Cuckold Stories - First Time Cuckold

This is a complete work of fiction, written for entertainment purposes only, any relation to real life incidents/people is purely coincidental and not intended.

Our story begins like any normal healthy relationship between a young couple.

William is a young slim handsome sweet-hearted 18 year old guy who is completely head over heels in love with his fiancé, Kelly. His brown wavy locks of hair in a mop-top style makes him look a couple years younger than what he is.

Kelly is a strikingly beautiful long strait-haired blonde 21-year old woman, with a perfect
hour-glass figure, curves in all the right places. She always makes an effort to look good and hates anyone seeing her without makeup on, even though she's naturally gorgeous.

Recently, William lost his job working in a small shop due to the shop losing more money than it was making, forcing it to close down. This left Kelly as the sole breadwinner, although her minimum wage lowly job working as a secretary in a big company meant they didn't have much money to enjoy. William never wants to feel useless while he's looking for work so he's adopted a
house-husband approach to living with the love of his love having moved into her flat with her, looking after the little apartment, doing housework and the laundry and washing up.
Even cooking the dinner after Kelly comes home from work.

After a few weeks of moving in, he started to notice odd little behaviours in Kelly, but he just put that down to stress from her starting to work longer hours staying at work later than usual.

Money was tight for the young couple for the first month, but William started noticing Kelly was treating herself to a lot of new clothes and shoes.
When he questioned her about it she looked a little shifty but told him that she got a little raise form work. After that, he had noticed she had more cash to spend, treating herself to all sorts but tried her best to keep it from William.

A couple weeks later, Kelly texted him some news from her work later in the evening.

Her text read:

"just letting u know, I wont b home til late 2night x"

William replied:

"y babe? x"

She replied:

"I been moved to working nights now, boss just told me I got 2 start 2night x"

He replied:

"o ok gonna miss u :( x"

William tried not to dwell on it, and tried enjoying his time to himself, even though his heart was aching to be snuggling up to Kelly on the sofa like they do every evening.

It got later and later into the night, and he kept checking the clock as he laid wide awake
in bed, and saw it read 2:21am.

"Hope my baby's ok." He thought glumly to himself.

He got used to the new working arrangement, and Kelly started bringing home more and more money.
She seemed pleasantly happy to work nights aswell, she'd often come home complaining about work before when working the day shift, but now she came home in the very early hours of the morning with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. William thought that to be a little odd,
but tried not to take any notice and was just glad to see his darling fiancé happy.

All was well for the next few months, until one fateful day...

Picking up the ringing house-phone during a quiet evening, William answered and heard a familiar voice on the end. It was Kelly's s****r, Charmaine.

"Hey, Char, what's up." William asked pleasantly.

"Oh hey, Will, not much, is Kelly there?" She asked.

"No, she's at work." He replied.

"That's odd, did she take her phone with her when she left?" She returned sounding a bit shocked.

"Yeah of course, you know her, she always has it in her bag." He stated.

"Strange, I been trying to ring her phone for a while but she must have it on silent or something, sorry did you say she was at work?" She asked sounding rather beguiled now.

"Yeah, she's always at work this time of the evening." He answered.

"Oh right, has she got herself a new job then? She never told me about it." She responded.

"What do you mean, 'new job'? She's always had that job for a couple years now..." He puzzled.

"What? She told me she left that job a few months back..." Charmaine told him,
sounding just as confused as William.

"No, she's been working nights there now for a few months." He replied, trying to convince himself of the truth more than Charmaine.

"Hmm... Ok well, tell her I rang her. Speak to you soon, bye bye." She hanged up.

William put the phone down and sat onto the sofa, he stared blankly at the wall trying to puzzle out why Kelly would lie to her own s****r about quitting the job. Then he started questioning if it could be himself that Kelly's lied to. He didn't know what to think.

He picked up the phone and called Kelly's mobile. No answer.

"Strange..." He thought to himself.

A little later, he tried calling her again. Finally, she answered.

"H-hey baby, how are you..." She answered in a breathy voice.

"Hi hon, alright I guess, just checking up on you." He replied.

"Aww that's sweet of - y-you, bless." She gasped.

"Are you ok, babe? You sound out of breath?" He frowned.

"Y-yeah I'm ok, sorry the, um, lifts are out of order here I just had to walk - ahem -
walk up a few flights of stairs..." She stuttered in her breathy voice.

