Wendy Part 1

When I had my first sexual experience, I fell in love. A love than spanned several years, but finally died a deserved death.

I moved off to the gulf coast to start my first carreer. In this job I would spend several months at sea every year. It made for a tough love life. I'd dated a few young women but nothing serieously.

I met Nan on a sea cruise. We were both about the same age, 27. I'm a "standard" guy about 5 ft 9 in and about 135 lbs. She worked in my office in a differnt group. She an I became very good friends but no sex. We talked about everything; sex, relationships, exercise, work. You name it and we
talked about it. These conversations continued on shore as we become very close. So it was no surprise when one Tuesday morning Nan called and asked to chat during our morning break in the courtyard.
So I go to the courtyard and there id a young woman sitting next to Nan.

Nan says, "Doug, I'm so glad that you could join us. This is a new team mate. Her name is Wendy."

I shook Wendy's hand and sat down across from her. Nan explained that Wendy had joined the office about a month ago fresh from college. She seemed very shy. So when Nan said, "I think the two of you should chat." Then she left, leaving Wendy and I together in the semi-secluded courtyard. It was quiet for a few minutes before I asked Wendy about her school. We chatted for a few minutes, but then the morning break was over and we went back to our respective offices.

Wendy was a brunette 22, about 5 ft 5 in. and about 115 very petitie pounds. Her breasts were a very attractive 34C. Her hair came down to just below her shoulders and framed her very sexy blue eyes. I was thinking about her when my phone rang again. It was Nan,

"So what do you think of Wendy?"
"I like her very much", I replied.
"She likes you too!I knew you two would hit it off. You should ask her out for lunch, here's her number."

So I called, asked her to lunch and we met and walked over to the cafeteria where we talked all lunch hour. We talked about families and she told me she had an older b*****r Rob, 26, and two younger s****rs Ann, 19 and Mary, 17. I again met Wendy in the courtyard for our afternoon break. I asked if she would like to join my car pool since she lived near the coast in the Pass and I lived a short ways up the coast. Most of the staff lived there so it was a good 30 minute drive each way to the office each day. She agreed to join the car pool and I'd pick her up the next morning.

The next morning I showed up about 15 minutes early to pick her up. She came out early too, so we had a chance to chat more before the rest of the car pool (2 others) joined us. Wendy and I met throughout the day and were hitting it off really well, so I asked her out for Friday evening, dinner and a movie. I'd pick the dinner and she'd pick the movie.

Finally it was time to pick up Wendy for the date. I knocked on her door, it quickly opened. "Hi, you must be Doug, I'm Wendy's neighbor, she was running late so she asked me to let you in.... Wendy! he's here, have a good time, bye" and she was gone.

Wendy called, "Hi Doug, I'll be out in just a second, darn makeup!"
Then I heard her footsteps, "Hi, ready?" I was stunned! She was wearing high heals, a tight mid-thigh skirt with shear stockings, A tight blouse that nicely showed off her C cups. I replyed,
"Wendy wow lady you are stunning!"
She blushed a bit, "Really?"
"Doug you look pretty good too."
I put my arm around her slim waist and gave her a short kiss on the cheek. She replied with a short kiss to my cheek. She giggled, "Not really our first date is it?" as I gave her a short hug.

So we left for dinner. Nothing fancy, just a local steak house where we talked about our day and she giggled at my jokes. We were having a good evening when she got quiet.

"Doug, I have some news. Are you gooing out to sea in early May?"
"Yes, that's the plan"
"Well! I may be our your ship!" she giggled.
"Wow, that will be great!"
So we had lots to talk about.

As we walked out to my car, I put my arm around Wendy and she did the same. I could feel the curve of her waist through her thin blouse and feel her breathing as we walked. Before I opened the door, I kissed her cheek again, longer this time as we embranced fully for the first time. I let her into the car, then came around on my side.
"So Wendy, are you still interested in a movie?"
She slid over next to me and kisses my cheek lightly. I respond by kissing both of her cheeks then her forehead before slowly moving down to kiss the tip of her nose. I paused while she giggled, then a kissed the corner of her lips. I slowly kissed along her upper lip to the other corner of her mouth. Then as I kissed back along her lower lip I drew her lip slightly into mine. Her breathing indicated that she was increasingly aroused, as was I. I slowly slid my tongue slightly between her soft sexy lips as she put her arms around medrawing me closer. We kissed slowly at first but then deeper and I could feel our passion building, when she stopped.

