Tales Of A Slave pt. 4

I was now stood over my slave, my feet resting on either side of her ribs with me facing towards her legs, if she hadn't had the blindfold on, she'd be looking up and seeing the back of my naked upper body and the back of my jeans.

"Don't move your arms at all," I commanded, "just relax completely, and trust your master, if you do just as I say, you may find this test to be VERY nice."

"Ok master I trust you..." Replied Donna getting a little more trusting of me.

I still had the broken glass piece in my hand, and began to kneel down on top of her 'til I was sitting atop of her semi-naked body, only her top half was covered by her white vest. I looked down and began to tease her with the sharp tip of the glass, very lightly scracthing the surface of her soft fair skin.
She moaned quietly tensing her body up a little each time I slowly ran the pointed tip of glass around her naval and down towards her exposed shaved pussy. Then I ran the tip still slowly right over her cute little fanny flaps, being real careful not to scratch the sensitive area hard, just applying enough pressure to make her feel very exposed to pain yet trusting me not to cause her any...

"Keep your legs open, and still..." I instructed her.

"Yes Master." The usual reply.

I then looked over at the real nearby coffee table and saw a ballpoint pen, then realised just how to really test her trust in me!

I quickly put the glass down by the side of us and reached over to take the pen without her noticing, for all she knew I was still holding the sharp glass.
I then with the tip of the capped pen ran it along her pussy and then pressed the whole of it right inbetween the misty crevice of her sweet flaps. She gasped as she was expecting to feel a sharp cut, but there was none.

"Trust me.." I responded, "Trust me and it won't hurt."

I then used my finger and thumb of my other hand to hold her lips open wide, revealing her little pink clit, and began to tease it with the bottom end of the pen, rubbing it playfully as she began to try and stifle her moans of pleasure but unable to. Realising how nice it's feeling for her, I began to rub her clit with my fingertips, getting faster with each stroke and the faster and harder I rubbed it the louder her moans got!

"Ohhhh fuck.. Ahhh yeah awwww yeaaahh..! Ow fuck more mmmmm...!" She groaned.

"You see," I told her still pleasuring her now much harder clit, "trusting me makes it very pleasurable, do you trust me?"

"YES!! Oh fuck, yes Master I do! I trust you mmmmmm! I TRUST YOU!! Ahhh...!"
She blurted out unable to contain her pleasure.

I carried on for a couple more minutes 'til she screamed out just what I wanted to hear her scream... "I'M GONNA CUMM!!!"

I suddenly stopped pleasuring her, her thighs twitching as her soaking wet pussy began to tremor ready to have an explosive orgasm.

"Don't stop!!" She pleaded, "Please I need to cum-mmmm!!"

"Not yet!" I ordered, "As your Master it's up to me to give you permission to cum, and you haven't got my permission to do that yet."

"OWWW PLEEEAASSEE!!" She pleaded, "My body NEEDS to cummm!! Fuucckk! Ahhh!"
She carried on uncontrollably wriggling her hips and moaning as her body fought to have an orgasm. She moved her arms down and tried to put them around my body to finish herself off with her fingers, but I soon stopped that.

"Don't even think about it!" I commanded grabbing hold of her hands and stopping her from masturbating as she was desiring to do real bad.

A minute passed when the strong urge for her to cum subsided and she had a huge sigh of dissatisfaction. I looked at her clit and it was engorged as much as it could possibly swell to, throbbing hard and her whole pussy was drenched in her juices, I ran my finger real slowly between her juicy pussy lips soaking up as much as I coud get onto my finger, then put it to my mouth and licked it clean, getting a nice sweet taste of her as I did.

"Well I think you're more than ready for your next test." I told her, standing up to get off her and turning round to face towards her head.

"Wha...What's the next test... Master?" She asked breathlessly.

"The next test is to see just how willing you are to put my pleasure first, way above your own," I explained, "But before we get started on that, we don't want your hands doing something that I don't want them to do, I can't risk you trying to masturbate your real excited clit like you almost did a few moments ago, can I?"

"No, I'm sorry Master.. I couldn't control myself..." She replied sheepishly.

"You're very lucky I'm in a good mood tonight, or else I'd have to spank you for such disobedience!" I warned her.

"Please no Master don't do that!" She quickly begged, remembering the pain that she was giving before.

"Then again... Spare the rod, spoil the slave!" I teasingly chuckled.

"Ohhh ok." Was her reply as she knew just what was coming her way.

"Turn over." I ordered, which she did so now she's laying flat on her front.

I positioned myself so I was kneeling over her thighs, the curvy shape of her naked asscheeks was right there between my thighs, all mine to punish. They were still a little bright pink from the spanking she took earlier.
I teased her by gently tapping her cheeks then rubbing them, keeping her waiting for her deserved pain. Then I devilishly grinned as I lifted my hand up, and... *Smack!* *Smack!* *Smack!* *Smack!* *Smack!*

"AHH! OWWW!! UNNGGHH!! UGGHHH!! OOOAAHH!!" She groaned aloud in agony.

"Don't! Ever! Disobey! Me! Again!" I punctuated each word with a slap.


"Good girl," I praised, now caressing her red hot sore cheeks with my hands,
"I know you won't disobey me now..."

I got off her, and ordered her to stand to her feet, which she did.

"Now, 'cos you don't seem able to control your hands, I will." I told her as I walked over to the TV stand, and opened up the special drawer under it, getting out a set of handcuffs and walked back over to her with them. What with her still being blindfolded she didn't see me get them out.

"Hold your hands out." I ordered.

"Yes Master." Was her reply as she did that, and I quickly slapped the cuffs onto her, entrapping her wrists together, she gasped feeling the cold steel.

"Now come with me," I commanded holding onto the steel bit inbetween the cuffs to keep my slave under my control,
"We're going to perform your next test upstairs..."

"Ok Master, I'll do my very best for you." She replied. I smiled knowing how much more obediant she's becoming with every command.

I led her out the room and up the stairs, she was walking like she'd been riding a horse all day! Quess that's what 2 hard spankings and a pleasurable clit rubbing to the very point of cumming then stopping will do to a gal!
I then led her to the spare bedroom and over to the bed.
I positioned her so her back was to the bed and ripped her vest off.

"Now let's see if your last lesson taught you anything, do you trust me?"

"I do, Master." She nodded, now completely naked.

I pushed her, and without even flinching, she fell down onto the comfy bed.
I was pleased knowing how much my slave now trusts her master.

There was a big open black padlock hanging over the top rail on the headrest of the bed, I moved her so she was laying on her back in the middle of the bed, with her head close by to the headrest, I then moved her arms up to the padlock, and quickly locked the padlock to the steel in the middle of the cuffs and to the rail, so she was now completely trapped. I took the key out of the lock and put it in the drawer by the bedside.

"Can you get your hands out of that?" I asked.

She struggled her arms about but no matter how hard she did it, she couldn't escape. "No Master." She told me what I already knew.

"Good," I smugly replied, "Now I got you right where I want you."

Just as a precaution, I got out some leather belts and tied her feet to the bottom of the bed, so that they remained open wide for me no matter what I do.
I then took her blindfold off, she squinted her eyes as they adjusted to the light she's not seen for a while now, then looked up at me smiling down at her.
I undid my belt, pulled my zipper down, and took my jeans and my boxers off, and then my socks, so there's not a stitch of clothing on me.
I crawled over to her on the bed, put my leg over her belly and moved myself so I was now sat on top of her.

"You ready?" I asked, even though wether she is ready or not it wouldn't have made any difference to me!

She nodded and softly said, "Yes Master", to me.

"Ok," I returned, "then let's begin..."
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