I even locked myself in my college dormitory and fingered myself to orgasm. I became so obsessed with masturbation, it just felt so good. I would go online read a nasty story, watch a porn movie, get all wet, and then lie on my stomach on my bed, and hump my right hand and stimulate my pussy and clit.

Still, there was something missing. I knew what I wanted; a cock a real cock. I used to dream in the middle of the night having a big cock in my mouth sucking the whole length of it. I dreamed of a well-built man fucking my wet cunt doggy style and cumming in my mouth. I even imagined gang-bangs where I was the main star....but I still felt so horny and empty!!

Finally, finally that special day arrived. ...

My parents sent my best friend and I on a site seeing trip to the city and I vowed to myself I was going to get my cherry popped this time. After a couple of visit to the central park and checking everyone out through my sunglasses, I saw this really really hot guy...Well, it didn't take long for us to get to his hotel room.

We started out slow, he carefully undid my bikini top, and fondled my boobs... we kissed passionately and pulled at each other. I got hotter than I ever have with a guy and began to feel my pussy get wet and tense. I moved closer to him, unlaced his trunks and saw my first real cock. Oh my god it was so beautiful, it pulsated with abnormal f***e, dangled and grown so big in size to meet my wet and oozing pussy. I really couldn't believe how big and hard it was. I am used to sticking my finger in my pussy...and not even that, I usually just play with my clit until I cum. So, needless to say, I was a little worried.

Joby (that's his name) was really sweet...he sucked me all over, my ass, my boobs, my neck, my stomach. He licked my clit with his tongue....he spread my ass cheeks and licked my ass-hole....his lips made me so hot and horny. I touched his cock and wanted to suck it. To my surprise, he pushed me down and stuck his big hot dick in my mouth. I began to gasp and suck it slowly and steadly till his piolet-cum oozed in my mouth. My pussy was aching for his coke and I really wanted his throbbing cock in my cunt.

Joby stoped wanking me, sat on the bed holding his errected cock and gestured me to sit on it. I got up, spread my pussy lips a bit and try to lower myself onto his cock, but it was so big that I could only get it half way in, but it hurt, and I wanted him to fuck me instead...I wanted to feel his weight on me. We rotated and he mounted me, at first he just placed his hard cock-shaft near my pussy and made me move my hips searching for it...then he slowly pressed it into me. It was so warm and hard I really felt the best connection with him. It hurt like hell, but then again I was being fucked so I can't really complain.

After few strokes of him entering my already opened vagina, we really got into a rhythm. I stopped having to creep with pain and began to gasp and enjoy, he was making me so hot that my body trembled and convulsed. Joby pumped my pussy hard and fast...... and I began to yell,

"fuck me, oh! fuck me, fuck my wet pussy...yeah... yeah fuck me hard....don't stop please...."

I don't even know where I got the strength to yell it out like this......But yelling make it so much better. He did fuck me hard and hard, and while I have nothing to compare it to, it was so much better than fingering myself and m*****ing my poor clit. As his cock slid in and out of me, my pussy got tighter around it, his cock got bigger and exploded so much cum into me...The best thing was, he kept pumping a little more, as if he was trying to really jam the cum in my pussy...That was the best feeling I ever had in my entire life.

I cannot wait to be fucked by him again!!!!!!

We kissed each other, cleaned ourselves and said good-bye to meet again soon....

(Story by: BabesTV)
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4 years ago
fantastic story thanks
4 years ago
thanks for the story it was fanastic mine was hot but yours was sexy and horny and great thanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
very hot hope to hear more