A Dungeon Holiday: Part 2

Hours slowly tick pass, my arms begin to ache like hell as I'm suspended above the floor from the ceiling on the meathook.

I look around at the others hanging with me, they all too look sore and tired. Some of them are lucky enough to be asl**p. I had no idea of what time it was or how many days have passed since I was d**gged and bought here.

No one seemed able to talk, god knows I couldn't, felt like I had a large weight wrapped around my vocal cords. I kept passing in and out of consciousness, 'til suddenly a loud metallic bang woke me from my slumber.

"Good evening!" a shrill cheery voice enthusiastically shouted. I looked up and saw a recognisable face that's very easy on my eyes. It was the girl
who had d**gged me.

"Come on, wake up all you lazy bones!" She grinned looking around at us all, finally resting her powerful green eyes on me.

"Today's a special day. Mistress is coming soon." She explained. She then walked up to me placing her supple pink lips to my ear,
"She's also going to give me my special reward for capturing you!"
The elven beauty whispered before giggling like a little schoolgirl.

I tried to speak but couldn't.

Suddenly, more of the elven girls dressed in white came into the room, all rushing about, making sure everything is in it's place and tidy.

"She's coming! Mistress is coming!" One of them shouted anxiously. They all took up their places by the side of the door, awaiting thier queen.

A minute passed when finally, in walked that tall dark stunning goddess, dressed in her typical black leather skimpy outfit.
The young girls bowed their head. Following behind her was Red, the young redheaded woman who she made into her human dog, crawling behind her owner
on her hands and knees.

The pale-skinned mistress walked around confidently, inspecting us naked hung up people as though we're cattle. She stopped infront of me.

"Yes, yes, this one is very good..." She muttered to herself, she grabbed my chin with her hand and turned my head from side to side,
"Nice strong jawline... Good cheeks... Lovely eyes..." She continued, moving her finger up to press against my lips, "Nice soft lips..."
I blushed a little, not expecting such compliments from her. She then slowly ran the palm of her hand down my chest, over my belly and firmly cupped my hairless warm balls. I took a sharp intact of breath
as she gave them a little squeeze.

"Hmm yes, feels loaded with good stock..." She muttered, and then felt up my fleshy manhood,
"Not a bad size either..." She smiled before letting go.
She turned around to look at her entourage.

"Buttercup, am I correct in saying it was you who collected him?"
She asked looking at the girl with the green eyes.

"Yes, Mistress, it was me." She looked up at her and answered.

"You did well, and as promised, you shall recieve a reward of your choosing." The mistress lovingly stated.

"Thank you, Mistress!" Buttercup replied, hardly containing her excitement.

Mistress then turned back round to look at me, as I dangled helplessly
infront of her.

"I wish to have him tonight. Take him down, prepare and wash him, and bring him to me." She demanded.

"Yes, Mistress." All of the young beautiful girls replied.

"Erm- M-M-Mistress?" Buttercup's small voice crept out. All eyes from the girls turned to her, almost shocked. Mistress folded her arms looking a little cross, her large brown eyes burned deeply into Buttercup's.

"What?" Mistress asked impatiently.

"A-about my reward..." She began.

"Spit it out, girl." Mistress snapped.

"May I try him out first?" She asked before immediately bowing her head, looking very nervous.

"Hm..." Mistress paused to think, "I did promise you a reward of your choosing, and I am a woman of my word... Fine, you can have him first."

"Oh, thank you very much Mistress!" Buttercup beamed with a big smile.

"There is just one thing though..." Mistress interrupted, walking right up to her, "If you ever make another outburst like that to me again,
I'll give you 2 weeks in the pit!"

"Y-y-yes Mistress, I'm s-sorry..." Buttercup quivered,
bowing her head down once more.

"Now get down on your knees, kiss my boot, and thank me for being
so lenient on you this time." She demanded.

"Yes, Mistress." Buttercup replied and instantly dropped to her knees, she then bent over forward pressing her lips to the top of Mistress's
thigh-high leather heeled boots and proceeded to kiss it loads. "Thank you, Mistress." She kept saying inbetween kisses.

