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Teen on poppers in a gay bathhouse

I was 18, in a bathhouse sauna naked with three other very heavy men in their 60's. They wanted me to party with them. After 15 minutes of doing poppers, coke and speed, and watching the gay videos that were running, the man next to me said that my mouth looked so sexy and getting him horny. He pulled back his towel and stood up right in front of me and started to stroke his cock.

The man on the other side put his hand on my neck and started to rub it. He said my skin was soft like a girl's was. He put the bottle of poppers under my nose with the other hand and pushed my nostril closed and told me to take a big hit. When I did, I felt him push his thumb into my mouth. He started to move his thumb in & out while his other hand was holding the back of my neck so I couldn't move.

I was really rushing from the poppers. I felt him pull out his thumb, and then the man in front of me stepped forward and put his dick in my mouth. While the second man held my head still, this man was pushing his huge prick in & out with his hips. The third man leaned over and started to stroke my penis.

He said it was natural for a young guy to get hard while sucking an older man's cock, and I was so turned on - I was letting a man enjoy my mouth while 2 others watched. They were talking so dirty to me too, like what a 'soft pussy mouth I had', and how they knew I'd 'like to get mouthfucked', etc.

After a while I was on my knees in front of them, holding two cocks and blowing on the third. They said that I should lay on my back on the bench; they took turns leaning over me and pumping their cocks back and forth in my mouth like they were doing pushups. Every few minutes they'd give me speed or crack or poppers. I must have been in that sauna for 4 or 5 hours with them. Finally they f***ed all three hard pricks in my mouth at the same time and started to jerk off - as I felt them cumming on my face and in my mouth, I started to cum too. I wasn't even touching myself.

Ever since then, I enjoy the idea of sucking a man off in public places. I get horny even watching a big man stroke his pole in front of me. every time a fat (260+) or older (50+) man offers poppers to me and I sniff them, I know I will end up doing something crazy like sucking his cock, because the amyl nitrate totally makes me lose my self-control.

Posted by auntlove 4 years ago
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3 years ago
i love this story.i feel the same way i did poppers the other dasy with a guy a and wound up french kissing his ass and swallowing his cum