My Punishment

[This is what happened after the end of "Tales Of A Slave FInal Part"]


I was dragged down the cold steel steps into the dimly lit basement by the leash on my collar, my Mistress Chrissy was going to punish me and punish me good for having disappointed her and my former slave Donna.
I was getting very used to the basement now, as she had turned it into my dungeon, the place she uses to keep me and punish me accordingly.
It was only lit up by candlelight, any other night and it would have seemed romantic, but not tonight, tonight I was in for a lot of suffering...

My Mistress dragged me to the rack in the middle of the room. She unhooked the leash from off my collar, but kept my collar on. Then ordered me to strip naked, which I did as quick as I could while still on the floor at her feet.

"Get up, you lowlife!" She ordered pulling me up to my feet, "And lay down!"
She commandly pointed to the rack.

"Yes Mistress!" I replied instantly, already fearing her wrath,
obediantly I laid down onto the wooden table-like device and stretched out, instinctively putting my hands and feet into the leather restraints at both ends of the table. She smirked as she saw me do that, and quickly trapped my wrists and ankles tight in them.

"About time you did something right, slave." She remarked as she tied me down.

"What will you do to me, Mistress?" I nervously asked.

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough." She replied, she then quickly slapped me across the face, "But don't you dare speak 'til you're spoken to! Understand?!"

"Yes Mistress," I nodded, "sorry Mistress..."

She then turned and walked back up the stairs and out the room, I hoped she will just leave me there for a few hours, sparing me my punishment, but my hopes were shattered as she returned minutes later holding 4 large leather belts in her hand. Was she going to hit me with them? I panickly thought.

"Things are going to get rough around her!" She told excitedly,
"I'm going to have to make sure you can't move at all..."
She then began to strap me down more to the rack, putting the belts around my body and the table, first around my chest then the top of my belly, then just below my bellybutton, and the final one just around my thighs.
I was so trapped now that I felt I couldn't move a single muscle, I was totally at her mercy, with nothing I can do to stop anything she may do to me.

She walked slowly over to the top of the table where the wheel that turns the racks restraints was, she placed her hands on it and smiled evilly.

"You ready for this, slave?" She asked uncaringly.

"Please Mistress-" I began to plead but she began to pull on the wheel, cranking my wrist and ankle restrains tightly apart, I felt that familar feeling of being stretched out, it only took a couple turns 'til my arms and legs were stretched as far as they could go, the chain of my restriants were taut. The pain began to be too hurtful.

"Please Mistress no more!" I begged.

"What was that?" She mockingly asked, "It sounded like a pathetic slave yelping for mercy..." She laughed and carried on turning the wheel, having to use quite a bit of her strength to do so.

"Arrghh!... Agghhh please no more!! PLEASSEE!!!" I cried out in agony.

She just chuckled in delight and kept trying to turn the wheel, though she was struggling to turn it much more. She soon stopped giggling.

"Hm.. Well I think thats enough for now." She told having given up on punishing my body by stretching it out.

She walked over to my side, casually took her little black croptop off, then slid her short leather skirt down off her legs so she was now naked apart from her leather high heels which she kept on her feet, she then lifted her leg up placed it over me and sat down fullweight on my chest, straddling me as she leaned forward looking down at her helpless slave.

"Don't think that that's as worse as it's going to get for you..." She warned,
"It's going to get a WHOLE lot worse!" She chuckled.

"Please don't hurt me Mistress, I'm ever so sorry!" I begged.

"Ugh," she grunted in annoyance, "I'm getting tired of your pathetic whining, I'm going to have to shut you up!" She reached down by the side of the table and grabbed hold of a roll of ductape, she tore a piece off, threw the roll back under the table and placed the piece of tape over my mouth, stopping me from saying anything more to her.

She lifted her body up and moved herself closer to my face 'til my head was between her creamy thighs, her beautiful vagina being so close to me that I could smell its sweet delicious fragrance which made me hunger for it. I couldn't take my eyes off it, well it was the one thing that was dominating my line of sight the most!

"You see this heavenly pussy in all it's glory which you are so privillaged to have this close to you?" She asked as I looked up away from it to her eyes and nodded, "Well you're going to get a lot more of it than you bargained for!"
She smirked as she slid herself even closer to my face, engulfing my nose into the little wet ridge of her pussy lips.

She was now sat on my face, she shifted herself so that the tip of my nose went into her tight little fanny hole, pinching my nostrils shut, I realised I couldn't breathe now but I didn't care, I was in a heavenly place and didn't want her off me... For now.

After what must have been about a minute and a half of her sat still on me, I suddenly realised my lungs were needing air, but I couldn't get any in me, she had me trapped there, I tried to struggle away but I was helplessly strapped down tight to the table so I couldn't move no matter how hard I tried, and she would not budge an inch. I started becoming very desperate for some oxygen, I tried to moan and beg but I couldn't make a sound, not with my nose pinched shut in her tight wet hole and my mouth covered by ductape and her ass.

"Aww is little Bobby needing air?" She teased and laughed,
"You can struggle and beg all you want but you are going no where!"

The pain of suffocating was getting more and more intense, my lungs felt like they were on fire, I was getting very lightheaded and I couldn't keep my eyes open no longer, I needed air so bad, I tried in vain to do one final struggle but all my energy had sapped away from me, and I soon blacked out...