"Wow, Doug, you really know how to get a girl going! That was really fun."
"I enjoyed our kissing too, Wendy."
"Nan said Doug, that you had a several year long relationship, I think all that experience kissing is showing..... Well I have a movie picked out that I really want to see."
"Ok. that's fine with me."

Wendy put her arms around me and I felt her erect nipples against my chest. She whispers into my ear...
"Doug, promise you won't be shocked? I was going to go by myself but now I'm really glad that you can come with me. At the drive in they have a twin bill, the first movie is..." She leans back into her seat as she takes my hand in hers as she says,
"Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice!" "Ohh!", I replyed as she grabs my hand.
"Ok, you're sure you want to see THAT movie with me?"
"Absolutely" she replied. "That kiss sealed the deal for me."
I take Wendy into my arms and we kiss deeply, her throat opening to my probing and my throat welcoming hers. I lightly carress her breast and Wendy moans very approvingly as she holds me tighter.
"Doug honey, what would you like for breakfast?" Wendy whispers in my ear. Wow, this was going to be quite a night or weekend!
"Pancakes with your honey all over them, Wendy."
She giggles, "THAT can be arranged."
"So Wendy, what's the second movie?" Her reply was not exactly what I was expecting from "shy" Wendy.
"Ah, it's, ah, ah, Deep Thoat"
"Yea, I heard the girls taking about it in school so, I'm dying to see if it is as bad as everyone says."
"It is, I've seen it."
"Do you mind seeing it again?"
"No, not at all, particular Wendy with a hot babe like you with me!"
As I start the car, I turn to Wendy and say....
"So Wendy, you've invited me to see a sexy movie about two swinging couples and a second movie who's plot is oral sex?" Wendy giggles, "That's right! with breakfast included in the deal!"
"Ok, honey, just checking."

So we drove over to the drive in. It's packed, but we find a spot not to close to the front. Wendy leans over and kisses me. Her lips are so soft and sexy.

"I need to visit the ladies room, I'll be back." and she's gone.

I look around as I'm setting the speaker in the car. There are couples all over, sometime several in the same car. And several of the same sex. many already necking or more.
The door opens...

"Hi, miss me? There is a lot of sex already going on. In the car behind us, there are three lesbians already half nude."
"Ya, I was noticing that, still a half hour till the movie starts. Comfy now?"
"Not yet." as she puts her arms around me and my lips find hers. I place one hand holding her lightly behind Wendy's head, then my other hand softly carresses her right breast. Wendy moans softly as she kiss my lips then along my neck. I stroke her erect nipple, like an eraser poking through her bra cup and her thin blouse. I nip lightly at her neck working my way up to her ear lobe. I kiss her ear lobe and squeeze her nipple. Wendy shudders a bit, then breaks our embrace.
"Doug, darling, since I'm planning on having you spend the night and maybe the weekend with me there are a few thinks I thought you'd like to know. Is that OK, or should we go back to having you get me even wetter than I am right now."
"I was making you wet, wendy."
"God yes. But I really want to tell you a bit about me sex history."
"Ok...so tell me about your first time."

"I was sixteen. For my sixteenth birthday my mom took me to see her doctor. I had a pelvic exam and he asked if I was close to having sex yet as I still had my hymen and he could slit it for me to make losing my virginity less painful. I asked him to do that and then asked about the pill. My mom was not too happy at first, but then she realised that it was the reponsible thing to do. Two months later, after dancing at the prom, my boyfriend took me to the back seat of his car where I spread my legs and I enjoyed my first sex."
"it was quick, and I didn't cum. We dated a bit more after that, always with sex, but I never came. When I went away to college that fall that was all to change."

"Doug, I know you think I'm shy, but I'm not."
"Wendy, I don't think you're shy anymore." as I kissed her cheek.

"So in college I had a girl roommatewho was very sexy. We'd talk about boys, sex amd homework. I started dating and having sex with the guys at school and had a few small orgasms, but nothing like the intensity that I expected."
"So one night I came home from a date and I had tears running down my face. Jane, my roommate took me into her arms and held me as I cried. As I started to slow my crying, Jane asked what he'd done to me. Nothing, I said, he was fine. We had sex, but I'm still not satisfied. I haven't ever been statisfied."

I took wendy into my arms and she snuggled into my shoulder.
"Thanks, darling." Wendy said as I held her. She continued....

