Slut School pt. 2

Part 2 of Slut School.


Mandy leads Sarah into the basement, it all looks like a profesional S&M dungeon, complete with everything a Mistress would need for her clients.
In the middle of the room is a large white dentist-ike chair,
Mandy walks Sarah up to it.

"Please, have a seat," Mandy politely tells her, "We better get started on your lesson." Sarah unwillingly sits down in it, sitting in a lounge-like way.

"Good girl, now rest your arms on the armrests." Instructs Mandy.

Sarah does as she is told, and Mandy uses 2 small leather belts to strap Sarah's arms to it so she cannot escape. She then unhooks the steel chain lead from off Sarah's leather collar and says, "Won't be needing this any more."

As Sarah tries to wiggle her hands out the straps, she realises she can't, she knows now she isn't going anywhere any time soon!
Mandy straddle's her, sitting now on her lap in the chair, facing her.

"Now then, do you love cocks?" Mandy asks.

"W-well I'm not a lesbian if that's what you mean...?" Responds Sarah.

"No, that isn't what I meant, I asked you, do you love cocks?" Mandy returns.

"Sorry, er y-yes I quess I do." Sarah tells trying to hide her fear.

"That's what I thought, all sluts like you love cock, you hunger for them, don't you?" Mandy giggles.

"N-no, I told you, I'm not a slut!" Sarah reacts feeling insulted,
"I've only ever had one boyfriend..."

"Ha! I find that hard to believe!" Mandy mocks, "Face it, you're nothing but a cock-hungry slut, you want to eat cum for breakfast, lunch and dinner!"

"No! I'm not a slut!!" Sarah snaps back angrily.

"Ohh, seems like the mention of cum got a passionate reaction out of you!" Mandy chuckles, "Well you're in luck, I got you some nice delicious cum for lunch, would you like that?"

"What?! No! I-I- just please, let me go I really don't like this!"
Sarah begs.

"I told you, you're not going anywhere!" Mandy snaps back, "Now, let me go prepare your lunch for you, lucky for you I've got some clients tied up upstairs, talk about getting milk directly from the cow!" Mandy giggles as she gets up off her helpless victim, and walks towards the basement door.

"I'll be back in a while, don't go anywhere!" She teases Sarah as she walks out of the basement, leaving Sarah all alone and tied to the chair in the cold dark basement...

An hour very slowly passes by for Sarah, she's tried everything to get free but cannot, she knows she's trapped and so accepts her fate and awaits for Mandy to return.

Another hour passes, and finally Mandy walks down the stairs into the basement.
Sarah notices she's holding a cereal bowl and spoon.

"Oh good, you're still here." Mandy greets her, "Sorry I took so long, my pathetic slaves took ages to provide me with a decent meal for you..."

"Please let me go!" Begs Sarah tearfully.

"Awww bless, the little slut's sad." Mandy coos mocking sympathy for her,
"You need a good hearty meal to lift your spirits, and like all sluts nothing's better for you than a big bowl of creamy cum!"
Mandy stirs the spoon in the bowl.

She then shows Sarah whats in it, and to her shock, it's a bowl half way filled up with a creamy white goo.

Mandy then puts some onto the spoon, and tells her to open up.

"Eww get that away from me!" Sarah reacts in disgust. "I hate cum!"

"You do? Oh dear, good job you came to slut school then, I'm going to have to teach you to love cum, and what a perfect opportunity to give you a
cum-appreciation lesson right now!" Mandy cruelly giggles as she f***es the spunky spoon into Sarah's sealed lips.

"Hmmmmph!!" Sarah squeals trying to keep her mouth shut. It still felt warm.

"Come on now, open wide!" Mandy tells her getting another spoonful of warm salty spunk and guiding it towards Sarahs mouth.

"No!" Sarah snaps, turning her head away from the spoon.

"Look, we can do this the easy way, or I can strap your head down, make you keep your mouth open and f***e feed you! Now what do you prefer?"
Mandy sternly asks.

Sarah realises her predicament and knows she has no choice, she realised that whatever happens, she's going to be eating a bowl of cum one way or another and so reluctantly accepts the easy way, and opens her mouth for her teacher.

"That's what I thought," Mandy chuckles in delight, "Good slut."

Mandy takes the spoon and feeds Sarah the spunk. Sarah really didn't like the taste of it so quickly swallows it, not wanting to keep it in her mouth for longer than she had to, and fighting back her gag-reflex, accepted another mouthful of cum, quickly swallowing it once again.

"Does that taste good?" Asks Mandy.

"Nuh-uh..." Sarah replied shaking her head.

"Aww that's a shame, you're going to have more 'til you like it." Mandy responds feeding her another spoonful of the salty white goo.

After another couple of creamy spoonfuls, Sarah began to grow a liking for it, even so much as to keep it in on her tongue a little longer, and after a swallow and another feeding of cum, she began to enjoy it, eating it like you would a nice tasty yogurt.

"Seems like you've grown a taste for it." Mandy states, "Well savour it, you've nearly finished the whole bowl!"

"Mmmmm yeah it does actually start tasting nice." Sarah reveals.

Mandy feeds her the rest of the bowl.

"You going to lick the bowl clean...?" Mandy holds the bowl to her mouth.

"No thanks I'm full-" Sarah replies.

"I wasn't asking." Mandy sternly responds, "Lick it clean."

"O-ok.." Sarah obediantly agrees, and licks at the bowl like a cat for milk.

"Good girl," Mandy praises her and puts the bowl down by the side.
"I'm going to make a good slut out of you yet!"

"A-are we done here yet?" Sarah asks, "I really need to get home soon, my boyfriend will start worrying about me."

"'Are we done here yet'? We've only just begun!" Mandy replies laughing, "And don't worry about your boyfriend, he knows deep down you're just a filthy little slut, he won't be worrying about you."

"Please, he will!" Sarah pleads, "At least let me call him or something!"

"No, don't worry I'll sort it out for you." Mandy reassures her.
"In the mean time, I think it's time for your next lesson, now that we've covered your love for cum."

"Oh god, next lesson? What is it?" Asks a bemused Sarah.

Mandy looks at her and laughs in sadistic delight,
"Cock-loving 101!"
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3 years ago
also nice:P
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
This is going well
3 years ago
More please Bobby, I like how this is going
3 years ago
Part 3\?
3 years ago
story's awesome wish this'd happen to me!