My First Big Black Cock!

Several years ago my hubby had asked me if I might be interested in swinging with black couples. For the previous few month we had watched quite a bit of interracial porn and I knew he always had a thing for black women. We live in Georgia. :)

So after several phones calls, ads and other things we finally had a couple that we had invited over to meet and have a few drinks. We were looking forward to it. There wasn't supposed to be any sex, just drinks and chat to see if we should take the next step.

The big day arrived and an hour or so before the appointed time, the hubby of the couple called and said there was some sort of "thing" that came up, and his wife had to cancel. Hubby asked if he could still make it and he said he could.

So the "other hubby" shows up about 30 min or so late. We all have several drinks and the conversation starts to steer itself to sex--a few more drinks. :)

Then, he asked, "Have you ever seen a Big Black Cock?"

"Only in pornos" I replied.

"Go ahead and show her", says hubby.

He pulls it out and my eyes were glued on it. My mouth began to water just a bit...

"Go ahead and play with it to get it hard" says hubby

I take it in my hand and play with it up and down. When it started to get hard he said, "Go ahead and lick and kiss the head if you want"


As I started to lick it, hubby left to go get the camcorder--

I then really started to enjoy this very large black cock.

"You want to suck it now don't you?"

I only replied, "mmmmm" as I was licking it

"Show me those big tits and you can suck it all you want"

I took off my shirts and he played with my nipples for a few seconds then said, "Get your mouth back on that cock, slut. Give your hubby a show when he gets back"

So hubby returned with the camcorder and there I was, my shirt off, my head in his lap, licking and sucking my first big black cock.

86% (35/6)
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1 year ago
Every wife should fuck as many men of as many races as possible.
It is a bit hard so I see no reason why all good wives shouldn't be prostitutes and help the household
1 year ago
i hope you didn't look back after that
2 years ago
Enjoyed what there was of it, but for fuck's sake guys (US) if you're gonna leave a comment, make it make sense you illiterate cunts!!!!!!!
2 years ago
Sadly, your stoty is as short as his cock was bug.
2 years ago
great set-up by the hubby & married guy...they knew the wife wasn't going to show up & plan on thsi to happen. I like thier style...
2 years ago
Did he later get the black pussy he wanted?
2 years ago
great match
2 years ago
ohhhhhhhhhhhh goood
2 years ago
Ooooh you Nasty Slut!!! Did that BBC Jizz all over your pretty face??