"Jane says, so you've never been satisfied? ever? what about masterbation?"
"That's as close as I've come, but something still is missing." I felt Jane lips on my neck, "Poor baby, let Janie take care of you." I felt Jane's lips on mine, with lust behind them. My first female sexual kiss. I didn't care, I was so frustrated. I focused on the pleasure of the kiss and replied with deep responses of my own. I felt Jane's hands slowly stroking my body as she removed my clothes. My hand stroked her breasts as Jane removed my bra. That was truly sensual. I stroked her breasts as she sucked on my tits. At this point I was very wet and Jane slid her hand down between my legs. She slid her hand up until she felt the warmth of my pussy. She quickly finnished removing my clothes, and I her's as she began to stroke my other lips."

"You are very ready aren't yoo Wendy"
"Oh yes, Jane please..."

I felt her finger slowly sliding into me. I leaned back onto my bed as I felt the sexual wave slowly begin the build in my vagina. I'd been there before, but never with another woman. Jane kissed my nipples as her finger slowly probed my pussy. Then another finger joined the first as she slowly began fucking me with her fingers. It felt wonderful. I could feel my response to her stimulation building. Jane then kissed her way down my breast, across my tummy to the lips of my pussy. She then slid her fingers out of my pussy as she began to tongue fuck me. I was more turned on than ever. Then I felt a wet finger tip carress my anus. I jumped, but she told me to relax as she went back to eating my pussy. That finger at my anus was sliding around and slight sliding in when Jane moved her lips up to my clit. Then the fingers were deep into my pussy again as my orgasm really grew. Jane was stroking my erct clit with her lips and tongue, while fucking me deeply with her hand when suddenly I felt a tremondous rush of heat, lust and passion build in my loins, Suddenly I peaked for the first time. Jane was wonderful. She held me through my first deep orgasm and brought me back to orgasm again several times that night."

Wendy went on, "Of course since Jane was my roommate, we had sex often. She invited me once to an orgy, but it was 38 girls! I never had sex like that before or since. I learned to give orgasms as well as recieve. In fact I seduced a few girls into my bed." But I didn't give up on guys. After about six months of nothing but lesbian sex. I dated a guy and had great sex with him. It felt so differnt having a real cock deep inside me and cum shoot into me. I went to a few mixed orgys and learned all about going down on guys and swallowing cum. I enjoy feeling a guy cum in my mouth."

"Do you still think I'm shy, Doug?"
"Wendy, are you bi?"
"I don't know, I just know that I enjoy sex whoever I have for partner or partners."
We'd been holding each other for some time, so I kissed my way to Wendy's lips.
"Doug, are we OK?" I kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Yes Wendy, we are very OK."

As the movie was starting, I pulled Wendy into my arms and rested her head against my chest so she could see.
"Wendy, thanks for telling me. Is there anything sexually that you haven't done?"
Wendy giggles, "I'd like to think there is."
"Does that include anal?"
"Yes, my darling."
Wendy pulled my lips down to hers and I slid my tongue between her soft sensuous lips. I stroked her breasts softy and slowly as we kissed.
"I'm very much looking forward to any and every kind of sex with you. And yes Doug that includes anal sex."

Our windows in the car are so steamed up that we could not see the movie, but we stopped watching it about a third of the way in. It was too interesting inside the car.

We set ground rules. Until we decided to leave the theater, we'd keep our repective attentions above the waist. I protested this at first, since Wendy had a very sexy skirt on and I was dying to get into it! But I eventually went along. we kissed and carressed each other until after about 30 minutes wendy had removed my shirt. I loved her suckinh on my nipples. Her wet tongue had my tits (and cock) dying for more. I had slid off Wendy's blouse, then I slid a hand behind her and pinched the clasp of her very sex bra.

"How did you do that?" Wendy giggled. "Usualy guys and even girls have a hard time with that clasp."
"I hold the patent on that."

She giggle again as I kissed her lips then worked my way down Wendy's soft firm breast to take her nipple in my mouth. I slowly sucked on it as we both moaned softly.

"Darling, kiss my lips please." I do, one at a time.
"Doug I want to cradle you head in my arms like a baby, ok?"
So Wendy tucks my head into her arm. Her hand runs down my back and she can direct my head towards her nipple.

"Perfect, now just relax Doug and do what comes naturally." She rolled my head towards her very erect nipple. I take her tit into my lips and Wendy moans softly as I suckle at her tit. I go to carress it as she says.....

