the first time i had sex

I went to an all girls catholic high school, though I'm not catholic and not that it matteres my parents thought it was the best choice for me. The summer before my junior year I went on a tour of a popular teacher's college. There I met KiKi, I very hot, very sexy, very bisexual student at the teachers college. I took a liking to her and we exchanged numbers, you know...just incase I had any question..

We spoke over the phone alot, we became fond of eachother. We would do each otheres manis and pedis, hang out at the beach, anything. One day I went to her house for my routine manicure. The moment I steped through the door I knew I was going to fuck her that day. She was wearing her towel, her excuse was she just woke up. I have seen Kiki naked many times so it was no big deal. But somthing was different about that day.

We made a beeline to her room, we chit chatted a bit, then I asked her what was it like being with a girl. And how do they "do it" A bit embarassed by this she starts gathering the things for my nails. Dancing around the question. This turned up the heat it my virgin panties. She sits on the bed and holds her hand out, a simple, innocent gesture. But I reach for the towel. I pull it loose and her perfect small breast pops into view. Her pussy was bushy, and her skin smooth like butter. She stood up on the bed, towering over me. And without a word, walk right up to my face. Her pussy was inches above my head, and I did the first thing that came into my mind. I opened my mouth, and she crouched her hot, very wet pussy right onto my mouth.

She moaned, and I licked and nibbled the best way I knew how. She layed down on the bed and we 69 eachother for what felt like days. She rubbed her soft body against mine, and we bumped and grinded against eachother. We soon got tired of this, and she told me the Ron (her boyfriend) would be coming over soon. So, I redressed and she yanked on a teeshirt and panties. Ron came over round 2 hours after, he and I never really saw eye to eye. We all sat in the room and watched tv.

Somewhere between all that Ron fell asl**p, Keke thought it would be fun to mess with him. She kissed and nibble his ears, and I sucked on his fingers. Haha, BAD IDEA. He woke up enraged and pissed off to the max. Keke swore it wasnt my idea, they argued for a bit and he stomped out. She followed, the door slammed, and in 10 mintues they came back in the room. Ron smiling, Keke looking smuged. She walked right up to me and grabed my head, forcing her tongue down my throat.

I was so horny that I could head my heart beat in my head, I wanted her pussy. Even if Ron was there, we layed on the bed and started getting it on. She yanked my tight jean off for the second time and went at my pussy like she was hungry. Ron stood in the corner rubbing his cock through his pants. This made me so horny. He came beside Keke and took over at the eating of my pussy, while Keke worked to get his pants off. His average size cock sprang out and Keke sucked his cock like a pro.

They switched places and Ron entered is cock in Keke from behind, she could bearly suck my pussy properly because he was fucking her so hard. She moaned in my pussy and blew air, the sensation sent tingles through me. I dont know what it was, but I wanted that cock inside of me. I wanted to moan and scream like Keke. I locked eyes on Ron and he knew what that meant. He grabbed a condom from Keke's draw and climbed on the bed. My pussy now flowing over. He positioned his cock right at the entrance of my pussy. Fear rushed inside me, and before I could get the words "I am virgin" out he f***ed his way into my now open pussy. Then he whispered a sly "I know" into my ears.

I was shocked and embarassed and extreamly horny all at the same time. I told him to turn me into a little slut. And that he it, after I got used to the funny feeling of a cock inside me, if fucked me in every way a woman should be fucked on the first day. He drilled my pussy in doggie style while and lapped on Keke's wet cunt. We fucked as a threesome, and twosome for months.

They are a married couple now and we are friends to this day.
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1 year ago
MMMMM that explains why you love sex a GREAT initial experience
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Nice story, Tami
2 years ago
great story.