Wife's First Gang Bang

Just returned from a business trip/holiday in the Aegean area to find that a story I posted on September 6 (Wife's Second Gang Bang) seems to have been well received. I will definitely post more stories, starting with this one, the story of Emily's first gang bang, which she will be writing herself.

In answer to one comment we are definitely not American, and I doubt if I could ever get my wife to post a picture of herself. You will probably see why as you read more. I can only say that she is very pretty and petite. Just around 4'-11" and weighing around 7 stone (about 100 lb). Ash blonde hair to shoulder length, often worn in bunches. Her boobs are pert and a perfect hand-full. Facially she rather resembles an actress of some years back called Tuesday Weld, who I think was once married to Dudley Moore.

Anyway her first gang bang was an American affair. We were driving our hired Chevvy around the Mid-West and stayed overnight in a small town (Population 5006 according to a road sign) We ate at a diner/bar near the motel, where everyone was very friendly, and we were included in the celebrations of someone's 40th birthday. During the evening a man calling himself Ernie, when he heard where we were heading next, asked if we could deliver a clock to a friend of his. next morning he turned up at the motel with a handsome pendulum wall clock. The case body was packed with paper to stop the pendulum clanging about. We put it on the back seat and set off. Our instructions were to deliver to a certain address, and if no one was there to leave the clock in an outbuilding.

About 5 miles from our destination a cop car waved us down. We were a bit puzzled because we were not speeding. Three cops got out and looked in the boot, then they inspected the clock. The packing contained a plastic bag of white powder. They said it was some form of cocaine and immediately one got in our car, and the other two took Emily to theirs. In town (Population 12,873 this time) we were ushered into the Sheriff's office and one took me aside, while Emily went with the others. "Gotta see if your stories hang together." one said, which seemed reasonable.

The interview was a touch aggressive, but I thought I handled it well. After around a half-hour the cop left, and one of the others replaced him, and went through the same procedure. Finally the first returned and said, "We checked your story, and it fits. The guy at your motel remembers the Ernie guy dropping the clock off. And it looks like this Ernie has gone AWOL. We'll take the clock. May have some of his prints on it."

So we were free to go. Emily seemed distracted, and wanted to leave the place and drive on to our next destination straight away. We did this, but first I checked at the local post office, and found that the address we were given by Ernie did not exist.

Now here is Emily's account of that hour or so at the sheriff's office....

Firstly I must relate something that happened just a short while before
our holiday because it is very relevant to what happened. It was a rather
wine-soaked lunch I had with an old school friend. At school Claudia was
the ultimate romantic, even more so than myself. She would insist there
was only one man for each of us, and sex could not be considered apart
from love.
Imagine my amazement when she told me that she was 'seeing another man'
Bernard and I had attended her wedding to Lawrence, and they seemed the
perfect couple. When I expressed my amazement she said, "Oh I wouldn't
think of leaving Larry! The thing with Malcolm isn't an affair! It's just
sex! He's just a great shag! I have no interest in him otherwise! Ideally
I would like to keep him in a cupboard and bring him out when I want his
I stared open-mouthed at her, finally asking about her school day views on
sex. "Oh I used to believe all that!" she said, "But I know much more now!
Sex is nothing to do with love, although what we call love might have a lot
to do with sex sometimes! Sex is just sex! A physical exercise which gives
us pleasure. Two people who do not care twopence for each other generally
can have great sex! As long as both are of the same mind. If they do really
care for each other it is also great, and completely different! Larry and
I still have very enjoyable sex, and he knows all about Malcolm! He also
knows I would not swap him for anyone on a permanent basis. I still love
him dearly. I'm sure I always will! But I think I might need a Malcolm to
shag me half senseless every once in a while!"
I thought much about her words afterwards, and I slowly began to feel that
I was missing out on something, and that I would at least wish to taste
an experience such as Claudia had with this Malcolm. I may not find it to
my liking, but I wanted to be able to judge that. At the time I could not
imagine such a possibility arising however!