"just relax Doug and let me do all the work. I love you sucking my tit like this. It gives me a feeling of motherhood and incredible sexual feelings all at the same time. I have a nursing bra or two and you can expect to be sucking my tits like this quite regularly. Would you like that?"
"Ummmmm, uhu!" as she presses my lips harder into her tit. "I'll take that as a yes" as she bent down to kiss my forehead.

As the first movie was coming to an end, Wendy and I decide to take a break. Wendy needed a trip the the rest room, and I decide to join her, to keep the perverts away from her.
As we walked back to the car kissing, we got quite an eyeful of sex going on in the cars around us.
Back in the car I held Wendy tightly.

"How are you doing, Doug, cause I'm not sure I can keep to our waist limit during the next movie."
"I'm very glad you said that, cause I couldn't either."
"Shall we go back to my place?"
I kiss Wendy deeply, "God Wendy, I want you soooo much."
"Darling, the feeling is verrrry mutual!"

I started the car and drove off with both of us giggling. Wendy had put her blouse back on, sans bra and I threw my shirt on so that we'd be presentable in public, but Wendy's nipples were tenting her blouse nicely!

"Wendy, I think I'm a very luck guy!"
"I feel lucky too, Nan said you were shy too, but you aren't either."

I drove in and parked.

"Wendy wait, before we go in, can we talk first."
"I want to start slowly again, getting our passion built back up."
"Fine with me, in fact I'd like that verrry much Doug."
"But beyond that, I'd like you to keep your hands off my penis for now, while I explore your orgasm, Wendy"
"Really! you want to learn how to make me cum?"

Wendy takes me into her arms and kisses me deeply on the lips.

"Darling, how many times do you want me to cum?"
"Several, then we'll move into the bedroom for intercourse."
Wendy giggled. "Doug, I knew I was going to enjoy my date with you!"

We put our arms around each other's waists as Wendy lead me to her condo.

"wendy, have you had sex with Nan?"
"Well, last Friday Nan asked me over for dinner. After a very nice dinner, we traded back rubs. After Nan finnished rubbing my back, I pulled her down to me and kissed her check. She thanked me, be she also was very stiff. I asked if everything was OK. Nan said, she enjoyed the touching but she wasn't into girls. So Nan and I started talking about sex. That conversation lead her to introduce me to you...... Doug, when was last last time you had intercourse?"
"I haven;t had sex since I left my first about 18 months now."
"When did you last masterbate?"
"Hah, last night, rhinking of you."
"Me, too, darling."

we got to her door and she opened it and we walked in. I took Wendy into my arms and kissed her lightly on the lips.
"Doug, I need a quick break, can we start over in a minute?"

I watched Wendy's cute, tight ass bob as she hurried into the bathroom. I heard a few noises then a few more in another room. Then she came back and took me in her arms and we held each other tight.

"I wanted to get the bedroom ready for later, darling."
"No worries, Wendy. I'm in no hurry."

I kissed those sexy lips and she held me tight as our passions began to build again. My erection was pressing hard against her hip.

"Doug, are you sure you want the slow route?"

I carressed her breast and began to remove her blouse again. I took her by the hand and lead her to the couch.

"Honey, put your head on this pillow and lay across my lap. I want the be able to kiss and reach as much of you as possible."

wendy giggles as she lay on my lap facing upward with her breast over my left hip. I pull her head up to mine and i kiss her deeply as I slowly run my hand down her hip and thigh and then under her skirt. Wendy reaches over and unzips her shirt for me. The material is silky under my fingeras as I move my hand upward and into the opening in the side of her shirt. Wendy moves my lips to her breast and moans softy as I slide my fingers along the top of her silky panties. I slide my fingers down until I feel the heat of Wendy's pussy. I can feel her breathing increasing as I get closer. I slide my fingers further and the panties are now damp. Farther and I slide my finger to where her panties are soaked with Wendy's juicies.

"Told you I was wet!" Wendy gasps as she kisses me.
I lay her back, and ask her to lift her hips as I slide her skirt off. now for the first time I see Wendy nearly nude.

"Wendy, your body is not only very besutiful, but you are also the sexiest woman I've ever seen."

She kisses me and I push her down on the pillow.

"Wendy, honey, I may negelct your breasts and tits a bit for the next several minutes." I take her hands and press them into her breast.
"So feel free to touch yourself wherever." Wendy giggles as I begin to stroke her hips. I slide one finger under her panties and begin to stroke the outer lips of Wendy's dipping pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh, yes" Wendy responds to my attentions.

