Suited n Booted

I had placed an ad on my local gumtree site(Glasgow) to meet a big cocked guy to come to mine and fuck me when I was wearing my rubber and thigh boots.

Got the usual round of pic collectors and time wasters,but got an email from a guy who said he was in my home town and it just said "9 inches and thick wanna see it??"so who am I to resist,emailed back to him,"yeah sure,come to mine and show me it"didn't expect him,to actually show up,but 15 minutes later my door got chapped and there he as I was already wearing my black patent thigh highs,7 inch heels, my rubber vest top and latex bustier and my shoulder length rubber gloves in black,just told him to come in and lets get busy,so we went up to the bedroom and as I was pulling on my black rubber head mask,he had stripped and turned so I could see his cock,it was gorgeous,big,thick and growing as I watched it,twitching and standing up,could feel my butt twitch as I watched it swell and grow,as his hard on grew his foreskin started pulling back revealing a very big purple cock head.all shiny, and his piss slit was fucking huge and open,you could actually see inside his cock head,it was as he had said nine inches long and definetly thick with it,was gonna have trouble getting my by now drooling lips around it,

he looked me up and down as I stood there dressed and horny,then he surprised me,he grabbed my shoulders and f***ed me on to my knees,ok so kinda dom but cool,then he held my head still as he rubbed his cock all over my rubber coveredhead and face,I opened my mouth to suck him,but he growled at me to shut my fucking mouth,so I did.

My own cock by now was rock hard and standing proud,dripping precum in strings from my bell end,but he just continued rubbing his cock on my head and face,then he told me to stand,so I did,he handed me my tube of lube.told me to rubber him up and lube him,so I pulled out a rubber and slid it over his big purplecock head and rolled it down his cock shaft,

then i lubed his gorgeous cock,smearing the gel all over his cock till it was all shiny and hard in it's rubber,again,he ordered me to stop,"on your fucking knees on the bed cunt"he barked so being a good slut I did as I was told,then he f***ed my head down and pulled my butt up,f***ed my legs apart so ass hole was totally exposed,I could feel myself opening as he looked at me.

Then he started rubbing his slick rubber covered cock on my hole,up and down smearing lube onto my willing butt lips,I could feel him reach down and push his bell end into my hole opening,just a little at first,then he just started pushing that mighty meat into me,inch by gorgeous inch,till he was balls deep and I swear his cock head was in my mouth,he stopped moving and just held himself there,balls deep and filling me right up,then his cock started twitching inside me,started at the bottom of his cock shaft and travelled up his cock to his cock head and all inside me,twitch,still,twitch,still,twitch,still,it felt weird at first then as he got into a rythm.I could feel my ass hole start to grip then relax in time to his twitching,when he twitched my hole gripped him,pulling him into me,

it felt so fucking intense,so intense I knew that if he kept going then I was going to cum and cum hard and soon.But no he denied me that fun,he stopped twitching and pulled back from me,his rubber clad cock leaving my hole till only his bell end was in me,then slid back up into me,then out to his cock head then back in,and just kept going at that same slow pace,the sweat was dripping from my head and face as I fought back my own cum,this was so fucking intense and no sound from him either,totally silent with me writhing and bucking on the end of his gorgeous cock,grunting like a pig as he slow fucked my whores butt.

He leant forward and pulled my head up and back gripping my neck,making my back arch as he just kept fucking me slow,then his voice in my ear,"so cunt,gonna cum are you cunt???look at your man clit all sticky and dripping,eh cunt????2,I could not answer his slow grinding was fucking my head and butt big style,I could only gasp and nod yes,"come on dirty cunt boy"he grunted,"cum for me then show me spunk fucker"he commanded,my cock was aching my butt was full of rubber covered cock,so I did the only thing I could and started shooting spunk,long arcing strings,shooting from me as he watched and kept slow fucking me,string after string all hot and sticky,huge globs of man juice cumming from me,felt like I was shooting my fucking spine out,but he kept me like that,back arched and my butt slow fucked as my cum subsided,

he grunted once,pulled me back hard,so that my back was really arched and my head pulled to the side,then he slammed his cock balls deep,once,twice and I could see little specks of light in my eyes,then third time balls deep and he stopped moving,then fuck man,I felt a swelling in my asshole as his cock erupted,3 then 4 spurts then I lost count as he filled the rubber,every spasm swelling and filling my hole with cock,deep inside me I could feel his hot spunk filling the rubber,

every single drop he was shooting was bouncing off of my gut as his cum went on and on.Then my cock twitched and started shaking as all of a sudden i had another cum myself,as another load of spunk came from me,my damn cock wasn't even hard, as the spunk left my balls.When we had both finished spunking,the bastard pushed me away from him,looked at me as I lay there,sweating and lying in my own spunk,then he said,"you are a right man cunt ain't you slut??,pulled on his gear quickly and left,without a backward look,leaving me there,covered in sweat,spunk and my ass hole gaping like a pair of saloon doors,so fuckin humiliating and dirty but sooo fucking horny too.

100% (25/0)
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3 years ago
That was so hot i got so hard i jacked off twice and i'm still hard i think ican cum one more time thanks
3 years ago
OMG! HOT!!! I wish more guys were into latex. I just love to be dressed head to toe in latex and have a rubber wearing studs big hard naked cock deep in my ass filling me with cum! Wish you were here to fuck me while my boyfriend watched!
4 years ago
4 years ago
That was so hot. I love being fucked and I'd love to dress up like a whore for him.
4 years ago
Thats what I would like todo sometime dressup and get fuck by some big stud. thanks