Hitchhiking & Poppers

When I was 14, my mom had to leave town on business for 6 months, and I was staying with my aunt while she was away.

I was waiting to catch a bus to her house after school one rainy day. I had just finished smoking a joint with some friends and was pretty high. I was cold and soaking wet. I was grateful when a van pulled over, and the driver waved at me like he'd give me a lift.

I went to the door and saw the driver was a very heavy man about 60. He smiled and said, "Get in, buddy!", and he said it so easily that I just hopped in. The van was cluttered with papers; as I went down to move them aside, I noticed they were mostly magazines of naked people. I looked closer - the covers all had pictures of pale young teen boys and fat men, the teens all had their mouths over the big mens' erections, in various submissive positions. I pretended not to notice, but I was embarrassed and could feel myself blushing. The man said, "Try to be careful with those; they are very expensive...", and said I could stack them by him if I needed some room for my wet feet.

He said the pot was k** stuff, and asked me if I had ever tried poppers; I told him no, I didn't know what they were. He reached into his pocket and he handed me a little brown bottle. He told me to take two big sniffs, but I told him I didn't know what he meant. He said that was okay - the first time everybody needed some help. When he went to go put the bottle under my nose and hold my nostril, he put his thumb on my lips and told me it might be easier if my mouth was open. When I opened my lips a little, he slid his thumb in and told me that I had to open my mouth just enough to cover his thumb in order to get a good hit. I am sure I was blushing beet red; he said I wasn't doing it right, them islets should just be barely touching his thumb. He said, "Look, your lips should be this far open, barely touching my thumb," and started to push his thumb back and forth in my mouth. I didn't know what to think; there I was on the side of the road with a man holding my head, and making me suck his thumb.

Then he held the bottle up to my nose and told me to take the deepest sniff I could, one in each nostril. I did, and the next thing I knew, he was pushing my head down toward his lap. As I opened my eyes, I saw that his penis was out of his pants, very stiff and very big. My mouth was still open from before, and he lifted his hips while pushing me down, and his big penis went right in my mouth. I had never actually seen a man's erection before; it was huge and stiff. I don't know why, maybe it was the poppers, but there I was, my head spinning, and letting a man pump is penis back and forth in my mouth. He said that was perfect, that I should make an o-shape with my mouth like I was taking a hit.

He held the bottle under my nose eight and ten more times, and since I couldn't breathe through my mouth, I kept getting rush after rush. Suddenly, I noticed that I was getting hard, and that the head of my penis was sticking out from under the bottom of my shorts. I was very embarrassed that I was getting excited because I was letting a man was push his penis in my mouth. He said that it was natural to get hard while I was sucking on him, and to pull my own cock out and play with it. He kept holding the poppers under my nose while he was making me go up and down on him. I knew it was nasty to do, but the poppers made me crazy. I got so excited that I had my first orgasm right there while he was making me suck on him.

Even after I came, he made me keep going up and down over him all the way to his house. When we went inside, he also had some coke and speed that he shared with me. His roommate, who was around 60 also, came home and got with us. What was so exciting was the way they wanted to have sex. One would hold my head while I was on my knees and push it back and forth over the other ones hard penis, or making me lie on my back and doing like pushups over my mouth. They kept giving me hits of poppers and speed while I did it and telling me stuff like I liked to get it pumped in my mouth like a girl and what a soft pussy mouth I was to fuck. I don't know why but I kept going back over to their house.

When their tenant moved out, I moved in to the guest house behind their house. They don't make me pay rent, but they like to invite their pals over and make me suck dick while they watch and say how to be a good mouth boy for my elder. They also like to ass and mouth fuck me with dildos while everyone smokes coke and speed and make me do girl stuff to them in front of the landlords.
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1 year ago
i luv ur stuff for real it is sooooo hotttttt
1 year ago
hot story
4 years ago
4 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hot
4 years ago
it does sound like a 14 year old wrote this. just dumb
4 years ago
Hey, "heavy man of about 60"? Could have been me!

But I would never go for a 14YO