Waves of time pt 4

Hand in hand, I led her towards the house. As I took a step, I pushed my hip towards hers and made contact. On her next step, she did the same. We giggled like little girls as we turned our heads to look at each other. It was almost like she had never left.

I held the door open and Brenda walked ahead of me into the house. She must have read my mind and pulled me towards the bedroom. All I wanted to do was to trade kisses all over our bodies. We sat next to each other as I pulled her tank top over her head. As we lay next to each other, our breasts pressed against each other, we kissed and sucked on each other's tongues. My hand slid along her side, unfastened her cutoffs, and slipped them down her thighs.

My fingertip dragged through her pussy lips and pulled her clit out into the open. I leaned over and gave it a few sucks and licks.

"Goddamn how I missed this little piece of you!"

"I'm such a mess." She paused. "You saved my life."

I pulled myself back up along side of Brenda as she kicked her cutoffs off her legs and onto the floor. Our bare skin rubbed against each other sending chills through my body, almost like a mini orgasm. I lightly kissed her lips and she stroked my cheek with the remains of her arm. I turned my head a little and kissed the end trying to let her know it was okay. We traded kisses on our lips for several minutes, but I could see the tears starting to form in the corner of her eyes. My fingertip wiped them away.

"Brenda darling ... it's okay. You're next to me now and that is all that matters to me."

"But you let me go so easily?"

"I thought it was just a fling for both of us. I was so wrong. I hurt all summer. I often slept with your bathing suit and held it to my face until I couldn't smell you anymore. It wasn't until this morning I threw it far out into the ocean."

"Before I met you, they found a tumor in my elbow. I was told it was surgery or a short time to live. The day I first saw you, I was actually at the beach that day to take a one-way walk out into the ocean. I don't know why I talked to you, but those few days with you gave me a reason to live. I just didn't know if it was too late to do anything about the tumor. I was afraid to say anything."

"It isn't too late ... whatever time I can have with you is precious to me."

"You're so sweet. That was something I loved about you, the way you always said the right thing. They said the surgery and the chemo has left me cancer free."

I rolled on top of Brenda, her legs wrapped around my hips, and we ground our pussies together. It didn't take long before she was moaning loudly. "I needed you ... to make ... me ... cum so badly," she said, almost in a scream, the pauses filled with gasps. Her hand reached behind my head and pulled my face against hers, her tongue forcing my lips apart and searching for my tongue. They touched and rubbed against each other. Her mouth opened wide and an almost silent "fuck" escaped followed by a less silent one as her orgasm began to rack her body. Her legs squeezed me tighter and I continued to rub my pussy against hers. As she began to relax, I felt my muscles tighten as a pleasant orgasm flowed over me.

We twisted our bodies around until we were kissing the other's pussy. I could feel her lips around my clit, that feeling I had missed all summer. It was like Susan had never been between my legs. Brenda's tongue parted the folds of skin and licked the moisture that was ready to flood from me.

I stopped and watched. Her baldhead was moving up and down as she licked me, her hand rested on one thigh, the end of her arm on the other.

"You're so beautiful."

"Do I need to get you a white cane and teach you Braille, or maybe two eye patches?"

"Too me you are beautiful. I don't care what others might think. I just want you with me."

She looked at me with disbelief. I sat up, reached towards her, and pulled her up towards me. She sat between my legs, her back rested against me, my arms wrapped around her waist. I kissed the back of her neck and I cradled her breasts in my hands, my fingers rolling the nipples between them.

"Brenda..." I paused for a moment. She turned her head enough she could kiss me. I continued, "We lost each other once. We almost lost something that should not have been lost. I won't let you go this time."

"That's why I came back."

As she lay back down, she pulled me down beside her and kissed me, her tongue stroking my lips, and rubbing my tongue. Her hand was touching me all over. Her fingers paused a moment to touch my nipples. I could feel her hand slide across my stomach as it worked its way between my legs. My legs spread wider making sure there was nothing in the way of her touching me. "I love you," she whispered as she nibbled on my earlobe and just before her fingers entered me. I could feel my thighs tighten as her fingers went deeper inside me. I tried to kiss her and she said, "just lay there." She pressed her fingertips up and rubbed that delicate place just enough to make me lose control and drive me into a heavenly state of being. My hands gripped the sheets to keep me from flying off the mattress as I began to buck and slam my hips. "That's it baby ... come for me ... I've dreamed of this many nights." I begged her to stop and she just shook her head while she smiled at me.

We rolled over and while we kissed, she humped my thigh with long strokes. Her head lifted and her mouth opened wide as she obviously started an orgasm. "Oh darling, I'm not letting you get away again." An unintelligible few words escaped her mouth followed by a deep moan as she finished her orgasm, then she collapsed on my chest. She lifted her head just enough to look in my eyes for a few moments. "I am so lucky to have you next to me."

That night we walked naked on the beach and splashed in the water as the full moon hung just above the horizon.
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4 years ago
sweet excellence of erotic writing for this series
4 years ago
srories like this get my blood boiling hot with lust
4 years ago
A nice happy ending, still bloody horny though