First time with a guy

This is all true, believe it or don’t, I don’t really care.
I was young when I lost my Virginity, and it was to an older male, and he was my Cousin.
I looked up to Pete ever since I was little, but now I was a teenager, things had changed, I had the racing hormones, the constant hard on's at embarrassing moments an insatiable curiosity, and crushes not just upon girls but on guys.
This worried me somewhat, because we didn't have the word gay back then as a way to describe guys who liked guys, no, the words were more vicious and made you feel somewhat lacking in something, the words puff, and queer were used as clubs to beat you with and it wasn't just k**s, the teachers at school had used them too.
But still I had these crushes on guys, I used to imagine what it was like, lying in my bed having fantasies about them and wanking myself off.
Anyway I was offered a trip to Blackpool by my Aunt and Uncle, instead of going on holiday with my f****y, I jumped at the chance as being cooped up with my little s****r was not an option for me as a teenager as I found her to be babyish and annoying.
I arrived at my Aunt and Uncles flat to find that I'd be sharing a room with my cousin, for a couple of days before we went away, it was great he was so 'grown up' he had posters of rock stars on his wall, like Bowie, and the New York Dolls and so on very effeminate looking men. Something else that made me curious.
My cousin Pete was very welcoming to me, and was really enthused by the fact I liked his posters, I explained that I'd never heard any music by these bands and so began my education in rock music as well as other things.
I think I'd better take time out to describe Pete here, he was nearly six feet tall, long blonde shoulder length hair, in fact he had rock star looks himself, and he had intense blue eyes, an easy smile and quick humour.
He was always dressed in skin tight jeans, ( I’d also noticed he wore no underwear) cheesecloth shirts, around his neck he wore a leather lace necklace that was decorated with wooden beads even now when I think of him, and the way he looked back then, I am aroused.
So the crush I had upon him was very complete.
Anyway so it happened that there was a party happening that night, but poor old Pete had orders to stay home take care of me as my Aunt and Uncle were going out that evening.
I felt bad that Pete couldn't go to his party, especially as it was really down to me.
"Why don't we go together?" I asked, "or aren't I cool enough"
“How do you mean?” He asked.
“Look just because I’m a bit younger,” finding it hard to keep any indignance out of my voice, “you may think I’m some sort of little angel or good little boy well I’m not I sneak out all the time when I’m at home.”
“What?” said Pete with some surprise “with how strict your Mum and Dad are, that takes balls, that’s if it’s true.”
“Course it’s true,” I said.
“Well what do you do when you sneak out?”
“The usual thing,” I replied with a shrug, “ smoke ciggys, drink beer if we can get it, get friendly with girls, ( this was partially true as I had necked with girls, I’d fingered them and even been wanked off a few times but that was as far as it went).
Pete laughed “so you’re a bit of a goer then eh?”
“Yeah, I have my moments.” I chuckled.
“ I dunno about this though mate,” Pete sighed “this party might get a bit racy lots of sex, d**gs drink loud music, there may even be a bit of trouble with crashers, it might shock you a bit and you are a bit too young.”
“Fuck that,” I argued “I’m sixteen it is the age of consent you know? What’s likely to shock me, loads of Girls and lads shagging drinking and smoking wacky backy, I don’t think so, I do drink you know, I don’t like d**gs so I won’t bother with that, there ain’t nothing to worry about.”
“Well that’s the problem,” he said, “it won’t be just girls and boys shagging it’ll be girls and girls, and boys with boys.”
“Oh,” I said, not quite knowing what to say.
“You see not many people can handle that sort of thing’ he added.
I sat there quiet for quite a while David Bowie’s Rebel, Rebel playing low in the background.
“Pete, were off out now!” called up my Aunt, “look after the lad!”
“Will do mum, See you!” Pete called back.
There was an uncomfortable silence, then, I worked up to a question that had been on my mind since the subject had arisen.
“Sooo?” I asked not entirely sure I was doing the right thing by being nosey.
“Hmmm?” Pete was preoccupied reading a music mag’.
“So, you say there would be girls going with girls?”
“Yeah” he replied slightly disinterested, “and fellas going with fellas?”
“Yep,” he continued reading.
“How do you stand on that? What I mean, and I don’t mean to be insulting or anything -----
“Have I done it?” he interjected sensing that I was struggling with the question.
Then he looked me right in the eyes, with his I could see the intensity in them, in fact he drew me right in.
