A Dungeon Holiday

It was an early evening on a cold late October’s day. I was sat at the bar of an eerily quiet old pub. I was tired having been travelling sightseeing around the small coastal town where I was holidaying, all I wanted was a little drink before heading back off to my hotel.

“Is this seat taken?” A small delicate voice broke the silence.

“Oh, um, no.” I answered looking up from my beer glass to see a beautiful young bleached-blonde girl, she didn’t look a day over 17.

“Thanks.” She chirped, pulling up the barstool and sitting down beside me. “My usual, please.” She told the creepy old scruffy bartender,
who was wiping down an empty glass.

“Come here often, then?” I cheesily smirked as I looked into
her piercing green eyes.

“It’s a regular haunt.” She replied coldly.

I studied her young face, she looked flawless and pure, her features were almost elven. She was wearing a flowing white short dress, the fringe of her short bleached hair almost covered her right eye.

“What’s your poison?” She asked, looking at my nearly empty beer

“I was only having a quick Bud.” I answered.

“You should try the special.” She responded.

“Oh yeah, what’s the special?” I enquired.

“One special, please.” She stated to the grumpy barkeep, who nodded. Within a minute, he placed a mug infront of me, I peered inside and saw
what looked like a dark purple liquid.

“What’s in it?” I asked, a little unsure about it.

“Just try it, you’ll like it.” She winked seductively.

I placed the mug to my lips and took a sip.

“Ooh, it’s very bitter!” I squirmed with my face screwed up.

“Here, try sweetening it with this.” She giggled, pulling out a little vial she had attached to her necklace. The small glass vial contained a yellow liquid. I was even more unsure now but her charms were impossible for me to refuse. She twisted the tiny top off the vial and poured the syrupy golden liquid into the mug. I watched as the purple drink changed to green inside the mug.

“Try it now.” She insisted.

Again, I placed the mug to my mouth and took another sip.

“Hm, that’s better.” I stated, tasting the now rather sweet and fruity flavoured drink.

“It’s better if you down it in one.” She smiled.

“You’re not just doing this to get free drinks from me, are you?” I joked before taking the mug and downing it all in one go.

I suddenly felt strange, like as if the shadows in the old bar-room were closing in on me. I felt dizzy and my vision suddenly blurred. I looked towards the young seductress, who was inturn staring back at me
with a big grin on her face.

“Nighty night.” She whispered, as I suddenly felt my heavy eyes close on me, and with that, there was complete darkness.


I awoke, my eyes stung as they adjusted to the bright light of the room I was in. I strained my blurry eyes to try and see my surroundings. I was upright, but didn't feel like I was standing. Finally, my eyesight adjusted. I looked up and saw my arms above my head, I had rope wrapped around my wrists and between them was a meathook. I was being hung up off the ground from the ceiling.

I looked around the cold grey-tiled room. I saw a bunch of other people in the same prediciment as me. They were all young adults, no one older than 30.
Men and women, us all lined up in a row. They were naked and I realised I was naked too. I felt so exposed and vulnerable. I tried to speak but felt my throat tightened. There was nothing to stop me from talking but try as hard as I might I just couldn't make a sound.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang.

I sharply turned my head to the doorway, the big steel door had slammed open and in walked a bunch of young looking girls, they were dressed the same as the young girl from the bar. They even looked similar to her, they had the same coloured hair, the same elven features. One of them looked at me, and I noticed it was the same one from the bar, it was her striking green eyes that gave it away. She slyly smiled at me.

There was 10 of them, and they all went around looking at us hanging on the hooks. They was giggling as they poked and prodded us.

"Sshh! She's coming!" One of them alarmed. They quickly lined up
infront of the doorway, 5 on each side.

Moments later, in walked this tall black-haired woman. She looked in her middle-30s, and was pale, but very beautiful. Her big brown eyes were surrounded with black eyeshadow, and she wore shiny black lipstick. She was dressed in black too, leather high-heeled boots they went up to her thighs. Black crotchless stockings that were hung into place by a black leather corset, and she had a long black leather overcoat on. She was at least
6ft tall with an hourglass figure.

The young bleached-haired girls bowed their heads as she walked in. It was clear that this woman in black had a real aura of power about her.

"Ahh, just what I like to see," She began, "Fresh meat!" She licked her lips and eyed each and every one of us up. She walked around us, inspecting us from head to toe, front to back and back to front. She grabbed at our flesh, pinching and squeezing the guys knobs, balls and buttocks, and the women she squeezed their breasts and bums.

