Slut School Pt. 9

Part 9


Sarah awoke the next morning, her body feeling very sore, paticulary her legs and groin having been stuck in that awkward uncomfortable tied up way.
She was dazed and confused for a moment, remembering what had happened the evening before. The sudden noise of the lock on the basement door being unlocked made her jump, her heart steadied as Mandy walked in lighting the glumly lit room up with her smile.

"Good morning, sunshine!" She greeted Sarah cheerfully.

"Morning.." Sarah grumbled in reply.

"'Morning' what?" Mandy sternly asked.

Sarah sighed unhappily and swallowed her pride,
"Morning Ms Mandy..." She feignly returned.

"Oh dear, seems like someone woke up in the wrong side of bondage!"
Mandy teased.

Sarah wasn't in the mood for her whims, and just rolled her eyes.

"Geez, will you brighten up already! You got a long day of lessons today."
Mandy told her.

"Can't wait(!)" Sarah sarcastically reacted in a dead-pan kind of way.

"You better watch your tone young lady.." Mandy sternly warned,
"you don't want me to get my whip out on you, do you?"

"N-no.." Sarah replied sheepishly, "I-it's just.. maybe I just need a shower, clear my head and set me up for the day." She told in a more cheerful tune, hoping Mandy will release her giving her a chance to escape.

Mandy didn't see past her tone, and thought it was a good idea.

"Ok then, I think you've been bound up for too long in that way, I'll let you go and e****t you to the bathroom, let you freshen yourself up, we want you looking good for your slutty coursework!" Mandy chuckled and walked over to her.

Sarah prepared herself, she planned for this moment and knew the instant her arms and legs were freed up she'd overpower her mistress and make a bid for freedom, as Mandy's hands placed onto the tight rope around her thighs and arms she braced herself, ready to strike like a tensed up cobra.

This was it, the ropes loosened to the point where she was finally free of her bondage, now was the time...

Suddenly, Sarah felt the energy sapped from her, she had been bound for too long, her arms and legs were weak, she felt like she could only move her sore limps in slow motion. She tried to hide her plan of running, and lucky for her Mandy was none the wiser, she just looked at her mistress who was smiling sweetly at her, Sarah gulped and accepted the help from Mandy to stand up out of the chair.

"How's the legs feel?" Mandy asked.

"Weak.." Replied Sarah, feeling disappointed.

"Yeah, being bound up like that for that long almost makes you forget how to use them," Mandy replied amused with herself, "You know, if you need to rest up for 10 minutes I got a couple little things to do before I take
you to the bathroom...?" She asked.

"Sure ok, I could do with that..." Sarah answered and sat back down.

As Mandy walked out the door, Sarah hoped she'd trust her enough to leave the door unlocked, but no, Mandy was wise to lock the door behind her, keeping Sarah imprisoned. She could only sigh disheartened and worked up her energy.

Shortly afterwards, Mandy returned, Sarah felt more stronger now, and she thought to herself, "Ok, this is it..."
She took a deep breath, and braced herself...

Mandy walked up to her, holding in her hand a pair of handcuffs.
Sarah didn't want to know what they was for,
she was only focused on one thing - Escape.

As soon as she was close enough, Sarah pounced.

She jumped up off the chair and pushed Mandy down onto the floor, she stepped over her about to run for the door.

She suddenly felt a tight grip around her ankle and lost her footing. Falling down, she looked towards her feet and saw Mandy had grabbed hold of her, tripping her up. As her body hit the floor, she desperately kicked at Mandy, hoping to have her leg released, but Mandy held on tight.

Sarah began crawling towards the door, slowly dragging Mandy with her, but with each pull, Mandy crawled up over her leg, gripping both her ankles with her hands, and pulled Sarah towards her as she gained the upper hand.

"NOOO!!!" Sarah screamed. "Let go of me!!"

Mandy fiercly held on, and managed to get up onto her knees and moved herself further up over the back of Sarah's legs.

In a desperate attempt, Sarah turned over onto her back to try and fight her off, Mandy capitalised on this though by moving a little more further up her body and sat all of her weight down onto Sarah's stomach. Sarah tried to slap at her scracth her and grab her hair but before she could do any of that,
Mandy had grabbed her wrists and easily pinned her arms down to the floor.

"Noooo!!" Sarah cried out. "Pleeease!! Get off me! Let me go!"

Mandy chuckled in a sadistic way, enjoying having full control over her.

"Going somewhere, bitch?!" She cruely teased, "You're going nowhere!"