I lift her hips again and pull down her panties to her knees. Wendy's outer lips were very swollen and separated. They glistened with her pussy juices. I took both of my hsnds snd slowly spread her legs.

"Oh god, yes, darling!" as I slide my hand up to Wendy's pussy. Her clit was now sticking up at my lips, fully engorged. I slide a finger slowly into Wendy's very hot pussy. She begins to moan a lttle lounder as my finger slow plunges deeper into her. Her own fingers seems to be squezing her nipples and I slowly begin to finger Wendy's pussy. She is defintely fully arroused so I lean down to run my tongue along the lips of her vagina. Her taste and arouma are wonderful. My tongue continues as I finger fuck Wendy harder.

"Ohhh, Goddd, Doug, that's sooo good. You're a good fuck baby,ahhhh, yes deeper." I now have three fingers in Wendy's pussy as my lips circle around her clit.

"Unnnn, yes, yes, my clit, NNNNoooooww." But I hold back for just a minute as I quicken the pace my fingers are thrusting into her, I use my other hand now to spread her upper lips even farther apart as I envelop the hard shaft of her clit with my lips. Wendy's hips lift off the couch as she arches her back and f***es her clit into my mouth. I rub her clit with my tongue.

"Unnnnnnnnn,yes, Immmm, oh god." Wendy's back arched even more as her orgasm began to pulse through her. Wendy lost control of her hips snd shoulders as she thrashed about while I continued to thrust my fingers into her flowing vagina. Finally we both begin to slow the pace as Wendy comes down.

"Oh Doug darling......I haven't cum ........like that in quite a while, Unnnnnnnnnn, ohhhhhhh, gawdddd." As I suck her clit into my hungry lips and thrust even harder with my fingers. She comes again, and a third time before I let Wendy come all the way down, when she begins to tremble from the effort. She pulls me up to her lips and gives me a very hard kiss.

"Lover, please do that to me every night until either you fuck me to death or I fuck you to death. Hold me please." I hold Wendy tightly as she trembles as her bl**d rushes back from her pussy to the rest of her body.

"Oh, darling that was wonderful."
"wendy, I'm so glad you enjoyed, but I'm not done with you yet."
"There's more.......!"
"Oh, yes and your orgasm will be just the begining next."
"Doug, aren't you very horny?"
"Oh god yes Wendy I really want you, but I want to experience your orgasms first."
"Doug, you know it's been a rare guy who has had me cum like that."
"Let's try for where no man has gone before shall we?" Giggles.

I adjusted the pillow under Wendy's head as I began to caress her body again. Wendy rapidly became arroused.

"wendy, honey, open your eyes for me. Your eyes are such a beautiful deep blue. Wendy remember if you don't like something I'm doing, just ask me to stop and I will, OK"
"Darling, I doubt that will ever happen, but I will stay stop, OK"

As we deeply kissed, I slid my hand down and cupped Wendy's pussy, sliding two fingers into her.
"Hmmm, yes, oh Doug!"
My lips rapidly follow my fingers as I begin to deeply eat Wendy's hot tasty pussy. As Wendy's hips slowly lift I place a soaking wet pair of fingers on either side of Wendy's erect clit.
"Ohhhh yes, Dooouuug, mooore."
I can feel her passion rising and I slide my other hand under her cute ass and into the crack between Wendy's soft firm ass cheeks. As her first full orgasm pulls her hips off mine, I slide a finger into wendy's ass.
"OOOOOhhh, God, in my ass toooooooo" Wendy pants as another finger penetrates her ass hole.
I'm fucking her orally in her pussy and with two fingers deep in her ass as I tweak Wendy's clit. Wendy came.
and came again, and yet again! As I slide a finger out of her ass, Wendy's throat groaned yet again as she came.

Weakly I hear, "Hold me please."
I take Wendy in my arms again and hold her and kiss her breast and lips lightly. After a few moments she wraps her arms around me.
"Doug, darling, you're wonderful." as Wendy struggles to get her breath back.
"God, there I was in the middle of cumming, when you slid that finger into my ass." a shudder passes through Wendy's body.
"That just shot my orgasm way over the top. I'd rarely felt anything so intense"
"Wendy it was interesting to see that even though your orgasm was more intense, your body was much calmer that earlier."
Wendy kisses me lightly.
"You had tired me out I quess. God knows that was several of the most intense orgasms thet have ever pulse through my body. It was electric."
"Just lay here and let me hold you honey."
We kiss lightly as Wendy's breathing slowly returns to near normal.

