best night of my life

I was out camping one weekend in the Muskokas when two of my friends suddenly had to leave because of a problem in the f****y. This meant that I was finally alone with Janet, a friend of a friend so to speak, in a cottage in the middle of nowhere on a pristine lake for two days and two nights. Janet was an awesome looking girl of 25 years and had the body of a goddess. I knew from a party a couple of weeks ago that she liked me and rumour had it that she was wild in bed. After my friends had departed she nearly attacked me ripping off my clothes and we had wild sex the whole weekend. I was in heaven. But just before we were about ready to drive back on the Sunday night something happened which I will never forget.
“We’d better start getting ready so we don’t hit too much traffic on the way back” she said.
“Well then” I started, “in that case let’s enjoy the couple of hours we’ve got left.” I said this starting of with a gleam in my eye and before I’d finished I had put my one arm around her slim waist while I muttered the last few words between kissing her neck and running my other hand over her b**sts. I could feel her excitement as she writhed her trim body to the movements of my hands. She was once again taken by the speed with which we were able to synchronize. My hand which was around her waist slowly wandered down the light cotton dress she was wearing and I felt the curvy roundness of her firm bottom, I could tell she had nothing on underneath. She responded by hitching up her dress so that I could feel her skin. As I slowly brought my hand around between her legs from behind lightly brushing up against her labia I noticed how wet she was. Dropping to my knees I started kissing her flat belly and then slowly dropped further down licking ravenously at the bulge of her pubic bone. She had a Brazilian waxing and I tugged at the naked skin around her outer labia. She grabbed a chair and in one movement dragged it across the floor to where she was standing and brought her one foot up to rest on the seat, spreading her legs a little. She was moaning for more but I wanted to tease her a little bit more before I brought her to orgasm in my mouth. I concentrated on the neatly waxed skin around her now reddening lips occasionally brushing up against her wet inner lips. Every time I even came near her now protruding clitoris she squirmed in my direction almost begging me to finally dive in and make her come. She was wild with excitement and I was slowly losing my will to just tease. I loved it when she came in my mouth and she loved making me come as well, it was a very convenient symbiosis. I started nibbling on her outer labia taking them into my mouth one at a time while I ran my tongue along the length of them sucking and pulling them to the side to expose her now bulging inner lips glistening with her juices. I slid a finger slowly around her labia spreading her slick wetness around. I felt her shake as a quiver ran up her spine I knew she was close but still I held off. I wanted to make her come really hard and I knew the longer she had to wait the better it would be. I slid my ring finger slowly into her wet hole and felt her tighten around my finger. I pulled it out and licked my ring and middle finger this time sliding them in so slowly she let out a gasp and then thrust herself down onto them. I began taking her swollen inner lips into my mouth sucking on them and licking the length of them alternately. I savoured the taste of her and then while slowly sliding my fingers in and out of her dripping vagina, gave her clitoris a short suck. This sent a spasm up her thighs and I let her alone not touching her for a couple of seconds just hovering around her puffy lips with my tongue letting my breath cool her wet outer lips. This was more than she could take and she threw off her dress in one swift movement and then clapped her one hand flat against her bulging mound while she caressed her breasts with the other. I was curious what she might do next as she started rubbing the flat of her hand slowly around in circles. I backed off a little bit and took in the sight of her long slick body gleaming with sweat while I slowly took off my own clothes. Her back was arched slightly and her head was tossed back. I could see how the muscles in her arm were working her hand around her barely visible crotch. The curtains were still drawn and what little light came into the small cabin showed her in a gleaming half silhouette, the shadows playing along the length of her taught muscles. She spread her legs wide apart now and slipped three of her long fingers into her begging hole and buried them pulling upward and forward leaving her hole gaping wide open behind her fingers. She arched her back even more now and her whole body tensed like she was about to come. She brought her head down now and looked at me straight in the eyes as if to say ‘how do you like this!’ Still looking at me she slid her pinkie along side the other three fingers and pushed her hand in up to her last knuckles. As she pulled her fingers slowly out I could see how her shining flaps hung loosely around her now engorged hole, which was still a bit open. She took my hand and squished it into a roll with all four of my fingers tightly packed together sticking out of the top of her grip. With a slow guiding motion she slid my fingertips into her sopping wet hole slowly feeling herself stretch to accompany the width of my four fingers. She let go of my hand and replaced her grip on my wrist slowly edging me forward. I felt my fingers slowly penetrate her deeper and deeper until I felt my knuckles disappear. Her whole body was shaking now but she coaxed me on further up until my thumb stopped my hand from going any further. Her vagina was wrapped tightly around my half inserted hand when she suddenly clenched down upon my hand with impressive f***e. I started to remove my hand thinking I was stretching her too much but then she relaxed and folded my thumb into my palm and motioned for me to push it all the way in. After she had relaxed her muscles again I found that there was just enough room to push my hand in the rest of the way. I was amazed at how wet she was and although I hadn’t lubed up my hand I glided easily on her slick juices. Her body tensed and then relaxed again and she took her firm breasts into her hands squishing them and then gently rubbing and tugging on her erect nipples. I slowly slid it in the rest of the way and once the widest part of my hand passed inside of her she arched her back and started pumping down onto my now fully inserted hand. I latched onto her clitoris with my lips sucking hard and flicking the tip with my tongue. After about five minutes of this she suddenly stopped in mid-breath and grasping the back of the chair behind her, arched her back all the way and froze into a long contraction. I could feel her clasp around my hand and then a stream of cum gushed out of her vagina splashing on my face and running down my arm. She went into a wild spasm, which violently shook her entire frame. I loved it and started lapping up her cum as she then came out of her first spasm. She drew a deep panicked breath and let out a scream that was cut off by the second contraction, which seemed to overcome her entire body. This time even more cum squirted out of her and my whole face and chest were dripping with it. When this spasm had subsided she drew another quick breath and screamed “OH GOD IS THAT G….” but she was cut off by the next wave, which brought a fresh stream of cum with it. After her third severe contraction she simply stood there twitching with aftershocks and gasping for breath. I slowly slid my hand out of her noticing how her gaping hole was still quivering and how hard her clitoris still was. She crumpled into pile on the floor clearly exhausted but still twitching with the last waves of her orgasm. She rolled over onto her back and slipped her hand between her soaking wet legs and slowly caressed her swollen clitoris playing with the afterglow that was still burning in her entire crotch. I’d never made a woman cum like this before although I’d read about it and even seen a clip on the internet showing a female ejaculation but I’d never imagined I would see it live and I was addicted. I caressed her firm breasts as she lay on the floor getting her wind back.
“Wow that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had” she said between breaths.
She turned slowly towards me and kissed me gently, obviously enjoying the taste of her own juices that were all over me. She pressed her sweaty body against mine, which was still drenched in her cum and our skin glided over each other as if we were oiled. She could feel my hard length eagerly rubbing against her stomach so she slid down a bit and squished my engorged cock between her fair sized breasts. I slowly pumped my way back and forth while she flicked the end of my reddened cock with her tongue on every thrust. When she knew I was almost there she greedily took me into her mouth. Just as I was about to come she suddenly took both of my balls into her mouth and sucked on them hard enough to stop my impending orgasm. After I had settled down she took me into her mouth again and sucking hard, stroked my shaft with her wet hands until I was almost there and then again sucked on my balls so that I couldn’t cum. I was getting really eager now and this turned her on more and more. She wanted to make me cum really hard but she was also getting really horny again so after she sucked me to the same point, again stopping my orgasm as before, she lay back and spread her legs wide giving me a wicked inviting smile that said ‘come here and fuck me’. I was so turned on from her massive orgasm and the stop and go game she’d been playing with me that I dove straight in ramming my hard cock into her still dripping hole. I pounded away with long hard strokes pushing my long cock up to the hilt with every thrust. I really wanted to cum in her mouth so I held off until she shook with another violent orgasm. While she was still shaking from the last spasms of her climax I stuck my cock deep inside her mouth and came explosively, spewing my own cum violently down her throat. She sucked hard on my pulsating cock and ravenously swallowed my entire load. Entirely satisfied we both lay back on the hardwood floor in the pool of our juices and enjoyed the warm afterglow of our foray.
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excellent, more please
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Loved it
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very good
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excellent well written