The Special Guest

PLEASE NOTE: This isn't a true story (or even based on a true story), this is just a fantasy story from the depths of my imagination, though it is set in a real life location.

This part doesn't contain any sex, it's just the build up.


I'm standing here in my dimly lit up dungeon, in the basement of my Mistress Chrissy's home. I'm alone, naked, and bored trying to find something to occupy my mind as I've been locked in the small room now for what I quess has been 3 hours. My Mistress Chrissy is somewhere else in the house,
enjoying her alone time...

I faintly hear the front doorbell ring, I wonder who that could be? Shortly afterwards I hear the door being opened, and very faint muffled sounds of my Mistress's voice and the voice of the mystery guest, I can't pick out any distinct words. I hear the door being shut. There's footsteps towards the living room, and another set of footsteps heading towards the door of my dungeon. I stand at the bottom of the short stairway, looking up to the door when I hear that sound I love to hear, my Mistress unlocking the door...

The door swings opens, and there's my Mistress looking like a beautiful goddess as she stands there looking down to me wearing her pink see-through nightie with only a little black set of her bra and thong to cover up her modesty. She smiles and begins to descend down the grey stone steps towards me.

"Hello there, stanger." She greets me with a giggle.
"Have you been enjoying your time alone?"

"Hello Mistress Chrissy," I reply, "not really, I've been missing you and missing serving you in any and every way you want."

"Ahh diddums!" She reacts in a rather playful tone.
"Well you can start serving me right now, I got a very special guest who's just arrived and I need you to get into your cage.."

I look to where she points her finger, and see the small steel cage in the corner of the room, it's just about big enough for me to sit in with the door closed, though it is really cramped and spending more than 10 minutes in it starts to ache my body, but I couldn't disobey her, I MUST to do it... Or else!

"Ok Mistress.." I obediantly agree, hoping my humble manners makes her act extra kind towards me, for whatever she has planned.

I walk over to the cage, turn myself around and get down onto my knees scooting myself backwards into the small enclosure. I watch as my Mistress walks over to me, picking up the padlock sitting on top of the cage and closes the door of it shut, in my face, and smiles sweetly as she padlocks it. She then takes the key out of the padlock, and places it far out of my reach.

I'm trapped now.

"I love having you in predicaments like this!" She squeals in delight.
"Now as I was saying, there's a very special quest of mine upstairs right now, someone I think you should meet."

"Oh, who is it?" I inquire puzzled.

"You'll find out in a minute," She excitedly giggles, "I'm sure you're going to learn a thing or two aswell, from him!"

"From him?!" I blurt out in shock. "Who is it, what do you mean?" I start firing questions at her with jealousy in the tone of my voice.

"Hey!" She snaps at me banging the top of the cage with the palm of her hand,
"Don't talk to me with that tone young man, or else you'll regret it!"
She sternly warns me but with a smirk on her beautiful face.

"Sorry Mistress." I quickly reply.

"Uhm!" She grunts, "Just for that outburst I'm going have to give you a quick reminder in obediance."

I gulp as she walks over to a small locker where she keeps her "toys" for me, I say toys but they are really tools that she loves to use on me to either reward or punish me depending on the circumstance. She opens it up and searches in it before pulling out one of my most dreaded of punishing tools.
An electric prod!
(It looks just like a smaller version of a cattle prod, and although it isn't as high-voltaged has one of those things, it still hurts!)

She walks over towards me, I start to plead with her for mercy.

"Oh you're sorry, are you?" She mockingly asks, "Just how sorry are you?"

"Very very sorry Mistress! Please don't shock me!" I beg.

"Not sorry enough!" She cruelly giggles as she turns the prod on and presses the tip of it to one of steel bars of the cage.

I groan in pain as the electricity crackles across the whole of the cage and passes through my body, my muscles convulse uncontrollably, forcing me to bang my back and head against the bars.
Lucky for me, she gave me just a quick burst of electricy.

"Ouch, did that hurt?" She asks caringly.

"Yes Mistress," I nod, "please, I'm very sorry, no more!"

She giggles in sadistic delight has she teases me by holding the prod inches away from the bar of the cage.

"Please no! I'm really sorry Mistress, I'm sorry!" I plead and beg.

"Ok ok, I get it you're sorry." She tells me.

I sigh discreetly in relief.

Suddenly- *Zzzaappp!* -she shocks me once again. She laughs as I groan in pain.

"Oops!" She laughs pretending she didn't mean to do that.

I recollect my senses as every nerve in my body tingles. I notice the uncontrolled effect that shock left on my genitals, my cock started stiffening as it got erect. She sees it and assumes I enjoy being shocked so she electrocutes me once more.

"Arrgghhh!!" I yell while the electricity passes through my body.
"Pleeeease! I beg you, Mistress, no more!"

She chuckles as she turns the prod off and places it onto the nearby table.
"You should be thankful when your mistress gives you a gift..."

I realised what she was hinting at, and so I quickly responded to her,
"Thank you for that, my Mistress..."

She grew a big smile, walked over to the door of my tiny cell,
and knelt down squating infront of me to look me in the eye.

"Enough games, we don't want to keep our guest waiting now, do we...?"
She tells studying my reaction.

"N-no we don't..." I reply, struggling to keep eye-contact with her for I didn't care for 'our' special guest.

She stands up, and turns around, walking towards the stairs.

"I'll call him down here then, and we can begin." She says as she walks.

She gets to the bottom of the stairs, looks up and clears her throat.

"Oohh Maark-y! We're reeady!" She calls out in a sing-song kind of way.

I swiftly hear footsteps in the livingroom above moving towards the entrance to the basement, and I assume he's now looking at her for her face lit up with a big smile, and I start to hear his steps as he descends towards her.

As he steps into the room, I finally lay my eyes on our guest...
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very good start
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excellent start Bobby
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