Slut School pt. 7

Part 7


After her long finger-play, Sarah spent the rest of the day and night in her 'slut prison'- as she began to call the dundgeon- the only contact she had with Mandy was when she came in to give her some dinner and just sat and watched her eat, and once Sarah finished her little pasta meal, Mandy took the bowl from her hand and placed it on the side.

"I hope you enjoyed it..." Mandy wondered.

"Yeah I did, thank you." Sarah replied licking her lips.

"Good, I thought you would, on account of the special ingrediant I added..."
Mandy told looking away coyly.

"S-special ingrediant? ...What was it?" She puzzled.

"Well as I was watching you having your fun in here, I just had to have myself a good play too, but just before I cummed I went to the kitchen and got down on my knees straddling a bowl, and masturbated 'til I squirted all my juices out into the bowl, and used that to help make up the sauce.."
Mandy revealed giggling.

"Oh my God!" Sarah replied in shock.

"That's not all," Mandy continued, "after I added everything else to it I tasted it and thought it needs a little more salt, so I went and collected myself some hot creamy salty cum from one of my slaves and added that to it!"
Mandy laughed as she saw the look of horror on Sarah's face.

Sarah didn't know what to say, she was in shock realising what she had just eaten, and even though it tasted nice to her before she knew what was in the suace, she started feeling like she was going to be sick.

"I'm joking!" Mandy blurted out laughing, Sarah was still in shock but felt relieved hearing that, "...I only added some of my slave's cum in it!"
Mandy quickly added and laughed once again.

"Y-you.. bitch!" Sarah snapped at her.

"Why so upset, you're just a cum-hungry slut anyway, a guy's creamy yogurt is part of every meal for you, ain't it!(?)" Mandy teased her chuckling.

Sarah went to stand up from off the chair but was quickly stopped by Mandy, who leaned over her and made sure her arms were resting on the arm rests, swiftly strapping them to the rests with the attached belts,
bounding Sarah's arms tightly to the chair.

"Now that you've been fed, I'm going to go home and get some rest, I advise you do the same..." Mandy told her, not that Sarah could do anything but stay sat in the chair 'til Mandy releases her from it.

"How long will you be?" Sarah asked begrudgingly.

"Oh I don't know, I'll be back here roughly around 11 in the morning..."

Sarah looked at the small clock on the wall and realised it was only 6pm, she felt crestfallen knowing she'll be tied down in the chair now for at least
17 hours, and before she could even plead for an early release, Mandy had placed a loving kiss to her cheek and walked out the room with the empty bowl, shutting and locking the door on her way out.

It was indeed a very long mind-numbing wait for Sarah, the hours slowly ticked by, to make matters worse, after a little while Sarah needed the loo real bad, but with no means of escape, she ended up wetting herself, increasing the humilation she felt. "At least I'm not wearing any clothes..." She thought to herself trying to find something positive from that experience.

Throughout the night she managed to get a couple hours of sl**p in total, but that only led to disappointment for her, for each time she would stir in her sl**p she'd look at the clock and saw she'd still have a long wait to endure.
Yet throughout the mental torture of it, a part of Sarah's brain felt excited to be tied up alone in a room, captive to Mandy, and that kept her going strong throughout it all, being somewhat pleased with her predicament.

Eventually, just shortly after 11am the following morning, she heard Mandy walk back into the building. Sarah grew a big smile, and looked ever more forward to seeing her again. At least Mandy didn't keep her waiting any longer, as soon as she got in the front door the first thing she did was go down the stairs to the basement to greet her 'slut student' Sarah.

"Good morning." She greeted an exuasted yet happy Sarah.

"Good morning Ms. Mandy." Sarah repled smiling.

"Before we start with more slutty lessons for you today," Mandy started,
"I'm going to take you upstairs to the bathroom to get yourself cleaned up and ready for the day ahead." Mandy walked over to her and released her arms.

"Thank you, Ms." Sarah thanked her and stood up to stretch her legs.

