Wendy's POV (Wendy, Sara and Ann part 3)

"Oh god darling, at little deeper pleasssse."
Doug has been holding back, teasing my pussy! Then he thrusts deeper into me, the feeling of his stiff shaft penetrating my very wet vagina is overwhelming and I cum and so does he. I feel his hot ejaculations into my pussy.
Doug pushes my legs back towards my ears to fully expose my cunt to his attentions. I want max penetration this time. he thrusts deep, deep into me! I feel the tip of his cock brushing against my cervix, and it again is too much. I thrash around my bed as I cum, quickly followed my another as his balls slap against my bare ass! I slide a wet finger into his ass as he cums again in my soaking wet cunt!

We're both very spent as we wrap ourselves together in our arms.
Finally catching my breath again.....

"Doug darling, that was WOW! was that ever hot!"
"Well your ass play sure kept me going, honey!"

"Darling, you have fun fucking Sara the next few days."
"I will, but I'll miss having you in my bed too!"
"Ahh, poor baby! Only one girl to fuck! Don't be surprised if that changes over the weekend as Ann has told me that she'd like to meet you! will Saturday afternoon work?"
"Ah, It should since Sara will be at work."

On Thursday, I get dropped off at home from the car pool for our long three day weekend, I love working 10 hr days so I can get every Friday off! and get off every Friday! Ann had arrived earlier, so I wasn't surprised to find my door unlocked.

"Hi s*s, how's my little s****r?" as we embrace.
"Oh Wendy, I'm soooo horny! I haven't been with anyone alllll weekkk!" we giggle. We quickly undress each other and retire to the bedroom.

When I started to explore sex, Ann was curious and finally I broke down and told her about my experiences. Then we started touching etc. By the time I was in college and had started to explore girls as well as guy's Ann and I started to enjoy each other in bed. It has gotten to the point that when Ann and I got together, we usually jumped into bed first. A sexy s*s to s*s way of saying hi! When having my s****r it was very similar to masturbation, since we knew each others bodies and needs very well. Often, as tonight, we raced to make the other cum first, with the winner the one who cums last!

As we lay together in the afterglow of our passions.....
"So Wendy, when did Doug last leave his calling card?"
"He really screwed me last night! We both came several times. I just love the way he holds me afterwards!"
"I wish those college guys would get with that program! They fuck then leave for the next very willing victim!"
"Any guy in particular right now."
"No, I have a few on a leash, but Patty is my main study/bedmate for now."
"So this Doug guy, you sound serious....."
"Ann, for once I am, he's a really charming guy, wonderful in bed of course. He keeps my pussy very very wet, but even at work he is soo good to me. I'm looking forward to going to sea with him next month."
"So you're sailing to Japan? with your lover for two whole months! roughing it I'd say!"
"It's not the love boat you know, we'll be working , collecting our data. But we will have our time off...."

"Ann honey, you're sure growing! Your boobs are almost as big as mine! I think they will be soon!"
"I knew you'd be jealous! So what's the plan for the weekend and when do I get to meet Doug?"
"So I thought we'd go shopping Friday down in the French Quarter, play golf Saturday when Doug will join us for golf and to keep my sexy s****r happy that night!"
"Ohhh I can hardly wait! I need some new sexy clothes and things... a new vibrator or strapon would be nice too!"

We fell asl**p in each others arms, took a long sensuous shower together in the mprning then about mid-day drove to the French Quarter. We look through the clothing shops and pick out a few sexy things. After a few hours I steer Ann over to a sex shop I know that gives very hot massages.

