Saturday Night Domination

I woke up last Saturday morning to find my beautiful girl Chrissy lying naked asl**p next to me, I kissed her sweet lips tenderly and cuddled up to her whilst thinking how lucky I am to have her... Little did I know, later that day she was going to show exactly how much she owns me!

After half an hour of watching my sl**ping beauty, she began to wake, smiling at me as she opened her heavy eyes and kissing me 'good morning'.
We spent the next hour or so doing as we normally do every Saturday morning, just laying there talking softly to eachother about anything, usually about what we have planned for the day ahead and also what we'd like to do, that's when I found out from her about her plans for later that evening, she told me;

"You know, I forget to mention yesterday, I was chatting with my best mate and we've made plans to go for a girls night out later tonight with all my girlfriends," she explained, "so that's what I'll be doing."

"Oh right ok hun," I replied, "well it's been a while since you last went on a night-out with your mates, so you go ahead and enjoy yourself."

"I will," she responded, "thank you."
She then kissed me and we carried on our conversation before eventually she pulled me on top of her bare body and it was then that we had a real good morning shag!

Later on in the evening, I was sat on our bed just playing on the Xbox as Chrissy went to the bathroom and I heard her beginning to have a shower in preperation for her night out.
15 minutes later she came into the bedroom wearing nothing not even a towel wrapped around her body, she was looking smoking hot with her damp black hair dripping water down onto her glistening wet silky skin and seeing the hot water running down all along her gorgeous curves with the steam glowing from her, needless to say I was instantly turned on loads.

She smiled smugly at me as she saw my eyes were hooked onto her and she knew just how to make the most of my attraction for her, showing off her stunning body to me as she moved about the room drying herself with a small towel right infront of me.

With a cheeky giggle she stated, "Oh I see you're liking what you're seeing." She giggled again as she 'accidently' dropped her towel and said, "Oops, silly me(!)" before turned around with her back to me and real slowly bent down, while she was like that I was treated to the fantastic sight of her beautiful round ass which was driving me wild!

After picking up the towel and drying herself off more, she turned to see me still staring at her and noticing the very obvious bulge in the crotch of my jeans, she licked her lips slowly before teasingly implying,
"Looks like you're gonna burst out of them jeans babe, you better take them off!"
She winked at me and watched as I did just what she said. Now I wasn't wearing any boxers or a shirt for that matter, so there I now was, sat on the bed with nothing on me but a smile as I looked at her in all of her stunning glory!

"It's a shame I gotta be ready to go out in about half an hour, seems like we could do with a real good fucking right now," she said, "I would suggest us having a quickie, but you know what we're like, need more than half an hour for a 'quickie'!" We laughed knowingly.

"Oh god I know," I soon responded, "maybe you don't have to go out, you could just lie and say you're not feeling too well and you can stay here then and I can be giving you plenty of 'special TLC' then!"

"Hmm yeah you're right, we could do that," replied Chrissy, "oh but I haven't been out with them for a while now, and my girlfreinds are really looking forward to it, I dont wanna disappoint them..."

She paused for a minute thinking, then said, "Oh sod it, I know what we'll do!"

Chrissy now walked over to the bedside table, pulled open the drawer and reached in taking out of it her handcuffs. She swivled it on her finger looking at me with a sexy expression and said, "I thought I'll restrain you to the bed, that way I can have you right where I want you!"
Before I could even agree, she had quickly jumped on top of me and as I willingly held my arms up to the headrest of the bed she cuffed my wrists tight to it and asked, "tight enough, babe?" and giggled.

"Yeah I think that's tight enough hun," I replied, "I'm deffinately not getting out of them 'til you release me."

"Oh good!" She excitely responded, "'cos I sure don't want you going anywhere!" She giggled again and then got off me and the bed, walked over to her vanity desk, sat down on the chair looking into her mirror and began to apply her makeup.
I thought that was strange seeing as she never puts makeup on when we're about to have sex and after 5 minutes she had finished making herself look even more beautiful and walked over to the wardrope to pull out a black dress as she did.

