Sissy Mailee's first black cock - part1

As long as I could remember I have always had a craving for black cocks. My first time was a few years ago after partying with a friend of a friend.

I had called up one of my CD friends, Suzy, to attend a Halloween party at a local warehouse. We had agreed that we’re both going to the party as slutty school girls. We met up at her place to get dress together. When I arrived at her place she told me she can’t go because she was coming down with the flu. There was no way I was going out in public for the first time by myself. I was super disappointed but she told me that her friend Brad would meet me at the party and not to worry. I’ve met Brad only a few times but felt comfortable enough to go with him. So I got changed into my school girl uniform with consisted of a white tube top, blazer, pink plaid mini shirt, pink thongs, white stockings and 5” knee high boots. I looked HOT!!

At around 11:30 I left for the party. I called Brad on my way there to make sure he meets me out front. I drove around the warehouse a few times to make sure he was there. On the third time around I saw him walking to the front entrance. Brad is not hard to miss as he was an major muscle head, standing around 6’2” and 240lbs. I knew I was going to be safe with him by my side. I parked the car at an lot across the street and walked towards him. Brad came up and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheeks. I felt good in his strong manly arms. I knew this was going to be a fun.

We walked into the party and it was packed. He looked at me smiling and said “Relax girl. It’s going to be a fun night.” He told me to stay put and he’ll get us a couple of drinks.

When he returned he handed me my drink and whispered “There’s some X in there. I thought I would help to get in the partying mood. Drink up!!”

We downed our drink and headed to dance floor. We dance for about a half hour when I started to feel the effects of the X. I started to dance closer to Brad and grinding up against him. I could feel his big tool rubbing against me. It wasn’t hard but I can feel it was really big. By now I was getting warm and had taken off my blazer. I turned around and lean back on his hard body as he grinded his cock against my bum. I reached behind me and started to rub his cock. I was getting really turned on and I could feel the tip of my clit getting wet. All of a sudden I realized that despite how horny I was I wasn’t getting hard. Then it dawned on me that it was the ecstasy was preventing me from getting hard. But by now I was too high to care, I just wanted him to make out with me.

Brad leaned down and whispered “Wanna get out of here?” I nodded okay. He wrapped his arm around me and led me outside to his car. By now I was having a hard time walking on my own.

I leaned on him the whole ride back. I just kept rubbing his cock, he was so hard and throbbing. I couldn’t wait to unzip him.

Once we got to his place he threw me on the couch and started to kiss me. I could feel his tongue probing in my mouth. He then pushed my head back and kissed my neck and started to rub my clit under my skirt. I can feel him getting more aggressive as he kissed me deeper and deeper.

He then whispered in my ear, “I gave you E on purpose so you wouldn’t get hard. I like my bitches to have a small soft clit.”

I could feel my panties getting wetter by the minute as he grabbed my hair and pushed my face to his crotch. I could feel his big dick through his pants rubbing against my face.

“You like that you little slut?” asked Brad.

“Yes.” I whispered.

“Good, get on your knees bitch!” Brad demanded

Before I can react he grabbed me by the hair and threw me on the ground. “I always wanted to fuck a Chinky whore like you.” He stood up, undid his pants and pulled out his enormous 10 inch black cock. Up until now the biggest cock I’ve had was 6 or 7 inches. His cock was a monster to big. He again grabbed my hair with one hand and slapped me hard across the face with his cock. Brad began to rub his cock all over my face. Small streams of precum was spread all over my face.

“You want a taste baby?” Before I can answer he yanked my hair back and f***ed his cock in my mouth. I immediately gagged, I could feel tears stream down my cheeks. “Ya, choke on it you little cunt”

I love the feeling of begin f***e to suck his monster cock. I reached up with both hand to grab the shaft of his cock and started to work on him, stroking his cock with both hands as I licked his glistening head. He eased his grip on my hair and started to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth.

“I knew all you Asian whores loves to suck cock. Keep worshiping my cock you slut”

His words only made me want to please him more. He sat back on the couch and watched me work him over. I started by running my tongue from the tip of his dick and slowly working my way down his shaft. I then cupped his balls and suck on them individually. I can tell he was getting really horny.

Brad then told me to get up and bend over on the coffee table, I happily complied. I felt his strong hands lift up my skirt and ripping of my panties. He then spread my cheeks and started to rim my boy pussy, running his mouth up and down the crack, probing his tongue inside me. He then ran his mouth to my balls and licked them softly. I felt him pull my clit back and swallowing it entirely into his mouth. My legs were quivering so much that I could hardly stand. Then I felt his finger enter me as his worked on my clit.

“Oh ya baby, fuck my pussy.” I screamed, “I need my pussy filled.”

Brad picked me up and threw me down on the couch. He then lifted my legs in the air and began to rub his cock around my pussy. By now I was very eager to have him fuck me.

“You wanted my cock whore? Beg for it!!” He demanded.

“Oh daddy fuck my cunt. Your little whore needs to be punished.”

Just as I screamed my last words he plowed his black cock deep into me. “You’re mine now you fuckin’ whore. I know all you Asian whores like to ride black cocks.”

Brad plowed angrily into my tight boy hole. Being that I never had a cock so big I tried to push him off as it was hurting me too much. “Oh my god, you’re too big, please stop.” I cried. That only made him fuck me harder.

“Shut up, cunt!” He grabbed my throat with one hand and slapped my across the face with the other. I could feel his monster sliding all the way in and out of my pussy. He fucked me for a good 30 minutes before I felt a hot gush of cum filling my hole.

Brad then just got up and walked away, leaving me gasping for air. I laid on the couch feeling his warm cum oozing from my pussy. Minutes later Brad returned with a pair of handcuff, “We’re not done yet bitch.”

To be continued…..

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5 months ago
1 year ago
then what are poppers?
1 year ago
mmmmmm more please!!!!!!
1 year ago
I love Asian tgirls so much and sounds like your man was wanting you so badly and wanted to have his way with you.
2 years ago
i want black man to handcuff me and make me suck his hard cock in front of my wife so she can see im bbc fagot
2 years ago
All I can say is...OH....Yes...Yes!!!!
2 years ago
I enjoyed this story and would have enjoyed being there with you and making passionate love to you.
2 years ago
So many of us sissies have this dream
2 years ago
E & X are the same thing ecstasy... It's a drug. A little pill, commonly based with meth or heroine. They are bad drugs that ruin people's lives. Just like Any other drug can do.
2 years ago
I love this so much
3 years ago
sweet baby1
3 years ago
sexy story
what is X and E?
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great start will look forward to the next chapter thanks
3 years ago
nice story really hot!