Jewish princess with an uncut goy

The day hadn't started off particularly great

I had just found out that the bank that I worked for wouldn't be renewing my temporary contract. And so it was that I found myself drinking my sorrows at the pub that evening with Rachel, my (now) ex-colleague.

Rachel was a Jewish beauty. Pale skin, rosy cheeks, piercing gren eyes, raven-black hair and noble features. She was on the curvy side, just as I liked my women. She was also demure, tacftful and considerate - she had told me she had a relatively priveleged upbringing, but she was never the kind to be stuck up or have a sense of entitlement. I rather fancied Rachel, and we had flirted often while working together. But I had always got the impression that Rachel was much too prim and proper to get involved in anything with me. Besides she was Jewish...I'm sure I'd heard or seen on TV that they didn't fraternise with non-Jewish people, especially an Indian/S. Asian guy like me that probably reminded her of Arabs.

"That wasn't right, what they did to you" she remarked. "Tell me about it" I fumed, taking a gulp of vodka "Its not that I'm pissed they didn't renew the contract in this economy. Its just they said they would till the very last minute and then pulled the rug from under me". "Oh dear, are you gonna be alright?" she asked, with what seemed like genuine concern. I took a sharp breath and answered "I'll be fine...with my experience, I should be able to get another contract in no time....I just don't appreciate being messed about, and lied to is all". "Well, I can totally understand", Rachel said, continuing "So whats the plan now". "Well, tomorrow's another day and the job search can wait till then, tonight I plan to get very wasted. So are you joining me?" I said with a grin. Rachel smiled and said "Well it is a Friday, why not".

2 hours later, I was well on my way to my aforementioned goal of being wasted, and Emma seemed destined to join me at that destination. We decided we were going to go ut clubbing that night, but Rachel wanted to go home and get changed first. So we went to her house.

We were in Rachel's flat, and she was straightening her flowing hair. As she was focused on doing this, I was feeling rather bored. I noticed I reeked like cigarette smoke and stale beer from the pub, in those heady days before the smoking ban. I asked Rachel if I could take a shower. She said "Sure, the shower curtain is busted so you might want to leave your clothes in the bedroom so they dont get wet". I followed her into the bedroom, where she handed me a towel and left. I got my kit off, wrapped the towel around me and hit the shower.

I came out and went into the bedroom, after drying myself off, I was looking at Rachel's dresser to see if she had any male deodrant. I didn't see any, and a thought faintly crossed my head that she didnt have a boyfriend, or at least if she did he wasnt around much. That was when Rachel walked in and I realised in a flash that I hadn't closed the door.

"How was....ohh!" she said as her jaw dropped. We both just looked at each other in shock. I was rather unsure of what I was supposed to do. Cover myself up? stay still? apologise? laugh it off?

"Niice!" She said, with a smile and raised eyebrow. "Wuh?" was all I could respond with. "Nice cock...rather thick isn't it?" "Thanks, I think" I managed with a smile. "I have NEVER seen an uncircumcised one before!" She remarked, moving in for a closer look. She appeared fascinated with the uncut tip of it. "I'd imagine you haven't seen many non-kosher sausages before" I joked. "Well.." -her gaze moved to meet mine- "I have screwed an Arab guy". "WHAT?!, really?" I responded "It was just the taboo of it you know...I may be a nice Jewish girl in public life but everyone should have their private fun. I love being a naughty girl in private...get away from all the stiffness of how my community expects me to behave"

My cock seemed to like the sound of what it was hearing, growing semi erect now. I decided to go in for the clincher "So, want to break the uncircumcised taboo today?" I winked. "Why stop there" she grinned. Before I could ask her what she meant, she'd gone down and was taking all of my uncircumcised, non-kosher brown sausage in her throat.

She wasnt k**ding about being naughty in private. I havent met many girls that actually volunteer for a deep throat fuck, but she was gagging for it, literally. She swallowed my cock whole, her tonsils tickling it as she made a gurgling noise and violently rocked her head back and forth. When she couldnt take anymore, she just about threw up my cock, and when it came out it was coated with thick gobs of saliva.

I grabbed her and threw her on to the bed, then climbed on top of her. I undid her pink Ralph Lauren shirt, then the unhooked her lacy black bra to release a stunningly large pair of breasts. They were rounded and firm, with large pink nipples that stood out against her pale skin. I licked them, the nipped them gently as Rachel moaned.

Moving down her body, I unzipped her skirt and slipped off her black panties. She had a gloriously tight pussy, surrounded by thick black pubic hair. I moved my fingers in a circular motion around her clit as i ran my tongue up and into her pussy. She moaned a deep, throaty moan and arched her hips upwards and wider. I moved myself with my cock near her face and into a lying position...she got the idea and climbed on top of me, taking my cock back in her mouth while I licked her pussy for a 69.

Time for me to do my party trick. I grabbed Rachel firmly by the hips and stood up, with her pussy in my face and her upside down with her mouth on my cock. She gasped in surprise at being upside down all of a sudden, but my continuing to tongue her pussy snapped her out of it and she went back to sucking my cock. It was a tough position to maintain but hey, no pain no gain, so I stuck with it till I felt her stop sucking me off to yell "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yeah!" and her pussy positively erupted with warm liquid.

I flipped Rachel back on to the bed and was about to shove my dick in her pussy when she said. "Hang on a second there, baby...about those taboos..." "Huh?" I asked "Well, to a Jew, anal sex is a sin" she said with an evil twinle in her eye "its worse than sl**ping with a non-Jew. So why don't you cum in my ass". My gawd, this girl just doesnt stop being awesome. Well, I for one will not decline an invitation to sodomise a hot girl.

I flipped her around, and spread her smooth, ample ass cheeks to reveal a sweet-looking anus, a small puckered hole sorrounded by tiny dark hair. She passed me a case of lube from her bedside drawer, and once lubed up, I shoved my throbbing brown cock, which by this time had turned into a rock hard missile, into her ass. She yelped as it first went in, so I decided to take it gentle at first. But I was close to cumming, and couldnt hold back much longer. I grabbed her luscious hips to move her butt closer to my body, and started hammering away at her ass. Her moans sounded like a combination of passion, pleasure and pain, but she took the latter like a trooper. I felt the cum explode out of my cock all over the walls of her rectum. As my legs and groin turned to jelly, I let myself savour in the warm embrace of Rachel's insides and listened to her gasping.

Time to pull out. Rachel had a final surprise for I pulled my cock out of her ass, she farted a wet load of sticky white cum out of her ass, the last of the semen forming little bubbles as it left her asshole. It was a hilarious but fitting end to a hot, frantic, and passionately nasty fuck. I lay back and looked into the green eyes of my Jewish princess, who in a few brief moments had turned from a pillar of the community to a naughty cumslut. Sin never felt so right.
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1 year ago
Great story! I especially loved the end when you totally desecrate the Jewish girl by fucking and cumming in her ass - upon her demand! I loved it.
1 year ago
loved the story. too bad you couldn't get this on video.
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Nice story, well done
2 years ago