New Kind of Love

Bob lay on his back, snoring like a freight train once again. There was no worry of waking this loud log. As I stood up, his cum dripped down my thigh. If only he'd lick me clean like in all those delicious stories.

In a spare bedroom as far away as possible, I found refuge, quiet, solace. Naked, I laid on the bedspread, a few pillows tucked behind me so I can read one of my favorite books of erotica. Oh not the hard core porn, but something more soothing to my soul, something that will transport me to places I've given up ever going. I have a few tucked away where he can't find them, not that he'd even understand what they are about. He'd probably just call them lesbian porn.

Some of the pages have the corner turned down, the better ones. Some nights, I just let the book fall open; any page is about as great as another.

'Susan's finger circles the clit. Judy's hand wads up the sheet as she tries to not levitate from the orgasm that is raging through her body and has been for moments, maybe days. Who cares, it is so wonderful. After all, they had been neighbors for a long time, now they were morning lovers.'

Oh my God, why am I not allowed to do that? Abby and I are so damn close, wonder if she ever thinks of me like that? These last few weeks I've been trying to move our friendship up a notch. I hope not so quickly that I'd mess things up. I would touch her hand, her arm, even her exposed thigh. More contact, longer touches, each day. A slightly off color remark once in awhile. She is not overly touchy-feely, but she does touch me, much like I do to her.

'Judy's legs rested on Susan's shoulders while she drives a long tongue deep into her cunt.'

I love that word. It's so vulgar. My cunt does give me a lot of pleasure too. I really enjoy putting my fingers inside there, finger fucking myself to a glorious orgasm. Something dick head never seems to be able to give me.

A combination of the words on the page and a few fingers let me drift off to sl**p.

Through sl**py eyes, I can make out the time, 8:47, oh damn. I must have missed Bob leaving for work. Again! I laugh out loud. Again! I stand and do a little victory dance by the bed, pumping my hands up and down in the air as I turn around.

Still naked, I take a swig from the orange juice container that should be in the door of the fridge, but someone, not naming names, has left on the counter. I realize Abby is waving to me from her kitchen. I wave back and she moves her hand up and down like a guy jerking off. I blow her a kiss and walk to the bedroom.

Standing in front of the tall mirror resting on the soft carpet, I squat a little and thrust my pussy forward. Two fingers spread it wide open and I move just a little closer to the mirror. What a turn-on, how could anyone not love having a cunt? I run my fingers through the soppy wetness and lick them. Damn tasty too.

Doing some housework while wearing an old dress, not fully buttoned, nothing under it. I was just dusting the top of the TV as Abby walked in.

"Hey Kate, you sexy thing. You may turn me into a lesbian one day."

"Don't tempt me! Bob is such a bad lover. And snores! I spent half of last night in another bedroom. As usual."

She dragged her hand over my crotch. "So you had to make yourself cum?"

"Abby!" More by reflex, I pushed her hand away. When I realized what I'd done, I yelled at myself to not be so quick. I thought about how much I'd been enjoying some of the stories in my books. How I was trying to nudge our friendship upwards.

Abby was dusting my mantel. For some reason as she reached up, her ass almost beckoned me. Without even thinking, I stood behind her and ran my hand over the cheek of one hip, the thumb digging a little into the crack of her ass. "So does your big stud take care of you?"

"You mean Don Juan, the 5-stroke wonder? Pencil dick? Did you mean that stud?"

"So you use your portable stallion sized vibe a lot? Maybe keep 4 extras sets of batteries all charged up? Or do you just use the AC adaptor? Maybe that's the gas powered roar I hear at night?" The more I added, the bigger my grin.

"You've been peeking in my bedroom window lately?"

"Sometimes I wish."

I picked up some dirty socks off the floor. As I looked around, Abby was rubbing her crotch, a hand over her dress. I leaned against the wall and just watched for a moment, not knowing if it were an itch or more. I was hoping it was more.

"Well, that cute ass of yours was just staring at me. What's a girl going to do?"

I no longer cared. I was horny, desperate for physical contact. I'd read too many hot cheap lesbian stories. I didn't care what happened next. I moved behind her and placed my hand over hers, the other over a breast. I leaned in close to her face.

"You could let me help you."

She never resisted as I pressed hard against her hand moving it up and down over her pussy.

"Yes. ... That feels so ... good."

Her mouth was open, her eyes almost closed. "Oh Abby ... I've dreamed more than once about this."

