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My aunt keeps my gay secret - part 1

When I was 8, I was living alone with my mom in a small house in West Hollywood. Dad had left us when I was a baby; I didn't remember him. Mom worked the evening shift as a checker at the local market, so my aunt, Marie, who lived a half mile away, kept an eye on me after school. She basically made me a snack and then watched TV on the sofa with a bottle of red wine, while I went out exploring on my bike. I loved Aunt Marie very much; we shared little secrets from mom, she'd slip me quarters for sodas, and only asked that I come home by 7 o'clock, for dinner, which I always did, for reasons I'll explain soon.

Aunt Marie was the most interesting person I knew - she had an easy smile, wasn't stingy giving me kisses, hugs, tickles and pinches, liked to whisper secrets in my ear, and wink at me privately from across the room. She had an obvious and comfortable sexuality - a lot like the actress Adrienne Barbeau, who was very popular at the time. I was completely taken by both Aunt Marie and Adrienne Barbeau for the same reasons - was I the only one to notice how big their breasts were, how beautiful their legs, how much more 'female' they were? When Adrienne Barbeau came on TV while I watched sitting next to Aunt Marie, I'd blush and stutter - for reasons I couldn't explain. Aunt Marie, by the way, was just as busty as Adrienne Barbeau, and very open about her sexuality.

I'd come home more than a few times, right at 7 pm, and find her snoozing on the sofa, wine bottle empty, and wearing only her regular outfit; bra and stockings under a San Francisco 49ers XXXL T-shirt. The T-shirt was as big as a dress, but was Her legs were exposed right to the top of the thigh. I would stare for hours at her beautiful legs from the end of the couch, kneeling to try and see a glimpse of pubic hair under her T-shirt from a position between her bare feet, then standing over her to watch her breasts rise and fall with her breaths, my face just inches from her T-shirt. I would always get a very stiff erection (the closer I was, the better), and eventually I began to strip naked in front of her while she slept. Squeezing my penis as hard as I could, I began imagining what she'd look like naked. I wanted her to see me naked, excited for her. That was the one secret that, I sadly knew, we could never, ever share.

I secretly wanted to lift her top while she slept and kiss her between her legs, or rub my erection to her nipples, but I could never get up the nerve. I'd be mortified just if she awoke with me naked and playing with my hard-on looking at her - imagine what would happen if she opened her eyes to find me kissing her nipples or between her thighs! My youthful erections were my big thrill, because I believed I was the only person who enjoyed the feeling of squeezing his penis. The forbidden shame of it, the desire to kiss my aunt's nude body, made it all the more exotic.

While out riding around in the afternoon, I often stopped to go through the trash behind the local adult book store. One day, I found a crumpled poster of Adrienne Barbeau sitting topless between two guys, who were staring at her boobs. What a find! I was amazed at my luck, but I was also shocked: how could she be so reckless as to be naked in public where she could be photographed by anybody? Didn't she see the guys staring right at her boobs? That's an example of how naive I was about sex - I never imagined it was natural and that everyone did it. I thought sex was some big mature adult secret. I wanted to grow up soon so I could share in the terrible secret, too.

I quickly rolled up the priceless poster, slipped it under my shirt, and drove off, scared to death someone might have seen me take it. At a stoplight, a police car pulled up next to me while the light was red. One cop glanced over at me. I was sure he somehow knew what I'd done, and was going to arrest me for having a poster of naked people. I pulled my bike onto the sidewalk and raced away in the other direction like a fugitive.

I was afraid to take the poster into Aunt Marie's house, so I hid it in the bushes between our house and the neighbor's. I glanced around as I stashed the secret treasure; no one saw me.

I came in the house, trying to act naturally. Aunt Marie was stretched out on the sofa, head resting on her forearm. She started when I entered, and sat up quickly. I didn't mean to startle her, and said, "Oops - Sorry to wake you, Aunt Marie...". She was in the T-shirt I loved: half-naked and half-awake, she was not aware how embarrassingly sexy she was for me. She waved for me to sit by her. I loved the scent of her skin as she hugged me; she lay her head in my lap and dozed off. I thought about my poster outside, and with her head in my lap, I immediately started to get an erection right under her cheek. I was too scared to move, that I might wake her and she'd feel my stiff prick beneath her. I sat like that, fully hard and totally motionless, for about 15 minutes. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in the same position, maybe an hour later. I looked down; Aunt Marie's T-shirt had scooted up to her waist, her wonderful white bottom was completely exposed, and her arm was laying directly over my still rock-hard penis.

In an act of fearless courage, I rested my hand on the small of her back, and shifted myself backward to a more horizontal position. Inch by inch, eyes closed, I slid my hand downward until my hand was on top of her behind. Her skin was so soft and warm. I undid the top of my jeans, unzipped them about two inches, and lay back, pretending to nap. My lusty stiff prick, peeking out from the zipper, was touching her cheek - my fingers had traveled to the top of her thighs. I was in heaven.

Aunt Marie was so amazingly sexy laying there. I wanted to be there forever. My hard-on was now two inches out of my pants, the rude purple-red head pressing against her jaw and ear. I froze in fear as I felt her roll over restlessly. I shut my eyes, feigning sl**p, but she didn't wake. I opened my eyes a bit and saw that she was on her back now, nude from her belly-button to her toes. I couldn't take my eyes off of her sandy blonde pubic hair, her perfect white thighs, her amazing hips and lower belly.

Posted by auntlove 4 years ago
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1 year ago
good but where is the rest?
2 years ago
So where is the rest about your aunt keeping your secret? Well written I must say. SO many stories just suck, but this was well done.
2 years ago
Nicely detailed and written. Good job.
2 years ago
Hot indeed...
3 years ago
Hot fucking story. I like the way you write. 5*****.