"Ok... Are you at work then?" He inquired, feeling very uneasy now has he knows she works in and around the ground floor area of the building.

"Hmmm yeah baby..." She softly moaned. William could hear the feint sound of a man's voice in the background, and the soft sound of muffled clapping, he couldn't quite work it out though.
He then began telling her about her s****r ringing up and asked what she meant when she told her she'd quit her job.

"Ooh that - It's nothing baby just a little white lie I told her is all." She quickly uttered.
William could obviously hear the panic in her voice.

"I'm sorry I got to get back to work, I've a job to do, you know." She quickly stated.
For a brief second, William could hear a muffled man's voice say, "I got a job for yo-",
before Kelly said, "Love you, bye." and hanged up the line.

William was now feeling very sick. He wanted really bad to believe his darling fiancé, but he couldn't deny what he'd heard. He kept telling himself that it wasn't possible for her to cheat, that she loves him too much to do such a thing, but his head knew what
his heart didn't want to know.

He curled up onto the sofa, hugging his body. He was conflicted though, he wanted to cry but no tears came. He wanted to get really angry, but he just felt passive. He wanted to call her a
dirty slut, but he could only think of nice things to say about her.
He wanted to shut down all emotions, but one feeling became very obvious to him - His cock swelled.
Confused, he reached his hand down his boxers and gripped the thick shaft.
Images and thoughts of Kelly getting fucked by another man flashed through his mind, and he was gently rubbing his cock. He didn't understand, he should be very upset and angry, but instead he felt a nice warm feeling come over him as he softly wanked.
He stopped and told himself this is so wrong, but he continued anyway.

A short 10 minutes passed by, when a beep from his phone made him stop.
He reached for it and checked the message on it from Kelly.

"I got 2 tell u, I have a secret lover soz x"

William's blue eyes opened wide as he laid back, he took a deep breath in,
and felt his stiff hard cock throb.

He allowed himself to enjoy a few strong strokes of his cock, before calling Kelly.

No answer.

He tried again a few minutes later.

Still no answer.

A few more minutes pass, when his phone beeps.

"soz cant talk with my mouth full ;) x"

Upon reading that message, William's cock felt harder than ever before. He immediately pictured his beautiful loving Kelly choking on another man's huge thick cock right at that precise time.
He imagined the look of pure ecstasy on her gorgeous face, with her sweet pink lips, the very same lips he kisses every day, wrapped tightly around the engorged member of a stud. He could hear in his mind the wet sloppy sounds of her sucking with spit lubricating the thick shaft of the man's cock has he thrusts it in and out of her mouth.

He didn't realise it but he was now full on masturbating to the saucy thoughts.

He forgot his confusing new feelings and just enjoyed the titillating thrilling excitement of knowing his woman is getting sweet pleasure from another man.

More thoughts raced into his mind, thoughts of a strong powerful man taking his fiancé from behind, shoving his huge cock up inside her soaking wet hot pussy, stretching it like William's 5" cock could never do. Pounding her like a prize bull, pleasing and pleasuring her in ways William could never hope to do. Suddenly, his cum spewed forth from his swollen purple helmet, and at that precise moment, he imagined the stud emptying his load of cum into Kelly's pussy.

Breathing a huge sigh of relief, William sat forward, his cum dripping down his fingers, and grabbed some tissues from the coffee-table and cleaned himself up. Even though he just orgasmed, he couldn't help but keep picturing the scene of the bull standing back and watching as his hot thick spunk oozes down the crack of Kelly's vagina and dripping onto the bed.

Oddly enough, he even thought of himself laying under his fiancé as he just lets the cum drip onto his face. He couldn't understand why that thought excited him, as he's always been a strait guy.

As the excitement started to die down, he picked up his phone to send Kelly a text.

"hope your having fun baby :) luv u x"

An hour or so later, his phone beeps a reply.

"soz yeh I did, I shuld tell u tho, Alex isnt just my lover hes my sugar daddy x"

William replied:

"wat do u mean? x"

Kelly replied:

"I did quit my job when I met Alex a few months ago then I started 'working nights' ;) he treats me so good hon u'll be happy 2 hear he treats me like a princess and spoils me like 1 aswell ;) x"

William replied:

"im glad 2 hear that :) x"

Kelly replied:

"so r u happy with alex being my lover and sugar daddy?"