Slowly Wendy sat up next to me. I steadied her trembling legs as she got up. We held each other for a minute.
"Doug, can you help me into the bathroom, please. I'm still a bit unsteady after all your wonderful ministrations."
I e****t her to the bathroom and after she sits down, I lift her lips to mine and carress her breasts as we kiss.
"Doug, you like my breast don;t you?"
"Yes very much, Wendy along with the rest of your body."
"That's good because I like the way you treat my breasts, although when I'm aroused you can be a little rougher if you like."
"Wendy are you feeling better?"
"No, I have a gapping emptyness in my pussy that only your cock can fill." as Wendy strokes my penis through my pants.
"Time for Doug to get ready for bed."
Wendy and I both washed our hends and giggled as she leads me into her bedroom. The covers have been removed from the bed. Wendy had several toys sitting on an end table. I wanted to look closer, but she took me into her arms and we kissed. Wendy's tongue probed deeply into my throat as her hands unbuttoned my slacks. They fell to my ankles as Wendy kisses her way down my chest to my shorts where my erection is straining for release. Wendy kneels in front of me as she pulls down my shorts.
"Doug!, what a treat." as Wendy wraps a hand around my shaft and kisses the head before taking me all into her throat. A few stroaks and I must stop. I back up.
"Wendy, I'll let you suck me all you want later but I want your hot pussy before I explode!" Wendy giggles.
"How about I lay back on the bed, and we fuck?!" wemdy lays back on the bed as I spreate her long sexy legs.
"Honey, roll your legs back so I can penetrate you as deep as possible."
"Oh yes!" As my lips meet her vaginal lips. Wendy again quickly becomes aroused by oral sex.
"Oh darling, I need your cock in my cunt now." I lift my lips up to her tit and roll the nipple against my teeth. The head of my cock slides slowing into her wet very tight cunt until the head is just inside her.
"Oh god Doug, fuck me now!" As my cock slowly slides into her slowly expanding pussy. As I feel my balls slap against her ass. I begin to thrust as deeply as possible into Wendy. She thrusts right back at me as she peaks.
"Ohhhhh, unnnnnnn, uuuuuu, feeeel, sooo goooood, ...... cuuuuuming."
At that point I thrust as deeply as I can into her and I feel the first spurt of cum, rapidly followed by several more as the muscles of Wendy's vagina milk me dry as she also cums. We relax and I look up to wendy's face.

There are tears in Wendy's eyes as I hold her.

"Honey, are you OK?"
"God, Doug, what a night!"

Wendy rolls over onto me as my cock slides out of her. She walks into the bathroom again for a moment and then comes back and kisses me deeply. I pull her onto the bed where we recovered from our sex.
Wendy slides down to my limp penis where she kisses it and slowly sucks me back to full erection. Wendy really knows how to suck cock. She slid her lips all the way down the shaft of my cock, carressing my balls and toying with my ass hole. As I approached the point of no return, she slowed her sucking and slide her finger into my ass.
"Oh god Wendy! Oh honey, uggggggggggggg" as I came down Wendy's throat. She kept stroking me until my cock began to soften. Wendy lay her head onto my shoulder as I can down from my orgasm.

"shhhh, lie quiet for awhile." wendy tells me. After a few minutes, I rolled to face Wendy and took her into my arms and kissed her. Wendy breaks the kiss and says,
"I have something I want to tell you, Doug. I plan to fuck you all weekend long and into next week and beyond, but I still will need to be with a woman now and then and I want you to have sex with other women. I want you as my steady lover and we'll have several threesomes with my partners but I want you to experience other women too. As well as give them the experience we've had together tonight. Darling, I've never had a man like you before. My tears earlier were from my wanting you only for myself, but you need to explore other women too, particularly since, I'm only the second woman that you've ever fucked."
"wendy really. You want us to be stead lovers but also see others?"
"I want you to experience more sex than just with me Doug, OK?"
"Ok. But we'll still have lots of sex together?"
"Absolutely! I want you in my pussy any time you're free!"

Wendy lay her head down on my chest and we fell asl**p that way as the sun rose outside.

(end of Wendy part 1)

Author's note - I plan several parts to this story and possibly some written by Wendy.

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3 years ago
nice description of making her cum - my wife loves ass play as well while I play with her clit!
4 years ago
nice to read a long hot one. thanks
4 years ago
excellence in erotic writing