"Er baby, what are you doing?" I asked, "there's no need for you to get dressed up for this."

"Well I gotta get dressed unless you want me going out in just my birthday suit!" She joked.

"But how are we going to have some fun right now if you're covering yourself up?" I inquired.

"Duh silly!" She laughed, "WE'RE not going to have fun together right now, we'll have our fun later." She winked teasingly at me again.

"Ok but why have you 'cuffed me to the bed already then?" I wanted to know.

"Oh yeah about that," She replied giggling, "well like I said, I don't want you going anywhere, I figured I'll get the best of both situations, I'll keep you there all tied up with no where to go while I go out have some fun with my girls then come back to you and have all the fun I want with you, sound good baby?" She asked laughing a real teasing laugh at me.

It suddenly dawned on me that she was really going to go through with that, but it's not like I could complain, she had me right where she wanted me and there wasn't a thing I could do about it, I just had to lay there and be totally at her mercy!
However, I tried to beg her to stay with me but she just laughed it off as she put on that little black dress and casually joked, "what can I say, us girls just wanna have fun!"
I begged again only to have her say shes getting bored of my begging and reached into the drawer where she got the handcuffs from and pulled out some ductape, she tore a bit off then pulled out from the drawer underneath the bed an old pair of her knickers which she rolled up and put it in my mouth and taped my lips shut with the ductape. So now there I lay, tied up and completely helpless!

"Awww I'm not totally cruel babe," she said to me sounding innocent, "I'm going to leave you with this thought of me..." She then showed me this real sexy thong she was now holding in her hand turned around and real slowly -right infront of me as she stood beside the bed- pulled it up her long legs 'til the real thin strap at the back of it disappeared into the crack of her sexy ass cheeks and turned back round to show me that the crotch of it was pressing up against the lips her pussy.

"Now just keep that thought of what you just saw in mind babe and know that later I'll be taking it off infront of you," she teased, "and then I'm going to blow your mind! Just you wait..."

After she said that she put her high heels on. Suddenly I heard a car horn beep outside to which she stated,
"Hey that'll be my friends now, see you later baby." She turned to face the door and began to walk to it.

"Hmmphh hmph hm hmphm!" I was trying to protest but unable to talk what with having a mouthful of her knickers. Chrissy stopped and turned round to look back at me looking at her with pleading eyes.

"Awwwww baby," she cooed, "don't worry I'll give you something to keep you company." She smiled which quickly turned into a smirk as she then turned back around, bending her knees a little and let out a loud and smelly fart!
It was right in my direction and then she laughed and carried on out the door grabbing her handbag as she did, making sure to close the door behind her.

"Bye baby! Don't you go anywhere!" She shouted to me from downstairs, and then I heard the front door closing, soon followed by the sound of the car she and her mates went in driving off into the distance.

Now by this point, after that parting gift of a fart my Chrissy left me with would turn most blokes off, but for me it only served to drive me even more wild, as I have a thing for her heavenly farts! I was extremely turned on despite the fact I knew that I was going to be tied up to the bed there for ages and even when she gets back she still won't be letting me go until she's had all the pleasure she desires from me.

After what felt like forever, I finally heard a car pull up outside the house and the sound of my Chrissy and her mates getting out the car and coming into the house. I realised I had been there now for 4 hours it was now the middle of the night and the only thing that kept me company throughout the whole time being tied up was the hot thoughts replaying in my head over and over again of what she'll be doing to me when she gets back in. However I was disappointed to hear her chatting and laughing with her friends before loud music started to play, I realised then that I was going to be kept there for a while longer...

After a couple hours the music was turned off and her friends started to make their way out the door, with Chrissy saying bye to them. As she did I heard her say to the last one, "Glad we had fun tonight, now I gotta go take care of something, bye now."

