Tales Of A Slave pt. 3

There stood Donna in a dark buttoned up cardigan and a jean skirt just reaching down to her knees and black heeled shin high boots, she was a pretty little blonde haired girl looks a little younger than what she is but she recently celebrated her 19th birthday, she wasn't a big girl but she did have nice curves, a typical hour-glass figure, roughly about 150 - 160lbs in weight, and light blue eyes.

She smiled nervously at me biting down on her lip and stroking her arm sheepishly, I had to keep telling myself that I must take full control of the situation (among other things!) and present my dominance over her.

"Hi there, you must be Donna." I greeted.

"Yeah," She replied, "Nice to meet you." She offered her hand out to me.
I braisingly took her hand in mine and stared into her blue eyes as I leaned down and brushingly kissed the back her fingers lightly,
"You too." I replied.

"Come in." I issued her into the house, "Close the door behind you."
My instinct was telling me to be submissive to her but I couldn't do that, I had to make her succumb to me and my will. She took her cardigan off, revealing a little white vest underneath.

"The hooks there, you can hang it on that." I instructed. She did just that.
"Now come with me." I lead her to the living room and told her to take a seat on the sofa, as I sat down on the seat next to her.

"So, Mist- My Chrissy tells me that you're wanting to fulfil a fantasy of yours, do you think I'll be the one to do that for you?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"W-Well..." She paused and giggled nervously, "I was hoping that y-you could teach me how to be slave..." She was clearly quite shy, stumbling her words.

"I can, and will do that." I replied hiding any signs of apprehension I have.
"But first, I must see just how willing you are to be submissive, go get me a glass of water, kitchen's through there." I ordered pointing to the kitchen.

"Er ok." She replied as she stood up and began to walk across the room.

"Ah!" I stopped her, "First things first, you must always address me as, Master, is that understood?"

"O-oh ok, sorry." She replied and about to carry on towards the door.
I waited for a second to see if she would address me properly, but no.

"Hold it." I ordered as she stopped and turned back to face me.
"No no no, this won't do at all, you must ALWAYS address me as Master, it seems you're having trouble learning that-"

"S-sorry master!" She quickly said as she could sense I wasn't messing around.

"And don't interupt me!" I snapped, "Come here now." I wiggled my finger towards me, instructing her. She willingly walked back over to me.
"Sit down." She did.
"Time for me to teach you your first lesson, lean over across me."
She looked surprised at the command yet obediantly she did just as she was told and leaned over across my lap, her elbows resting on the cushion beside me and her belly was pressing on my crotch, pressing down on my cock underneath my jeans, I could feel that senstaion alone was causing me to start getting hard but I had to focus on what I was doing. I placed my hands to the bottom of her jean skirt as she held her bum in the air and I pulled it up towards her back, revealing her beautiful shapely ass in just a tiny thong.
I rested the palm of my hand on her cheeks and gently rubbed her soft skin.

Then *Smack* I tapped her ass, not hard just lightly, not a peep was heard from her. Not good enough, *Smack* harder still, I slight twitch but nothing still. *Smack!* I spanked her hard, and finally I heard the satisfying sound from her. "Hmmph!" She grunted. I found the right amount of pressure to use.

"You must call me master, and I'm going to spank you 'til you learn that!"
I warned her, whilst giving her ass another smack. She grunted again.

"Repeat. After. Me." I punctuated each word with a smack.

"I." *Smack!*

"Uhhmph! I!"

"Must." *Smack!*

"Hmm!! Must."

"Always." *Smack!*

"Mmmph! Always."

"Address you." *Smack!*

"Ahh! Mhhmmm adress you."

"As 'Master'." *Smack!*

"Ghhaa!! Oww.. As Master."

"Good," I told pleased with my results, "Now what have you learned?"

"To always address you as Master." She replied without hesitation.
I smiled and tapped her now red and sore cheeks gently, keeping my hand pressed to it and began tenderly rubbing her, soothing her as it was feeling really warm now. I then lowered her skirt, covering her now bright pink bum up.

"Now stand up, and get me that glass of water." I ordered.

"Yes, Master." She replied as she stood up, and began walking over to the door, I caught her slyly rubbing her ass over her skirt as she left into the kitchen, it must be feeling very sore for her.