"Hello, how can I help you ladies today?" The guy at the counter welcomes us.
"Well, ah, I was wondering if we could each get a massage, your "Special" massage, for my s****r and I?"
"Two, together, certainly! Come this way please."
He leads us upstairs to a room overlooking the courtyard. A small thunderstorm is rumbling over the city as we enter a small office.
"Oh thanks Wendy this will feel so good." Ann has no idea how good this will be! I just giggle.
A lady enters
"Hello, my name is Karen, I understand that you'd each like a massage. Have either of you been here before?"
"I visited about a year ago."
"And your name is....."
"Wendy, Wendy Williams." she types my name on the keyboard.
"Let me see, here you are. You had a "Special" massage. Would you and your friend like a "special?"
"Yes, together."
"Well we've added a few selections to our menu. We have the white menu and the black menu."
'What is the black menu?"
"The black menu is a selection of bondage and S&M things that we can do for and to you. Are you interested?"
"I don't think I am Wendy, I'd like to relax."
"Me too. What's on the white menu?"
"Since we ARE talking "Special" aren’t we?" Wendy and Ann both say yes.
"We have the standard sensual massage which is very stimulating, but the effect only lasts a little while, or we could add a sensual acupuncture session where the effects last much longer!"
"Ohhh, Let's try that one, what do you think Ann?"
"Ok, I'm a little nervous about it, but with you here with me, let's do it."
"Together? thank you Wendy and Ann. In a moment an assistant will come to prepare you, but first I need to explain that the massage room is soundproof, so no one outside the room can here anything. Please sign this release."
Wendy and Ann look at each other, giggle nervously )no one can hear you scream!) and sign the release.
Soon two ladies come and get us and e****t us into a room where the assistants help us undress. We are then lead to the massage room, where two tables are set up side by side. There is a mirror on the ceiling and we lie face down on the tables. The massage begins as two nude slim ladies begin to massage our backs.

Slowly moving down to the feet and working back up inside our legs to our thighs.
"Please lift you hips please.' An assistant places a rolled towel under my hips and now the massage is focused on my upper thighs, ass, asshole and outer vagina. I'm getting aroused as an oiled finger slides into my ass.
"Relax please!"
"Aaah, that feels so good." Ann is moaning too and both of our asses are in play. Now a small, peanut shaped vib is placed in my ass. The thin spot on my sphincter. It is not on, yet.
"Please roll over." Now for the main event!
I lay back down and look upward into the mirror. I see not only myself but also Ann. We wink at each other.

Trays arrive that are covered. The cover is partially pulled back to reveal acupuncture needles.
'Are those for me? How many are there?"
'yes, Wendy these are for you. There are one hundred needles." I tremble a little at that! I was thinking a needle or two but....

The frontal massage begins with a facial.
"Please feel free to close your eye's if you wish, Wendy. As I finish preparing you the acupuncturist will follow behind me. Remember relax, any pain you might feel will be momentary and replaced by a wonderful feeling."
The massage moves down to my neck and the first needle is inserted in my eyebrow between my eyes. I feel a short prick, like a shot but then feel the needle slide in. Once the needle is at the right depth it is twisted and the feeling of relaxation is wonderful. More needles are inserted in my forehead, outside of both eyes and along my cheeks. I glance at Ann and she is being needled too.
"Shut your eyes and relax." I do as told and suddenly my lover is kissing and stroking my face! needles are sliding into my ears and earlobes as my lover's lips lick my ears and kiss my lobes.
I open my eyes as my upper lip is being pulled back. I feel a sharp little pain as a needle slides into my upper gum between my teeth, followed by two more. The same is repeated in my lower gum.
The massage is now firmly focused on my breasts, and especially my nipples which are nearly erect! I am thoroughly aroused and feel my juices slipping out of my pussy and down my crack. I shut my eyes again and I'm being deeply kissed by my lover. Ahhhhhh!
I open my eyes in time to see a needle inserted into each of my nipples! I jerk as I feel a very hot searing pain first in my left nipple and then the right! I gasp with the pain but as the needles slide deeper into the base of my nipples, the feeling suddenly changes to a very hot lustful feeling. Three more needles are inserted into each nipple followed by more needles under and around my breasts. I shut my eyes again as two lovers suck my tits!
The massage has now moved down and is focused on my clit and pussy, with fingers sliding into my pussy deeper with each stroke!
Both Ann and I are moaning continuously and I'm close to cumming! Now a needle is inserted at the base of my erect clit! The pain is like a hot knife! My back arches as the needle penetrates deeply to the base of my clit! I cum very hard as my orgasm explodes in my clit and pussy!
The last needles all slide into me along the base of my clit, each producing a very hard, very loud orgasm.
Finally a vib is slid into my pussy and the vib in my ass is turned on. I cum as I've never cum before!! The ladies hold me as I thrash about the bed. Ann is also thrashing about!