She closed the front door and I heard her as she walked around turning all the lights off down there and began to walk up the stairs and make her way to our bedroom, where me, her prisoner, was kept.

My heart began to beat real fast as I saw the door-handle turn, and in walked my Chrissy looking so hot in her dress clutching her handbag, she had already took off her heels and she smiled at me.

"So there's where I left my man, I knew I forgot something when I went out!" She jokingly laughed at me whilst placing her bag down on the bed beside me, "what have you been up to then, you not been partying while I've been out have you?" She asked teasingly.

"Hmmmpphhh!" Is all I could come out with as I tried to talk.

"Oh well it's ok," she teased, "'cos I've been partying real good while I've been out!" She began to tell me all about her night out, what fun her and her friends had been having together whilst I've been trapped there in our room.
Even telling me how all the guys at the club she went to were real interested in her and wanting to take her home!

When she finished telling me all about her night, she looked at me and said, "you know I should give you what you've been waiting so patiently for since earlier, baby. But before I do, I bet you're needing the loo real badly now?"

It just so happened that I really did need to then so I nodded and she just said ok as she took the ductape off my mouth and pulled her now totally drenched knickers out of my mouth threw them on the floor, she then reached into her bag and pulled out the key for the cuffs and released my hands from the headrest.

I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom bursting for a wee, when I came back to the room she was stood there waiting for me, she smiled again as she grabbed hold of me and gave me a long sexy snog, as we were doing that we turned so my back was to the bed and she pushed me down onto it and sat on top of me, still snogging.

After a few minutes she sat up and said, "It's not quite the same if I don't tie you up again babe, afterall that is how I last had you before I went out, and that was just how I was going to blow your mind when I came back so..." She started to play with the 'cuffs again in her hand and I willingly agreed and held my arms back up to the top of the bed. She 'cuffed me tight to the bed again and leaned down to snog me some more.

After a long sexy snog, she stopped and sat up, she reached her hand back and ran her fingers to my crotch and began to rub my stiff cock, my thick helmet was drenched in precum which was wiping off onto her fingers.

"Oh you're helmets real wet babe, bet it's tasting so good," she stated as she then put her fingers to her lips and licked the precum off them, "mmmmmm oh it tastes real real good! Mmmmm I could just suck you off so hard right now!"

She started to kiss her way slowly from my lips down to my chest but stopped and looked at me, "before I do though, there's something you gotta do for me, lick me out 'til I cum all over your face, then I'll do the same for you..."

I nodded and replied, "ok Chrissy you got it, I'll do that for you."

"Don't call me that!" She demanded and slapped me, not hard just playfully, "it's Ms. Chrissy to you!" She then giggled.

"Ohh I'm sorry, Miss Chrissy, I'll do anything you want me to do... Ms. Chrissy!" I replied.

"That's better," she smugly responded, "and well that's just what I want you to do, and you better do it... or else!" She jokingly threatened.

I nodded agreeingly, then she stood up over me taking off her dress and throwing it to the floor, she then turned around with her back facing me and demanded that I kiss her ass if I want to have the pleasure of her pussy, "Yes Ms. Chrissy" I replied.

She bent down and squated over my face planting the soft yet firm cheek of her bare ass on my lips and told me to pucker up! I kissed it and she demanded I kiss it better than that, which I did. once more she told me and just as I did she farted right in my face! That drove me wild having the smell of her heavenly fragrant ass fumes blown into my face like that, I enhaled all her sexy gas in my nose, now she knows that turns me on loads so she got a real kick out of doing that to me.

"Enough," She dictated as she stood up and turned around to face me again, "now it's time for you to lick me into orgasmic bliss, and you better make me cum loads on you real good!"

"I will, Ms. Chrissy." I replied.

She took off her thong real slowly and leaned forward to rub and hold it on my nose telling me to get a good whiff of that.

