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“Where have you been all day?!?” Gina asked. “I was out making a delivery to the far south suburbs and traffic was a nightmare!” Katie replied while getting
ready to punch her time card. Katie slipped her card back into its slot and turned to wait while Gina did the same while asking, “How was it around here
today, was the old lady on the war path?” “Naw,” Gina answered, “she was okay, but come over here behind these boxes, I have something to show you!” Katie
practically stumbled to the floor as Gina grabbed her by the elbow while literally dragging behind the ten foot high stack of inventory cartons. “What
the heck…….!” Katie said. “Are you nuts or something?!?” “I gotta get home!” “Shush up!” Gina admonished her friend. “Just be quiet and pay attention!”
Katie rolled her eyes while shrugging her shoulders and muttering, “I think you’ve lost your mind!!!” The warehouse was quickly clearing out of all the
employees leaving the two hiding women all alone, or so Katie thought, because a few moments later she heard the strong clear voice of her boss coming
from her office!

“What the heck’s going on?!?” Katie demanded. “Just watch and listen!” Gina whispered harshly. Both women carefully peeked around the corner of the boxes
and much to Katie’s surprise Glenda was standing not more than twenty feet away from them talking softly to a young black male! Katie pulled her head back
around the boxes and whispered, “Who’s that with old lady Carson!?!” “The new stock boy!” Gina said knowingly. It took a moment for it to sink in until
Katie finally asked incredulously, “You mean Glenda and the black k**!?!” “You gotta be k**ding me!” Gina nodded her head vigorously and replied in a hushed
tone, “Last night I stayed late to finish up some work back in the storage room when I stumbled on those two in the middle of how shall I say it, making
passionate love!” “You mean she and the stock boy were doing the nasty?!?” Katie asked with wide eyes. “Once you see him you’ll see why!” Gina shot back,
now let’s see what happens!”

Again both women peered around the corner only to see the young man leaning up against the wall with his pants down around his ankles and an incredibly
large pecker in Glenda Carson’s wide open mouth! “Jesus,” Katie said in a stunned voice, “h-he’s huge, I just don’t believe it!” “Do you think she hired
him just for that?” “What do you think?” Gina replied softly. “Did we really need another stock boy?” “I-I guess not,” Katie stammered while watching her
forty something boss fisting the thick black hammer into her eager mouth. “Do you think she’ll swallow?” she added. Even before Gina could reply the young
stud let out a long low moan as his knees buckled slightly while emptying his hot load down Glenda’s throat! “My guess would be yes!” Gina giggled softly.
Their big titted boss then stood up and kissed the handsome young man full on the lips while still holding on to his thick piece of meat like it was made
of gold! “She’s a real cocksucker, isn’t she?” Katie whispered. “Wouldn’t you be too with that monster at you beck and call?!?” Gina retorted. “Now watch
this, I think he’s gonna fuck her!!!”

The breathing of both women was now coming in fits and starts as they stared in wide eyed wonder while the young black buck literally tore Glenda Carson’s
shirt and slacks from her plump body, leaving her standing there in only her bra and panties! “Good grief,” Katie mumbled, “will ya look at the size of
those tits!” By now the sexual tension was so thick you could have cut it with a knife and both women had slid a hand down inside their jeans! From across
the room they could hear Glenda moan, “Ohhhhhh god, Michael, stick it in me!!!” With her bra and panties history, Glenda allowed Michael to turn her around
shove her up against the wall. He roughly kicked her legs apart before dropping to his knees and covering her huge ass with large wet kisses! “God, I’m
hot!” Gina moaned softly. “M-me too,” Katie answered quickly, “I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna shove down my pants and jerk off!” “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!”
Glenda groaned. “Y-yesssssssssss, oh yessssssssss!!!” With their fingers buried in their buttery snatches, the two hot pussied women watched in total awe
while Glenda Carson accepted the black monster deep inside of her super hairy cunt!