"These are good pickings." She smiled.

She stood infront of me, eyed me up and grabbed at me.

"Who picked this one?" She demanded.
The young girl from the bar raised her hand.

"I did, Mistress." She shyly answered.

"You done well," The dark mistress praised,
"I shall see to it that your justly rewarded."

The young girl smiled proudly, and then winked at me.

"I won't have him yet though," The mistress stated, "he's still too fresh, I'll have him matured here for a while."

She then strolled along the line of us folks hanging up. She stopped infront of a young redheaded woman, who was quivering with fear.

"I'll have this one tonight." She stated and turned to head out the door.
"Have her washed and prepared for me." She demanded as she walked off.

The young girls obeyed and quickly unhooked the poor woman from the hook. They wrapped a blindfold around her eyes and dragged her off out the room.


A few hours slowly passed by.
The elven girls in white walked into the room and pressed a button on the wall. A rectangle part of wall opened up and from out of it, a flatscreened tv slid out. One girl then pressed the 'on' button.

"Enjoy the show, guys and girls." She smirked and headed out of
the room with the others.

On the screen showed a very clear live CCTV feed. I could see a single plastic chair in a large empty dimly lit room. At the end of the room,
a large double door opened up and in walked two female twins. They looked quite muscular and were holding a long strait staff each. They stood by the sides of the door, and in walked the dark haired mistress from earlier, only this time all she had on was her thigh-high leather heeled boots and stockings. She had big round supple breasts with pert small nipples. She walked over and sat down on the chair with her legs crossed looking towards the door.

"Bring her in!" She demanded, and with that, the redheaded woman from earlier nervously walked in. She still had a blindfold on, and her arms
were now tied behind her back.

"Over here!" The mistress commanded her, and the scared woman slowly stumbled over towards her. She tripped over and landed with her
face right by the mistress's feet.

"Oh I like it, she knows her place already!" She laughed, pressing the toe of her boot to the frightened lady's lips. The redhead shuddered
away from her feet.

"How dare you move away from your mistress's feet!" She snapped at her defenceless victim. "When I give you my boot, you shall kiss it!"

Again, the mistress pressed the toe of her boot to the woman's lips and this time, the woman nervously kissed it.

"That's better, you shall learn your place yet!" She triumphantly retorted. She then stood up with her boot pressed down onto the woman's pretty face
and looked down at her subject.

"That's right where you belong. You're beneath me, you pathetic little worm!" She gloated.

"You're here for my pleasure, so you better please me." She smirked watching the sole of her boot being kissed.

"That's enough." She suddenly told, stepping her foot off the woman's mouth and back down onto the cold tiled floor.

"On your knees, dog." She firmly commanded, her scared victim nervously obeying.
"Yeah, your nothing but a dog, aren't you," She continued taunting, "and like all dogs, you love sniffing at your owners crotch!" with that she quickly grabbed her head and f***ed her face between her thighs, pressing the woman's mouth and nose onto her naked shaven pussy.

The woman yelped and tried to move away but the mistress was too strong and held her head in place.

"You know you love it, you pathetic bitch!" She laughed as her victim struggled to get away. She finally let go, and the woman's head jolted backwards as she fell back onto the floor.

"Please stop..." The woman whimpered, with tears rolling down from her blindfold.

"Did a mouse just squeek? Oh wait it was you." The mistress quipped,
"Don't talk, dogs like you can't talk."

"P-please..." The woman quivered. The mistress leant down and gave her a short sharp slap across the cheek.

"Don't you dare disobey me! Another word from you and you'll get the whip!"
She sternly warned.

The woman didn't say another word, her chin crinkled up as she wept.

"Oh how silly of me, dogs sniff bums instead of vaginas, don't they?"
The mistress giggled. "Come on then bitch, you can smell mine." She turned around and leaned forward, her hands resting on the plastic chair.

The woman didn't know what to do, she daren't disobey her mistress but she sure didn't like the sound of smelling another woman's ass.

"I'm waiting..." The mistress sang impatiently, slowly swaying her hips from side to side.

Very hesitantly, the woman got back up onto her knees and crawled forward towards the mistress. She stopped when she felt the warm flesh of the mistress's thigh against her face and then very nervously and slowly,
she rubbed her nose up over and across the naked smooth cheeks of
her peachy round butt. She caught the strong smell of her crack as her nose hovered above it and she quickly stopped.

