Tales Of A Slave

I awoke from my sl**p one morning, my heavy eyes still shut but my mind conscious to the feeling of a soft yet firm weight on my chest, I went to move my arms but realised they were restrained to the headrest of the bed with a cold metallic feel around my wrists. I opened my eyes with the very first thing to greet them being a lovely little gorgeous vagina. It took me less than a second to realise just what situation I'd awoken to...

I was laying naked in middle of the big comfy king-sized bed, I was counting myself really lucky to have spent the night there with my mistress Chrissy, instead of sl**ping on the hard wooden rack in the cold dark lonely dungeon in the basement where she's been keeping me every night recently. She was sat far up on my chest, her knees resting by the sides of my head and at some point when I was asl**p, she had took my hands and handcuffed them to the headrest, there was no chance of me getting free.

"Do you know what time it is, slave?" She asked looking very crossed. I turned my head to look at the clock on the bedside table, but my line of sight was blocked by her delictable thigh.

"No Mistress." I replied turning my head to look back up at my captor.

"It's now 8:47am," she answered, glancing at the clock then back down on me,
"I ordered you to precisely wake me up at 8:30am with a good long licking out, but you are 17minutes late! That is unacceptable!"

"Oh no! Sorry Mistress!" I uttered feeling gutted at failing to please her.

"You're 'sorry'?!" She shouted angrily at me, "Oh you so will be sorry after I'm done with you!"

I gulped as I feared how she'd punish me, I apologised again hoping to spare the majority of her wrath, but I knew she wasn't going to let me get off easy for this.

"But," she started, "I still need to have my pussy licked, it isn't going to do it itself you know..." She looked to her deliciously silky smooth vagina and placed her hand to it, rubbing her fingers on her clit right infront of my very eyes, all for me to see.

"Now you're going to do something right for once, and lick me out!" She ordered lifting herself up and hovering her crotch right over my face.
"Get that disgusting wet tongue out, it's got a job to do!"

"Yes Mistress." I instinctively agreed, as I then held my tongue up out of my mouth ready to serve her as she commanded.

She lowered herself right down on me, forcing my tongue deep inside her as her wet lips between her legs pressed against my lips on my face, and I began to lick the already wet tasty walls of her pussy, licking her good and pressing my thick wet tongue in and out of her tight little wet hole, fucking her with it as she was demanding for it.
She groaned in pleasure, loving the feel of my tongue deep inside her, whilst at the same time insulting me and making sure that I know my place, and that's under her command, that she's the one with full control over me!

After 10 hot minutes under her, I heard her begin to moan real loudly and her pussy beginning to clinch and twitch as she came closer and closer to having a soaking wet heavenly orgasm.

"Lick me you bastard! Ohhhhhh!! Fuck me with that tongue! Ohhhh yeaahhh!!" She screamed at the height of her pleasure, about to explode with cum.
She backed off my tongue at the last second and, with her pussy still very close to my face, began to rub her throbbing hard clit ferociously with her fingers really fast and with one final long scream of intense pleasure, she squirted her cum right into my face!

There was nothing I could do but watch and take all the warm pussy juice hitting the skin on my face hard as she came with such f***e, I was being drenched in her cum but loving every drop that slapped onto my face, even trying to catch some in my opened mouth so I could have a good drink, but she was aiming for all of my face. She stopped squirting for a second, and carried on rubbing her clit.

"I'm not done yet! Mmmmmmm...!" She warned as within seconds she squirted again. There wasn't so much of it this time but she still groaned aloud in pleasure, making sure to cover my face in the juice of her hot dripping wet pussy. She was now done and my whole face had her cum dripping off it.
She was well and truly satisfied, as she panted to catch her breath.

"Mmmm... Clean me." She ordered, sliding her pussy back onto my mouth.

"Yes Mis-" My submissive obediance stopped by her pussy being pressed to my lips as she sat fully on my face, and I willingly did as I was told, I started to lick the soaky mist up off her soggy fleshy lips, but soon found her pressing herself extra tight to my face, sealing off all air between my mouth/nose and her crotch.
I hadn't taken a breath so quickly found myself needing air, but as I tried to move my head, she wouldn't let up.

"Awwww what's the matter, struggling to breathe?" She teasingly asked,
"Good, 'cos I told you that you WILL be sorry for displeasing your mistress, and I am a lady of my word, I'm just going to let you struggle..."

I started to desperatly need air but there was no letting up, she kept me struggling, I realised then that she had also tied my ankles with nylon rope to the rail at the bottom of the bed, stopping me from bucking her off, I was truly trapped and completely helpless.

"Mmmmm mmmmmm!" I mumbled trying to beg for mercy.

"Yeah that's right, struggle and beg." She cruely taunted watching me squirm under her, "You know I could let you up right now and let you have some precious oxygen... Nah! This is what you get for displeasing your mistress so I'm not going to let you up 'til you pass out!" She chuckled evilly as she continued to ride out the heavy rocking of my body as I desperatly struggled.

My lungs started to ache real bad as they hungered heavily for oxygen, but still no letting up, I started to feel dizzy and weak and the pain was indescribable. My eyes started to glaze over and I knew I couldn't fight the feeling of passing out anymore, and before I knew it- Darkness...

I awoke not long after, realising I was breathing again to see my mistress now sitting back on my chest. The studious look on her beautiful face was what I saw of her first, she was looking at me admiring her work as she successfully made me pass out.

"Mistress you could have killed me!" I blurted out still in shock.

"I know," she giggled, "You see, I have got the power of life and death over you, don't you ever forget that! Though right now, you are of more use to me alive than dead..." She paused for minute casually checking her nails.

"How did it feel?" She curiously inquired.

"It was horrendous, Mistress." I answered, sucking in more oxygen.

"Oh I'm glad it was!" She told excitedly with a big sadistic smile, "'Cos when you EVER disobey or displease ME again, that is what you're going to get! Do you understand, you pathetic creep?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied, "I understand, I'm sorry for displeasing you..."
My eyes glanced down humbly.

"Hm.." She looked at me, satisfied that I've learned my lesson, but wanting to make sure I truly know my place. "You better thank me for having did that to you, afterall, we can't have you thinking your life means something to me."
She chuckled as she awaited my response.

"Thank you for passing me out, Mistress." I quickly thanked her, not wanting to go through that awful experience again.

"Good boy," she praised as she smiled and lovingly stroked my cheek, "Now you look hungry, I've got a nice breakfast in store for you." She winked.

I was taken aback at just how nice she was now being, I knew something was up but I knew my place now, and went along with it.

"Oh thank you Mistress, I could do with a good breakfast." I optimistically said, hoping for the niceness to continue.

She just smiled and got off me, but turned around with her back facing my way and sat back over me, her beautiful rounded ass being the dominate feature of my line of sight as it was close by to my face.

"I hope your hungry, 'cos you got ALL of this glorious ass to eat!" She stated happily whilst teasingly rubbing her sexy cheek with her hand, "So come on then slave, lick it!" She ordered as she began to back up closer to my face and holding her cheeks apart, revealing her little pink hole.

"Yes Mistress." Was my response as I once again held my tongue out ready to serve my mistress. I knew I was going to spend all morning now pleasing her as her wants,needs and wishes will all come first, well above my own...

...and I loved it!
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3 years ago
Missed this one nice queening tale
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hot story:P
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That was good
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You're most welcome slave_ariana :)
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thanks once again for sharing with us