Slut School pt. 6

Part 6


Sarah waited patiently in her chair in the basement, looking around at the gray stone walls when after 5 minutes she heard Mandy walking down
the steps towards her, she smiled again in anticipation
at the events that lie ahead of them...

"Mandy I-" She started before being quickly interupted.

"Don't say a fucking word to me! You stupid slut!" Mandy snapped at her.

Sarah held her head down, like a c***d who had just been told off.

"I gave you one simple thing to do, and you couldn't even do that..."
Mandy lectured her blonde captive, "Now look at you, acting all sweet and innocent, ha! Butter wouldn't melt!"

"I didn't mean to Mandy I-" Sarah stopped as Mandy sharply walked over to her, and swiftly gave her a hard slap across the face.

"What did I say?! Don't say a fucking word!" She ordered her, before giving her another slap and adding, "And it's Ms. Mandy to you!"

Sarah's cheek grew bright pink as she rubbed her hand on it, looking down to the floor. Mandy slowly walked away from her over to the wall which had a little rack with a different spanking implement on each shelf.

"I know you're a loose kind of gal but that loose mouth of yours has gotten you into some serious trouble now, you're in need of some punishment and lucky for you, I'm just the woman to give you it!" Mandy warned as she casually browsed over the whips paddles and crops deciding on which to use before settling on a short 12-strand leather whip. She walked back over to Sarah.

"Now are you going to be a good little slut and take your punishment, or am I going to have to f***e it on you..?" Mandy asked.

"Yes Ms. Mandy, I'll be good." Sarah nodded back but was stunned
by another hard slap.

"You just don't learn, do you?!" Mandy snapped at her,
"Don't say, another, word!" She slapped her again.

Mandy grabbed a ball-gag from the small side-table by the chair and put it on her slut, "If you can't stop talking, I'll make you!" She told as she strapped it on her, now Sarah couldn't talk.

"Come here!" She ordered grabbing Sarah's golden hair and dragging her up off the chair, she then marched her over to the other side of the room, where leaning up against the wall was a large flat peice of a silver metallic table, on the corners of which were wrist and ankle clamps, perfect for tying Sarah up to and punishing her just how Mandy wanted to.

Mandy smiled as she pushed her against it, front first, Sarah tried to turn around to face Mandy but was stopped as Mandy leaned into her and grabbed her right arm. Without any kind of struggle, Sarah willingly let Mandy place her arm into the right restraint and clamped it shut, trapping her arm there. She then did the same for her left arm into the left clamp, then she dropped down on her knees to trap her legs into the bottom clamps, now Sarah was truly bound to the steel table, with her bare back all exposed to Mandy's wrath.

Mandy stood up and took a good look at her trapped slave, and lightly chuckled in sadistic delight knowing she's got her all to her mercy.

She gently ran the tips of her whip up and down Sarah's back, the nice sensation of it made her skin go goosepimply, and even made her shudder and sigh contently, then *THWACK!*, Mandy fiercly smacked the whip against her bare bumcheeks, causing Sarah to groan aloud into the ball-gag.

She tried to protest to the pain but could only mumble as the gag stopped her from talking, Mandy chuckled and smacked her ass again with the whip, turning her smooth rounded cheeks bright pink.

"You know, I thought you could be a great slut..." Mandy started, whacking her ass once again with the whip, "But now I'm not so sure." *Thwack!*

Sarah groaned in pain wanting so much to yell out but couldn't. With every whip her body jolted forwards, only by an inch though as she was aready pressed close against the cold steel table.

"You're not a good slut," She carried on, *Thwack!* "you're just a pathetic little naughty slut who should be thankful to be touched up by an old horny pervert in the back of a dirty alley.." *Thwack!*

The agonising stinging pain was starting to get too overwhelming for Sarah, she tried to plead and beg for some mercy but could only manage a groan, bearing in her mind though that if her mouth wasn't gagged the chances of Mandy giving her mercy would've been very slim...

"But don't worry, I'm not giving up on you yet.." *Thwack!*
"I'm still going to do my best to turn you into a real good slut!" *Thwack!*

She spent a further 20 minutes spanking her with the leather whip, by the time she was done punishing her, Sarah's ass was beetroot red. A little bl**d trickled up to the surface of her sore skin. The pain got so intense for her that she came very close to passing out but somehow she found the strenght to take her punishment in full and once Mandy put the whip down she felt relieved.

"Are you going to be a good slut for me now?" Mandy asked sternly.

Sarah groaned and nodded her head.

"What was that?" Mandy responded,
"It's hard to talk with that gag on, isn't it?"

She undid the ball-gag and took it off of Sarah, she had done so much groaning and moaning that there was lots of spit and phlegm drooling around the plastic ball, as well as around her mouth and chin.

"Ugh! You filthy slut, spitting all over yourself like that.." Mandy tutted as she put the gag down onto the floor. She then studied the bright red marks on Sarah's bum and relished at what a good job she'd done.

"Aww! Is that as sore as it looks?" She caringly asked Sarah.

"Yes Ms, it's very very sore..." Sarah replied glumly.

"Ahhh bless your sweet red cheeks!" Mandy chuckled,
"Hold on, I got something that'll help..." She walked over to the side-table by the chair again, this time getting out a little tub of cooling cream, then walked back over to sarah, knelt down, kissed her cheek softly and then lovingly applied the cream to her reddened skin, she could feel the heat coming off it as she did.

Sarah was taken aback by how sudden Mandy went from being a creul merciless bitch, to a caring considerate woman. She then gently sighed in relief as the cream went to work right away, easing her aching burning backside.

"Th-thank you, Ms..." She said after Mandy was done treating her.

"Don't have to thank me, I wouldn't be a good teacher if I didn't take good care of you now, would I?" Mandy told and smiled sweetly as she released Sarah's arms and legs from the clamps.

Sarah turned round and smiled back at Mandy, they locked eyes for a few moments before Mandy took her hand and walked her back over to the chair.

"You promise you'll be a good slut for me from now on," Mandy asked in a more sterner tone, "and never disobey me again?"

"Yes Ms. Mandy, I promise..." Sarah replied.

"Ok," Mandy then placed a soft towel down onto the chair,
"Here, you may sit comfortably on this."

Sarah sat down onto the chair, at first it was a little uncomfrotable, what with her sore bum feeling like as if she had been badly sunburned, but eventually she managed to ease into it.

"Well, slut school's out now for the day, you may have some rest," Mandy told much to Sarah's relief,
"You're going to need all the rest you can get for tomorrow!" She chuckled.

Sarah smiled looking forward to it, and watched as Mandy turned around and walked out the basement, closing and locking the door behind her.

She then leaned back into the chair, placed one hand behind her head and the other onto her soft shavened moist pussy, and began to finger herself as she re-lived all the moments of her eventful day...
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3 years ago
Still going strong,could you let me know when anymore updates are coming on?
3 years ago
awesome & yes part 7, 8, 9....
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Fabulous, can't wait to read what happens tomorrow
A xxx
3 years ago
Wish i were sahra!
Keep the amazing entertainment going man!
PS ever considerd writing professional porn stories for those who don't have computers?