Sarah wept as she knew she really wasnt going anywhere now.

"Good job I got some handcuffs with me!" Mandy laughed as she leaned her knees down on top of Sarah's arms so she could move her hands freely without having to hold onto Sarah's wrists anymore, and grabbed the handcuffs off the floor, which had been dropped during the scuffle.

Sarah still had some fight left in her, she wiggled about underneath and tried arching her back up to knock Mandy off her, but she was too heavy for her and had her thoroughly pinned to the floor.
She was beat and eventually accepted it...

Mandy, almost teasingly, took her time to lock the handcuffs on Sarah.

"Ooh I suddenly feel like a policewoman arresting a very naughty girl for being a stupid pathetic slut!" Mandy taunted her and laughed.

Once the cuffs were on, Mandy relaxed a little, she still sat on top of her and had her knees pressing down hard on her arms, she placed her hands on her hips and looked down at her victim, and smiled a real sadistic smile.

"You know," She began, "I was going to be real nice to you today, I had lined up some real nice men for you to satisfy and learn some very good slutty tips on, and afterwards I was going to let you stay in a much more comfier room than this... But no! You just had to be real stupid, so instead I'm going to make sure the guys are real rough on you, and if you're lucky to survive your lessons without needing treatment, I'll lock you up in one of my special S&M coffins with just a few air holes in, and leave you in total darkness!"
Mandy sternly told her in sadistic delight.

"You fucking bitch!!" Sarah snapped at her angrily, but also in fear of the ordeal she knew she'll now face. She tried once again to unseat her cruel mistress but Mandy easily rode out her attempts and even chuckled at her, teasing and mocking her weak efforts.

After a minute or 2, Mandy got up off her and grabbed her blonde flowing hair, dragging her up onto her feet. Sarah still tried to fight back but was too weakened by her, Mandy easily overpowered her and dragged her to her whipping wall. She quickly and expertly released the handcuffs from her wrists and pushed her forward towards the cold metallic upright table and locked both her right and left hands into the restraints at the top corners of it.

She then got down on her knees and f***efully locked her ankles up in the restraints at the bottom corners of it. Once she had her fully trapped to it, she looked directly at Sarah's naked ass which was inches away from Mandy's face. She bit her lip and gently ran her painted black fingernails over the soft smooth skin of it.

"It's almost a shame to have to whip this, you've got such a hot butt!"
Mandy told her and giggled as she dug her nails into her soft flesh.
She then leaned in just a little closer and playfully kissed her ass.

Sarah could only weep and bite her lower lip as Mandy stood up and casually walked over to where she keeps her whips. She browsed over which to use, and decided on a good ol' fashioned leather paddle.

"Hmm, this'll do nicely." She told aloud in glee.

She walked back over to Sarah, paddle in hand, and stroked her long blond hair and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"You really should have just accepted your fate, you're here forever under my command..." Mandy softly whispered. "Let's hope you enjoy pain.."
She playfully bit Sarah's earlobe before moving away slightly from her.

She rubbed the paddle over her ass cheek, lifted it up and then smacked her ass with all her might.

Sarah yelled out in pain, and whinced as Mandy repeated the whack.

After a few more spanks, Sarah couldn't take any more and begged for mercy.

Mandy just cruelly laughed and carried on spanking her with the paddle.

Even when a few tears ran down her face, Mandy ignored her slut and continued to punish her hard. Eventually she stopped, when Sarah's ass was bright red.

"Awww is that sore?" She mocked sympathy towards a very tearful Sarah.

Sarah nodded and begged once again for her to stop.

"Good, that's what naughty sluts get!" She teased her and put the paddle down.

There was to be no cooling cream for her really sore bum this time, Mandy wanted to punish her good and denied giving her any TLC after her punishment.

Mandy coldly turned and headed for the door, she walked out and turned around to face Sarah who was looking at her over her shoulder.

"I'll be back shortly with the guys, and if you think I'm rough on you, just wait for when they get here, you're going to wish it was just me punishing you!"
Mandy threatened her, and closed the door on her, locking it after she did.

Sarah weeped some more, the red cheeks of her ass felt like they was on fire.
She rested her head against the steel table, closed her eyes and hoped she'd wake up to find she was only in a dream, but it was all far too real.

She could only take a deep breath, and tearfully, she accepted her fate...
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3 years ago
very good series
3 years ago
Thoroughly enjoyed the story!
3 years ago
Fantastic Bobby, you know how to put me exactly in Sarah's place :)
3 years ago