Serving My Mistress... & Friends!

Part 2 of "Serving My Mistress"

"That'll be them now!" Chrissy stated in excitement, "go and answer the door then! Like the good slave you are."

I replied, "Ms I've not got any clothes on-"

"What did I say about interupting me?! Don't! Now go and answer it as you are," she smiled in anticipation of the day ahead, "they'll like that."

Obediently, I made my way down to the door and, with nothing but a nervous smile on my face, I opened the door. There they all stood together,

Tara - Half English, half Chinease, she had long dark hair, she's fairly short only about 5'3" but with a very nice curvy shape to her body.

Clair - the tallest of the bunch at 5'8", she's white, a red head but not naturally red (as I soon found out, the d****s don't match the curtains!) she was slim with blue eyes and looking like a model.

Lastly, Anna- She's blonde, about 5'5", dark brown eyes and a smile that could melt butter, that's the girls though from now on in they will all be known to me as Mistress Tara, Mistress Clair and Mistress Anna!

"Hello there and welcome," I greeted the ladies trying to hide my nerves, they all looked in shock at me, then began to giggle together.

"So you must be Chrissy's slave," said Mistress Clair, "we've heard ALL about you, right girls?" She then giggled along with the others.

"Yes Ms Clair," I nodded, "please do come in."

"That's MISTRESS Clair to you!" She barked at me, "from this moment on you will call us Mistress, is that understood? Or will we have to embarrass you infront of your Mistress Chrissy?" I soon realised she was the bossy one out of them, though knowing Chrissy is the one with all power over me.
I nodded and apologised, as the girls walked in taking off their leather overcoats and handing them to me to hang up. I could see why they wore overcoats, as underneath they were wearing as little as a bra, thong and stockings in high heels! All of different colours and designs.

"Hiya girls!" Chrissy greeted them from the bottom of the stairs, she had changed into an all white set of bra thong and stockings, I could tell they had planned this day. "I hope my slave as been good to you and lives up to your expectations?"

Tara and Anna nodded in agreement though Clair didn't.

"Well he was very rude to me," Clair stated, "he greeted me as Ms CLair, MS?! Not Mistress Clair." She looked at me with a stern look on her pretty face.

"Oh did he now?" Chrissy responded, "well what do you suppose we do with him to teach him some manners?" She then peered at me with a devilish smile.

"Let's whip him!" Shouted Tara in glee.
"No, let's pour hot candle wax on him!" Suggested Anna.
"Or make him kiss our asses and humiliate him!" Clair replied.

Chrissy looked at me thinking of what to do as I just looked on awaiting my punishment with dread.

"I say all 3!" Chrissy finally decided, ever the diplomat! "Tara, you find my horse whip I keep in my bedroom and spank him with it! Anna, you take that already lit candle on the kitchen table and pour the wax on him, and Clair, sit on his face and he'll kiss your ass nonstop 'til you feel he's learned his lesson!" She giggled again before ordering me to lay down on the floor to receive my punishment.

I laid there as Chrissy kneeled down behind my head and held my arms down, making sure I didn't think about trying to struggle. Clair walked over to me.
"Kiss my foot, you scum!" She ordered, and I obediantly did.
She then stood over me with her back facing me, I could see clearly her lovely well rounded bum and it started to get closer and closer to my face as she lowered herself down on me 'til finally her bare cheek was a centimetre away from touching my lips.

"Pucker up baby!" Teased Chrissy laughing. I kissed Clair's ass and was demanded to do it again, and again, and again. She then sat right down onto me engulfing my face in her ass, the only thing stopping my nose from being buried up her tight musky asshole was the thin bit of fabric from her thong, and she stayed stay there starving me of precious oxygen, only every 30seconds or so would she shift her weight giving me just enough space between her ass and my nose to breathe in as much air as possible before she'd cut off the air supply again with her entire crotch.

"Awww you needing some fresh air babe?" Chrissy teased coyishly.
"Tell you what," Clair said, "for such a pathetic slave he sure makes a comfy seat!" She and Chrissy laughed in agreement together.

All the time under there I hadn't realised the other girls preparing to add to my torture! Being blinded by Clair's ass I suddenly felt a searing heat on my chest, I tried to wipe at it but Chrissy had my arms held down tight, and then suddenly, *THWACK* a sharp sting right where I felt that burning sensation on my chest.

