Slut School Pt. 8

Part 8


While Sarah waited patiently for Mandy to return, she sat there wondering just how Mandy was going to 'take care' of her, all scenarios played through her mind and her body tingled in anticipation. Alas after 2 hours, Mandy walked through the door. She was wearing a little black see-through nightie with a black velvet thong, her ample breasts were showing through the soft transparent material of the nightie, her black hair was damp and glistened. Sarah stared at her and giggled nervously.

"I'm back!" Mandy declared with a big smile.

"Hey, wow, you look... nice..." Sarah greeted her in shock.

"Thanks," Mandy replied, "I just took a shower, taking care of a very naughty slave gets me all hot... Now it's time to take care of you!"
She flirtatiously told.

"Oh yeah?" Sarah responded, her body tingling all over.

"Hmm-mm... You know how I'm going to do that, hunny?" Mandy smiled and stared at her like a loiness ready to pounce on her helpless prey.

"H-h-how?" Sarah asked nervously, suddenly feeling a little scared.

"Oh you'll find out.." Mandy chuckled and slowly walked closer towards her.

When she was close enough, Mandy jumped on top of Sarah, sitting on her lap, Sarah tried to move her arms but was quickly reminded that her hands are bound to the armrests. Mandy f***ed her lips onto Sarah's, she tried to resist but the feel of Mandy's tongue slipping past her lips into her mouth made her close her eyes and snog her back. Somehow it felt natural to Sarah, and she enjoyed the passionate kiss. After a few moments, Mandy stopped and leaned back.

"I hope you're ready for this, I sure am!" Mandy told with glee.

Sarah wasn't sure if she was fully ready, but she knew she couldn't do anything about it, it was happening wether she wanted it to or not.

Mandy got up off of Sarah, now standing by her feet. She took out some rope and smiled with sadistic delight.

"W-what's the rope for?" Sarah asked, her heart pounding fast.

"Just making sure you can't resist me!" Mandy chuckled.

She wrapped some rope around each of Sarah's thighs and lifted her legs up 'til they were up to her chest, she then wrapped more rope around her thighs but also wrapping the rope around her arms aswell, bounding her thighs and upper arms together, her legs wide open, her soft pink pussy was now fully exposed with Sarah completely unable to close her legs.

Mandy started feeling up her victim, her fingers slowly floated across Sarah's soft skin starting from her belly and heading down towards her fanny.
Sarah could only gulp and bite her lip as she felt Mandy begin to softly stroke the soft moist flaps of her vagina. Mandy then began to push her fingers inside her, fingering her. Sarah stared at Mandy who was concentrating on what she was doing, she started to relax and enjoy the stimulation.
Mandy didn't stop 'til Sarah was real wet.

"Mmmm you feel good!" Mandy squeeled excitedly, "Do you want more?"

"uh-uh.." Sarah nodded, now feeling very turned on.

"How bad do you want it?" She asked her horny student.

"Real bad, Miss!" Sarah blurted out wanting to recieve more pleasure.

"Well you're going to have to do something for me first then." Mandy revealed,
"If you want more, you're going to have to lick me out!"

Sarah never performed oral sex on a woman before, nor did she ever want to do that, quite frankly the thought of doing that disgusted her.

"I don't want to do that..." She told her.

"Oh, is that so? Well I don't think you're in a good position to argue!"
Mandy sternly warned her. "If you don't, you'll be very sorry you refused!"

"Please, anything but that..." Sarah tried to reason with her.

Mandy walked over towards her head, and pulled the chair back so Sarah was now in a reclined position, still bound up in that uncomfortable way.

"Please, no.." Her pleas went ignored.

Mandy lowered the chair down so Sarah's head was now at knee-height to Mandy.

"Get that tongue ready!" Mandy smiled sadistically as she took off her thong.

She crawled up over Sarah, resting her knees on the arm rests just beside Sarah's bound arms and legs, and lowered her body down so that her beautiful shapely bum rested over Sarah's eyes, her pussy pressing against her mouth.

"Go on, lick my juicy pussy, you know you want to.." Mandy began teasing.

Sarah tried to protest but her sounds were muffled against the soft flesh of her vagina.

"I can't hear you, and I'm not getting off you 'til you lick me out..."
Mandy warned.

Sarah still continued to resist, despite Mandy now grinding her lips on Sarah's.

"If you don't lick me out, I'll leave you tied here like this for weeks!"
She giggled as that threat made Sarah panic and moan louder in protest.

