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Teen on poppers in a park bathroom

I grab my bike and start walking. I don't want to go home, I just wanted to get out of there. I'll check the playground, see if Ross or Jack are around. Maybe go down to the pool. Who knows? Nothing much to do anyway. It's so dam hot. Dad and Chris won't be home for an hour or two. Shit, I got to take a piss. Got to find a bush. No, wait, there's a bathroom on the other side of the park. I can ride over there. That wasn't too far. I guess I should push my bike inside. Someone might steal it if I leave it outside. It's sure cool inside. The place is made of cement or something. It's a lot bigger than I thought. I pull down my shorts, let my little cock out, and let my piss fly. I like the feel of my dick when I piss. Then I hear footsteps outside. A guy comes next to me and starts pissing. I am finished but I like standing like this. It's so cool and I feel my shirt drying. I could stay all day. I look up and recognize him. He's been a referee at my games before. He's probably refereeing today because he's in uniform. I look down, he's stopped pissing, and his cock is sticking out. "I've seen your team playing haven't I son." "Yes Sir," I look at his dick sticking out. "What you doing in here boy." I look up at his face. What did he mean, "I came to the bathroom and it's nice and cool in here." "Well, it looks like you stopped pissing long time ago. Looks to me you're just standing there holding your dick." I looked down and he was right, I was holding my dick. It was hard and about 3 inches. I let go of my dick and looked up at the umpire, "I'm sorry sir." "Hey, that's okay k**. Look, I'm doing' the same." I looked down and watched as he moved his fingers up and down his stiff dick. "You want to touch it boy," he said turning towards me. I reached out and put my hand on it. It was real long and fat. I wrapped my hands around it. It was hot and hard. "Move your hands up and down." I moved them up and down. I'd thought about my dad's cock before but never thought about touching one. Now I had the umpires cock in my hands it felt wonderful. I was transfixed. It was staring me in the eye as I moved my hands back and forth. "Yeah, just the right level to take my cock. Come on. Put it in your mouth boy. Gonna make a slut out of you."

I didn't understand. "How old are you boy?" "Eight Sir." "You like playing with that cock boy? "Yes Sir." "Put it in your mouth boy." I'd never thought about touching it with my mouth. I looked at its head. It had gotten bigger and red and liquid was pouring out onto my hands. "Come on k**, it won't bite." I moved up and my lips touched the head. I pushed the head further into my mouth. My lips stretched wide and hurt. I pulled back a little. I leaned a little forward and more of his cock went into my mouth. It wasn't bad and tasted okay. "Good boy. You're a good slut. Now push it farther into your mouth." I pushed his cock further into mouth. My lips were hurting. My mouth hurt. I was gonna pull it out. He put his hands on my head. He then pushed his cock down my throat. "I'm cumming you slut. I'm cumming you boy slut." His cock was pumping. I could feel something pouring down my throat. I didn't know what it was. I couldn't breath. I tried to get off him. He finally pulled his cock out and let me breath. Then he pushed his cock down my throat again. It was huge and still pumping. I could taste it now. It tasted like spit. Salty and lumpy. He kept pumping my face. In and out. I had trouble breathing. I liked the feelings. I didn't struggle. He took his hands off my head. His cock came out of my mouth. He grabbed a handkerchief from his back pocket and wiped off his cock then gave it to me and I wiped of my face. "Shit k**, that was hot. You'll suck lot of cock in this place if you want. Go sit on the toilet. They'll come to you. You're a great slut. See yah around." "Wait Mister. What came out of your cock?" He turned around at the door, "Shit, that was cum boy. Sperm. Baby batter. Man's nectar. You're a cum hound now boy. Shit, that's what you're waiting for. Take your shorts off sit on that toilet and cum will be pouring out of that pretty mouth of yours." I went to the end toilet and thought about cum. There wasn't a door and the toilet seat was almost falling off so I decided to keep my shorts on and stand. It smelled and was dirty but I didn't care. I wondered if the umpire was right.