"I have too Kate."

She moaned as I rubbed. One of her hands pulled the hem of the skirt up. The other grabbed my hand and pushed it into her panties, pressed fingertips inside her. "Like that." She gasped as my fingers plowed through the folds of skin.

"I don't want to ruin our friendship."

"Keep doing that and ... oh fuck yes, just like that ... you won't. I promise."

My face still next to hers as she leaned back hard against me, her back arched, her breathing slightly labored. I nibbled on her ear lobe.

"I love to have that done."

My fingers were sloppy wet with several now inside her, my thumb flicking her clit.

"I'm going to collapse if we don't lay down, just not yet though. Almost there."

Once again, his goo was dripping down my thigh, freight train on the main line and right on schedule, I slid out of bed, pulling the cover up. In my sanctuary, an opened book rested over a breast, a finger circling my clit, I replayed yesterday's fun with Abby. Not even reading a single page, I fell asl**p quickly.

Abby just walks in like she usually does, a bag in hand. "Hey sex pot."

"Yeah. That's me. What you got in the bag?"

"Glazed donut." She held one out to me, the hole elongated, sides almost pressed together. "Looks a lot like me when I got home yesterday. Open and crusty."

"You were pretty damp, more like sopping wet, gushing even."

"Steve never ever made me that wet. Last night I slipped him a blue pill hoping for some of that 'if you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours' stuff. Glad my fingers stay hard."

"Grab some coffee and take a load off."

"What you reading?"

"One of my dirty books. Listen to this."

'Susan's girlfriend jams two fingers deep into her hot wet cunt and presses hard against her G-spot starting massive convulsions, her hips slamming against the mattress, bucking against the hand pressed tight against her, humping for all she was worth.'

"Woo wee! I can see that in my mind." Abby's wrist and hand rested on the upper part of my thigh, her fingers pressing against the underside of my thigh. "For goodness sakes, cat got your tongue? Don't stop now."

'I want your mouth all over my crotch. Suck my clit ... please suck my clit. Make me cum that way too. You're fingers are great, so is your mouth. Susan's hands pounded the mattress, then grab at her tits, back and forth. Oh baby, you fuck me so good. Where did you learn to fuck a woman like that?'

Abby's hand slid further up my thigh, not that it wasn't practically next to my crotch already.

Still looking at the page, I made up some words, trying my best to remember how some of the stories had sounded.

'You taught me, you sexy slut of a neighbor. You did. Don't you remember that morning? The way your pussy peeked out from your dress as you sat with your legs a little too far apart. Oh you made me so very wet just looking at those pussy lips.'

Now Abby's fingers stroked my folds of skin between my legs, rubbing just along the outside edge, a fingertip playing with a bit of the skin on the inside.

'Oh yes baby. I loved the way your finger slid along the outside of my pussy lips, the way you weren't sure what to do, how you gave in and pressed a finger slowly inside me, that look on your face, the one of the pleasure you felt as your finger and hand was being covered with my pussy juice.'

I peeked at Abby's face; her tongue ran across her dry lips, parted ever so slightly, trying to keep them moist as her hot breath instantly dried them.

'Another finger slid next to the one already inside the wet pink hole. Judy gasped, let out a moan. Susan pulled her fingers from the opening. She held them under her nose for a moment then sighed before sucking them clean. Knowing that Judy would taste as good, Susan leaned down and licked the full length of Judy's large swollen pussy lips.'

I could feel Abby's fingers inside me, mimicking my words. I felt sure her mouth would soon be pressed against my cunt. I know my wetness was now dripping along the skin all the way to my asshole and there would be plenty more to keep her tongue busy.

'Her tongue lifted Judy's clit from its resting place between the soft wet folds of skin. She let out a loud gasp as the tongue pressed harder against the clit, massaging it back and forth.'

Abby's face lay on my thigh; she was kissing my pussy, her tongue playing with my labia, her fingers stroking the small amount of short hair between my legs, a finger grazing against the ticklish skin. I laid the book down and slipped my hips forward, my legs father apart. My hand rested on my breast, my fingers squeezing my nipple, my nipple responding to my touch.

"Oh Abby. I love the way that feels."

"I'm enjoying this so much Kate. I never thought I would. But with you, it makes me feel ... free, sexy, wanted."