I gained consciousness again breathing deeply in through my nose, I couldn't feel the weight of her body on my face no more, instead it had shifted to my chest, I opened my eyes and looked up to see her looking down in fascination at her work of passing me out like that.

"How did that feel?" She asked with a big smile on her beautiful face.

"Hmmi mhhll." I muffled a response.

"What was that? Like hell? Awww diddums..!" She cruelly teased,
"Well get use to it, you're going to get that again!"

"MMMOH MMHEEHH!!" I tried to plead only to be muffled by the tape.

She moved back up to my face and sat back down on my mouth and nose, stopping me from breathing again.

"You're just going to lay here and take your punishment, this is what you get for disappointing and disobeying your mistress!" She barked.

Once again I was in heaven and hell at the same time, in heaven for having her beautiful glorious pussy on my face, in hell for having my oxygen supply halted completely. I went through the horrific ordeal again, struggling to breathe 'til my lungs and mind couldn't take no more pain and I passed out.

I awoke to find her once again sitting on my chest, I gulped in the precious air through my nose, feeling so dizzy and weak. My eyes were watering as I was really fearing for my life.

"Awww you look so cute when your scared, like a little puppy!" She playfully told me pinching my cheek.

"Hmm... hmmm hmmo hmmaa..." I muffled, struggling to beg her for mercy.

"Huh? I didn't quite get that." She giggled.
"Maybe you're not having as much fun with this 'cos I'm using my pussy to suffocate you, maybe my ass would be better for you..."

"Mhhpphh..!" I tried to struggle free, I didn't want any more- I COULDN'T take any more, but I was trapped and she sure wasn't done with me just yet.

"Oh did that prospect excite you?" She grew a big smile.

I shook my head from side to side trying to get her to see that I can't take any more, but she ignored my pleaful sign.

"Ok I'll use my ass to suffocate you, seeing as you want it so bad!" She grinned in a devilish delight, and got off me. My moans fell on deaf ears. She turned around with her back to me, and straddled my body once more.

She moved herself up to my face 'til her beautifully-rounded sexy ass was mere inches away from my face, I couldn't help but to smell her sweet yet musky scent as her sexy hole was close to my nose.

"You like what you see?" She asked as she teasingly wiggled her hips a little.

"Hmms Mhhsmhss (yes Mistress)..." I replied.

She then pushed her wonderful ass right onto my face, englulfing my face in it and pinching my nose shut between her gorgeous cheeks, the tip of my nose was pressed right up against her sexy tight browny pink hole, and the ordeal of suffocation happened once again.

I was getting a little used to the sensation of being starved of oxygen, though that didn't make the pain feel any less intense. It hurt like hell and it was a bittersweet relief to pass out from it.

When I woke up again, I couldn't feel her on me, I took in as much air as my nostrils could take and opened my eyes. I saw her standing next to me, she had gotten off me while I was out, and was looking at me sternly.

"Wakey wakey sl**py head..." She singsonged to me,
"My word you was out for 10mins that time! I was starting to get bored of waiting for you..."


"Hold on," She interupted my muffled moans, "Let me get that for you."
She put her fingers to the side of the tape covering my mouth, and ripped it off me, stinging my lips and skin in the process.
"There, now speak." She commanded.

"Please.." I breatheless begged, "I can't take no more Mistress...
I'm so sorry... Please have mercy..."

"Oh I know you're sorry!" She snapped, "I'm still going to punish you though... But.. I'm feeling in a good mood, I think you've had enough for one evening, I'm going to let you get some rest now, we'll continue with your punishment tomorrow."

"O-ok Mistress... I thank you for you're kindness..." I replied.

"That's not all you're going to thank me for," She told me as she turned around, grabbing my hair and placing her ass close to my face,
"Kiss my ass, and thank me for giving you the punishment you deserve."
She ordered.

I did as I was told, I kissed both her beautiful soft yet firm asscheeks and said, "Thank you for punishing me like I deserve... My Mistress..."

"Good boy." she replied feeling pleased, letting go off my hair and turning back round to face me, "At least you haven't forgotten your manners."

"Now you're going to lay there all night long and think about why you're being punished, and how you're going to make it up to me tomorrow, when I return."
She commanded.

"Yes Mistress, I will..." I replied, feeling kind of glad to be left alone now.

"Good." she replied with a smirk on her gorgeous face, she turned around and began to blow out all the candles lighting the room 'til there was one left.

The room had gotten really dark then, with just the very dim light of the candle she had picked up and walked with it to the top of the stairs leading out of my dungeon. She turned round to look at me for a final time, and said,
"Night night, sl**p tight, don't let the rack bugs bite!" She giggled and blew out the candle, leaving me there in the pitch black.

I felt myself not wanting her to leave, I started missing her already and wishing for her to come back and not leave me alone, but I heard her open the door and walk out, closing the door behind her.

If it wasn't enough being tied down to the rack, I heard her clicking the key into the basement door lock and turning it 'til the lock clunked, making sure that there really wasn't no escape for me.

So there I was, all alone and helpless in total darkness, still feeling shaken from my ordeal,
and knowing and awaiting for more of my punishment to come...

The end.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
love this story, could actually picture myself there and almost felt it - wonderful.
3 years ago
Great asphyxia tale
3 years ago
When is the sequal cumming
3 years ago
Brilliant writing as always Bobby, what happened in the morning?
A xxx