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About Me
I am an amateur movie director who loves to create "erotic cartoon" using a common video game. My source of inspiration is Lightswitch, an excellent erotic writer who publishs her stories and novels on line at the ASSTR. I hope you will enjoy my work.

Just a little note regarding my works:

The focus of my stories are the adventure of a mysterious association called DAALS.
The association is the loose string which connects different charcaters and different stories.
Some charachters are recurring while some will have a one shot appearence.
The main theme is interracial lesbian domination but I am open to other connected matters (she-males, incests, old and young, BDSM etc.)
The main stream of my story are Chronicles but recently I decided also to pubblish some comics.
I am open to suggestions, cooperation etc. whithin this framework.

Thank you
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7 days ago
Hi there
8 days ago
9 days ago
Thank you for invite, really fascinating content, T
12 days ago
Thank you for the invite
19 days ago
Hi♪ My name is MAMI♪ Make friends(^_^)
マミで~す♪ 仲良くしてね(^o^)fufu
21 days ago
Thanks for visiting !
26 days ago
Can't wait for the next chapters. Keep up the sexy work
26 days ago
Thank you all for your feedbacks and support. Currently I am working on two new chapter of the Chronicles. One follow the storyline that you already requested me "Fatma and the neighbour". I am very happy to see that we are on the same page regarding the idea of a sequel with the neighbour. The second is about "Agent Walker and Policewomen adventures". Honestly I have no idea which of them will be pubblished first but probably the second. Two parts on three are already completed and it is possible that I will transform it in a two parts story. I am currently working also in a couple of shot stories one of them requested by a fan. I am busy on so many project because working on this cartoon could be quite boring sometimes. You need to change subject and charcater time to time distract yourself. Please keep writing comments and suggestion in pubblic or in private. I appraciate a lot your feedbacks
27 days ago
loving the latest video short storys. Hope to see DAALs chapter x. Love love also jasmine7 request to see Fatma seducing her neighbour and daughter.
1 month ago
Amazing! Smply amazing. I did love all the videos.
Please add more,coz it is incredible exciting to me. Thanks and keep on the excelent work!
1 month ago
Hope im not being too forward , can i make a request??

Plot I would I like 2c

Extension of part Viii __part 3
Fatma seducing her ngbr –the mature lady and her young daugter

Hopefully emily will assit in Fatma’s plan also
1 month ago
Hi, I'm looking forward
1 month ago
Awesome look forward to the reads.
1 month ago
Hello All, I am starting a new series of Video the DAALS SHORT STORIES. The CHRONICLES will not be interrupted and the two series will proceed on parallel ways. The difference between the SHORTS and the CHRONICLES are mostly technical. The SHORTS will be single stories for a maximum of 12 min in total (each chapter of the CHRONICLES is around 20 min). Each STORY will be staged in a single location and it will have a maximum of 3 charactes. There will be recurring characters and some characters from the CHRONICLES but not all of them. There will be a main framework and there will be a connection between some of the STORIES but not among all. I hope you will like this new serie.
1 month ago
Thank you
1 month ago
Nice profile
2 months ago
Great work, really interesting. Thanks
2 months ago
lol funny ass profile
2 months ago
Thanks ,Sweetie, really like your comic's ,Baby !
2 months ago
Hi, this last video is great. I look forward to more. Great job
2 months ago
thank u for your courtesy to imform me yaa .yr sweet
2 months ago
Thank you nice buns
2 months ago
Well I accept your invite... funny face
2 months ago
Thank you to everybody. Soon the conclusion of Chapter IX will be pubblished. It is currently under conversion.
2 months ago
Thanks for your invite. Very interesting work of yours !
2 months ago
Thanks for the invite.
2 months ago
Thanks for the invite :-)
3 months ago
Thx for the invite
3 months ago
Thanks for the invite. :-)
3 months ago
Hi! Thanks for the friend :) Love your work very interesting and sexy :)