"Don't you dare try and stop Mistress Anna from pouring wax on you!" I heard Tara order me, giving me another sap with her whip. I felt the burning pain again this time trickling down my belly as Anna poured more wax on me, I tried to moan in agony but my voice was muffled under Clair's ass.

After a full 10 minutes of punishment, I was finally let up as Clair moved so her ass was hovvering just an inch or 2 above from my face.

"Kiss my ass again you dirty bastard!" Clair damanded, "and apologise!"

"Yes Mistress Clair," I submitted as I then kissed her cheek, "Sorry Mistress Clair." She stood upright, and wiped her cheek and had a stretch.

"I don't know why you tried to struggle hun," Chrissy wondered, "afterall, you should be honoured to have such a magnificent ass to kiss!" She giggled and winked at Clair, as she let my arms go and stood up aswell.

"Get up!" Chrissy commanded and I obeyed, "now go get us some drinks, it's thirsty work teaching you some manners!"

"Yes Mistress Chrissy." I nodded and walked out to the kitchen to pour their drinks. As I did I studied the marks on my chest and belly where I had been whipped and saw the dried candle wax stuck to my skin, I managed to wipe it off with a wet dish cloth and then finished pouring their drinks. I put them on a tray and walked back out to face my mistresses and give them their drinks.
They were all now sat on the sofa, 'cept for Chrissy, she was stood by them.

"Good boy." Tara complimented as I handed her her drink.
"Thank you, slave." Said Clair.
"Oh lovely, just in time." Anna replied taking her drink from my hand.

"What else may I be of honour to serve you fine ladies with?" I boldly asked.

"You know these poor women had to walk here," Chrissy started, "their delicate feet are all hot and sweaty now, so I think you best lick them clean and massage them 'til they feel better." She ordered.

"Yes Mistress Chrissy, I shall do my best." I smiled.
I got down on my knees infront of the girls and took all their heels off, all of their feet looked lovely and clean, thankfully! Though I noticed all of them was feeling hot and had a bit of a faint musky smell to them, but I couldn't linger on it as I had a duty to serve.
They all held their feet out to my face, and ordered me to lick them clean.
I started to slide my tongue slowly over the soles of their feet, likcing one foot at a time while they just watched in fascination and giggled amongst themselfs. I noticed Tara was ticklish as she kept squirming and laughing everytime I ran the tip of my tongue up her sole to her toes.

"Stop tickling Mistress Tara!" Ordered Clair, then laughed with her.

After just a few short minutes I had licked all their feet clean, then was ordered to massage them. Again, I did it one foot at a time massaging them real nice with my thumbs and fingers making sure I did my best to please them all, the women to their credit waiting patiently for their turn, and thankfully too, I daren't bear in my mind how they'd punish me if they wasn't so patient!

As I was serving their feet, they were all chatting to eachother, mostly to Chrissy though, asking questions about me.

"So what will he do for us exactly?" Asked Anna to Chrissy.
"Oh anything, this evening he's all our slave, and he WILL do anything we tell him." Chrissy replied then giving me a cheeky look.
"There really isn't anything he won't do?" Questioned Tara, "What if I wanted him to lick a toilet bowl clean after I just been, he'll do it?"
I don't think she actually wanted me to do that, at least I bl**dy well hoped not! I think she was just more curious about how much control they have over me.
"Like I said," responded Chrissy, "he'll do ANYTHING for us."

Finally their feet had all been satisfied by me, and to my surprised, they all thanked me.

"That's s some good tongue action you got on you, slave." Clair complimented,
"think you can work it just as well on another part of my body." She hinted towards her crotch.
"Yes Mistress Clair," I nodded, "I shall do my very best to please."
"Good," She replied, "come here there."

I went to stand up but she ordered me to stay on my knees, and pulled me by my hair towards hair.
"Take my thong off," Clair commanded pointing to her thong, "you are going to lick me out and not stop 'til you have swallowed my cum, is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress Clair." I nodded as I began to slide her thong down her legs, once it was off, she pulled my hair again 'til my face was between her thighs, where I then began to rub the lips of her pussy with my tongue. I licked all around them then I licked right between her flaps rubbing on her clit with the tip of my wet tongue, she was already quite wet but I was determined to make her more wet, I rubbed loads on her clit 'til she ordered my tongue deep inside her as she pushed her body on me demanded me to fuck her deep with it.
I licked her just as she was ordering it and it didn't take long 'til she started screaming in pleasure as she began to cum.

