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I'm Sandeep (or Sandy) a 26-year old boy from England of Indian (i.e. South Asian) descent. This is a recount of the events from my summer holidays last year.

It was late August, and the weather in the Balearic islands in Spain was absolutely gorgeous. High 20's, with the sun shining brightly upon crystal blue waters and dazzling white beaches, it was the perfect antodote to Britain's dreariness!

Four of us had come to the clubber's paradise of Ibiza for a long weekend of clubbing and debauchery. On that pristine Sunday afternoon, the previous night's partying had taken its toll on the other two members of our group, so it was just me and Katja that ventured out to catch the sights whilst all the clubbers still recovered.

Katja is an Austrian brunette in her mid-20s. She has green eyes with a real spark of mischeif in them, pale white skin, and a 300-watt smile. We had become friends at university, but never more than that. In fact, she had once set me up with her best friend, and I had often listened to her moan about endless failed reationships. You could say, in fact that we were the best friends there were.

When deciding what to do, we thought of going away from the traditional stuff that people do in Ibiza (jetskis, diving etc) and explore the place a bit. We found that for 40 Euros, we could hire a boat to drop us off in Formentera which was an adjoining island, which was meant to have unspoilt beaches. We decided this was a good way to spend the afternoon.

The boat dropped us off in Formentera and the place lived up to its rep...the beach was absolutely dazzling, nature at its best unspoilt by loads of rowdy tourists. As we set up our towels, I noticed something else about the beach...

"Wow, everyone is bare naked!" I remarked to Katja. "Ja.." she replied in her characteristic Austrian accent "..most beaches in Spain are nude beaches" This was new to me. As a Brit growing up in an Indian f****y, I had a conservative upbringing -twice over. "Damn, I never been to a nude beach before" I said. She replied: "Really? In Europe its quite common" as she took off her sarong. I had a quick glance at her perfect thighs, sculpted from years of ballet and waltzes. You could just make out the shape of her pert bum beneath her bikini bottoms. I found myself a bit breathless...all the years I had known her, I had never really seen Katja this way. In England she mostly dressed elegantly like the prim upper-middle class girl she was. I put the thought at the back of my mind and asked her with a sly smirk "Ah, so are you gonna go back to your European roots?" She laughed "No chance, keep dreaming mister!"

As she lay down on the towel, I looked around at all the naked people and how free they seemed - at-one-with-nature or whatever that term is. Impulsively I said "I've never been naked in public before" She giggled "Oh yeah? Well if you want to, go ahead. I wont judge you. And neither will anyone else here". "You sure?" I replied "Yeah, I really don't care" she said.

Well thats what she said. As I slipped off my swimming shorts, I could just about make out her eyes on my cock through her Ray-bans. There was a little impish twitch of a smile on the corner of her mouth as well. I decided to let that thought grow in her head, and told her "I'll be back, gonna take a stroll down the beach" "Ok, in a bit. I'll be here working on my tan" she replied. I suantered down the beach, and around the bay a little bit. It really was a stunning beach, and as I got further away from where the boats landed, it grew increasingly deserted. No people, just sparkling sands, sculpted rocks and blue sea.

I made my way back towards Katja. "How was the naked exploring?" She asked, and I told her about the desolation further down the beach, and the beauty of it. She seemed distracted as I was rambling. She sat up, and took her sunglasses off. Her eyes were darting between my cock and my eyes. "I can't believe I never saw that before, its a lot bigger than I expected" Now Katja isn't like most Austrian girls in that she has a real thing for ethnic guys...her past boyfriends included an Arab and 2 black guys. If she said I was big when one of her exes was Jamaican...well, I guess I was :)

"Wait a sec!" I said, arching my eyebrows "bigger than you EXPECTED?! Been thinking about it, have we?" She laughed "Well, I've always found you hot, just that we've never been single at the same time" If it were up to me I wouldnt have let that stop me, but I guess women are different. "and where did those thoughts end up?" I asked. She didnt say anything, just smiled...and then her hand reached out and grabbed my cock. She started rubbing it up and down as she looked in my eyes and smiled. Her eyes just had pure nawtiness written in them.

I grabbed her by the waist and started kissing her, my tongue finding its way around her mouth. By this time, the feel of her hands and the warmth of her body had me almost fully erect. She pulled away momentarily and my heart sank, thinking 'was something wrong'? "We cant do it here in front of everyone, we might get in trouble. But just as well you found that deserted stretch up the beach" she said with a wink. I grinned and stood up. She also stood up, we collected our stuff...and then she grabbed my stiff brown cock and started walking away, leading me away like a dog on its way to a treat. I may as well have been!

We walked for about 10 mins, alternatively stopping to kiss and fondle on the way. It gave me a chance to admire her pert bum as she walked in front of me, and I couldnt resist the urge to grab it and slap it every so often, eliciting a giggle from her.

Once we'd found a suitably desolate spot, we dropped our stuff on the sand, and I lay down. She dropped on all fours, and took my cock in her mouth. Now, I am very discerning when it comes to blowjobs. Too often, girls -sepecially younger ones - either think a lazy suck is all it takes, or put too much pressure into it which starts to chafe. Not Katja...she did it like it was what she was born to do, starting off by kissing the balls, then poking her tongue out and running it slowly all the way up from the base of the shaft, up to the head, finishing by a soft kissing/sucking combination at the head. After she did this a few times I was in ecstasy, with a chill running up my spine in a good way. I still remember that as a moment for posterity...a beautiful woman licking the head of my cock as the sun shined in the clear blue sky and a gentle ocean breeze wafted over us.

