Pussy and Dick Heaven (real or fantasy)

The first time i saw him was at the arboretum. I usually went there to relax and fantasize. There was always at least 50 to 60 people there any given day.I would choose an imaginary partner from one of the groups of people then, go into the women's lounge and masturbate. Once I got up the nerve to actually talk to this real sexy, voluptuous older women. I noticed she was watching me while I was checking out potential (imaginary) partners. I thought,..she doesn't know me I could just walk right up to her and ask her how she likes her pussy sucked and before I knew it she was standing behind me, I could feel the heat of her breath on the back of my neck. There was no time to panic I turned to introduce myself and again she beat me to the punch. Her name is Marla,and she's got her soft ass hand up my blouse cupping one of my breasts, she wants to know how I want MY pussy sucked. Marla, Marla a sexy name for a sexy women. We sucked pussies, shared and acted out fantasies over the next few months. I t was great, but I didn't appreciate her enough and wanted to go back to the arboretum. Of course things were slightly different for me there after that. I wasn't as comfortable choosing women anymore. I guess I was afraid that I would find a real lover again and I wasn't looking to be in a relationship so I avoided eye contact with women. I would choose my fantasy lover and head for the women's lounge get'er done and be gone. There was a bonsai exhibit in September of '94. (I love bonsai trees)Marla had purchased tickets for the event suggested we rent the ballroom that is often used for weddings to have some pussy sucking fun. I fell in love with that women's pussy and I do enjoy getting off at the arboretum, so of course I was down with that. She had the ballroom decorated with those mirrored disco balls, and there was a king sized bed in the middle of the room. It was real nice, in fact it was one of my fantasies,... and I'm thinking "is she going to go all of the way with this". Oh yes, she did,.. So I'm laying on my back in the king sized bed she take and ties my wrists to the bed posts (mmm I likey) She sucks my breasts hard, then soft,and wet. She started caressing me ,.. all over I was getting really hot. "Bring that pussy to me" I said, "put it on my face", and she did. I sucked her to the point of her almost having an orgasm and then she pulled her pussy away threw her head back and let out the sweetest sounds of pleasure, I could barely control myself, it was driving me crazy that my hands were tied and i couldn't hold her ass in my hands while I sucked her pussy. She turned and straddled my face in the 69 position and gyrated her pussy and ass on my face. Methodical and sweet this women. This is one of my greatest fantasies and she is really working it. I'm not even going to think I'm just hoping that it plays all the way out. Things are pretty heated by now and we are sharing in pussy sucking heaven (oh yeah, there is a pussy sucking heaven, I know, I've been there with this women many times) and the sounds this she makes are enough to lay back and masturbate to (been there and done that too)at this point i'm not sure if the music playing is in my head or real. No matter it's my favorite. We switched positions and now I am sucking her the way I like, and she loves. Slow, sensuous, hard, soft tongue in the pussy, around the pussy and then hard in the ass oh yeah the way I like it and she loves it. After a long while we lay back and kind of catch our breath. It wasn't long before she asked me if I wanted to fulfill the entire fantasy. "Absolutely" I said, and out of the darkness was this fine ass, rock of a man coming towards me my whole body shivered with pleasure, this was MY fantasy and I know what's about to go down. I rolled over on my stomach, I could feel sweat bead up on my back my and pussy was contracting with pleasure. When he straddled me I could feel his balls dangling in the crack of my ass. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down my spine, gliding with ease over the beads of sweat on my back. I'm thinking this is the best fantasy ever. I know Marla is somewhere on the sideline watching and masturbating. (That was her fantasy) The "rock's" hands have found their way around to the front and he's gently rubbing my clit and kissing my back. He must have known that I couldn't wait any longer. He turns me over puts his dick in my hand and says "take yourself to dick heaven". I sucked his dick like it was my own, good long hard suction, I couldn't tell where it began or where it ended, my eyes were closed all I know is that his dick didn't cum out of my mouth until after he came, and even then I was still sucking balls and licking ass thinking about having his dick inside of me. Well it wasn't long before he was up and rubbing the head of his dick on my stomach. This time he holds his big dick in his hand and says "Now let ME take you to dick heaven". He was so sweet with his dick, so gentle and caring of my pussy. I mean he was making sure that my pussy wanted his dick. He teased around my pussy lips, rubbing his dick on my clit up and down, putting the tip of the head in and out just enough. He rubbed it on my asshole with a little bit of pressure just enough to make me quiver. I know what's about to happen next and I want it. He gets much of the juices oozing from my pussy and smooths them over my asshole ( god he is so sweet). He reaches around to grab my ass to lift me just enough to guides his big, fat long ass dick into my pussy. In and out, in and out nice and slow. I am quivering and jerking uncontrollably, I am gasping, panting and cooing,my head is shaking back and fourth, pussy juices are flooowwing. Oh yeah dick heaven. I hear Marla panting, she must be masturbating. I called for her to join and the three of us fucked and sucked the rest of the night and into the morning. THAT was the first time I saw him. To be continued......
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