Slut School pt. 3

Part 3


"What do you mean 'cock loving 101'?" Asked a bewildered Sarah.

"Oh I know you're a slut an' all but I don't think you quite love cock as much as your soul desires..." Mandy answered her unwilling student.

"I-I don't love cock... Just my boyfriend's." Sarah replied hoping for mercy.

"Oh how sweet, ha ha! You may love his cock but admit it, you love all kinds of cocks!" Mandy took a moment of delight in thinking of all examples of cocks,
"You love big sloppy cocks, little sweet cocks, big long black cocks! Pink cocks, yellow cocks, brown cocks, ANY cocks! you love them all don't you...?"

"No! I don't! Please just let me go.." Sarah begged tearfully.

"I'm afraid I can't let you go, I'm not going to let such a promising little slut go unfulfilled in her passion to be the best slut ever," Mandy replied,
"that would make me such a lousy teacher..." She then giggled and looked at the arty clock on the gray cinderblock wall.

"Oh look at the time, your next lesson will begin shortly, you're in for such a treat with this lesson!" Mandy gleefully told.
"I'm just going to go get everything ready, I'll be back soon."
Mandy turned to the door and left the room, leaving Sarah tied up to the chair.

2o minutes had now past, but to Sarah that felt like an hour, there was very little in the room to stimulate her mind, every minute ticked by very slowly as she tried in vain to free herself from her bondage, she gave up after 10 minutes realising she was totally trapped and helpless.

She heard faint footsteps up above, like new visitors had entered the place, she screamed for help but nothing...

Mandy returned back down into the basement, she was holding a ruler in a teacher like way and smiled as she revealed she wasn't returning alone. To sarah's horror, 4 semi-naked men walked in behind the dark-haired mistress.

"Don't be rude now Sarah, say 'hi' to you're coursework!" Mandy chuckled.

"W-what is this?" Asked a frightened Sarah.

"I've arranged for these lovely fine specimens of men to come here and teach you your lesson on how to really love cock."

Sarah looked at each of the men, one was a stocky built white guy with short brown hair brown eyes about 6' in height. Another white guy who was a little slimmer with short blonde hair blue eyes with a few tattoos on his arms.
The third was a talk black guy, about 6' 4" muscular built with black dreaded hair and a thin beard. Lastly was another black guy, he too was tall but slim with short black hair and little goatee. Each man only had a small pair of white underwear to hide their modesty.

"Please Mand' I don't want any part of this! Just let me go..." Sarah begged.

"That's Ms. Mandy to you!" She snapped back, smacking Sarah's forearm with the ruler, "You should be grateful I've brought you these gorgeous men on such short notice, and before you ask, these guys aren't my clients I don't control them, so be nice to them or you'll find they can get rough!" Mandy warned,
"You think I'm bad, I'm just a pussycat compared to these tigers!" She laughed.

"Ok boys, I'm not going to let you wait any longer, time to give you what you've all been waiting for..." Mandy smiled sadistically as she undid Sarah's arm restriants, freeing her from the chair. "Get up slut and start doing what comes oh so natural to you!" Sarah complied and stood up out of the chair.

Realising her one chance to gain freedom, Sarah pushed Mandy out of the way and made a bolt for it! She almost made it to the doorway, but was quickly grabbed by the brown haired white guy.

"Ahh! Get off me!! Noooo!!" She screamed as she was tackled to the ground with him now mounting the back of her, holding her arms behind her back as he sat on her. He was alot stronger than her easily keeping her pinned down as she struggled in vain to wriggle free, all the while Mandy was chuckling.

"I was going to let you have some freedom as you serviced these guys, but no as always you want to the do it the hard way..." Mandy cruely told her helpless victim, "But that's ok, I think you'll enjoy it all the more!"

Mandy walked over and squated down beside Sarah's head, she lovingly stroked her cheek and smiled sweetly at her, she then swiftly
slapped her across the face.
"Don't you DARE try anything like that again!" She warned as she stood up.

"Ok boys, take her clothes off." Mandy instructed and watched as the 3 other guys walked over to Sarah, who was still being pinned down, and began to rip her clothes off 'til she was laying naked on the floor.

"Good," Mandy complimented them, "now hog-tie her." She threw them some rope.

The guy on top of her did most of it, first tying her hands up behind her back, then one of the black guys held her feet together and holding them up towards her hands, the white guy tied them up then tied both her ankle and hand rope restraints together, so she was now fully hog-tied.

"Ohhhh..." Sarah groaned crestfallen, knowing she had no hope of escape now.

The guy on top of her got off her, and stood aside for Mandy.

"Nice rope job, looks good and tight." Mandy praised, "You know, I got the perfect harness to attach her to, could hang her up in it and you guys can then have your way with her however you see fit." She winked as she walked over to a part of the room, near the centre close to the chair, and reached up to grap a lenght of tough rope that was hanging freely from the ceiling.
On the end of it, a large steel hook.

"Bring her here." Mandy instructed, the guys picked Sarah up and took her over to the creul mistress. "Good, now let me just put this here..." She attached the hook to the rope restraint behind her back, and the guys let go of her.
Sarah was now hanging about 5 feet off the ground from the crudely made harness. She could only fight back the tears as she subtly swayed from the fixture, knowing full well that she was about to become a sex slave...

Mandy walked over to the door as the guys began taking their underwear off.

She then turned around began walking up the stairs, without so much as a seconds thought for Sarah's wellbeing, and she casually called back,
"Ok boys, have your fun..."
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OO have to read the next bit before I go to work :)