Being Knickers for a Day

I was laying in the big white bed of my Mistress Chrissy, enjoying the luxury of being there on the soft comfy fabric, it sure beats the uncomfortable hard wooden table of the rack down in my basement which had become my bed.

I had been very good and worked very hard for my mistress the day before and was granted the privilage of spending the night in her bed with her. It was about 8:30 in the morning on a cool sunny day. I felt very good having had a good nights sl**p, I'd already performed the first service of the day for my mistress by waking her up in the usual way she demands for, a good licking out at 8am sharp! Having had a very good orgasm, she was now laying next to me, just chilling out basking in the warm glowing feel that she experienced just after cumming. Luckily for me I wasn't made soaking wet for all of her sweet delicious juices she squirted out went all in my mouth, giving me such a nice good morning drink in the process and her juicy little pussy wasn't wet anymore after I licked her clean.

"You sure know how to do that well, Bobby..." She contently sighed.

"Thank you Mistress," I replied, "I always aim to please you."

We smiled to eachother and shared a nice long kiss.

"Oh well, I suppose I should get up now." She told as she sat up and touched her feet to the ground beside her side of the bed.

I watched as she stood up and enjoyed the lovely sight of her beautiful naked body in all of it's perfect glory as she had a stretch and a yawn, I then noticed her hand casually reaching around behind her back resting onto her gorgeous right bumcheek and she had a little scratch of her soft skin.

"Get my knickers for me." She ordered as she turned around to face me.

"Yes Mistress." I replied, quickly getting out of bed and pacing over to her chest of drawers, I bent over to pull the bottom drawer out where she keeps her underwear.

"Which ones would you like?" I asked, noticing that only a couple of unattractive knickers where in there.

"You can decide." She responded smiling.

I puzzled over which pair to pick, finally deciding on the better of the bunch, a pink one with pale yellow and red butterflies on.

"How about these, Miss?" I asked showing her the unflattering panties.

"Ugh no, they're just an old pair," She reacted to them, "pick a better one."

I placed them back in the drawer and showed her the other pairs which looked much worse than those ones.

"Don't insult me." She sternly said looking at them in disgust,
"I only wear them when I'm on..." She confessed as she walked over to me.
I rested down on my knees as she pushed me aside to look for herself.

"Hm, seems all my nice thongs are in the wash.." She told pausing to think.

"Shall I get them out the wash for you?" I asked.

"Actually no," she replied, "I got a much better idea." She smiled at me with a playful look on her face, about to reveal her thoughts to me.
"YOU'RE going to be my knickers for the day!" She giggled.

"Er.. Ok Mistress." I replied, wondering what that entails.

"Come here," She ordered grabbing hold of my hair and forcing my head towards her crotch, "You're face is going to be my panties, and so it belongs right between my thighs-" She shifted herself so that her soft slightly puffy fannyflaps were right on my nose as she got herself comfy on my face.
"And you're going to spend the day as my panties, is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress." I replied with the sound being muffled against her soft flesh.

"Good boy," She praised, "now come on follow me, I need to use the loo.."
She turned around but still had hold of my hair and pushed my face into her bare beautiful warm ass and began to walk towards the bathroom, with me following on my hands and knees. Her soft yet slightly firm bumcheeks were almost giving the cheeks of my face a massage as her hips swayed from side to side while she walked, rubbing and pressing against my face. My nose was pressing real close to her little tight asshole, my lips was close to the lips of her pussy, and I was enjoying loads being there.

When we made it to the bathroom, she walked nearer to the toilet and then turned around, my face was now pressing against her fanny. She pushed my head down her legs 'til my face was resting on her beautiful feet.

"I always pull my thong down when I need to pee." She coyishly said as she reached around to put the toilet lid down and sat down on the seat.

There was a short silence for a few seconds 'til I started hearing the tinkling of water as she relieved herself. I couldn't help but to softly kiss the soft gorgeous skin of her feet.
The gentle sound of splashing water lasted for about half a minute,
then it stopped and she stood up.

"Ahhh that's better..." She sighed in relief before reaching around to flush.

"Oh no," She suddenly gasped, "we're out of paper!"

I tried to look up but she made sure my face stayed on her feet.

