Sexy story to my girl

Sexy Story to my girl

While cruising around in my gti we come upon a nice
secluded spot upon this lake. We get out and sit in
front of my car on a blanket as we look at the stars
on a nice clear night. I put my arm around you and
start to kiss you. After a few minutes you slide your
hand on my pants and undo my belt and unsnap my pants.
You slide your hand down my pants and grab my cock
and start stroking to get me hard. I then take my
pants and shirt off leaving me thier fully naked. You
then procede to do the same. Soon were sitting next
to each other on the blanket fully naked. Your hand
continues to stroke my cock while my hand fingers your
pussy. My two fingers gently spread your lips and
then slide into your hot pussy. You then start
kissing all the way down to my semi hard cock and wrap
your tongue around it as you start to give me head.
Your lips move up and down slowly while my cock gets
harder and harder by the second, meanwhile i'm still
fingering your pussy and it's starting get wet. I
pick you up and prop you on the hood of my car and
start to lick your clit to make your pussy nice and
moist. You then spread your legs and grab my rock
hard cock and guide me towards you. I then slip my
cock into your hot wet pussy so hard you actually
moan. The feeling of my cock sliding into your pussy
between your lips is amazing. I start out nice and
slow and then start going faster and faster. The
faster i go the louder your moans get and then you hit
orgasm after orgasm. Then I go until I can't go
anymore and shoot my my hot cum inside your hot tight
wet pussy as i hit your g spot I then collapse on the
blanket with you on top of me all of a sudden a cars
headlights appear in the distance and we quickly get
dresses and fire up my car and drive away.
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4 years ago
That is a great story. If you do that make sure you take a video camera with you so we all can watch.