My Punishment Continues

There was a sudden sharp icy pain hitting my face, I opened my eyes awaking in the morning to see my Mistress Chrissy standing over me holding a now empty yet dripping wet bucket, giggling. My face was drenched in cold water, some wake up call that was!
She was only wearing a little see-through pink nightie with nothing on underneath, I could see her soft nicely rounded Double C cup tits and her beautiful perky nipples, I gazed for a moment towards her inner thighs and saw just above them the cute little slightly-puffy vaginal lips of her very sexy cunt. What a good morning sight that was!

"Rise and shine, sl**pyhead," She greeted me stifling her laughter as she put the bucket down onto the floor, "I've got one hell of a day instore for you!"

I tried to wipe my face but was quickly reminded that my hands were tied to the rack that I slept all night on, then I realised I was needing the loo, and not wanting to wet myself, I decided to ask for my Mistress's permission to go to the loo and also clean myself up.

"Good morning, Mistress, before you start on me may I please go to the loo?"
I pleaded.

"Hm..." She replied thinking about it, "..That's a privilage you're going to have to earn, and you know it is morning so you know what that means, I'm needing a good start to my day." She winked and grew a big smile.

I knew just what she meant, she's wanting and needing a good morning lick out, as she loves to start the day with a real good squirt and I sure love to be the one to do that for her!

She took her nightie off and I noticed her pussy was glistening with wetness.

"I started myself off when I woke up, now you're goning to finish me off."
She instructed as she cocked her leg up over my chest and sat on top of me.

As she moved her body forward, inching her pussy closer and closer towards my face, I suddenly had a flashback of the night before, of being suffocated by her 'til passing out, it made me flinch a little but she stopped when her wet pussy lips was only an inch or so away from my mouth.

"Get that naughty hot tongue out right now!" She ordered, now holding her soft puffy flaps open with her fingers, "It's got an important job to do..."

I trusted my Mistress, as always, and held my tongue out ready to pleasure her sweet heavenly pussy just how she wants it. She pushed herself onto my tongue, and I licked it up and down going from her tasty little hole to her clit and back down again, she moaned, I then teased her hole with the tip of my tongue 'til she ordered me to push it all the way into her and fuck her with it 'til she tells me to stop, I did just that. She was rubbing her throbbing clit with her fingers as she started to rock and bounce a little on my tongue, moaning in pleasure 'til she ordered me to stop and suck on her clit.
I wrapped my lips around her swollen juicy clit and began to lightly suckle on it, getting harder and harder as she was commanding me to do inbetween her loud bursts of pleased moans and groans, 'til finally...


My face was drenched once again, this time though in her delicious warm juice which came squirting out of her like a high-powered shower, filling my mouth up as I held it open over her pussy and drinking as much of it as I could, choking a little on it as I tried to keep up with the flow, and the rest of my face was also getting squirted on, as she cummed in quick bursts for a full 15 seconds. I was loving every bit of it, as was she, and when she stopped, she breathed a big contented sigh.

"Mmmmm that was lovely..." She told breathlessly, "Now lick me clean..."

Without hesistation I began to lick her sweet soaking wet fanny clean and also her thighs which had been wetted aswell in her juices, I was real thorough with my tongue licking up all of her juice that I could see dripping from her warm soft misty skin.

"Mmm ok I think you've earned a toilet break," She told me as she got off me and started undoing my wrist and ankle restraints, releasing me from the rack,
"But you better be back here in 10 minutes or you're going regret it!"
She sternly warned me.

"I will my Mistress," I replied getting up off the rack and having a quick stretch, "Thank you very much, Mistress."

I made my way up the stairs out the basement and to the bathroom, naked.
I just went about my usual morning wash routine, but a bit more in a rush that morning, quickly having a pee then washing my hands before brushing my teeth and combing my damp hair, and then rushed back down to the basement.

When I walked down the stairs to the basement, I saw my Mistress wasn't there. I suddenly heard the basement door shut. I turned around and saw my Mistress standing at the top of the stairs, twirling in her hand a riding crop. She had changed into a leather skirt and small black crop top, with knee-high leather heels on, she had done her make up so she had black eyeshadow with deep red lipstick on.

"Don't move." She ordered as she began to descend the stairs towards me.
"You've still been a very naughty slave for what you did yesterday and I'm not through with you yet..."

I gulped as I saw the sadistic grin on her beautiful face looking at me and lightly tapped the palm of her hand with the crop. She walked right up to me 'til she was standing right infront of me, almost like as if she was squaring up to me. I bowed my head to her looking down to her shoes, letting her wallow in the joy of having total dominance over me.

"You know what pathetic naughty slaves like you get, don't you?"
She asked.

"Yes Mistress, they get punished..." I replied feeling my heart racing in my mouth, trying to steady my nerves.

"That's right," She replied smiling as she began softly running her fingers through my hair, "and you deserve to be punished, don't you?"

"Yes Mistres- Ugh!" I grunted as she yanked on my hair, forcing me to lean down to one side.

"Get on your knees, like the filthy rat you are." She commanded, and I obeyed.

She walked around me slowly, stilling holding onto my hair, sizing me up.
When she was stood infront of me again, she lifted her foot up slightly, and demanded that I kiss her foot for mercy. I leaned forward, now bending down on my knees and kissed the tip of her boot and begged her for mercy on me.