It didn't take long for someone else to use the bathroom. He came in and pissed. Next he used the sink and the blow dryer. He walked out but then walked back in and a man of about 50 years old with gray hair and glasses, a yellow shirt, brown shorts and tennis shoes came around the corner and stood in front of me. "Hey son, what are you doing in here?" He said looking me up and down. He had his hands in his pockets and they were moving around. "Seeing if it's true Sir." Kind of trying not to stare at his hands moving around. "True? See if what's true." "What a man told me" still trying not to stare. "What did this man tell you exactly? You can tell me." "Well Sir...he said I could meet Maybe like you Sir. I met him a little while ago," there I said it. I looked down at the dirty floor. I heard a zipper. Looking up I saw his hand digging out a cock. It came out hard. It wasn't as big as the umpires was. "Here k**. This what your after." I looked up and nodded. I moved forward taking in the knob then opened my mouth wider and stuck out my tongue and sucked it in. "That's it k**. Yeah, suck daddy's cock." I swirled my tongue around then sucked it in as far as I could. I steadied myself on his hairy legs as I tried to get more of it down my young throat. I bobbed my head feeling it getting harder. Suddenly there were footsteps outside and the man pulled away and stepped into the toilet next to mine. Two teenagers came in and went to the urinals. They were talking really loud. "Sometimes there's even cock suckers in here who will drain you. They're sitting on the toilets. You just walk over with our cock out and they'll suck it right down. Want to see?" All of a sudden this k** stood in front of me with his hard cock out of his jeans. He couldn't have been more than 15 years old. Maybe 5'5" and 130 with long brown hair. I hadn't seen him before. "Shit, there's a k** standing here. Shit k**, you a fag. You a cocksucker. You like sucking cock." "I guess." "Well get to it fag." He walked forward, I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in and automatically started fucking it. Soon he was moaning, telling his friend what a hot mouth this k** had, what a good blow job he was getting, how he was gonna pop his load anytime.