I flipped her over to a lying position, then undid her bikini top. I had always noticed that Katja was incredibly stacked - she'd told me that she was a 34E (!), but when the bra first came off those massive boobies my heart skipped a beat. They were spectacular, rounded, with smooth and uniform pale skin, no imperfections...and topped off by large, pink nipples. I took them in my mouth, running my tongue along the nipples and giving them little nips with my lips.She moaned...it was not the hich pitched scream you see in pornos, but a throaty, full-bodied sound as you would expect from a real woman that smokes.

I moved up to kiss her neck, then moved back down going over her breasts once again before moving down to her navel and stomach. Her fingernails were digging into my back...it hurt, but strangely seemed to add to the experience. After I felt i'd built her up enough, I pulled down her bikini bottoms. She had a landing strip of thick brown public hair, which framed her tight pussy perfectly. The lips were a shocking pink in contrast to her pale white skin. I kissed the lips slowly then moved my tongue into her vagina and then upwards toward her clit, licking it out. She gasped. She was already wet, and this made licking her pussy easier and much more fun...it tasted positively yummy which is not something I'll very often! She spread her legs out, arched her back and her hand moved to the back of my head to push it deeper into her pussy. I licked her faster, and could feel her pussy growing wetter has her moans grew louder and throatier. I went faster and faster, she grew louder, her skin glistening with beads of sweat. As my wet lips kissed her clitoris, I felt her come...an "ohhhhhhh" escaping from her mouth as the skin around her neck and breasts turned a bright pink, her pussy by now soaking and glistening wet.

By this time I was super hard and about ready to explode. As I started to go up her she pushed me off and said with pure evil in her eyes "FUCK ME MORE!". I... well, I didn't actually have a chance to comply, as she mounted me cowgirl style and started...riding is the term I guess, although in her case she made out like she seemed to be riding a wild bronco. I wasnt' compalining. As her hips moved up and down with her vag clasping my thick throbbing cock, the sunlight illuminated the contrast in our bodies....her pale, hairless white skin against my bronzed, hairy brown; and the shocking pink of her vagina and nipples in stark difference to the deep chocolate brown of my thick cock.

By this time, the tide had moved up from our feet to her hips, and I could feel the warm surf lapping up against my cock and buttocks. As a large wave broke against us, Katja let out a short gasp and a little giggle. "the water just washed up against my ass, haha...didnt expect that but it felt good" she said in reply to my quizzical expression.

Now, I was about ready to exlpode inside her at this stage but this planted a nasty idea in my head. I had a quick thought...this was Katja my best friend, yeah we were having sex on the beach but do I really dare expose her to my fetish the first time? Oh well, no guts no glory, and all the unexpected firsts this afternoon had been great so far. "Let me try something...don't change position", I said as I got out from inder her. She seemed mystified but did as I told. As she crouched on all fours with her ass in the air, I got behind her. I hadn't seen her anus till now, but here it was in front of me, a tight little puckered ring, noticeably darker than the sorrounding skin with a frame of small downy hair. I kissed her supple butt cheeks softly, moving from the outside, towards the centre. When i reached her asshole, I poked out my tongue and gently licked it. "Oh my gawd, Sandy...what are you doing" she said in disbelief. I looked up..."do you not like it?" "I wasn't expecting that....but....it feels amazing! Don't stop!!"she moaned. I smiled and put my tongue back into her ass, as my fingers reached underneath to fondle her clit.

Now, in all this excitement we hadn't noticed anyone coming up to us, but all of a sudden there they were! A middle aged Mediterranean couple were there, gawking at us. If I'd saw them before, I could have done something else but now that they'd walked up on me in a comprimising position....well, the only thing to do was....keep licking Katja's ass. Katja saw them the same time as me but didnt change anything. The couple just stood there, watching awestruck as I licked Katja's bum and fingered her pussy and she giggled like a schoolgirl.

Right enough of this, I moved to a kneeling position, and shoved my rock hard cock back into Katja's wet pussy. I felt a sense of euphora as I felt the warmth of her pussy walls envelope me, and started pounding, my hips slapping aganist katja's full round hips. Funnily enough, having an audience only turned me on even further, and I started being ever more deliberate in my pounding. Katja being fully primed up was ready to cum again, and she started to push her ass back into me as well to add more purpose to our fucking, grunting and moaning like a woman possesed as she did so. The combination of our energetic fucking, the position of katja's full hips against me and the water from the surf combined to make a deliciously loud clapping sound. Her wetness combined with my hardness to make us moan, scream "oh fuck yeah" and generally forget about our audience.

It was creampie time! I felt a massive load positively erupt from my cock, probably coating all of Katja's insides like a supersoaker spurting out sticky hot cum. She felt as much "Ohhhh my gawd, ohhh ohhhh that was a massive cum! i could feel that explode like ohhh fuck!" I was gasping for breath, my upper legs and entire groin area having pretty much turned to jelly. All I could concentrate was Katja's luscious ass in front of me, everything was just a blur..... till our 'Audience' started clapping. We turned to see the couple with big grins on their faces, vigorously appluading our 'performance'. We stood up and grinned sheepishly, and thankully after saying something along the lines of 'bravo' they left to walk back down the beach.

Me and Katja made our way back to the towels and lay down, kissing each other passionately as our bodies still glistened with sweat and sea-water and echoed from the pleasure we'd just experienced. Things have moved on substantially since then, but we'll still have that magical late-summer moment in Formentera where friends became more than that under the sun and clear blue skies.
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Hot story! I see you have a thing for white girls. Hmmmm....