A Long Day at work

It is summer out here and the days are long........i have just joined this new MNC and I am getting used to the city, surroundings......and the men at work. So far it has been a good month and my peers were helping me learn the ropes of the new org.

There is one colleague of mine who does not talk much and will not talk to me unless necessary....the other day i saw him talk to the other female colleagues and by the looks of it they were all having a good time. This guy is about 6.1 with broad shoulders and looks handsome and dresses smart lets call him Mr D

I have not been having any action for the past six months other than the fun with my toys...........so started this fantasies i was having with this colleague of mine.....i would think of him and imagine his body and cock while masturbating and sometimes i would be fantasizing about him in the office and get wet.

One day i had walked in a little late to work and ran towards the closing elevator doors and did not see who was behind me......it was quite crowded and i cud feel a hard chest and a felt a little something in between my legs.......when i got off the elevator i saw it was Mr D who i fantasize about.......i did not make much of it and went about my days work. That day it was late and few of my colleagues stayed back to get the work completed and all of us decided to go out for drinks.....i had about an hours work to finish and said i asked them to go ahead and said would join in once i am finished.

Mr D heard this and offered to stay back saying he also had to finish something and would join along with me..........the others left and we went back to our desks and were doing our job..........or rather i was trying while i was taking a few glances at him........after about 30 mins i saw him get up from his desk and walk towards me......... and i started looking busy.........he came and sat on my desk just inches away from my chair and i could see a bulge in his trousers.

Mr D just sat there and i inquired whether he had completed his work......he said it is almost done and just had something important to finish......i was getting wet looking at his bulge and a little hot........it was like one of the fantasies that i had about him so i thought this is the time i can make it real. So i left what i was doing and looked him at him and told him the weather was hot and took off the first two buttons of my shirt through which he could see my cleavage.........I am bout 5.5 and have a nice pair of firm tits they are 36D looking at my cleav he said that though it is hot he had a great view from where he sat..........he then unbuttoned me completely and started kneading my tits........which made be free his dick and then i started giving him a blow job.......i squeezed his balls while i took his shaft in my mouth. He was enjoying it and asked me to go faster and in a little while i swallowed his cum......and finished mentally checking off one of the fantasies off my list.

Mr D then asked me to get up lie down on the desk and then he took of my skirt and panties.........he then started licking my wet pussy and playing with my clit with his tongue he then put his fingers into my cunt and started going in and out till i had cum in his mouth and then he licked me clean............thats how the long day at work ended..........few more to follow

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1 year ago
good start, tell us more