"Enough, get up." Mistress told her after about 20 kisses, Buttercup stopped and got back up onto her feet, slyly rubbing her wet pink lips with her thumb.

"Right, Buttercup, you're in charge of him," Mistress began, pointing to me, "take him down and do as you please with him. Just make sure
he's washed thoroughly after your done and send him to be prepared for me, I got some plans for him."

"Yes, Mistress." Buttercup replied with a glint of excitement in her eyes.

"That is all, come along girls, Red need's feeding..." Mistress instructed before turning and heading out the door with the girls and Red, leaving
Buttercup behind in the room, who was eagerly eyeing me up.

When the door closed, Buttercup sprang over to me,
"I've been looking forward to this!"

"You're going to be good for me, aren't you?" She asked, running her hands up and down my sides. I still couldn't speak, so I nodded my head.

"Good," She smiled and winked, "I knew you would be."

She reached up and released my hands from the rope that had me tied up
to the hook. I fell and landed awkwardly causing me to stumble down onto the cold red-tiled floor. She just crossed her arms and chuckled as I stiffly got up onto my knees, rubbing my aching arms.

"Come along, mister, I only got a few hours with you." She ordered cheerily.

I stood up and brushed myself down, still feeling uneasy about
being naked infront of everyone.

"Follow me." She smiled, before turning to head for the door, I obediently followed behind her, having to walk fast to keep up with her.

Outside the room was a narrow dark corridor, at the end of which was a spiralling staircase. We made our way up and turned into a long fancy
corridor which lead to an even fancier huge manor hall. Both of our barefeet on the stone flooring made a slapping sound which echoed throughout the large red patterned walls. She lead me up these big marble stairs, and then turned to head down another fancy corridor. Stopping at a decorative white marble door. She opened it and inside was a pastel pink room, mostly empty though apart from a white fluffy sofa. There was a few other white doors around the room.

"Well here we are, this is our room." She grinned.

"Looks nice." I muttered. "Hey wait, I can talk!" I cheered feeling
a weight lift off my lungs as I entered the room.

"Yeah, Mistress's spells has no effect here." She told.

"What do you mean, spells?" I puzzled.

"Well you know, she has a lot of influence over the occult." She explained.

"You mean... She's like a witch?" I inquired.

"Kind of, it's hard to explain. Just know, she's very powerful
so don't get on the wrong side of her!" She warned with a chuckle.

"So... What are you then?" I investigated.

"I'm Buttercup." She answered.

"I got that, I mean if she's 'kind of' like a witch, what does that make you?" I puzzled further.

"I'm half girl, half fairy. My dad was a normal man, like you, but my mother was a fairy. All us bleach-blonde girls are half-breeds, and when we was born we was put into servitude for Mistress, she's our queen and we do every and anything she wishes." She explained.

"Sounds tough..." I retorted.

"It's not always a bed of roses," She admitted, "but it has it's rewards. I'm very close to my fellow s****rs, and we always find ways of
having fun with eachother..." She winked seductively.

"Oh yeah, do you play hide and go seek with eachother?" I joked.

"No!" She laughed, "We do play other games though, such as strip-twister,"
She teased, "we're always having pillow fights and tickle fights too,
it's always like one big sl**pover for us, and we sure get up to a lot of naughty things with eachother when no else is around!" She began to blush.

I felt my cock grow a little at the thought, she must have noticed as she looked down at my excited member and looked back up at me
smiling that cute sexy smile of hers.

"Enough chatting, I didn't bring you here for a chat!" She grinned walking up to me. She put her hands on me feeling my naked body up.
My cock grew even bigger feeling her warm touch. She slid her hands behind my back and grabbed hold of my bumcheeks, squeezing them.
She then leaned her mouth closer to my lips and brushed them with hers.

"I've never been with a man before..." She whispered, my lips tingled with the feel of her warm sweet breath on them. She then pushed her pink
soft lips against mine and kissed me. I kissed back. She opened her cute mouth a little, and pushed her sweet wet tongue into my mouth.
Our tongues hooked around eachothers, turning our little kiss into
a steamy smooch. I glided my hands around the slim curves of her hips,
and slowly ran my hands down her thighs, going up under her
white flowing dress. I felt my way up over the small mound of her pert cheeky bum to massage her silky smooth cheeks.
It was very clear to me that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Hmmmm..." She softly groaned, kissing me.