He was rocking back and forth fucking my mouth then speeded up and cum was shooting and hitting the back of my throat. He must have unloaded a gallon inside me. "Shit, getaway from me k**, too sensitive," as he pulled his cock away and pushed it in his jeans. "Chad, get over here, the k**s great." The teen walked away and another guy showed up. As he rounded the corner, "Shit Mike, this is only a k**. How he know to suck cock. You sure k**. You want to suck my cock." He was also about 15 years old but a lot bigger. Maybe 6' and 150 with short brown hair and brown peach fuzz on his upper lip. I nodded and reached out for his shorts. "Shit Mike, the k**s grabbing for my dick. Okay k**, pull it out." I reached into his soccer shorts and feeling his hair pulled out the biggest dick I'd seen so far. As I pulled it out I looked up to Chad. "You like huh k**. Yeah, the girls like to. Get your lips on it. See if you can take it. Okay if you can't. If not I'll get gramps next door to try." I wrapped both my hands around it feeling it grow and put its head to my lips. Just getting the head into my mouth was hard. As it grew I felt my lips starting to tear and water teared in my eyes. I felt for his hands, placed them on the back of my head, and showed he should try to f***e me onto his cock. He pushed me into him a little but it was hard. "k**, take it easy. You're too fucking small. Let me give it to gramps." I f***ed myself backwards and it tore from my mouth. "I wanted to, I'm sorry." "Hey, that's okay. Too bad I can't fuck ya." "Fuck me? What's that?" "You don't know what fucking is." "No." "It's when a guy puts a dick up your ass. You want to get fucked. I'd like to fuck you. Shit, I'd be the first one up that ass of yours. Break you in proper man." "I don't know, you're awfully big. It's gonna hurt too much. It hurts just to p*o sometimes." "Come on k**, I'll go easy. It will be fun."
Then the man whose cock I sucked earlier peeked around the corner. "Yeah k**, go ahead, it will be hot to watch." "Okay, I'll try, but if it hurts too much you got to stop okay?" "Sure. Let me sit on the toilet." The teenager sat on the toilet. "Here. Face forward, take off your shorts and your t-shirt. We don't want to mess them up. I'm gonna have you sit on it. That way you can take as long as you want, okay?" "Okay." I took off my shorts, t-shirt, and Anaheim Angels underwear like he wanted and found the cleanest place on the floor to put them. I then backed up till I felt the toilet on the back of my legs. The other teenager came around the corner, "Shit Chad, what are you doing? You got the k** nude. What, you gonna fuck him?" "Yeah, the k**s fucking begging for it. Cocks too big for his mouth. k**'s gonna sit on it." "Shit I got to see this." Chad started spitting and putting it on my butt. "Bend over k**, got to stick some fingers up your hole to get you open." He spit some more then a finger entered my asshole and I shot forward. "Come on k**. Don't be so jumpy. You want my cock or not?" With his finger still in my hole I fell backwards and felt him moving it in and out. I stood in place as he pushed another one in and kept spitting on his hand. He put his other hand on my back when he put a third finger in my hole and I lurched forward. "Shit Mike. Get in here and hold the k** down. He keeps getting away from me." Mike stepped in and held my shoulders as Chad finger fucked me and spit into his hand again. "Come on Chad, someone could walk in, this is taking too long." "Okay, wanted to make sure he could take it. Hold him down." Mike's zipper was inches from my face as I felt Chad put his cock head at my asshole. Then he pushed me down onto it a little. I felt pain immediately and wanted to cry out. "Hold him Mike. Don't let him up." I reached out for Mike's legs bracing myself for Chad's cock feeling the head inching past the opening. I needed to scream out then felt my mouth on Mike's jeans and tears pouring down my face as his cock inched into my ass. "Shit Chad, look what your doing to him. Take it out. What if someone finds out." "No way. It's so hot and tight. k**s gonna take it. Gone to far to stop. My God it feels good. Push him down some." Mike pushed on my shoulders and Chad's cock pushed into my depths. Mike pulled my head into his jeans as I screamed and struggled falling to the base of Chad's cock. k**, my cock's buried in you. You got it k**. Hold it for a minute. Shit, I'm about to cum. Shit Mike, get your cock out, let the k** suck you off again." Mike unzipped his jeans and pulled out the cock I'd sucked off minutes before and despite the searing pain in my ass I opened my mouth. Just as he stuck it in Chad started small upward fucking motions. Mike started fucking my mouth meeting Chad's upward thrusts. Within a minute Mike tensed up and I could tell he was gonna cum again. "Shit Mike that was fast. Pull it out. I want to see you shoot on his face. Cum on the pigs face Mike." Mike pulled out and a second later he was jacking his dick and a rope of cum shot up and landed from my forehead down my nose to my mouth. Then another rope followed almost the same path but over my eye. Then more over my lips and down the tip of my nose and some covering my chest."
As I was being thrust up and down. My teeth chattering and groaning in pain, "Shit Mike, that was so hot." Behind Mike we heard. "Get out of the way k**." Suddenly Mike was pushed aside and the man whose cock I sucked earlier was standing in front of me his cock in his hand jacking off. He stepped almost inches from my face his cock pointing straight up his hand jacking fast when I watched his cum shoot almost straight up landing straight in the middle of my hair then another shot landed exactly in the same place then another landed on my cheek. The rest landed on my chest and stomach. Next Chad went off. He bucked me far into the air and I felt his cock shudder in my ass. His cock was pumping load after load of cum. He was groaning and calling me many names. I had to hold onto the toilet paper dispenser to keep my balance. Soon he stopped moving and I felt his cock get a little smaller. "Shit k**, that was the best. Boy, I could ride you all day. You are a real slut." He pushed me forward and his cock fell from my ass. My asshole felt huge, empty and cold. Chad stood up, wiped his cock with toilet paper and put it away. "Sit on the toilet and shit my cum out if you want k**." I stood outside of the toilet stall only in my tennis shoes and socks watching him. Chad walked out and washed his hands. I stood there nude watching them all as they all straightened up. They all said thanks and goodbye and told me to be careful and hoped they'd see me again. I reached back and played with my asshole. It didn't seem too bad. I wanted to keep Chad's cum in me. I reached up to my face and felt all the un-dried cum and rubbed it all around. I left the cum in my hair. I got dressed and left and rode home happier than I'd been in months. I learned I might not be my dad's favorite but I can be other men's. I couldn't wait to go back to the bathroom. Maybe after dinner.

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hot hot hot
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write on.
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Like your story!
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wow amazing i wish i could have been that man in the bathroom
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