The life drawing model and I (Based on true story)

This just happened two nights ago (I have used fake names of course though) :) .

Alex had been single for nine months and decided to join a dating website. After two weeks of a few boring dates in the city, he was requested an add by a Serbian girl named Mili one night that lived about fourty minutes away from him. He accepted her, and they chatted for awhile until the conversation went along to:


Mili says: So you do a lot of life drawing?
Alex says: Yes, I love it, it is my passion in life.
Mili says: I have never tried it, but I wouldn't mind...
Alex says: What, really? It's not too hard to do lol. :)
Mili says: How about it?
Alex says: How about what?
Mili says: You draw me. :)
Alex says: Now? It is getting late...I am about 40 minutes from you.
Mili says: We can meet half way somewhere and you can follow me here? Or you can just come around.
Alex says: How about we meet first for a coffee and chat before I draw you?
Mili says: Only if you want to.
Alex says: I know a tavern that would be open still.
Mili says: You are a true gentlemen, so inistent on meeting me elsewhere first. :)
Alex says: Okay, I will get ready and meet you there.

With that, Alex drove to the tavern and met Mili for the first time after knowing her for less than a few hours. It was kind of crazy especially knowing he would see her naked soon and drawing her. She looked to him sweetly. She had tan skin, a curvacious body, long brown hair and was about 5'5 in height. After a brief chat they went inside to discover the coffee shop to the tavern was closed. Alex laughed and said, "Well, we might as well drive to yours then." and so he followed her in his car to her house. Her parents were currently overseas so she the place to herself. When they arrived at her house, Alex got out and had his book and pens with him, Mili looked to him with surprise and mumbled, "Oh, heh, you actually brought along your book." Alex looked to her with a smile, "Of course.".

Inside, Alex looked to Mili who appeared nervous all of a sudden. Alex smiled, "Relax, take off your clothes and we will begin." he said as he got a chair as they stood in the living room. Mili stood in front of Alex naked, she had plump looking breasts with large nipples and her pussy was half shaven, though he didn't look at it. She posed in the manner that Alex told her to and tried to relax her by talking a lot, which seemed to work. After about an hour of drawing she made mention of her being cold, so Alex nodded and showed her the work before she put on her white bra and purple panties again as she walked into the kitchen. Alex followed her and they chatted near the sink. Alex looked to her figure as he said, "You did great for a first timer!" she looked to him and smiled before Alex said, "Here is my way of saying thanks..." as he leaned over and tried to kiss her on the cheek, instead Mili moved her lips to press against his before her arms locked around his neck, "Oh, I wasn't expecting this." Mili grinned as she pressed her body against his as they begun to kiss passtionately, Alex peeling away her bra and fondling her breasts before saying, "Let's continue this back in the living room" as Mili nodded and walked Alex back over, the two of them going onto the couch as Alex quickly undressed, showing off his thick, heavy looking and erect cock to Mili as she leaned down to suck on it, running her tongue against it before bobbing her head up and down.
After some time Alex's cock was coated in pre-cum and saliva as he returned the favor by getting onto the floor and parting Mili's legs to give her oral as his tongue glided across her smooth, wet slit. She moaned and groaned as she gripped for Alex's hair pushing his face against her as he focused on her swelling clit. His lips were dripping with her juices as she said to him to continue on the floor so they could 69. Alex got onto the floor with her as she sat on his face, his tongue probing deep into her as he tasted her inner walls while she made love to his cock with her mouth. She pulled away after becoming so horny from it and spun around to lower herself against his cock as she straddled him, pushing the head of his cock into her pussy as she squealed, finding the fit too tight as she experienced pain from the thickness and length of his cock. She managed to fit half of it in before giving up and getting off to stroke his cock, apologising as she said, "I can't fit hurts too much! What should I do?" as Alex replied, "Make me cum." he said as she begun to jerk him off, "Where is the cum going to go?" Alex smiled as Mili replied, "On you." she said as Alex looked to her with a bit of interest as she jerked him off before Alex panted, moaning loudly before feeling his load shoot out from his cock and onto him into thick spurts, coating him as she looked on with excitement. Mili got up and handed him paper towels as he cleaned himself up, before getting changed and kissing one another before looking at the time to notice it was around 2am, with Alex needing to be up at 7.30am. He kissed her goodbye as he left her house and drove home.

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