I very slowly ran my fingers between her cheeks, down her crack and teased her little hole with a soft and gently rub. She moaned more.
I felt her doing the same with my butt. I pulled her hips closer to mine,
she felt my now bulging cock pushing against her crotch. If it weren't
for the fabric of her white dress getting in the way,
I would have been penetrating her.

"Hmmm your very eager, aren't you?" She softly groaned, pulling her mouth a few inches away from mine.

"Yeah..." I moaned, trying to pull her back in for more. She placed her hands onto my bare chest and stopped me.

"Not yet, big boy." She teased, licking her lips. She then put her hands onto the bottom of her dress and lifted it up, I helped her pull her dress off, revealing all of her naked young body. I cupped her little pert breasts in my hands, and stroked her hard raisin like nipples with my fingers.

"Hmmm that feels good..." She moaned.

She leaned in to kiss me again, this time pressing her naked chest onto my body.

"Come with me." She instructed, taking hold of my hand and leading me to
one of the doors. She opened it and I realised it was her bedroom.
There was 10 beds altogether in the room, this must be
the girls shared bedroom. She took me over to one of the beds, stood me with my back to it and pushed me down onto it, giggling as she did. She then jumped on top of me, my naked body trapped between her milky thighs.

I noticed a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs hooked up to the posts of the bed. She grabbed my wrists and held them up above my head,
where she quickly cuffed my arms to the bedposts.

"I want you helpless." She chuckled, her green eyes burning with passion.
I didn't put up any resistance at all. She then stood up, looking down at me with a big smile on her pretty face, obviously enjoying having me
right where she wants me.

"It makes a change this, usually it's me being tied up by my fellow s****rs!" She chuckled revealingly. My large cock throbbed ever more.

She turned around, her back now facing me, and she knelt down
resting herself on me. I admired her cute naked bum which was straddling the lower half of my toned belly. She giggled a little nervously as she took hold of my stiff cock in her hand.

"I've never had a real one of these before," She groaned, "I've always longed for a taste..."

She softly rubbed my 7inched member up and down in her hand,
pulling back my tight foreskin so I was entirely exposed.

"Hmmmm looks good enough to eat..." She softly moaned.
She moved her body up my belly a little mfurther as she leaned her face down closer to my crotch. She held me in her tight grip as she pulled her warm wet tongue out and gave my dark pink acorn helmet a long slow lick.
I groaned with pleasure as she did.

"Oooh that tastes good...!" She groaned, hungry for more. She gave me
more slow licks. She then opened her mouth and sucked my hard throbbing bell up into her dark warm soggy mouth, where she began to suck.

"Ahhhh fuck..." I moaned pleasurably.

She sucked me off like a pro, I couldn't believe she hadn't done it before
as she was very good. Expertly pleasuring me with her mouth.
It didn't take much at all 'til she had me cumming. I moaned and groaned
and hummed loudly as I felt my hot sticky white goo splurge right out of me into her mouth. She was moaning too as she got a real good mouthful
of my salty yoghurt. She stopped sucking, lifted her head up and
swallowed it all down.

"Hmmm fuck you taste so good!" She happily groaned.
"Mistress is going to love the taste of you..."

She leaned back down and licked my excess cum from off of my throbbing cock. She then moved further up my body, her back still turned to me and
stopped when her cute sexy butt was right infront of my face.

"That didn't take much, did it?" She teased me and softly chuckled.
"I think it's time for you to return the favour." She grinned
looking over her shoulder at me.

"It'll be my pleasure." I winked, licking my lips.

"Before I give you my sweet pussy, I want to find out if your tongue
is worthy of it," She teased, "so you're going to give me a good rimming!"

"Hmmm ok Ms." I responded.

She pulled her smooth cheeks apart, revealing her small little pucker,
"Lick my little hole."

I lifted my head up and leaned it closer to her sexy ass, holding the tip of my tongue out and slowly swiped her hot little butthole with it.
She tasted so good, I kept licking her pinkish brown crinkled ring,
teasing rubbing and massaging it with my wet tongue. She let go of her cheeks and rested her bum right on my face, sitting fully on me as though my face was a cushion, and just enjoyed having her ass licked.