"Very nice ladies, now close your eyes and let your lover's take you."
I close my eyes and Doug is fucking me and caressing me and kissing me all at the same time! I cum yet again!
Slowly the needles and lastly the vibrators are removed, my body is very spent as I sl**p. A light blanket covers me. Too soon I'm awakened.
"Did you enjoy that Wendy?"
"Oh God, yes, Karen I feel all trebly inside! Wow!"
"That feeling will stay with you for awhile, also you'll be very aroused for about a week!" Just what I need!
I pay the bill and Ann is helped out and we embrace.
"Oh, Wendy! That! That was really something!"
"God, wasn't it!"
It was a four hour massage and it is now dark. I drive home carefully as I'm still trembling as is Ann. We talk about our massage all the way back to my condo. That night we happily fall asl**p in each others arms. In the middle of
the night, I'm caressing Ann's breast, she wakes up, rolls over and we kiss as only s****rs can! This leads to me taking a strapon to Ann and giving her a good hard fuck! After she recovered she returned the favor with a big pink dildo in my ass and pussy! sl**p again!

Late morning and I'm in the shower when I hear the phone ring.
"Ann, who is it?....Doug oh great, let me talk to him..... So darling, how's sexy Sara?"
"Sara is probably at least as sore and exhausted as I am."
"Well take a nap and we'll drive over and pick you up to play golf at noon, OK"

Ann put on a tight white blouse and short golf shorts. I put on something sexy for Doug and we drive over to Doug's apartment.

"Doug has a GREAT apartment. His bedroom overlooks the beach."
"Right, like you've ever seen the beach! I know you s*s, you're always busy fucking in any bedroom!" we giggle. Ann and I are both very horny, aftermath of the massage?
I ring Doug's doorbell.
"Hi darling, this is my sexy s****r Ann."
"Well I've heard a lot about you! Nice to meet you." Ann walks up to Doug, gives him a full body embrace and a kiss on the cheek.
"And I've heard a lot about YOU too big boy!" We leave but I want to make a quick stop at the d**gstore.

"Doug, Sara is working now right?" "Yep, why?"
"I just want to check her out again." So I go in and find Sara unpacking merchandize. She has a big, boy did I get laid smile. Good work my darling!
"Hi, it's Sara isn't it?"
"Yes, Oh Hi!"
"I was wondering if I could get your advise again."
"Sure, how can I help?"
I take Sara by the hand and we go over to the sexual lubricants. I can smell Sara's hair, a light perfume, and is that her pussy? I lean over to Sara and whisper....
"I really enjoyed the Intense that you recommended. Would you recommend anything else?" We giggle as Sara's sexy face turns red. I put my arm around her shoulders.
"Well, ah, my boyfriend and I, ah, we just ah, used yours/mine yesterday, you might give that a try."
"Thanks Sara I will and I think you have a very lucky boy friend. Can you ah, check me out, since there's a guy there now?"
"Sure, Bob let me check out this customer OK."

I'd been trying to come up with a way to get Sara to know my name so this time I use a credit card for the transaction. I touch Sara's hand twice giving her the card, the feeling is electric and I'm throughly wet!
Sara looks at the name on the card as she runs the transaction.
"Wendy Williams, Ms Williams, can I see some ID please?" So I show her driver licence, sign and leave the store with a witchy smile on my face! I've got to have her, will Doug share?

I get into the back of the car with Doug as Ann drives off to the course.
"Doug, I've rarely seen a smile that big on a woman before. She was literally glowing! I want to meet you and her Sunday for dinner at my place. Think we can work that out?"
"I'll see. She works to 5:30 so how about 7?"

At the golf course Ann asks Doug to help her with her putting. He holds her close, his cock pressing against her ass, as he helps her with the pace of her swing. Ann is getting a little touchy feely as the round starts. I take Doug off to the side and .....
"Ann has the hots for you. After the round Doug you'll have your first threesome so play nice and respond to her or even better make a move or two on her."
"Really, Ann and I are going to have sex?"
"Yes and I'll be there to chaperon! and hold Ann's legs apart while you fuck her silly! You find her attractive don't you?"
"Yes, she's very sexy, just like big s*s."

The next time Doug is near Ann, he puts his arm around her waist and kisses her cheek lightly. She replies with a short peck on his lips. Doug hit a good shot to the flag on s*******n and Ann comes over. Doug takes her in his arms and they kiss deeply. She momentarily rests her head on his shoulder then walks over for her shot. We finish the round and Ann gets in the back of the car with Doug. Doug leans over and kisses her lightly and runs my fingers through her auburn hair. Doug kisses her again deeper this time, Ann responds
with a deep kiss of her own. Doug reaches up with his other hand and lightly caresses Ann's breast as they continue to kiss. She moans softly as Doug presses harder against her nipple. Soon we're back at my condo.