“He’s gonna tear her apart!” Katie gasped while watching the thick black shaft pounding in and out of the white pussy. “God, look at her tits bounce!” Gina
moaned. “I just love big tits!” “Like these?” Katie asked softly after opening up her shirt and unhooking her front clasping bra. Gina’s eyes grew big
as saucers while Katie stood there with her panties down and her big boobs hanging freely in the cool warehouse air! “I’ll give you a choice,” Katie growled
under hear breath, “you either suck my tits or my cunt!” Gina was in stunned to the point of not being able to even move, so without even a moment’s hesitation
Katie made the decision for her by stepping forward and shoving her gaping vagina into her shocked friend’s mouth! Even though it was her first attempt
at cunt lapping, Gina instinctively knew enough to gravitate her tongue to Katie’s over ripe clitty! Her whole body shuddered when the eager tongue bored
in hard on her very distended little organ! Her orgasm was building rapidly to the point that even the littlest thing might set her off! She rolled her
head from side to side as the tension inside of her twisted tighter and tighter! She was right on the ragged edge when she glanced around the corner just
in time to see the young black stud pushing Glenda Carson to floor while fisting his massive pecker until it shot load after load of cum onto the well
fucked matron’s face!

Katie’s pussy wrenched hard several times which was always a precursor to her own orgasm! While her eyes rolled back into her head her cunt convulsed out
of control as she saw huge globs of hot cum dribble down off of Glenda’s chin and onto her huge fat boobs! Without even realizing it she grabbed poor Gina
by the head and literally f***ed her open mouth into her bulging gaping slit! “Jesus that was nice!” she moaned softly. “You have a very talented tongue!”
“Good grief!” Gina finally managed to sputter. “I thought you were gonna suffocate me!” “Not a chance,” Katie replied while dropping to her knees, “now
it’s your turn!” Gina struggled to her feet while still peeking around the corner at her boss and black stud. “My god,” she gasped, “he’s riding her!!!”
“Ya know what?” Katie asked softly. “What?” Gina replied while staring at Glenda’s poor pussy. “You oughta shave this thing, I can hardly find your crack!”
Here, let me help you!” Gina replied hoarsely while pulling her lips apart. “Is that better?!?” “Mmmmmm, much!” Katie sighed. “Now I’m gonna eat you up!!!”

What’s he doing to her now?!?” Katie asked between slurps on Gina’s pussy. “H-he’s f-fucking her tits!!!” she sighed. “I-I think he’s gonna shoot it on
her chest!!!” “Mmmm,” Katie hummed into the hairy snatch, “mmmmmmmm!!!” “T-that feels sooooo nice!” Gina offered while shoving her hips forward in order
to make more direct contact between her clit and Katie’s tongue. She stared down and watched in wide eyed wonder as her best friend slithered her hot tongue
up and down her drooling labia while her breathing grew more and more shallow as her climax neared its crest! In the background she could hear Michael
moaning loudly while his giant nut bag tightened up in anticipation of his next cum! “He’s gonna do it!” Gina groaned under her breath. “H-he’s gonna shoot
it, h-he’s close, ohhhhhhhh fuck, there it goes, all over her fucking tits and face!!!” Katie’s tongue literally went into overdrive as Gina described
in vivid detail how the black pecker was gushing cum all over Glenda’s milky white tits! Gina’s whole body lurched as her own climax crushed her pussy
into complete and utter oblivion, causing her legs to buckle as she slid helplessly to the floor!

The two women lay in each other’s arms for what seemed like an hour before they were roused to attention at the slamming of the pedestrian door next to
Glenda Carson’s office. Gina peered out and announced softly, “They’re gone!” “Let’s get out of here,” Katie said while pulling on her pants. After they
were dressed and ready to leave Gina asked, “Do you think the new guy would like a threesome!?!” Katie just giggled and replied, “He might, he just might!!!”
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