She kepted involuntarily rocking her wet silky smooth pussy back and forth on my chin as I licked and licked and licked her sweet tasty crack.

"Hmmmmm yeaaahh... You've done this before... Ahhh, fuck..." She groaned.
I felt her hole relax and she pushed herself right onto my tongue,
making it very clear that she wants me to go inside,
which I did without hesitation. My tongue darted in and out a couple of inches inside of her, she was so very tight and she got immense pleasure from it.

"Hmmm your tongue is more than worthy for my pussy," She finally told me,
"go ahead and please it..." With that, I traced the tip of my
eager tongue down from her tight little pucker and pressed it against her soaking wet pussy. Lapping up her juices, she sat herself directly over my mouth, giving my tongue all the access it needs to pleasure her.

I licked around her velvety furless slits and licked her firm
cherry-coloured clit. I then pushed all of my tongue up inside her.
Even her soggy pussy hole felt almost as tight as her bumhole, she wasn't k**ding when she said she's never had a man before. She was thoroughly
enjoying the new experience though, riding my tongue and face
like she's sat on a rocking horse. She kept putting her fingers to clit while my tongue was lapping in and out of her hole to stroke it violently.

"Ahhhh god yeaaahh...! Hmmm fucking hell...! I'm so close- I'm so close...! Hmmmm shit yeeaahh....!" She screamed.

I suddenly felt a surge of very warm sweet liquid pour over my tongue whilst it's inside her. She was screaming louder than ever.
I did it, I made her cum!

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" She panted loudly. "Shit, that felt good!"

I just laid there lapping up her clear tasty juice as she stayed
sat on my face. She even arched her back with her arms up in the air to have herself a little stretch, in no hurry at all to get off me. After a few moments though, she finally got off me and stood at the side of the bed,
looking down at me.

"That was real good..." She sighed.

"Glad you enjoyed it." I smiled, still real wet around the mouth.

"Mistress is definitely going to have fun with you!" She beamed.

"You got me all dirty now, I best go have a shower." She stated running her hands over her hot now slightly sweaty body.

"What about me?" I grinned sheepishly.

"Oh don't worry, my s****rs will be here soon to prepare you for Mistress."
She smiled.

"Aren't you going to untie me first?" I asked.

"Where's the fun in that?!" She laughed.

"I really should untie you, my s****rs are very sexually aggresive and seeing a hot naked guy tied up all helplessly like you are- well you'll
stand no chance at all!" She continued, chuckling,
"But I'm sure you won't complain about the extra attention!"

I gulped, suddenly feeling very vulnerable and more like a
piece of meat than a man.

"It's ok, don't be scared," She reassured, "they won't actually fuck you,
we keep ourselfs pure of men and would never let a guy's cock into our special lady gardens... Only fingers and tongues are allowed!" She laughed once more, and then headed out the room to the washroom.

A few minutes later, I heard another door open and shut from the other room, with the sound of girlie voices, talking and laughing. I realised it was those
half-breeds like Buttercup coming for me. I saw the bedroom door open and in they walked. They stopped and gawped at me, before pointing and laughing.

"Well well well, looks like Buttercup's already had her way with this one!"
One of the girls commented.

"It's not fair, she gets him all to herself!" Another stated.

"If only if he was all tied up and helpless, we could all have our way with him aswell right now..." Another sarcastically said.

"Hey wait, he totally is!" One more chipped in. The girls all laughed and started taking their white dresses off.
They all jumped onto the bed, grabbing and pulling at my body.

"We're going to have fun with this one!" One cheered to another.

I was helpless to do anything, just had to lay there and take whatever
they do to me. They were very aggresive, almost primal in their actions,
like a wild pack of lionesses tearing up a zebra.

In all the commotion of hands, feet and womanly flesh surrounding and flying about my body, I caught a glimpse of Buttercup stood naked at the doorway of the washroom, just watching on and smiling.
She waved at me, blew me a kiss, and then headed back into the bathroom.

Closing the door behind her, leaving me to be helplessly eaten alive...
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