The following mornings, I so looked forward to Abby's visits. Not just the possibility of the sex, but everything that our relationship was maturing into. We talked about so much more than before. We were a combination of lovers and s****rs, s****rs without the fighting.

Nights became almost like torture, and so, so long. I was on autopilot at night. Go to bed, pant, moan, you tiger, fuck Momma, that was so good Bob, you're the best Bob. Quickly "Snore, snore." was all I heard. Get up, clean myself off, and go to the other bedroom to dream of Abby. I was so glad he would do his business as soon as we went to bed and not make me waste a few precious hours available for dreaming, time where I dreamed only of Abby.

Usually I could just close my eyes and I'd see Abby touching me. Sometimes I'd read a few pages, catch a new idea to try. I'd become addicted to her touch, me touching her. I didn't know what I'd do about Bob, what she'd do about Steve. Neither of us would ever leave our husbands I guessed. I kept reassuring myself that our few hours in the morning were enough.

The days became weeks, then months. Our periods often came at about the same time and we would just kiss and fondle each other's breasts, or maybe just a little touching of our asshole, never quite getting to the point of penetration or licking as so often happens in the stories. Sometimes we would take turns just resting a head in the others lap, listing to an erotic story being read while a hand softly stroked our face.

"A little bad news Kate. Steve informed me that we are going camping for a week."

"Holy shit! Not sure I can let you be gone that long."

"I know. I feel exactly the same way. I treasure our few hours each morning. Some days, it's all that gets me though these days."

"Never expected it would get like this."

"I was afraid it would. I was pretty desperate for some contact though."

"I know I sure was. Any chance Steve might ask Bob about us coming along?"

"Oh I don't know if I could stand having you around, but not being able to touch you."

"Maybe they'd go fishing or something?"

"I'll ask."

I felt sure that Steve would ask Bob. They were pretty good friends and liked to do things together, golfing, sports, stuff like that. You know, guy's stuff. Now I was wishing that the four of us had done more together, but maybe this would be the start of a closer friendship. Well not that close. Gag me!

The lake was huge; the wind fanned small ripples of waves over the surface. A few powerboats zoomed around with skiers behind them. The camping area was large enough that the tents were not jammed right next to each other. A husband in the next campsite watched as Abby and I set up the tent. Guess he was expecting us to ask for help. We didn't. Steve and Bob returned with some firewood from the camp store.

"Great job ladies. Steve and I talked. You can have the tent and we'll sl**p by the fire."

The gods were sure shinning on us now. I had to control myself to keep from screaming 'woo hoo!' I looked at Abby and she had a devilish grin on her face.

"How sweet of you Steve." She gave him a little peck on the cheek. He stuck his chest out and acted so proud of himself. She was good at stroking his ego and he never would quite know what hit him either.

I was glad it was late afternoon; now all I had to do was suffer a few more hours until the guys were ready to turn in. God it was insufferable listing to Bob and Steve blow smoke out their butts about work, golf, football games, and other inane bull shit.

"Maybe Kate and I will take a little walk. Sure you both have lots more to talk about." She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. A single finger locked with another, we walked away from the camp. Neither stopped talking long enough to even wave.

When we were out of sight of the guys, Abby's grip of my finger became an arm around my waist and a kiss on the lips.

I looked over at her. "Yeah. Just us darling."

We found a rock jutting into the lake about 5 feet and sat down. Abby was sitting between my legs, leaning back against me. My arms were around her, my face resting on her shoulder, cheek against cheek.

"Look at that sunset!" I nibbled on her ear.

"As much flame as in my heart right now."

I tighten my grip around her waist for a moment and kissed her cheek a few times.

We sat for a few hours, her leaning against me, our legs touching, our hands touching here and there, not really saying much, and just enjoying these moments. It was completely dark as we returned to the camp. Both guys laying on their sl**ping bags, empty beer bottles filled a grocery bag.

Bob raised his head a little. "sl**p tight." Steve didn't move.

"You too." Rest assured we would, real tight. Abby zipped the door to the tent.

Undressed, laying on top of the sl**ping bags, we cuddled and drifted off to sl**p, our first night sl**ping together. I hoped not our last.

Very quietly, Abby whispered into my ear. "I love you sweetheart." Sweetheart? I liked that. It was so hard not to just eat her up and make her scream through orgasm after orgasm. Somehow we both managed to control ourselves all night long.