"Doug, Ann, I love you both. Ann you're my s****r. I taught you all about sex. Doug you are my lover but I want you to experience more women, and I want you both! and now I plan to have you!" So we go to the couch with Doug sandwiched between Ann and me. Doug reaches over and kisses Ann. She leans back and pulls Doug into her arms. For now I'm just watching and enjoying the show. Doug caresses Ann's breasts and thighs and she moans nicely in response. He begins to unbutton Ann's blouse and I, the ever helpful s*s, help remove her blouse and bra. Ann has very nice tits and Doug takes a breast into his lips and I can't stop myself from taking the other breast. I take her nipple between my lips and use my tongue to press it against my sharp teeth. Ann lifts my lips to hers and we kiss very passionately. Doug begins to undress me as I and Ann continue to caress each other with our tongues. Doug slides down Ann's shorts and slides his hand down her lacy black panties as he spreads her
legs. Ann moans sensuously. He slides his hands up under Ann's rear and pulls off her panties. I move off to the side while sucking on Ann's nipples so I'll be more out of the way. Ann gasps as Doug slowly strokes her clit. Doug and I change places. Doug moves to kiss Ann and caress her breasts as I move down to have oral sex with s*s. Ann is very aroused and may be close to cumming. Ann gasps for air as I eat her pussy, she tastes sooo good. Doug deeply caresses her breasts and squeezes her erect nipples. Ann's body is shaking with her growing orgasm when she grabs Doug tightly and cums from our attentions!

After a few minutes resting, Ann kisses Doug and says,
"Doug I need you to fuck me .....please!" I back away, as Ann is really hot! She grabs his belt and quickly removes his pants. Doug's erection springs free finally. Ann kisses the head of his cock.
"s*s you were right it is very thick, goodie!"
Ann goes down on Doug and then I come over to suck it too. Doug backs away from us. He reachs over to spread Ann's thighs and kiss his way up Ann's pussy to her clit. I nibble on s*s's nipples again as Doug brings his cock up to Ann's pussy. He slowly slides into Ann. Ann has a very hot vagina and she's already very close to orgasm again. I begin to finger myself as I watch Doug begin to fuck my s****r. I know what that hard shaft does to my pussy as he thrusts deeply into her cunt as Ann hips being to buck and she cums very intensely!

After a moment to catch her breath, I sit on my s****rs face. Ann is licking and eating my pussy and clit as Doug kisses and caresses my breasts. Doug's cock is still in Ann's pussy and he starts thrusting into her again.
"Oh Unnnngh, god Ann is tight! I, I, OHHHHHHHH!" and Doug cum spurts deep into Ann. He slides out of Ann's well fucked pussy and I lean down to 69 s*s. This is really hot, Doug cum is leaking out of s*s as I lick her cunt! It's not long before Doug is hard again. He slides his cock into my very wet pussy doggie style as Ann is sucking my clit. I'm being fucked by my lover and Ann is doing such wonderful things to my clit! Ann reaches around my ass to slide her finger into my ass hole. That was enough to send me into orgasmic spasms quickly followed by Doug'snext load being pumped into my very hot pussy. As Doug slips out of me, Ann's face gets covered by his cum and my pussy juices. So Doug and I lick up Ann's face as we all giggle.

A quick break before Ann comes over and sits on Doug's lap and sucks his nipples. He pulls her lips up to his as they mash their lips together. I watch as Ann mounts Doug and he slides into her pussy. The three of us fuck all night with Ann as the chief focus.

Ann has time for a quick nap before it is time for her to leave.
"s*s, you are so lucky to have found Doug!" She kisses me.
"You know Mary is still a virgin! Keep him happy so he can fuck me again!"
"I'll try s*s! Drive carefully and study hard!" Hmmm Mary, my 17 year old youngest s****r, hmmmm....

As Ann drives back to school I take Doug by the hand.

"Doug when you bring Sara over tonight I want you to very aggressively make out with her. I want her thinking of sex before we meet and of course after. Please have her very wet before you come by........
So did you enjoy your first threesome?"
"God yes, Ann was a great fuck, though I was surprised at how much was going on."
"When I went to my first orgy I was so busy watching that I had to be dragged into the action. Unless of course YOU are the center of the action as our Sara will be tonight."

