Bi mmf threesome

I was really interested in getting involved in a threesome. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to find such opportunities so my first guess was to go to the internet. I posted an ad to let people know what I was looking for and the amount of replies I got was astonishing. I had no idea that so many open minded people were out there.

One of the replies I got was from a woman twice my age. I'd never been with an older woman before and the thought interested me a hell of a lot. The attached picture she'd sent was mouth watering. She was a brunette, forty years of age but looked no older than thirty. Her bra was pulled down revealing luscious, enormous boobs with rock hard nipples. She was wearing stockings and suspenders and shiny red high heels, her legs spread showing her shaven pussy with a dildo stuffed halfway inside.

The picture caught my attention so much I just had to reply. She told me that her and her husband were both bi sexual. They apparently both enjoyed sucking cock and one of her great fetishes was to watch her husband's 9" cock being sucked while the other guy fucked her senseless. This intimidated me a bit as I was only 7" and I was worried that it wouldn't be big enough for such an experienced woman.

Her first message really turned me on, but the only part that put me off replying slightly was the fact that they would expect me to take either his cock or a strap on anally as they were both heavily into anal.

I'd never had a bi experience before but had been curious about how cock tasted. The thought of taking one up my arse though wasn't as appealing but I thought that this opportunity with such a sexy woman was too good to miss.

We exchanged some more emails and eventually met up. I arrived at their house at about 6pm. We sat round, had a few drinks and chatted about fetishes that we all had. We were so comfortable together it seemed as if we'd known each other for years. They made me feel so at home. Their names were Jane and Mark.

As the evening drew on we decided to go to the local club. We didn't drink much as we wanted to remember the night. I asked Mark if I could have a dance with Jane and we both walked up to the dancefloor. She was wearing really slutty clothes; stockings, thigh high boots, micro miniskirt, g-string and a see through top. Many times she grinded against my cock during the dance and it grew harder in my pants.

As we danced and my cock grew harder she drew me close, whispering in my ear "You're massive". I wasn't sure whether she was saying that to boost my confidence or saying that because she believed it. But I didn't mind.

While we were dancing I reached round to take a little grope of her crotch. To my surprise her underwear was soaking wet. She told me that she loved being touched up in public and it was her biggest turn on.

After the song we went back to the table and Jane decided she wanted to sit on my lap. She grinded into my lap as she sat on my still rock hard cock.

She told her husband it was his turn next. He looked quite excited. They both got up onto the dancefloor after a while and watching them turned me on so much. The were like pros.

When Jane and Mark came back to the table I saw the bulge in his trousers. It was amazing. I was actually looking forward to seeing it. It was strange, I wanted to suck it!

Jane sat back on my lap and asked me if I liked what I saw. I told her that I loved it and started stroking her leg, slowly moving my hand up and parting her wet underwear, stroking her clit. I heard her moan softly and so did her husband. I looked at him and saw that he was loving every minute of it. I slid a finger into her wet, gaping pussy, moving it in and out as she moaned, by cock getting harder and harder. I just wanted to bend her over there and then.She said it was time to go and me and her husband followed her out. She took round to a side alley where she told us she wanted us now. She pushed me up against the wall and expertly undid my trousers, sliding her hand down and stroking my cock, kissing me and her husband alternatively.

Then she unbuttoned Mark's trousers and began tossing his semi hard on. I couldn't believe it, his cock was already the size of mine. I watched as it got harder and then fully erect. She started to suck his and my cock alternatively. It was the best head I'd ever been given. I had to concentrate on something else to stop myself from shooting my load there and then. The fact that we could caught any second made the moment even more adventurous. I loved it.

"Now you" Jane said, holding Mark's cock after a while. I looked at her confused. "You suck!"

I was a bit unsure how to do it. I'd never sucked cock before but looking at that b**st I didn't care. I was in the moment and I just took his cock and licked it's entire shaft up and down and swallowed it whole, sliding it in and out of my mouth like a mad man. Jane started playing with my cock while I done this.

The next thing I knew she told me to move aside and she started sucking her husbands cock and told me to enter her from behind. I parted her underwear slowly slid into her waiting pussy. I heard her moan with pleasure (her husband had told me how much she wanted a younger man) and watched as her head bobbed up and down on Mark's cock like there was no tomorrow. I fucked her good and hard and shot my load deep inside her as she orgasmed. At the same time Mark orgasmed shooting his load in her mouth. She then stood up, turned to me and kissed me, passing his cum into my mouth.

"Swallow it" she ordered and I did, the sticky fluid trickling down my throat.

She then took us home, telling us as we walked about how my cum was slowly dripping down her leg.

When we got back to the house, she ripped our clothes from our bodies, sucking our cocks more and more. We were hard in seconds. She laid down on the sofa, taking her clothes off and spreading her legs. I couldn't wait. Me and Mark both put our heads in between her legs, licking her clit and pussy for everything it was worth. She was moaning like a whore and the next thing I know was face was covered in cum. She'd squirted all over us. I was in ecstasy.

"You boys pleasure yourselves and I'll go grab some toys," Jane said.

Me and Mark then carried out sucking each others cock until she returned. I was bent over Mark sucking his cock when Jane came back. I started to feel a prod near my asshole, and I tensed up, but Jane told me to relax so I did. The next thing I know she was fucking me with a strap on while I sucked his cock until he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed it all.

We switched positions a lot during the night. I did Jane anal while she sucked off Mark, then me and Mark switched position, then mark would do me up the arse while I licked and fucked Jane.

We had loads of orgasms that night. It was the most intense sex I'd ever had. We finished with me giving Mark one final blowjob while Jane sucked me dry. I wasn't expecting it though when Mark decided to blow his load all over my face.

I knelt there exhausted and Jane stood placing her pussy over my face. I looked up at her pussy drenched with mine and Mark's cum and wanted to lick it some more.

"Let's wash that off," she said and before I could say what do you mean she was pissing all over my face, washing Mark's hot juicy cum off with her hot wet piss.

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We all went upstairs after that and took a shower together. That was the start of a long weekend of pretty much non stop sex. My cock was aching so much by the end I couldn't shoot another load for nearly a week. But it was the best weekend of my life and I hope of share many more with this hot and horny milf and her husband.
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5 months ago
I still can only dream of this happening. Great story thank you
10 months ago
Very hot
1 year ago
excellent right up to her pissing on you. should have all done that in the shower all over each other
2 years ago
wow what a story
2 years ago
Wish that was me
3 years ago
awesome - thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
Awesome story! I'm rock hard now
3 years ago
horny as fuck
3 years ago
Hot experience
3 years ago
What a great story ... I have so many questions!
3 years ago
Oh shit that is one arousing story