Waves of time pt 2

The hotel Brenda was staying at was one of the only big hotels that had been rebuilt and reopened. The others looked like they had been through a war; empty parking lots filled with debris, no windows, lots of plywood tacked everywhere. Whatever damage they had suffered, they faired much better than the old one and two story motels that had been the staple for so many years. They were all leveled now, just concrete slabs and sand covered parking lots remained.

"Breakfast?" the hostess asked.

"Still serving?"

"For another 5 minutes."


The dinning room was nearly empty and she sat us at a table with a wonderful view of the ocean. The waves were a foot or more and breaking with a crash as they hit the beach. I guess it was still too cool for some, but there were maybe 25 people brave enough to venture out s**ttered here and there in chairs and laying on towels.

Brenda's head turned as a lovely woman with a golden tan and not much material covering it walked past our windows.

My eyes traced the path from her eyes to the woman. "Very lovely. I used to have a body like that."

"Nothing wrong with your body Karen. Nothing at all."

"You're too kind Brenda."

Her Eggs Benedict and my waffle with strawberries arrived.

"Those eggs look good all of a sudden. Wish I'd ordered that."

She cut a portion off and pushed her plate towards me. "For you sweetheart."

I reached over and took her hand in mine giving it a light squeeze. "You're special."

"Just sharing with someone I had a great time with yesterday and still this morning."

I dropped her off by her rental car. "Careful of the sand drifts." I waved as I pulled ahead.

I parked in the carport, she behind me. As she turned the ignition off, I leaned in the open car window and kissed her. "Welcome home." I kissed her again.

She laid a small suitcase on the bed next to me and unzipped it. Inside there were 2 more bathing suits, a few blouses, and a single pair of shorts.

"Looks like you travel light."

"Yup. It does. Didn't think I'd need much more at the beach." She held up the bathing suits. "May not need these."

"Babe, don't need to cover that body."

Brenda turned and wiggled her butt at me then gave it a slap. "Glad you like it."

"Like it all. Sweet tasting pussy too."

She zipped the suitcase up and sat it against the wall. Lying next to me, her face resting on her palm, elbow on the bed, she lazily rubbed a finger over my breast, my nipple, as she looked down at me. "How did I get so lucky yesterday?" Her hand slipped under my t-shirt and rested on the same breast that she had just been touching.

I pulled her down on top of me and our lips met, our tongues pressed inside our mouths. I could feel the button on my shorts pop as she pulled on the waistband followed by her hand sliding inside. "Yes" I moaned loudly, the fingers of her hand rubbing back and forth across my mound on their way to their goal. I was already sopping wet as the first finger entered me quickly followed by the second and third making a slurping sound as each went in. My hips thrust hard against her hand. "Fuck me!" I screamed knowing that even with the windows wide open, the sea breeze blowing across our nearly naked bodies, there was not a soul for miles to hear me beg, plead for this to not stop.

Brenda stopped tugging on my shorts suddenly. "What?"

She fucking well knew what I had said. Her hands slowly pulled my shorts down a little more stopping with the waistband resting under my hips. She moved so she sat beside my shorts, her hands pulling a little teasing me that she was trying to get them completely off. I even lifted my hips to make it easy.

"Does she want me to pull these nasty shorts off her?"

I held my hips up still as I made a pouty expression and nodded my head yes. "Put your fingers back in me ... please."

Her face lowered until it touched the space between my stomach and the top of my pussy, and then began kissing while she pulled my pants from my hips.

"Love this part." Her mouth moved lower. "And this part." She repeated that each time she moved her mouth and kissed again. I was close to grabbing her head and forcing it where I wanted it to be as she repositioned herself so she was directly between my legs. I spread them as wide as I could make them go. She grasped the backs of my thighs and pushed them up so she could kiss the bottom of my cunt. She twisted a little so she was at an angle and licked across the opening catching a piece of skin with her tongue. Her lips gripped and pulled, her tongue now sliding inside me.

I was close to coming as her lips pulled on my clit, several fingers probing deep inside me, my hips humping against her face, my juices pouring out me like a tsunami. Each time my hips landed against the sheets, I could feel the puddle that was building under me.

Hand in hand, we walked along the edge of the water. Brenda stopped and jumped. As she landed the water splashed high.

I laughed and jumped. "You win." I exclaimed. My splash was far smaller than hers.

She rested her hand over my ass and pulled me against her. "Great day."

It was too. Probably in the top 10 days of my life.

We continued our walk in silence, an occasional glance, and a smile. Sometimes we would swing our locked hands back and forth. We were just enjoying each other. It was obvious that we both were having a nice time.

Suddenly she kissed me then pulled off her clothes, tossing them to me before running into the water. I watched as she floated on her back in the shallow water over the sandbar just off shore. A large wave broke on top of her making her disappear for a moment. I knew she would disappear tomorrow for real. I tossed her clothes and mine on the sand and joined her in the waves. The water above the sandbar shallow enough that we could lie down. The salt water on her body tasted good as I kissed her skin.

The next morning after breakfast, I helped her put her suitcase in the car. We embraced, held each other, and then kissed goodbye. As she backed out the driveway, backing out of my life, we waved to each other for the last time.

In the bedroom, I found her bathing suit lying neatly on the bed, still damp, still smelling like her. I put it on and walked out to the water. Sitting in the waves, waves lapping at my pussy, I thought about her.
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your stories are oh so hot & so are you
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damm u are a master of lesbian stories