"AHHHHH RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE AHHHHH YEAAHHHHH FUCCCKKK!!" Clair screamed, cumming over my tongue into my mouth. It wasn't much cum but it sure tasted real nice and sweet and I swallowed every drop of it, as I was told to.
The other girls was watching and I noticed were playing with themselfs, enjoying it almost as much as Clair was.

"Hey I want to get in on this!" Revealed Tara, "Lick my pussy!" She ordered.
"No, lick mine!" Anna jumped in.
"Girls, girls!" Chrissy interupted, "He can lick ALL our pussies, ain't that right babe?" She winked seductively at me.

"Yes Mistress Chrissy," I agreed smiling, "I can serve you all as you wish."

"Well he won't be licking mine again," Clair stated standing up and walking over to the bathroom door, "well at least not for a little while, I'm just going to go clean myself up, have fun girls!" She walked into the bathroom and closed and locked the door.

"Ok then, me first!" Tara said excitedly as she sat down in what was Clair's place, the middle of the sofa, the other 2 sat down on each side of her. She pulled my head towards her crotch and ordered me to lick her out, which I did, similiar to how I licked Clair's pussy, only this time I had my right hand on Chrissy's juicy little pussy fingering her, and the same with my left hand on Anna's pussy. I was multi-tasking real well pleasing each girl and when I made Tara cum I once again swallowed what I was given to swallow, then she stood up sat on the other chair in the room, and Anna took her place and I was made to lick her out 'til she came on my tongue. Once that happened I swallowed it all like the good slave I am, she stood up and then it was Chrissy's turn to sit down in front of me on my knees and ordered me to lick her out.

I made her cum loads and I did my best to swallow every drop she squirted, but she squirted so much and so hard that not all of it went into my mouth, I was drench by her sweet warm juice.

"Ohhhh fuck that was good," Chrissy groaned in pleasure, "Don't think your done yet, seeing as I was made to wait you are going to make me cum again!"
I had no choice, I had to obey despite the fact my tongue was starting to ache alot from being worked so hard! I did my best though and carried on licking her out 'til I made her squirt loads once again, by the end I was totally drenched.

"Mmmmmmm yeaaahh... thank you," Chrissy moaned, "now go get yourself cleaned up, your covered in cum." I obeyed and went to the now free bathroom to clean myself up, Clair had came out of there halfway through me making Chrissy cum the first time and had been watching with the other girls. As I left them to clean myself, they started chatting about how good I slave I am and what else they shall get me to do for them. The last thing I managed to hear them say was Chrissy telling them she had a little set up in the basement.
I didn't know what was in store for me next but I was intrigued to find out, so I rushed to get myself cleaned up.

I came back out to see them all standing, they had taken everything off now, so that was a very nice sight for me, 4 hot naked ladies ready to do as they wish to me and get me to do whatever they want me to do.

"Oh ba-by," Chrissy called to me in a singsong way, "I got a surprise for you... Follow us."

They had surrounded me and frogmarched me towards the basement, we made our way down the stairs into the dark room, I couldn't see much at all and was lead to near the middle of the room, Tara had stayed near the top of the stairs though.

"There's something right by you babe," Chrissy started coyishly, "And you're either going to love it, or hate it, but either way... WE girls are going to have plenty of fun with it!"

I had no idea what it was, I could only quess as I couldn't see in the real dark room.

"Think he's ready to see it, hun?" Clair asked Chrissy.

"Yeah, he's ready," Chrissy replied, "switch on the light, Tara."

The light was switched on, and I had to adjust my sight for a moment or two has the sudden light hurt my eyes. "What's that?" I thought as I started to make out what was infront of me.
Then it suddenly dawned on me,
I saw what it was, and I knew then I was truly in for it now...!
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3 years ago
ooo suspense excellent part2, part3 needs to come quick, well i hope it does anyway.
thanks for sharing x
3 years ago
Great story, I await the 3rd installment