I was 19 when I first saw this woman she was so dam sexy I fell in love with her at the very first sight , she was some where between 35 to 40 , tall , curvy , juicy tits and ample of ass , she came right up to me and said “hi I am Rose , your new neighbor “

then she asked me my name I said “Ron” , you look so beautiful” she blushed and said “thank you Ron you are such a lovely boy , Ron could you help me unpack my stuff”
I was more than happy as I am going to get more time to spend seeing her

I said “sure ,why not “ and we went in , they were so many boxes to unpack , so we stared of with her living room , by afternoon every thing was set she asked me if she can get me any thing to eat as she is hungry , I was not that hungry asked for a cold drink
She came back with a pizza and cold drink and sat beside me on the couch , started asking me “do you have a girl friend ” I said “nope did not make any”
She asked why “are you gay or some thing ” I replied “nope not at all the kind of girls I am interested in are not interested in me “
She immediately asked me what type of girls attract you , to which I immediately replied
“you , I mean I am attracted to girls elder than me , may be I should say women ”
She said “oh you interested in mature women who are more experienced then ? ”

I thought for a second n said “hmmm….may be I don’t know why ia m attracted to elder women you can say fetish or some thing but those are the girls I am interested in ”

She asked me why am I attracted to elder woman is it b-coz they are more experienced or is it b-coz they got curves ?

While she was asking all this I noticed that she was more interested in know the answer
Suddenly my got attracted to her 38dd boobs she was wearing a low neck top with out a bra , I could not take my eyes off , I started to get uncomfortable as my 8 inch cock getting hard , she realized my uneasiness and caught me staring at her tits and smile

She asked “so u like big tits ron ”
I didn’t know what to says rather than accept the fact “yes I love them big , especially yours ”
She got lil surprised with my answer but asked me ,”u want to hold them “
I was more than happy, before I could grab those beautiful twins , she stopped me and kissed me deep n hard , as if there is no tomorrow I hugged her so tight and kissed back with the same f***e and energy ,

We were kissing like a mad lover kissing sounds were filled all over the room she smelled soo amazing

She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear “that’s the best kiss and enjoyed the most ”
Then she started kissing all over my face n removed my tees , she too my hand and placed it on her tits I never felt this feeling before they were so soft as silk I squeezed them hard and pinched her nipple , she helped me taking off her top , I couldn’t believe how beautiful they look

She gave a small slap on the face and said “stop staring and start sucking them “
I just did what I been said they tasted yummier than they looked .

I sucked so hard and teased them played them for a long time while she unzipped me and started stroking my cock I was enjoying it the most ,

I couldn’t believe my luck that the woman I fell in love with 3hrs ago is stroking my cock and letting me suck her tits

She got up from the couch and dragged me to her bed room by my cock , stripped all her cloths and said to get rid of my cloths

In no time we both were naked she got bed her legs wide spread she was not completely shaven , but trimmed , I could see it already wet ,

I didn’t need any thing to be said I got between her legs and started eating her , she had her finger running through my hair , “yes baby , make me cum suck that puss harder , eat it nice “

I was totally in to her by now , eat her juicy cunt like a mad man , I could sense she was about to cum all of her body was quivering,

she screamed “I am gonna cumm… mmmmm aaaaaa baby don’t stop I am cummmmm..” she push my head deep between her legs , with in seconds she cum in my mouth ,

I was sucking all those juices she held my face in her arms looked in to my eyes and said “you gave me the best organism I have ever had ”

and kissed my mouth n face covered with her puss juices she held me close to her for a while then she got up an said “I am going to return the favor ” I said to her I want to eat her again while she blow me

I laid on my back she got on top of me with my head between her legs I loved the view she has sure got the loveliest ass I have every seeing my whole life
I started to suck her all over again , but a shock went into me with in a second I want feeling like I was in heaven like I was flying , in mins I realized that she took my cock in mouth , though I have got blow jobs before I never felt this way I was enjoying it the most

She took whole 8 inches in mouth playing with my balls teasing them with her finger , squeezing them in between shifting her mouth from cock to balls sucking thos balls hard and nice , I could see that her pussy getting wet again her juices were dropping from her cunt to my mouth it got me all wild n crazy I spread her azz cheeks wide and sucked her puss hard , I started playing her clitoris and I could not stop my tongue to explore her butt hole it was so rosy and yummy she was sucking me even hard I started to tongue fuck her butt deep as far as I could go , she squeezed my balls hard n sucking me hard
I know could not hold any longer I screamed I am cumin,,,, she did not stop and started sucking even harder , with in no time I exploded in her mouth I kept on fucking her butt even harder she cum tooo harder than before she sat on my face with her juicy pussy rubbed it all over my face and sucked me dry till the last drop , I was so tired that would not even tell her how it felt she lay beside me all I could do was to hug her curvy body and kiss her beautiful face we both didn’t realize when we fell asl**p
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very good nice & hot
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nice story.. every teenager dream