"Take a good. Long. Whiff..." The mistress chuckled.

The woman tried to fake it by just breathing through her mouth.

"Oh you cheat! How dare you!" She snapped at her.
"For that, I'm going to smother you!"

The mistress reached around grabbing the woman's flame red hair on the back of her head, and f***ed her face into her bumcheeks. She held it there tightly as the woman began to struggle. Her nose was trapped between her cheeks and her mouth was squashed against the silky slits of her pussy, unable to get any air into her lungs at all. She tried to scream but only a
muffled groan could be heard.

"Struggle all you want, bitch, the only air you'll get is when I release you, or if I decide to grace you with a fart directly into your pathetic little
nostrils," The mistress cruelly taunted, "and you'll be grateful for it too!"

An agonisingly long 40 seconds passed until the mistress finally let her head go. The woman leaned back gasping for oxygen, her face turned a shade of red that nearly matched the colour of her hair.

"You made my ass wet with your tears, stupid dog!" The mistress snapped, rubbing the wet skin of her cheeks.

"Oh well, are you going to be a good little doggy and sniff your owner's perfect ass now, or do I have to smother you again 'til you pass out?"
The mistress inquired.

The woman whimpered submissively still panting for air and leaned her face forward, placing her little button nose between the mistress's firm naked ass and started to obediently smell it. She kept coughing after a few sniffs as she experienced the strange new musky smell.

"There, that's better," She smiled, "see, it's not so bad, is it?"
"Then again, it might not be smelling so fresh," She giggled,
"afterall, it hasn't been washed today. Can you think of something that's small
and wet enough to clean my asshole? Something that's conveniently very close to it already? Hm? Like, I don't know, maybe your tongue?"

The woman suddenly stopped sniffing, realising what her mistress is after.

"Oh no!" She panickly thought to herself. She's never been with a woman before, and she's never even thought about licking a guy's ass before so the thought of doing it to a woman made her feel sick to her stomach.

"Please no, not that!" She thought, her knees trembling.

"Go on, dog, lick my ass clean." The mistress demanded.

The woman was too scared to obey. She tried to stick her tongue out but her nerves got the better of her and turned her head away.

The mistress was angered by this and turned around to slap the woman.
"What did I say to you, bitch?! Don't disobey me!"

The woman tried to hold her sore face but having her arms bound behind her back meant she couldn't, and more tears streamed down her face. She could only lay there crying as the mistress walked over to her. She stood above her and sat down on top of her chest. She had her legs arched up with her feet flat on the floor at the sides of the woman's head.

"You're going to lick my ass one way or another, bitch, I suggest you make it as easy for yourself as possible, or I'll make you suffer."
The mistress warned with a grin on her gorgeous pale face. "Ok?"

"O-o-ok..." The poor woman whimpered.

"That's 'ok MISTRESS' to you!" The mistress sternly retorted,
slapping the frightened woman again.

"Now, hold that tongue out, dog." She ordered, the woman nervously did as she was told and held her pink wet tongue out. The mistress slowly moved forward, pushing the woman's tongue into the gap under her now moist pussy. The tip of her tongue wiggled against the small brown hole, slowly licking it clean.

The woman was surprised by the taste, well it didn't really taste much of anything just like wet skin really. Smells stronger than what it tastes,
and as long as she didn't actually think about what bodypart she's licking,
the woman managed to not feel too queasy about it.

"Hmmm yeah..." The mistress groaned happily, "Lick it good... Ahhh yeah..."
She slid her hand down her smooth belly right down 'til her fingers were against her hairless pussy and began to finger herself. The feel of a warm wet tongue rolling around her asshole while her fingers are stroking her pink wet slits and firm clit felt extremely good to her.

I noticed the mistress's two bodyguards at the door were watching on and touching themselfs up too, they were clearly turned on by the sight.
The only one who wasn't turned on was the defenceless redhead licking ass,
but it's not like there was anything she could do about it.

"Ahhh your tongue feels good on my butthole," The mistress moaned, "bet it feels even better on my pussy. Lick it." She repositioned herself slightly so the woman could get her tongue right on it. She gulped and obeyed her mistress. She pushed her tongue against the wet fleshy lips of her shavened vagina.
She was shocked, unlike her asshole, which she was beginning to like the taste of, her pussy had a real strong flavour to it. It tasted like a warm lemon half soaked in sugar, sweetly sour. She nearly gagged on the vaginal taste, but carried on regardless, licking away at her mistress's pussy like
an eager horse with a saltlick.

