The Special Guest pt. 2

PLEASE NOTE: This is part 2, make sure to read part 1 first.


So there now stood Mark, he's white and quite tall I'd say about 6'1", he has short brown hair, browns eyes, a very light 5 o'cock shadow, and had a very cocky swagger about him. He was only wearing a tight pair of white short boxers which bulged out from his package, I could see near enough all of his body, he was ripped, looked almost like a bodybuilder except not has beefy or veiny, he had some light chest hair, best way to dscribe him is he's someone you'd expect to see in the dictionary if you looked up the word, alpha male. Needless to say, my Mistress Chrissy was in awe of him and being in his presence.

"So this is where you keep him, huh?" He asked her.

"Yeah, he's over there in the cage." She answered pointing to me,
"Sorry, where are my manners! Bobby, meet Mark, he's going to be staying here for a few days."

"Just a few days? I might want to stay a few weeks with a nice piece of ass like you around here!" He told patting my Mistress's backside.

I was expecting her to slap his face for that!
To my shock though, she just giggled and swooned over him.

"I could say the same about you, stud!" She flirted back to him.

"You don't mind my hands being all over your woman, do you Bobby.."
He chuckled has he pulled her towards him, putting his arms around and blatantly touching up her ass right infront of me.

Again, she was just giggling has he did that to her 'til she pulled away from his grasp and started walking over to me.

"You know, slave, that's how I think a real man is meant to be like,"
She teased, "You could learn a thing or two from him!"
She turned around and walked back over to him.

I felt powerless, the jealousy inside me starting knotting in my stomach, but I couldn't do a thing about it, I was caged up and could only watch as he put his arms around her to once again rub his hands all over her ass.

"So, Mark, what do you feel like doing? I'd be happy to make you feel right at home so anything you want, you got it." She told him caringly.

"Oh I think you know what I want!" He replied has he moved his hands down to the back of her thighs and picked her up with ease. She wrapped her legs around his waist and giggled coyishly. They started to snog enthusiastically.
I saw him slide his hand under her nightie, running his fingers over her bare cheeks and then watched has he pulled the thin strap of her black thong out of the crevice of her cheeks, putting it to one side, and started to finger her asshole, not hard just teasing her hole with the tips of his fingers.

She started to moan in pleasure has they kissed.

After a minute, he carried her over to the table that was quite close by to my cage, and sat her down on it so that they was right infront of my sight.

I could only see the back of him, with her legs on either side of his body. He then stepped to one side, and ordered her to undress. While she was undressing, Mark pulled down his boxers, I was digusted seeing his naked ass close up to my cage! He threw his boxers to one side and stepped out of the way. I now saw my Chrissy who was sat naked infront of me.

"Open your legs." He demanded her, she willing did has she was told.
"You see that, Bob?" He asked me, placing his fingers close to her sexy bare vagina. I nodded. He cupped his fingers over it and replied,
"Well that's mine now! For the entire time I'm here, this belongs to me, and only I can have it, is that understood?"

I looked to Chrissy, she smiled and nodded delightfully to him, I then looked up to him and realised he wasn't saying that to me.

"Good, and this cock of mine is wanting pleasure, and you're going to give it all the pleasure it wants 'til it cums." He commanded to her.
She had grew a big smile and moaned softly as she nodded again.

"How does that big thick meaty cock of yours want pleasing?"
She seductively asked.

"Lay down and you'll find out." He replied.

She lifted her legs up and repositioned herself so she was laying flat on the table and I could now see her from the side. He walked back infront of me obscuring my view of her with the back of his body. He then put his knee up onto the wooden surface, and lifted himself up and put his other leg over her neck, so that he was now sitting over her with his knees resting on either side of her head. She was very happy looking up into his eyes with his now fully hard cock hovvering milimeters from above her face.

"Take this and suck it." He ordered, taking hold of his thick meaty cock and placing it into her awaiting mouth.
"And don't stop 'til I blow my load in you!"

He let go of his cock once it was all the way inside her mouth, and then grabbed hold of hair so he could thrust himself on her mouth, fucking her face like as if she's just a sex toy, only there for his pleasure.

I sat there cramped up in my cage, unable to do a thing but watch and listen has they both moaned and groaned in pleasure, I could hear the slurping sounds has she sucked hard and her tongue wrestled against his big hard cock while it was being pushed in and out of her mouth. I looked down and noticed how hard my cock had become, I was a mix of emotions, part of me was revolted at what I was seeing, the other part of me was enjoying watching my Mistress being the one who's being real submissive, I could tell she was in lots of pleasure and that was making me very horny, for I love her to feel in ecstacy.

After 10 minutes of full on sucking, he stopped thrusting, and pulled his throbbing hard cock out of her mouth, has he did that there was a trail of slimy spit leading from his thick juicy helmet to her wet lips. For a moment I thought he had cummed, but no, he was just about to!

He started wanking himself off real fast and ordered her to keep her mouth wide open, and suddenly there was a big splurge of creamy white salty cum shooting out of him landing directly into her mouth over her tongue and down the back of her throat, she groaned more in pleasure than what he did, and he kept jerking off shooting more cum from out of his meaty cock, it was going all over her face, she just merely closed her eyes and accepted all of his creamy goo 'til he had no more to give her. He then sighed in relief and got up off her and the table to stand by her side.

"Fuck me, Bob, she does give great blowjobs!" He taunted me as he grabbed a towel from the side and wiped himself down.

Chrissy sat up, wiping away some cum from her eyes so she could see.

"Mmmmmm you taste real nice, what a delicious load of hot salty cummm.."
She told in delight.

"That's chilled me out," he revealed, "and the game's on soon, I'm going to go back upstairs to watch it. Here clean yourself up." He ordered her throwing her the towel he was just using to wipe his cock and balls with.
Chrissy caught it and began to clean herself up.

"After you're done, I want you to get me a beer and start dinner." He commanded, "I feel like having chicken wings tonight."

"Yes, Sir!" Chrissy replied estactically.

After he went upstairs, Chrissy turned to me, and smiled.

"God that was awesome! Such a man that guy is!" She bleated.
"Shame he left me all horny though... I better finish myself off."

She sat herself down on top of my cage, I looked up and could see all of her glorious naked body, well mostly just her beautiful shapely ass, her small shavened pink pussy, and the bottom of her thighs. She had her legs wide open and began to masterbate right above me, I had to twist my neck awkwardly just to watch, but when I couldn't resist and tried to lick her, she moved away slightly.

"Uh uh Bobby, remember, this pussy belongs to Mark whenever he's here, you're not getting this any time soon!" She teased and giggled and carried on tickling her clit.

She must have been really horny for she cummed within half a minute of fingering herself. She moaned loudly has she squirted out of all her hot sweet juices, it was dripping from the bars of the cage, and luckily for me some of her sweet juice dripped out from her pussy and down into my opened mouth.
I savoured the little drink I got. She then got off the cage, grabbed the towel to wipe herself clean, and began walking to the stairs.

She turned around to look at me, and smiled.

"I'll see you later babe,
that's if that stallion doesn't tire me out too much!"
She giggled knowing just what she was doing to me, and walked up the stairs.

She then turned out the light, leaving me in darkness, again for her sadistic pleasure, and locked the basement door shut.

It was quiet for a what felt like hours, 'til that silence was broken when I started hearing faint thudding from upstairs and muffled moans and groans of pleasure. Clearly, they were having loads of fun together, and I could only listen in my small cramped up cell, and I was just thankful that my hands were free so I could have my own entertainment!

The end.
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very good
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Brilliant piece of fantasy hun