As an added incentive, Mandy began pulling and twisting Sarah's erect nipples, kind of pleasing but also hurting her. Sarah realised she had no other choice, and didn't want to be trapped there like that for weeks, so decided to obey.

She opened her mouth and used the tip of her warm tongue to rub against Mandy's wet pussy. She thought it would taste bad but was pleasantly surprised to find the taste to be nice and sweet, she enjoyed it and started licking her mistress more enthusiastically.

"Mmmmm oh yeah, that's it... Mmmm just like that..." Mandy groaned in delight.

After a few more licks, Mandy decided to reward her by leaning forward slightly and giving Sarah's pussy more of a rub down with her fingers.

Both women moaned in pleasure, enjoying the experience.

Sarah was really turned on that she quickly found herself close to cumming.
Sensing this, Mandy stopped and just stayed sat on top of her tongue.

Sarah tried to get her to carry on pleasuring her, but her mistress wouldn't.

"Mmmmm you don't get to cum 'til I do..!" She told her.

Mandy soon found herself close to cumming too, but she didn't want to cum yet.
She got off Sarah's tongue, and moved down a few inches, the smooth rounded cheeks of her bum now rested more on Sarah's face, with her crack very close to her mouth. She smiled as she had Sarah right where she wanted her.

"Lick my ass, you filthy slut!" She demanded.

Sarah didn't think about it, she obediantly held her tongue out and pressed it against her little brown-eye. The bitter musky taste made her tongue retreat quickly back into her mouth. She didn't like the taste at all.

"Come on, lick my ass!" Mandy again demanded, looking over her shoulder.

"No..!" Sarah begged.

"Do it, slut! Or you can just stay here for a couple weeks..." Mandy warned.

She really didn't want to do it, but the alternative felt worse to her, so she plucked up the courage and braced herself for the taste of her asshole.
She held her tongue out again, and started to lick her tight crack.

Mandy placed her hands on her ass cheeks and held them apart for Sarah to have better access to her ass and she moaned as Sarah valiantly fought back her
gag-reflex to carry on with rimming her mistress.

"Mmmmm yeah, get that nasty tongue deeper...!" Mandy instructed, Sarah willingly obey and pushed her tongue deeper into her tight hole.

Mandy let go of one of her cheeks and placed her hand onto her pussy, fingering herself as Sarah licked her.

After a few minutes, she felt ready to cum.

"Oh fuck yeah... Mmmmm..." She moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck I'm going to cum!" She quickly moved herself back so that her swollen excited pussy was inches above from Sarah's mouth.

"Open wide, slut!" She ordered her as she rubbed hard on her clit.
"Mmmmmm!!" She groaned and suddenly her juices started gushing out of her, her orgasm was real intense, she screamed out as her juices flowed from her throbbing pussy, squirting hard out of her and hitting Sarah's face and mouth like she was laying under a shower.

Sarah choked as the warm sweet liquid f***ed its way down her throat.
When her orgasm stopped, Mandy chuckled as her slut gasped for air.

"Lick me clean!" She ordered, despite Sarah still gagging on her cum.
Not wanting to make her mad, Sarah did as she was told and licked her pussy clean, fighting back her need to choke.

After a couple licks, Mandy got off her and stood beside her.

"Mmmmm that was awesome!" Mandy told in delight. She then leaned down and gave her slut a kiss.

"Ain't you going to sort me out now, Miss?" Sarah asked in a cute way.

"Gee I don't know..." Mandy replied thinking about it,
"you were a bit too hesitant to please me..."

"Sorry..." Sarah responded, hoping she'll forgive her and please her anyway.

"Nah, I think you've had enough fun for today, I'm going to go, let you think about how to fully appreciate your mistress next time..." Mandy cruelly told, now heading for the door.

"No please! Don't leave me like this!" Sarah begged.

Mandy chuckled at her desperate pleas, and continued towards the door.

"Please!! Don't go!!" Sarah called out to her, but to no avail.

Mandy walked out the door, closing and locking it behind her.

Sarah no longer enjoyed being bound, she wanted to leave and leave right away, but she was trapped with no chance of escape. She felt close to tears but she fought them back and just stared at the floor, feeling hopelessly imprisoned.

After a couple very long boring hours, she felt tired.

"I got to get out of here.." She thought to herself.
"When she returns, I'll get out... Somehow..."

She thought of ways she could do that, but as she thought about it, her heavy eyes closed. "Somehow, I'll escape..." She repeated to herself,
and soon after, she drifted off to sl**p...
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very hot
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yes let there plzz cum more:P
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I don't think she's going anywhere lol.
Nice one Bobby, keep them coming :)
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