Mandy noticed the towel that was under Sarah had a large dark patch on it, and picking it up, she held it close to her nose to take a sniff.
"Oh dear, had an accident did you?" Mandy asked reconising
the distinct smell of urine.

Sarah just looked at her and nodded her head, her cheeks grew a light shade of red in embarrassment, and then held her head down a little in shame.

Mandy chuckled, threw the towel back down onto the chair and told her to follow her. She led Sarah up the stairs and into the bathroom, and helped her to clean herself up. She hung around with her in the bathroom, watching as she brushed her teeth (Mandy had kindly brought her a toothbrush the day before) and then watched as she had a quick shower.

After she was all cleaned up, Mandy led her back down to the basement and told her that her lesson will start soon, and she left her alone again down there.

Mandy soon returned though, followed into the room by a middle-aged bloke, he was slender with dark hair, he was dressed in a scruffy gray suit, he wore glasses which covered up his brown eyes, and had a goatee.

"Well slut, this is John, he'll be your first subject for today's class, and he's just eager to help teach you a thing or two!"
Mandy explained, smiling in delight.

"Ok Ms..." Sarah replied eyeing up the somewhat nervous looking man.
Turned out it was his first time to a place like Mandy's.

"Go ahead and please him, slut..." Mandy instructed.

She just stood there and watched as Sarah went about pleasing the man, first she undressed him and sat him down in the same chair she was bound to earlier, and went down on him sucking his fat cock off, she stopped after a few minutes and procceeded to straddle him, riding him like a bucking bronco.

He didn't last long, but before he cummed Mandy ordered her to stop, and suck the cum from his cock. Sarah willing obliged, she got off him got back down between his legs and sucked his large throbbing cock again and accepted the hot load of cum from him. Mandy looked pleased at Sarah.

"That's it now swallow it all, slut.." Mandy ordered, Sarah looked up her and swallowed every drop of the hot creamy stuff, and then licked his helmet then her lips clean. "Good girl..." Mandy praised.

After the now very satisfied gentleman was dressed again, Mandy showed him the way out, then turned to Sarah.

"You can handle one ok, now let's see how you handle 2 guys!" Mandy told in excitement, once again she left Sarah waiting in the basement, and soon returned with 2 guys, one was white with brown hair the other was mixed-race with short curly black hair. Sarah fucked and sucked both of them, pleasing them as good as she could 'til they gave her their cum.

"See, you're a natural at this," Mandy praised afterwards when they had finished, "but 2 guys at the same time shouldn't be any bother for a little slut like you!" She teased Sarah giggling. "Now time for 3 guys..."

Sarah spent the whole day pleasing guy after guy that Mandy gave to her, it was in a pattern, 3 guys then 4 guys then 5 guys, she lastly had to please 6 guys at the same time, and despite the fact her mouth pussy and even ass was started to ache from all the sucking and fucking, she kept doing her best to please them and ultimately pleasing Mandy by being a very good student.

However when it came to finishing off the last guy, Sarah was just too tired and failed to make him cum as good as she could have done, that didn't sit well with Mandy. After she saw the men off out the door when they was done, she grabbed Sarah by the hair, led her over to the spanking wall, and punished her with her whip once again. To Sarah's credit, she took her punishment despite the agonising pain, a part of Sarah was loving it and enjoyed being punished for her failure. When she finished, Mandy once again caringly soothed her sore bumcheeks with the cooling cream, and released her from her bounds.

"Now you can just sit there and think about what a bad slut you've been!"
Mandy commanded trapping her in the chair once again,
"I've got some slaves to take care of..." Mandy went to turn and walk out the basement, but stopped halfway and walked back over to Sarah.

"And I'll come back and take care of you soon." She sweetly whispered in her ear and winked, before placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

Sarah kissed her back and smiled as she watched Mandy turn around and walk out the door, she looked very forward to seeing Mandy again, and wondered just how she was going to 'take care' of her soon...
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nice sequel:P
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How did she take care of her?