"Oh dear, looks like I'll just have to have damp knickers." She giggled in delight as she reached down grabbing my hair and pulling my head back up her legs. "Go on, lick me clean." She commanded pushing my mouth towards her wet pussy. This was the very first time I've ever had to taste her pee!

I did as I was told, I held my tongue out and brushed it against her flaps.
The taste of ammonia in her juice was very strong, it almost made me gag but after a few more licks it started to lessen and the taste of the natural sweetness of pussy, which I had grown very accustomed, to began to come through more and I started to enjoy the new experience.

"Ok, that's enough." She told after a minute, I put my tongue back in my mouth and she walked around me 'til she was facing towards the sink, she grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her ass again as she walked closer towards it.

She took her toothbrush out of the cabinet aswell as the toothpaste and she began to brush her teeth. When she stopped she washed her brush under the tap, put it back in the cabinet and she bent down to spit the minty foam out, whilst she was bent down my nose was f***ed further between her bumcheeks, so much so that I couldn't help but to breathe in the musky bittersweet scent of her hole. Truth be told, I really liked that smell! It was turning me on loads, not that I could do anything about my now solid hard cock without my mistress's permission. She was finally done with rinsing her mouth out with water, having wiped her face on the towel she began to walk out the room with me following behind on my hands and knees, my face firmly pressed to her ass.

We made it to the kitchen, and she started making herself some buttered toast.

"You should be real thankful," She said as she went about making her breakfast, "This is usually your job, but I'm being very kind today and doing everything myself, all while you just spend the day as my knickers."
She chuckled as she poured out a glass of coke and buttered her toast.

After her breakfast was made, she walked to the living room with me following loyally behind, my face still up her ass, she stopped when she got to the sofa, and turned around to face me, she then placed her drink on the coffee table next to the seat and sat down.

"Come on your face belongs here." She instructed as she grabbed my hair and pushed my head down between her thighs, my mouth wedged to her pussy.
She grabbed the remote control next to her and turned the telly on.
I looked up to see her holding a piece of toast, making a crunch as she took a bite of it, some crumbs fell onto her stomach.

"Mmmm lovely." She muffled to herself with a mouth full of toast, usually she's more ladylike when eating but still I was enjoying watching her eat.

Some more crumbs fell onto her with another crunch, but also some falling onto me, right by my eyes, I could only blink and hope that I don't get any directly in my eye. After a short while she had finished her breakfast and took a few sips of her coke. She then put the drink down and looked down at me.

"Ooh look," she groaned, "I'm covered in crumbs! Get all this for me."
She demanded as she held her legs open more making sure my head wasn't restrained between her thighs.

"Ok Mistress." I replied as I lifted my head up and began to lick up the crumbs from off of her beautiful belly. I had to push the tip of my tongue into her bellybutton to get at the bits of crumbs that had nestled into it, that had tickled her as she had chuckled and slightly jerked away.

"Make the most of this, slave" she told me, "this is the only breakfast you're getting today!" She chuckled again, this time sadistically.

She then pushed my head back down towards her crotch, engulfing my nose and mouth into her fannyflaps leaving me with just about enough space for air, albeit a very flavourful bit of air for as I breathed in through my nose I got the nice sweet-smelling scent of her pussy.

I heard her clicking away with the remote 'til I finally caught the sound of her favorite mid-morning TV show, and realised I was going to be there for a while yet. She made herself more comfortable, putting her leg over her other leg, squeezing my head between her thighs in the process, I could also feel her resting most of leg on my back aswell.

We spent near enough all of the morning there, me on my hands and knees with my face stuck to her pussy, while she was sitting comfortably on the sofa, and there was nothing I could do when every so often she'd tense her stomach up a little before shifting her weight to one side slightly and letting out some wind! I could only stay stuck in my position as I felt the warm air greeting my neck, and also hearing her breathing out a little sigh of relief, sometimes glancing down at me with a devilish grin on her beautiful face, knowing she's got me right where she wants me and can do whatever she wants.

I quess this is what her knickers go through every morning on her...
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
brilliant Bobby, I'm off to re-read part 2 now
3 years ago
damn read Part 2 first! will read them both in the correct order tomorrow :)