"Oh you got to do better than that!" She told sternly. I started kissing her boot more enthusiastically, stopping every 5 seconds to beg her for mercy.
As I was doing that, she was giggling slightly, no doubt laughing at my useless pleas, and leaned forward over me, slowly rubbing her hands and the riding crop down my back and onto my bare bumcheeks.

Suddenly- *THWACK!* She whipped my ass real hard with the crop.

"ARGH!" I yelped in pain.

"Did I say you could stop?!" She yelled at me, "Keep begging!"
I continued to kiss her boot and beg for mercy, when every few seconds...
*THWACK!* She'd whip me. No matter how much I yelped in agony from the sharp stinging pain everytime she hit me, she wouldn't let up, she kept me kissing her boot and begging her while she carried on whipping me, that lasted for about 10 minutes.

"Enough." She ordered, "Look up at your mistress."

I looked up to her, my face expressing the agony I was in, I could feel my bare ass stinging loads, it felt like I had been sitting on an open fire.

"You're not going to be able to sit down for a while now!" She teased.

"I'm sorry Mistress..." I began to plead hoping she'll have mercy on me.

"Oh you are, are you, hmm..." She replied doubtfully, "I don't believe you..."

"But Mistress I-" *Smack!* she had slapped me across the face stopping me from finising my sentance.

"Don't interupt your mistress!" She snapped at me.
"As I was saying, I don't believe you are sorry for what you did, infact I want you to kiss my ass and tell me just how sorry you are..."
She turned around so her back was to me, looking at me over her shoulder as she bent down a little and, lifting her skirt up, she revealed her bare ass.
"Maybe I'll believe you then..."

"Ok Mistress." I replied, puckering up my lips ready to plant a big kiss on her beautiful soft bum cheek. She pushed her ass a little closer to my face as I leaned forward 'til my lips met her ass, and I kissed it.

"I'm very sorry Mistress, I really and truly am..." I apologised.

"Hmmm..." She responded, thinking about it. "Nah, you can do better than that!"
She smiled as I leaned my face in close to her ass again, this time kissing both her left and her right cheek.

"I'm really really REALLY sorry Mistress-"

"Nope." She interupted, giggling slightly, "Kiss it and apologise again..."

I now kissed her left cheek 3 times, the same amount of times with her right cheek, and then I pressed my lips between her cheeks to her sexy warm gorgeous crack and kissed it a couple times then leaned away from her ass.

"I'm soooooooooooo sorry Mistress, I'll make it up to you I swear!
I'm very very sorry, I beg your forgiveness!" I pleaded.

She paused for 5 seconds, mulling it over in her mind wether to forgive me or not, as she was I licked my lips and could taste the delicious musky slighty bitter taste of her tasty asshole that I just kissed, she then smiled and said,
"Aww you know what I think of your apologies...?"

"What Mistress?" I asked.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to her beautiful ass, I was about to instinctively kiss it again when suddenly- Pfffrttt!
She farted right in my face!

"That!" She replied now laughing out loudly at me.

I was taken back by that, yet it's not the first time she's done that to me, I sure didn't mind though and I was happy to see my Mistress laughing and smiling, as her pleasure always comes first to me above my own, even when her laughing and smiling is at my expense!

"Ok ok.." She said to me now calming down her laughter, "I believe you... doesn't mean I'm going to let you off that easily though! Get up and lay down on your bed." She ordered pointing towards the rack. I did as I was told.
She strapped my wrists and ankles into the restraints as I laid flat on the rack, thankfully she didn't stretch my body out like usual when she had me tied down on it.

"Comfy?" She asked.

"Yes thank you, Mistress." I nodded.

"Good," She replied smiling, "Wait here just got to get something,
don't you go anywhere now!" She teased as she made her way up out the basement, returning soon after holding a lit candle which looked like it had been burning for a while, as the wax was already dripping from it.

She leaned over me, showing me to candle up close, and asked if it smells nice, "Yes Mistress." I nodded

"Does it smell better than my fart?" She mocked me and laughed again.
I didn't know how to answer that!
As I paused to think she suddenly poured some hot wax onto my belly.
I whinced as the wax singed my skin.

"Hey!" She yelled but smiling, "You were supposed to say, 'no mistress'-"
She dripped a bit more wax on me- "-you always smell lovely'!"
She sadistically giggled as she poured a little more wax on me again. I groaned from the heat.

"Ahh! Sorry Mistress," I replied, "Well you always smell good to me."

"It's too late for you to say that now!" She told me as she grabbed her riding crop and whacked it onto my stomach, hitting the wax that was drying on my skin. I yelped in pain, she just smiled sweetly at me as she hit me again with the crop. *THWACK!*

She spent well over an hour just pouring the hot wax on my body, on my belly, my groin, my cock, my balls, my legs, my arms, covering my body in it. Everytime she poured hot wax on me, she quickly whacked it in with the crop, causing me 2 types of pain in 1, and she was sure enjoying every minute of it.

When she finally finished, she made me kiss her gorgeous ass again and had me saying to her,
"I'm sorry Mistress I have truly learnt my lesson, I won't ever disappoint you or disobey you ever again."

She was very pleased with herself for what she had done to me, and was also pleased with me for taking all my punishment. She then released me from the rack, hugged me and kissed me, and I spent the rest of the day following her around, obeying every command she gave me, from doing the housework to pleasing all of her wants and needs.

I was very glad that my punishment was now over, and I was looking forward to going back to being her very good slave, worshipping her the way she deserves.

The end.
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very good
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Another great tale
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Brilliant Bobby yet again.
I love reading your writing hun.
Can't wait for more
A xxx