“Look, I don’t put labels on people, I don’t judge them, and I don’t believe we are limited to one sex, I believe that it’s all good as long as you have fun and no one is hurt.”
Then he smiled and stroked my long black hair, “Yes, I have slept with other guys, and I loved it, but I’ve slept with girls and I liked that too!”
Then I don’t know what happened, I launched myself forward and I kissed him full and hard on the lips, he was surprised at first then he sort of relaxed into it then he broke away.
Wait, man, we can’t do this we’re cousins,” I noticed the hard on in his trousers, and I was determined that he would teach me what I wanted to know.
“ I’m a virgin Pete, I’ve been dreaming about doing it with a guy for ages now, I think that I’d rather do it with you, because I trust you, I could do it with a stranger and they could abuse and use me hurt me whatever, or I could catch something I want this to be -----“
Pete smiled, he stroked my hair again, he let his the back of his fingers track across my cheek and along my jaw line, he then ran his finger tips over my lips, “you want it to be special, I understand that, and fucking hell, I dunno if you ever had anybody tell you but you are fucking cute I mean girl fucking cute, pretty even.”
“Yeah,” I sighed irritably “I get a lot of grief from other lads through it; girls seem to like me though,”
“Don’t worry about the lads” he voice became husky his hands ran over my shoulders, “they’re just jealous.” His hand found my waist and he drew me toward him, he began to tongue kiss me.
“I’ll probably burn in hell for this,” he said, “but I can’t help myself you are so fucking ---“ he kissed me again, then he pushed me away and took off his shirt the skin of his hairless pale body was almost translucent he had no fat at all just tight wiry muscles.
I felt my cock getting harder, I pulled my T-shirt over my head, my heart was beating frantically as lust and fear pumped through my veins, I was pale and skinny too my body, I was similar build to Pete but smaller, I watched as he slipped out of those skin tight jeans and I finally got to see what I suspected was there all along fantastic long hairless marble legs a small tight arse and his cock, I’d seen cocks before lots of them in the showers at school, and really took very little notice but now I was fascinated, I’d never been turned on by a cock before but now I was, the size of it as he moved towards me impressed me, tall guys always seemed to have big cocks. My breathing was now hard and fast as he undid my jeans he began to kiss me, kiss my neck, then my chest then my stomach he was now on his knees and my jeans were around my ankles, what the hell is he doing I wondered? I’m up here (don’t forget all I’d really done up to now was neck with girls and had the odd hand job)
He looked up at me and smiled, and then he took my cock into his mouth, “Oh?” I thought so that’s what ---- “Oh! OOHH!” This was so new it was amazing the way my stomach tightened and my nerves leaped each time he touched a part of me, “oh god this was not at all like what I expected, it was so fucking amazing, I soon got into and rocked back and forth moaning as he sucked me.
Then he slipped his fingers into my arse, which got a gasp out of me, I wasn’t sure of this at first then as he worked his fingers I got more and more turned on.
“Your cock,” I gasped “let me have a go!”
“Not yet,” he said pushing me down on the bed, “I’ve got a lot more I want to do to you!”
He turned his body around and now his knees were directly next to my ears, I could see his cock it was barely inches away, I tried to reach up with my mouth to suck it but he’d trapped my hair under his knees, now he was really working my dick really hard with his mouth taking it deep into his throat, occasionally he’d run his teeth over it giving me little electric shocks of pleasure then suddenly he changed his position, quickly he flipped me over onto my stomach, he grabbed my hips back towards him, I felt his cock rub up and down between my butt cheeks, then I felt the wet warmth of his tongue probing my arse.
“OOOHHHH God!” I called out, “ that feels so good” as he tongued my arsehole Pete began to wank me off, he varied the speed fast then very slow fast then slow, I could feel a ton of spunk surging through my cock it was as if it was fizzing inside.
Then I felt the head of his cock against my sphincter, I began to breathe hard with expectation and some trepidation, slowly his pushed it in partially, it hurt, a bit, then he pushed it in a bit further, that hurt too then on the third try it went all the way in this time it hurt a little but not as the first try, he then he began to slowly and gently thrust his hips again it hurt a bit but as I got used to it I felt myself getting turned on, I notice for some reason my hard on had slightly disappeared and there was a tiny pool of pre-cum on the bedspread, then Pete started to thrust a little harder, I was moaning like a little bitch, I was beginning to love this sensation the more he thrust the easier it got, the more I got turned on I noticed my cock was now hard again and Pete had reached around and started to give me a hand job, the cum in my dick stated to fizz again, and with each stroke my lover was now whispering into my ear, “ God you’re so fucking cute, I’m gonna fuck you, fuck you hard,”
“Yes I gasped fuck me hard, fuck me!” I begged my voice as rough as Rod Stewart.