William replied:

"yes my luv very happy :) x"

Having just sent that message, he suddenly felt really comfortable, like as if Kelly had just given him a big cuddle. He realised submitting to her like that was the most natural thing in the world for him to do, as though it was always his calling in life to become a cuckold to her.

"good :) Im glad ur happy with this arrangement coz if u wasnt id dump u 4 alex! lol x"

His heartstrings had a sudden twang. He felt both hurt but excited upon reading that message,
like as if his heart and cock had just received a small jolt of electricity.
He couldn't contain his excitement and sent her a text:

"LUV U!! :D x"

Which Kelly replied with a cool:

"luv u 2, im bringing him over then so u can meet him now that u know of our secret luv
that's ok with u isnt it? :) x"

Suddenly feeling nervous, William pressed ahead and replied:

"ok that's fine babe I look 4ward 2 it :) x"

Some time had passed, William tidied up a little and paced up and down nervously, when finally the front door opened and in walked his gorgeous Kelly, holding the hand of a tall very athletic looking guy dressed up in a tight black sleeveless t-shirt which showed off his thick muscly arms and a pair of dark blue jean cargo shorts. He had short black hair, a white gold earring in one ear and a white gold chain d****d around his neck.
No doubt this fine specimen of a stud is Alex.

"Baby, this is Alex." Kelly beamed with a proud smile.

"Nice to meet you." William awkwardly said as Kelly turned and wrapped her arms around Alex's neck and snogged him passionately. Alex very deliberately placed his hands onto her gorgeous shapely bum of her tight black jeans and gave both cheeks a good squeeze in his big manly hands.

William just stood there watching. He gulped at seeing his fiancé being handled this way.

She then stopped snogging and grabbed the scruff of his shirt and pulled him with her to the sofa.
She sat down on it pushing him onto her to continue their fiery snog.

"Uh..." William could only utter, feeling so useless and awkward just standing there in the room watching the action from the sidelines.

She pulled Alex's top up over his head and threw it to the floor, barely losing any contact between their lips. William noticed Alex had a rippling athletic body with washboard abs.

He pulled her pink t-shirt off her and practically ripped her black bra off, throwing the items of clothing beside him onto the floor.

He then pulled her jeans off and took his shorts off.

William was stunned upon seeing how well-hung this stud is. At least 9" of solid meat.
It was making his average 5" cock seem pathetic in comparison...

"Wait, wait." Kelly breathlessly uttered, stopping her stud for a moment. She then wrapped her legs around his hips and in one swift movement they both moved together so Alex was now sitting on the sofa with Kelly sat on top of his thick muscly thighs. She snogged him some more as she grinded her moist hot pussy against his raging huge cock.

She then sat up and placed one hand onto his throbbing thick cock, gave it a couple of rubs, and then held his real big thick dark pink helmet against the hole of her now
wet smooth hairless pussy.

Slowly, she eases herself down onto it, his cock slowly but surely disappearing from view up inside her tight pussy. She softly groaned, obviously used to his size now.

She started slowly rocking back and forth as she snogged him some more.

"Aww you want something to do here, baby?" She startled William, asking him that. He was sure he was invisible to them both as he had just been stood there ignored by the horny pair.

"Yeah." He nervously nodded. His knees felt weak has he tried to hide his anxious shaking.

"Hmmm come lick my ass then." She breathlessly sigh before returning her lips back onto her stud's.

William walked over to them, got down onto his knees between Alex's legs and leaned in close.
He hesitated as he took in the sight of seeing his fiancé's gorgeous slightly plump ass up close, rocking back and forth with her crack rolling over her lover's big smooth balls.
He realised there was no way he was going to be able to lick her ass without the bottom of his tongue also rubbing against the stud's huge manly balls.

"Well go on then baby hmmmm... Lick my ass..." She moaned strongly.

He gulped and held his tongue out. Alex had his strong firm hands held onto each beautiful buttock of Kelly's ass and then pulled them apart a little. How very helpful of him.
With a little bit of an easier access, William leaned the tip of his wet tongue in and pushed it up against Kelly's sweaty bumhole.

He'd never licked her bum before, or any one else's bum for that matter as he was a virgin when he first got with her, so he didn't know what to expect, but found the taste to be very pleasing.

Every time she rocked her hips forward, his tongue got trapped between her asshole and the top of Alex's balls, only to be released again when she rocked her ass back towards his face.

He licked her very obediently, as her moans and groans of pleasure got louder and louder.
Suddenly, with a loud yet almost breathless scream, her asshole began twitching and pulsating against his tongue, as well as the muscles inside her pussy began twitching uncontrollably around Alex's huge rock hard cock - she was cumming loads.