She was even more shocked at how much she began to like it, she may consider herself to be a strait woman yet pussy-licking began to grow on her.
She was even determined to make her mistress cum, by focusing her licks on her now hardened throbbing clit.

"Oh fuck hmmm... What a good little dog you are hmmm... Ahhh don't stop..."
The mistress groaned and moaned with pleasure, rocking back and forth on top of her victim's tongue. "You're hungry for my cum, aren't you hm... Keep this up and I'll cum all over you- ahhh yeah..."

She carried on licking even more stronger and faster now. I dare say she was even getting turned on by it all.

"Oh fuck- here it comes- oh shit! oooh shit! AHHHHH FUCK YEAH!!!" The mistress screamed as her clear juice flowed out of her reddened pussy like water flowing from the mouth of a river. It almost looked like she was having a clear transparent piss but alas, it was cum squirting it's way out of her small opening. The woman underneath was lucky enough to be drenched in it, looking now like she's just had her head under a powerful shower.
Well, I guess she did!

"Oooooh fuck... What a good little dog..." The mistress groaned in praise.
"Now lick my cum up."

The woman obeyed, licking up the sweet tangy juice from off her dripping wet pussy, and licking around her wet inner thighs. Finally, she licked at the crack of her ass, making sure all her cum was licked up off of her.

"That'll do, dog." The mistress told her, standing up and looking down at her. She then turned to her bodyguards, who were still playing with themselfs,
and spoke to them. "She's a keeper this one, very easy to break too. I wish to keep her as my pet, go get a collar and dogtag made for her.
Can't have people thinking she's a stray!" She chuckled.

"Yes Mistress." They both replied in unison.

"What name will you give her?" One asked.

"Hm, let me think..." The mistress puzzled, studying the soaking wet woman on the floor, "I think I'll call her, Red." She smiled.

"As you wish, madame." The other one responded, they both turned and headed out the door to carry out their mistress's demands.

She then walked over to the chair and sat down on it, sighing in relief.

"Come here, Red." She called.

Red got up onto her knees and crawled over to her new owner. She was no longer whimpering or scared. Infact, she was acting much more confidently,
like a woman possessed. Amazingly enough, she pushed her face between her mistress's legs, wanting to get at her crotch some more. She felt sick at the thought of licking a woman's privates earlier and
now she couldn't get enough of it.

"Down!" The mistress commanded, and Red stopped and bowed her head.
She sat down on her knees looking down at her mistress's boots.

"Good girl." She praised patting her redhaired head.

"Girls!" She called out, those elven girls in white quickly ran
into the room, "I'd like you to meet my new pet." They all cooed over her, stroking her head and body, running their hands down her back and
over her pert bottom while saying how pretty she is.

"See to it that she has a good doggy-cage set up in my chambers at once."
The mistress demanded.

"Yes Mistress." They all obediently agreed and ran off to fulfil her wishes.

A few minutes passed before those twin bodyguards returned,
one holding a collar, the other holding a leash.

"Ah good, your back. Suit her up." The mistress commanded.

"Yes Mistress." They agreed in unison.

They walked over and attached the collar around Red's neck, and then
hooked the leather leash onto it.

The mistress then stood up, clutched the leash in her hand, and began to walk out the room with her bodyguards.

"Come along, girl." She chirped to Red, who obediently followed by crawling on her knees behind her. As she did, she lifted her head up and pushed her face into her mistress's naked round peachy ass.

"Cheeky dog!" The mistress giggled, perfectly happy to have Red's nose pressed between her velvety smooth bumcheeks as she walked.

As soon as they headed out the door. The girl who d**gged me at the bar came into the room, walked over to the tv and switched it off.

"Enjoy the show, guys and girls?" She asked smiling. We all didn't know how to respond, though a lot of us (me included) was very obviously turned on,
and so just nodded.

"Good, there's more where that came from." She smirked and looked at me.
"I think Mistress is going to enjoy you!" She whispered and winked.

With that, she headed off out the door, almost skipping like a playful young'un.

As I hung there helplessly with the other imprisoned people in the room,
I looked towards the blank tv screen and thought to myself,

"If that happened to Red, what's instore for me?!"
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