I heard the banging of some pot lids and footsteps near the fire. I knew we only had a few minutes before our presence would be demanded. I quickly kissed Abby awake, making a fast touch between her legs. She rolled towards me and kissed me hard on the lips.

Softly, trying not to be heard. "That was so wonderful laying next to you Kate."

"Wake up in there! The fish are already awake." Steve barked.

"Like I give a fuck." I mumbled. We pulled on some clothes and our hiking shoes, unzipped the door, and stepped out.

"How'd you sl**p in the tent?"

"Not so bad." I looked at Bob. "Maybe Abby and I can stay home next time and let you two big outdoor guys have it."

"Wow Bob, Linda's quite a lady thinking of us like that."

"Yeah. I sure picked a winner."

Abby jabbed an elbow in my hip and smiled at me. It was so sad to know they actually believed it.

The rest of the week was a repetition of that day; the guys went off, who cared where. Abby and I went swimming and fooled around. In the evenings the guys drank beer around the fire, Abby and I went on our little hikes and cuddled on the rock.

As we walked hand in hand back to the camp the last night, an older woman stopped us.

"I've watched you each night walking like that. I can feel the love between you. I just wanted to say how jealous I am of you, having each other, and having such ignorant, but seemingly happy husbands."

"Thank you. We feel very blessed to have found each other. Not sure I could live without Abby anymore."

We walked away, sharing a warm glow, and a firm grip of on each other.

Late the next morning, Abby and I folded the tent up while Steve and Bob loaded the car.

"Great week Bob. Glad Abby talked me into inviting you and Kate."

"Me too. Maybe just you and I can sneak away one weekend. I even have another week or two of vacation to take."

"Super. How about next weekend?"

"I'll check with the little woman. Don't think it will be a problem."

Hell no! It won't be at all. I looked over at Abby and she was having trouble not laughing her ass off. She mouthed 'I don't know Steve, I might want to make love to you all weekend long.'

I gave her a little slap on the ass and held a finger up to my lips.

The week could not pass fast enough, even with our daily playtime.

Abby and I helped load the car. It was hard not to just toss things into the trunk from the porch. Or run rather than walk. Of course I wasn't in a hurry. No, of course not!

"Wonder what the women will do this weekend?"

"Kate mentioned maybe a movie or dinner."

"Abby said lots of shopping. Glad they seem to get along so well."

I watched until the car turned the corner and was out of sight before I pulled on Abby's hand. "Hallelujah! There're gone."

Undressed, standing by the bed, we changed the sheets, putting something more feminine than the solid dark brown ones that Bob always insisted we sl**p on.

She shook the pillow into the case and tossed it on the mattress. "Done! Quit wasting time now. Unless you want a delay of game penalty?"

As we pulled each other close, mouths pressed against each other, tongues locked together, hands roaming all over, all I could do was to try and will the clock to stop for a very long time.

Probably only a few minutes of kissing, but it was so wonderful that it could have been hours, we paused to just look into each other's eyes.

"Kate. This is a dream come true." I felt her fingertips slide down my side, stopping on my hip. "What, 6 months?"

"Maybe. It's being so wonderful having our mornings, that camping trip, now this weekend. I'm in heaven."

"Steve mentioned that while the weather's nice, maybe if this weekend goes well, he'd try to talk Bob into going camping again. Maybe each weekend."

"Oh damn. Not sure I could let Bob be away that often. What if I need a good fuckin'?"

"I know. Such a sacrifice I guess. But we must let the boys be boys."

I pulled her on top of me. "You slut. Come fuck me."

There were not many minutes that weekend where some lips weren't wrapped around some clit and fingers didn't fill some pussy. It was like our morning playtime on a repeating loop, only with no pause. The few hours asl**p in each other's arms were a welcome reprieve from our usual evenings; so blissful, so lovely, so soft. I loved the gentle feel of her breath on my chest as she slept. She slept quietly too. Oh a quiet body pressed against me for the whole night. Now that was my idea of bliss.

The camping trips for the guys continued for the rest of the summer, plus a few trips to a golf resort. Abby and I feigned a headache, patted our chests, 'the vapors you know', and let them go alone. We were savoring our too few moments together. We had reached a point were we simply didn't care if they came home.
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nice story!
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Oh so sexy and hot!!! Awesome story, Marie...
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That is so very hot hot hot, I would love to have you for a friend and would love to spend many hours playing with you, I think I am wet
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So imtimate and makes me feel honored to be allowed to witness this hot union.