Alex groaned in pleasure, no doubt feeling her hot pussy juice covering his cock.

After she came, she relaxed her body and let her ass sink right down on his lap and balls as she sat full weight on him. Unfortunately for William, this meant having his tongue trapped fully between her asshole and his balls, but she didn't seem to notice or care, she was buzzing too much from the pleasure.

"Your so good, thank you..." She breathlessly praised Alex before snogging him.

William could only imagine how nice it must feel for Alex to have his huge hard cock nestled so comfortably inside her pussy as she just sat there snogging him.

Finally, she got up off him, as Alex stood up.

"It's my turn to cum now." He said firmly, as he roughly grabbed her hips and turned her around so she was on her knees on the sofa, her ass proudly sticking up in the air. He barged his hulking frame in the way of William, who fell onto to the side of his knees on the floor beside them.

"Oooh yeah, cum for me baby!" Kelly cooed to her impassioned lover, giving her ass a little teasing wiggle towards him, like waving a red flag to a bull.

He smacked her ass with a gleeful grin on his handsome chiselled face, and grabbed hold of his huge throbbing cock with his other hand holding onto her curvy hip, and pushed and rubbed his thick heavy shaft against her wet asshole. This made her moan loads.

He then started jerking his huge piece of solid meat furiously.

"Hmmmm fuck yeah! Cum right down my dirty little crack!" She groaned closing her eyes.

He let out a gruff moan and spewed his hot thick creamy cum all over her bumcheeks and with a final splooge of the hot thick luid, right over her crack.

"Ahhh yeah I fucking love it!" She cried with pleasure.
"Fuck your cum's so hot hmmmmm - can feel it running right down my crack - fuck...!!"

He rubbed his throbbing helmet against her cum-soaked hole then took a step back to
admire his work. Panting.

"You going to just sit there while I'm covered in cum?" Kelly looked down towards William and asked him in a slightly mocking tone of voice.

"Wha-?" William responded, a little dazed and confused.

"You heard me, I'm covered in another man's cum and need to be cleaned, and you're going to lick me clean, aren't you?." She chirped.

"Yeah baby, I'll clean you." William replied submissively.

He got back up onto his knees, with Kelly still proudly sticking her gorgeous butt up in the air.

"Start with my cheeks, and then do my crack." She instructed him, placing her finger into a dribble of cum on her cheek and then onto her crack to show where he is to lick before putting her finger to her mouth to lick the small slime of cum off it. She moaned as she enjoyed the taste.

"Ok, sweetheart." William submitted as he held his tongue out and licked up the slimey trails of salty cum. He scrunched his face up, trying his best not to dwell on the fact that he's licking another man's sperm.

"There's a good guy, now for my crack..." Kelly smiled.

William leaned it and with one big long slow deliberate lick, he scooped most of the cum up off her crack and swallowed it, before leaning back in to lick it more. He licked and licked 'til her taut little brown hole was all clean.

"Hmmm good boy, is it all clean now?" Kelly cooed.

"Yeah baby, all clean." William answered, licking his lips.

"Does it smell good?" She smirked.

William leaned in and had a little sniff.

"Yeah baby, but I can still smell the scent of Alex's cum." He confessed. This made Kelly giggle.

"Awww does it, well get used to it baby, my face, ass and pussy is always going to smell of him and his sexy spunk"" She chimed, feeling very pleased with herself.
"But you're ok with that, aren't you?"

"Yeah, my love." William submitted.

She then quickly wiped her fingers around her bumcheeks and along her crack to check if William did a good job of cleaning her up before standing up.

William remained seated on the floor as she fell into the arms of her lover, passionately smooching him right infront of William.

"Shall we take things to the bedroom?" She looked up into Alex's deep brown eyes,
with fire in hers.

"Fuck yeah!" Alex beamed, giving her naked bum a playful slap. She beamed with a big smile as she took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom.

"Come along too, William, you're going to be doing a lot of cleaning up tonight!" She smirked.

William stood up and followed behind them, his head bowed down and his cock swollen hard and fit to burst with cum in his pants. He knew though that his cock will be seeing very little action, it's very evident to him that only his tongue is required by Kelly.

All 3 of them walked into the bedroom; William, his fiancé Kelly and her lover, about to have a night of pure cuckold fun!
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