"Can you smell how horny you make me?" She asked as I sniffed the crotch of her thong, "my pussy has been seeping its fluids onto it all night long with the thought that I got you back here waiting for me to get all the pleasure I want! Do I smell good?"

"Oh fuck yeah," I responded, "you sure do Chri- MS. Chrissy..."

She smiled and said good as she then threw her thong to the floor and told me it's time to taste the real thing!

She lowered herself down onto my face, her soaking wet lips of her pussy resting just about my mouth as I held out my tongue and began to lick her good. I rubbed my tongue slowly around her flaps before licking right up inbetween them as she then held her pussy wide open and demanded me to lick her clit, which was now fully erect!
I obidiently pleased her clit with my tongue rubbing it loads real good as she started to moan aloud in pleasure 'til she demanded that I sucked on it, and I did. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked it real good nice and hard as she started to scream out in pleasure!

After a few minutes she shouted out, "Oh fuck! I'm gonna CUUUMMMMM!!!" And she quickly got my clit out of her mouth and began to rub on it with her fingers real fast and she screamed in pleasure as all her pussy juice began to squirt right out of her with such f***e like a powerful shower right into my awaiting mouth. She tasted real nice and sweet and I drank every drop of her cum as she demanded for it, and when she stopped squirting I thought that was it...
But, "I'm still not done!" She exclaimed. With that, she leaned back and carried on fingering herself right infront of me 'til she squirted again this time all over my face! I licked up as much of her tasty juice as possible but was still left with a real wet face after that. She moaned some more in the aftermath of pleasure and then told me to lick her clean, I did but that wasn't enough, she demanded that I keep licking her out and making her cum 'til she can't cum no more!
I knew there was nothing else I could do but to submit to her every whim, I agreed and carried on licking her out for a further hour, which she came 3 more times once in my mouth again the rest all over my face 'til she finally out-cummed herself and had enough, she thanked me and leaned down to snog me.

After a couple more snogs she got off me and picked up her towel from earlier and wiped her cum off her pussy and thighs, and then wiped my face clean for me.

"Thank you baby..." then I asked, "...Now, did I earn a real good sucking off from you?"

"Yeah you did babe, but..." She paused as she had a stretch and yawned, "all that orgasmic pleasure has sure tired me out, I'll have to give you a good sucking some other time."

"Awww please no baby!" I begged, "please suck me off now I really need to cum sooo badly!" She just shook her head.

"Well can you please hurry up and untie me so I can wank myself off before I explode!" I pleaded.

She thought about it then looked down at my engorged cock and then back up at me with an evil grin on her beautiful face and just simply replied, "No."

She giggled as I started to beg her to let me go but she quickly ended up gagging me with those soggy knickers and covering my mouth with ductape again so I couldn't beg anymore and told me what she says goes 'cos she has all the power over me, then she went to the bathroom. I heard her brushing her teeth, she came back in the room, turned the lights off and got into bed.

"Night night baby, sl**p tight." She said kissing my cheek and then rolling over onto her side with her back to me, and soon after I heard her softly snoring into her pillow. So there I was, once again all tied up and totally at her mercy and knowing that I won't be going anywhere for ages, yet I was still really turned on like mad specially when occasionaly she let out one of her real cute and sexy farts! And it was only driving me even wilder knowing that my Chrissy completely owns me now and she sure knows she does!

I am know totally her sexslave, having to give her all the pleasure she wants whenever she wants it, however she wants it! Aso, that it's only ever up to her when I can have any pleasure from her, thankfully though I get a huge amount of pleasure being her sexslave and I have never regretted submitting myself completely to her!

The end.
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3 years ago
good for you
3 years ago
i liked the slave parts, not sure about the trumping though!
your writing is very good, lovely description
3 years ago
Love the scent of a womans heavenly farts.
3 years ago
WOW quite a lady to do all that to you
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story! Thanks for sharing it with us.