That night about 7 there is a knock at the door.
"Hi, welcome. Doug and Sara! It is so good to see you again." I embraces Sara fully with my arms and hips. I flatten my body against Sara and kiss her on the cheek. Doug has done a good job as I can definitely smell her wet pussy as I hold her in my arms. I break my embrace of Sara and embrace Doug the same except I kiss Doug teasingly on the lips.

"Well come on in. dinner is on the stove, I need to check something." Sara slides her arm around Doug's waist. They chat privately for a second before Sara joins me in the kitchen.
"What can I do to help?"
"Oh thanks! Could you make the salad?"
"Doug can you set the table for us?"
"OK" Of course darling you've already set MY table for me!

As I prepare the steaks, occasionally I'll brush or touch Sara, her cute ass, her pert sexy tits, and thighs! We're talking and giggling as we work.
At the table Sara is next to Doug and I sit across from Sara. I watch as Doug continues to brush and stroke Sara below the table throughout the meal and Sara keeps glancing over at Doug. She's somewhat embarrassed by what Doug is doing but she also seems to be really getting turned on! Sara's arousal is very apparent, I've been watching her nipples poke through the cups of her bra as they get erect. This getting me very aroused and very wet so I can hardly wait to have Sara for desert!

"Well I've certainly enjoyed dinner with you, Sara and Doug. Almost as much as Doug has been enjoying you Sara under the table." Sara giggles and blushes.
"Doug is Sara wet?" Sara's mouth drops and she turn bright red but she says, "God am I!"
"Sara don't mind me." Doug pulls Sara into his arms and kisses her, she responds until he strokes her breast.
"Doug!" as she pulls away. I slide over...
"Sara don't be shy in front of me." I take Doug's hand and hold it to Sara's breast as he kisses Sara's cheek.
i whisper in her ear "Relax Sara, see it's ok." as I lick her ear lobe.
I kiss Sara's other cheek then as Doug releases Sara's lips, I slide my lips to Sara's, My tongue slides between Sara's lips as Sara experiences her first sexual lesbian kiss. Her breathing is increasing as Sara slides her arms around my neck as we kiss. Doug and I caress Sara's breasts and fully erect nipples as we kiss. I break our embrace.

"How do you feel Sara? are you OK?"
"Yes Wendy that was wonderful."
"Goooood, so why don't we move over to the couch where we can be more comfortable."
I take Sara by the hand and Sara takes Doug by the hand as we sit on the couch with Sara in the middle. Sara is trembling with sexual anticipation.

I kiss Sara again and push her back against the couch. Doug unbuttons Sara's blouse and slide his hand up her skirt to finger her wet panties. I place Sara's hot, soft hand on my breast.
"Sara please caress my breasts and nipples, honey.i very much want you too!" Sara eagerly begins to stroke and fondle me as we kiss with increasing passion as her tongue begins to inch between my lips. Doug removes Sara's bra and I quickly move to kiss and suck Sara's lovely tits. Doug begins to unbutton my blouse and bra with Sara's help. I get up to move to a better location on the couch.

"Doug lets lay Sara on the couch so you can fuck her." I look at Sara....
"Oh yes Doug, fuck me please...!" I undress Doug as he removes Sara's skirt and panties.
"Can I have her panties Darling?" He hands them to me and I drink in Sara's wet juices. I caress Sara's breast and ....
"Sara I can hardly wait to suck your pussy juices."
I roughly grab Sara's nipples and squeeze them tightly as Sara moans loudly. Doug spreads Sara's legs and slides the head of his cock between her tight lips. She moans loudly and nearly continuously as he thrusts into her cunt.
"Ohhhhh god that feelllls soooo gooood!"
"Deeper Doug fuck her cunt deeper!"
Doug fucks Sara and at my urging he fucks her hard and deep! I pull Sara's legs up so Doug can penetrate deeply into Sara, all the way to the end of her wet cunt! Sara cums, once, twice, the third time she cums she is shaking all over from the intensity of her orgasms.

"Good fuck Doug, have you come yet?"
"Not yet."
"Can I share some of that. Sara would you like to watch and help Doug fuck me?"
"Oh yes! Doug please fuck Wendy too she is sooo hot!"
"Thanks honey!"
I lay on the carpet and Doug slides out of Sara's pussy and into my dripping hot cunt. Sara comes down to help by kissing my breasts and lips as Doug thrusts into my vagina.
"Sara hold me as I cum pleassssse, Oh god OHHHHH, deeeep, unnnnnnnnnnnn OHHHH!"
I thrash about as my orgasm pulses through my body. As I'm coming down Doug cums in my cunt pumping his cum deep into me.