“Do you like it!” he asked his voice getting more frantic, “do you like it?”
“Yes,” I said, “I fucking love it, I love it!”
He was now trusting hard and gasping for breath faster and faster, “it’s so fucking tight,” he gasped, “so fucking tight!” he ploughed into me, then he began to cry out “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You are fucking great, fucking gorgeous, I’m gonna fuck you every day, every fucking night, when were on fucking holiday I’m gonna fu--- aaahhhh!”
“Yes! Yes! I want you too!” I cried (not believing my luck, I thought that his would be a one off) “Everyday! Fuck me! Fuck me! Every day! Like a little piece of cunt!” his hand was pulling hard on my cock now and I felt it explode as I came, God that was an intense orgasm the most intense I have ever had, (I suppose because it was my first time)
I felt his dick spasm, my arse fill with warm liquid spunk he continued to thrust like a mad man, and then he pulled his cock out of my arse I felt spunk running down over my balls and down the back of my thighs
“Two secs!” He shouted he disappeared off to the toilet I heard the taps running he came back with his dick freshly washed, I noticed he’d lost his hard on quickly I pulled him down onto the bed I put his cock in my mouth I could taste the residue of salty spunk and smell the soapy smell of apple scented Lux, I began to move my head up and down trying to remember all the things Pete did to me when he was in this position however Pete being the more experienced one positioned us so that we were in 69 and he began to suck me again for every sensation I felt I not only tried to copy it I tried to improve on it, soon we were both hard again, I must admit the idea of tonguing some one arse did not appeal but I was that turned on I didn’t care and I f***e my tongue into him I spat on his hole and put my fingers inside to a moaning approval.
Then I rubbed my dick in the crack of his arse, getting more and more desperate to fuck that gorgeous round tight arse, Pete slightly turned on his shoulder and then he said
“Go on k**, it’s time, to do what you have always wanted,” with that I thrust straight into him I didn’t expect it to go in first time.
“Oh fuck that hurt!” Cried Pete.
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“Don’t be, I fucking like it, fuck me hard! Hurt me!”
I started to thrust into him as hard as I could, while he swore at me and encouraged me and cursed me, “Fuck me you gorgeous little bastard, fuck me harder, Grab my hair pull it!”
I did as he asked me to, with my left hand while my right was bust wanking him off, as I fucked him Pete pushed into me violently he was nearly screaming now “fuck me you fucking little bitch fuck me!” I loved this I loved being screamed at and it spurred me on I felt my whole body shudder as I shot my load into him, it had been quick because I was inexperienced I collapsed on the bed exhausted but Pete hadn’t cum yet, “fuck my mouth” I said, Pete got over the top of me and put his hard cock into my mouth and he began to fuck it, I moved my head up and down to try and accommodate the speed of his thrusts then he cried out, I felt the hot burning salty taste of cum in my mouth I swallowed it burned my throat but I continued to suck until it was all gone Pete moaned and fell onto the bed next to me.
“To say that was your first time, fuck me that was a good fuck,” he said gasping and breathing hard “I haven’t enjoyed sex like that ever! I dunno if it was the extra thrill of me being your first but fucking hell! And you! You were fantastic I can’t believe that was your first time!”
I was only half listening, I was buzzing and tingling, my head was spinning and I lay there with a big silly grin on my face with a spunk trail still around my mouth and more leaking from my arse.
Later we took a bath together and did it all over again, next day my arse was really sore.
But when we went away to Blackpool for two weeks with his Mum and Dad we had a room to ourselves and we were left to our own designs Pete being 18 and all, it was a fantastic! In those two weeks I had my first threesome and I also pulled someone by myself for the first time but those are other stories, for another time.

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2 months ago
Loved your story
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great story
11 months ago
Hot story got my dick hard... 8)
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
fuckin lovely am busy masturbating as I write this...
4 years ago
4 years ago
Thanks baylyn, and it's all very true too, I will write more soon, I am going to be as truthful and accurate as I can the only thing I will do is change the names of the people in the stories
4 years ago
that was good