She came back in and handed me my drink, I thanked her and began to drink as she just stood there watching me, awaiting further instructions.
I finished my water and gave her the empty glass, telling her to clean it.

"Yes Master." She replied.

She went to turn around but suddenly caught her foot on the carpet and tripped, dropping the glass in the process smashing it on contact with the floor. She managed to get her footing right, and stay stood up but turned to look at me, with the expression of a deer caught in the headlights.

"I-I-I-I'm so sorry Master! I d-didn't mean to I-" I stopped her as I calmly stood up, locking my steely eyes to hers.

"Get down on your knees." I ordered and she obliged.
"Crawl over to the glass, and pile it up together."

"Yes Master." She replied as she turned round and walked over to the shattered glass. I was treated once again to the sight of her beautiful ass, as she leaned forward her jean skirt rode up her, revealing her now pink cheeks.
I watched on, feeling more horny as she was piling all the glass up to a neat little mound. I walked over to the side of her, watching her. She was finally all done and about to stand up.

"Stay there." I instructed, keeping her down with my hand on her shoulder.
"You can only get back up when I give you permission."

"Ok Master." She replied.
I walked around to the front of her, she was resting on her knees, her head at waist-height to my body, I could see her keep glancing her eyes down from mine to the crotch of my jeans. I smiled.

"See something you like?" I intrigued.

"No Master." She replied coyishly looking back up to me, "I mean yes Master, well it's just.. y-you look good from down here." She smiled sheepishly.

"Hmm.." I groaned, "Lay down flat on your back, maybe I'll look even better from that far down." I grew a cheeky smile as she replied yes master and layed down next to the pile of glass just as she was told.

"Time for your next lesson," I began, "Trust... Do you trust your master?"

"Yes master." She nervously replied, not convincing me.

I walked over her and stopped when I was standing over her body, my feet on either side of her.

"Give me the thickest cut of glass from that pile." I ordered.
She looked and flicked some of the smaller pieces of glass out of the pile 'til she found a nice thick piece which had a sharp end to it, looked a little like the tip of a curved blade, and offered it up to me. I took it from her hand, and inspected it, it looked just right.

"I want to see just how much you trust your master." I told her as I lowered myself down on top of her, I was now straddling her, my bum resting most of my weight down on her belly. She was resting her hands on her chest but I took hold of her hands and moved her arms so they was resting just above her head.
I then moved myself forward and trapped her arms underneath the tiny gap between the floor and my shins, my bum now resting atop of her chest, pinning her completely to the floor.
She grunted as she realised she was now trapped under me, and at my mercy.

"What are you going to do to me, master?" She asked trying to mask her nerves.

"I'm going to give you a simple little test of trust, you see this glass?"
I showed her the glass in my hand up close, she wimpered a little wondering just what I was going to do with it.
"Just relax, entrust yourself to me... GIVE your body to me, allow yourself to be at my mercy, and relax knowing your under my control." I told her, toying with the glass between my fingers. "Close your eyes."

"O-o-ok.. Master." She closed her eyes still looking and sounding nervous.

I then took the tip of the glass and gently touched the skin on her neck with it. Letting her feel the coldness of it.
Then I twisted my waist around, so that I was leaning over my shoulder and placed the sharp tip of the glass onto her bellybutton. I then very gently ran the glass along the surface of her skin, leaving a faint little scratch mark going down from her naval to the tip of her waistline, and stopped.

"Don't move and keep your eyes shut." I commanded as I stood up.
She did as she was told, I took my button shirt off and with my empty hand, I reached into the pocket of my jeans I pulled out a blindfold I had hidden there. Bending down, I told her to lift her head up and I applied the blindfold on her, so she couldn't peek no matter how badly she wanted to.
I walked down to her legs, and pulled her skirt off, quickly followed by her thong, so she was now laying there blindfolded and her bottom half naked.
I walked back over her and looked down at her as I told her.
"Now he test begins, prove your trust to me, and you will be rewarded."

"Ok Master, I will do my best." She replied, now starting to show signs that she's enjoying her current predicament.

I smiled, still holding the glass in my hand, and started her test...
96% (11/1)
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3 years ago
very good
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3 years ago
I will read the next part with enthusiasm
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Oh you will find out soon! ;) lol
Next installment should be up soon.
3 years ago
what's the test?
oo can't wait for more!