When the cops took me into the cells I suddenly felt as though we had done
something wrong. It was rather as I have seen in several films. There were
three cells built against an outside wall, with small barred windows high
up. Bars formed the other three walls of each cell, with about a metre
between each cell. They led me into one, and I sat on the bed while they
brought chairs in. One wrote on a clipboard.
They each fired questions at me in turn, rather confusing me. Then they
began to stress that even if it worked out that we were innocent it could
take enough time to make a mess of our holiday, and we would be late
returning to England etc. We were just getting our business off the ground
at the time, so this would have been very inconvenient. I was even
considering offering bribes, but decided it would make us look guilty and
probably make matters worse. Still, it was so outside my normal picture of
life that I completely missed what they meant when one said, "Course we
could just forget the whole thing if you was real nice to us."
"Nice to you??" I queried, looking from one to the other. What they were
talking about slowly dawned on me! "Y-You mean....If I...?"
One nodded. "You get the picture baby!"
"A-All t-three of you??" I partly stammered.
"Four baby! Old Hal in there won't wanna miss out on a great piece of ass
My mind whirled! I immediately thought of Claudia. She had never had four
men shag her at one time! What on earth would it be like? It would get us
out of the present predicament, and it was that 'situation' I thought would
never arise! I think I decided early on that I would do it, and the key
factor was the feeling that if I did not do it I would forever wonder what
it would have been like! And if I found it unpleasant I would chalk it
down to experience and move on.
I stood and slowly undressed. I actually became aroused as I did so,
feeling their eyes on me. Naked, I sat on the bed, trembling slightly. I
watched them strip, and became more aroused as their cocks thickened and
erected before my eyes! The one called Alvin approached, and I lay back on
the bed. He immediately flipped me onto my front, and pulled my bottom up
high! I felt his hard cock against my buttocks and gasped out loud! It was
a sort of relief! One factor which was bothering me was being face to face
with a stranger as he fucked me! I did not know how I would take to that.
But this 'doggy style' was much more acceptable. As Bernard told you I did
regard it as degrading for the woman. But that was when 'making love'. For
shagging, or fucking it was ideal!
When Alvin thrust deep into me it felt marvellous! I understood exactly
what Claudia meant! It was so crude and a****l! No pretence of affection
or respect! Just a search for a****l gratification! They used me for
theirs, and I basically used them for mine! They had no personality for
me. They were just some fairly good-looking things attached to cocks! And
I suppose to them I was just a pretty body surrounding a hole!
They each fucked me for about 2 to 3 minute spells. Grunting, cursing,
slapping against my rear! Urging each other to, "Fuck the bitch good!" I
was almost pushed across the narrow bed by their onslaughts! My hands
grasped at the rough blanket as they gripped my hair and trust away
I had two searing orgasms, making them whoop and call, before the first
ejaculated into me. "Awww baby! You feel my cum in there?" he called as
he ground against me!
He left, and was replaced by Hal, who had interviewed Bernard first. When
he entered me it was a life-changing experience! His cock was a little
over eight inches and I learned that at that depth inside my vagina was a
very sensitive area! Possibly the famous G-spot, but it felt as though
the whole perimeter was on fire, sending electric shocks through my whole
body! I had two further squealing orgasms before the remaining trio had
deposited their warm seed inside me!
Hal came last, slapping my buttocks as he did so. "Phew baby! All you
Brit chicks got pussies like yours??"

Driving away I felt ashamed and guilty, feeling their spunk running
out of me! I continued to feel like this over the coming weeks, especially
when I began to feel the desire to repeat the experience! I began to
think that I must be incredibly depraved. So it was in fact a tremendous
relief when I found Bernard's secret store of pornography. It was a great
joy to realise my husband was as 'kinky' as I was!

Well Bernard has told you about that second gang-bang, which I sort of
organised, and will tell you about many more in the future. This will
include, well in the future, my most recent adventure of just two weeks
ago. On an Aegean island five fairly young Greek boys gave me an inexpert
but enthusiastic fucking, just thirty metres from where their parents were
enjoying a f****y picnic!


Hope you enjoyed Emily's story. I'm certain now that the clock scam was a set up and 'Ernie' was in on it with the cops. Anyone else had a similar experience. I think they would only try to pull it with tourists.

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1 year ago
wow, that was some story! wish I had been there to take part in the fun and the delight of spraying my hot seed deep in Emily's cunt!
1 year ago
Great story,,and even better wife
2 years ago
nice fuck and what a bitch
2 years ago
Good story.....going for 2 now!
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3 years ago
Good story. Thanks for posting.