"wow Doug that was great, you fucked both of us! That was so hot watching you pump your cum into Wendy!"
I and Sara come over and kiss Doug. We relax a bit then I take Sara by one hand and Doug by the other and we go into my bedroom.

On one end table next to the bed are several dildos and vibrators as well as lubricants of all kinds. The bed has several ties laid out. Sara giggles and she slides her arm around me.
"Sara you remember the Yours/Mine I bought yesterday? let's put some on you." I slather some all over her pussy and ass.
"Now Sara down on you hands and knees in the center of the bed, please. Doug help me tie her legs apart. OK Sara, put your head down on the pillow."
I pull Sara's arms out and tie her down to the bed.
I start by holding Sara's ass checks apart, as I give her a rim job. Sara moans, softly at first. Then I slide my tongue down to her pussy lips, softly sucking each one as I slide my little finger into her ass.

She is moaning much louder as Doug is now fingering her clit. I roll my tongue into a "U" and beginning to fuck this sweet hot pussy with my tongue. Sara orgasms and I feel her sphincter pulsing on my finger and her pussy grabbing my tongue! her pussy juice floods out into my open lips as she cums multiple times! I give her a brief chance to catch her breath.....

"Sara have you had anal sex before? No, well you are about to."
I take the tube of lubricant and pour it down Sara's ass crack. I then rub it on a small pink vibrator and place it against Sara's ass hole. Doug kisses Sara, her entire body is trembling. Sara is watching as I get ready to fuck her ass. Doug asks Sara
"Sara are you OK, is this OK?" Sara nods her head with a little hesitation, yes!

"Doug hold this on her asshole for a minute. Good, now turn her head so she can watch me and see what I'm preparing just for her!" As I pass him the pink vib that is set at max. I walk over to the end table and with Sara watching with very wide eyes, I pick up a strapon with a tapered shaft that has several balls near the top. Sara whimpers....
"Wendy is THAT what your going to use to fuck me? It looks like it'll hurt!"
Sara's eyes are wide as I reply
"Yes Sara, you be getting all of this in your ass and it may very well hurt!"
I climb onto the bed and slap Sara's buttocks several times hard till they are red.
I slide the small end of the strapon into Sara's ass hole.
"Oh god, Wendy, that feels really different."
The strapon slides in a bit deeper and Doug holds Sara as she begins to feel pain. Still I slide it into her cherry anus. It is now 6 inches into Sara's widening ass when I come to the first smallest ball.
"Now HOLD her Doug....this will hurt at first."
"Oh, OH God, its too biggggg, OWWWW" I quickly thrust my hips and pop the first ball pass Sara'a sphincter ring.
"Sara! relax honey, it will hurt much less and you'll enjoy it much more."
"Wendy I'llllll try!" as the tears come flooding down her face.
"Doug stimulate her clit and slide a vibrator into Sara's hot pussy." It seems to help alot as Sara is now moaning more in pleasure than in pain.
"Here we go again." as the second ball is thrust into Sara's ass her hips jump.
"Last one for this ride." Doug holds Sara tight and pushes the vibrator deep into Sara's pussy as this last ball is big.
"Oh, god, OHHHH, OWWW, Unnnnn." Sara is panting, but not crying. But now I begin to thrust the dildo with the balls in and out of Sara.
"Oh god, oh god, OHHH GGGGG"
"It feels so gooooood, God I never thought I'd get into anal, but geeezzz!"

I slide the strapon from Sara's ass. And I take a limp Sara in her arms and kiss her sensuous lips, down her neck to her shoulders. Doug unties the restraints from Sara.
"Wendy, can I use that on you sometime?"
"Sure Sara I used this one on you since it is my favorite when I'm with my girl friends. And I think I just made a new girl friend!"

"Doug can Sara and I have some privacy?"
"Is that OK, Sara?"
"Sure Doug."
He leaves and we hold each other in our arms. Sara starts to cry.
"Easy honey, everything’s fine, everything is alright."
"Oh Wendy, IIII ah, I always wondered what it would be like to be seduced by a woman. I'm so happy!"
"I'm very happy too Sara! You were wonderful!" as I kiss her tears from her cheeks.
"Wendy, will you teach me what to do to you, with my lips and tongue what you did to me?"
"Absolutely! Sara, absolutely!" just waht I have in mind for this next weekend!

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